Acapulco – Ideal Travel Destination

I've been visiting the famous Acapulco, a city that never sleeps long ago. This is the place where the rich and the famous have visited or stayed since the 1950s when Hollywood stars such as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Elizabeth Taylor and Kennedy visited and mixed up with the glamorous atmosphere of Acapulco Bay along the Pacific coast. The perfect tropical warm weather all year round, blue clear skies almost every day, the stunning sand of Acapulco Bay, and the endless selection of high-end hotels, restaurants, shopping and entertainment was what I finally experience when I went out with my family.

It was the holiday that I and my family will never forget! All of them were both relaxing and exciting. We stayed in two hotels, one of which was the Las Brisas Hotel, one of the Acapulco's luxury hotels, which has been a great millionaire for the week, taking care of every possible desire and the perfect Acapulco vacation. The rental and destination of Acapulco Real Estate, water sports, a wide variety of restaurants and nightlife. First of all, the water sports available along the Acapulco Bay are fascinating. I always thought I was an active outdoor man, but I did not notice the various water activities available. The usual coastal water activities such as banana cruising, traveling on a glass bottom boat, a bay around the bay are surrounded by a chartered yacht, boating and snorkeling. But I decided to try it and try sailing, which is very enjoyable, and the quality and professionalism of the staff should try all the confidence. I also rented a wavy treadmill I did not expect to be as enjoyable as it is, which explains why I went back to the next day for another trip. The rental site cave with excellent initial instructions and the rentable equipment was of a very good quality. Two things I did not try was renting a small sailboat and diving. Although my husband made diving and was obviously wonderful, he returned with our oldest child a few days later.

Nightlife is definitely Acapulco from sunset to sunrise. Whether you have a quiet romantic dinner or a lively cultural offer, or spend some hours in a bar with live music or dancing the night in one of the stunning nightclubs. Night clubs, which are mostly located along the Costera, extend from the norm to the loudest. Such as Fantasy, popular with thirty-one masses, which offers a great Spanish atmosphere from a musical and nutritional point of view, with great views of the city and the bay of Alebrije, a huge nightclub occupying about 1200 places where a typical Friday or Saturday night starts at a slower pace and is quickly incorporated into the music, the lights on the disco screen and the foaming dancing tray. Alebrije opens at 10.30 and goes all night till dawn. Two other popular places for entertainment are Andromeda, a techno club that loves the 18-25th crown, where the subject seems to be a submarine that can be accessed at the entrance of the dramatic cogwheels. And Enigma gives Egyptian feelings where music is predominantly Spanish, but changes, and Acapulco Bay has a great view of the glass-walled dance floor. With some of the great bars and restaurants to make your Acapulco vacation more memorable, Costera awaits guests with varied atmosphere bars and specialty cuisine. Keep in mind that the restaurants at a very variable price, though you do not have to spend a fortune to get great tastes and great services!

For men who are not so interested in spending the majority of the 2-week vacation in Acapulco, either at the shops or on the sandy beaches, they always play golf, fishing or playing tennis to catch it. My husband spent a lot of time on the golf courses around Acapulco. There are 4 championship golf courses, all south, near the airport and within easy reach of the main tourist area. The Tres Vidas and Maja Palace courses were most impressed by my husband. The challenging fairgrounds, the spectacular view over the Pacific and the quality of the clubhouse, equipment and equipment for hire took care of my husband's occupation for a few days on the vegetables. The other two courses are Acapulco Princess and Pierre Marques, which are linked together. And one or two or three tennis balls in Acapulco is a great way to spend some time in Acapulco's typical sights. The Mayan Palace complex's modern facilities (in the same complex as the golf course) offer 13 sports grounds for the public, where lessons and showers are available. In the tourist district, the Park Hotel offers very favorable prices for guests who like to play tennis. Club de Tenis Panoramic is a small tennis club that offers players 2 well-kept clay courts, but prefers this tennis club as it is very popular.

All in all, family vacations in Acapulco were a lifetime experience. There was something for everyone, boredom was not the perfect blend of rest and excitement in two weeks. All that we have mentioned above and much more, we have created lasting memories for each family member. I see why Acapulco joins millions of tourists every year. I had a fantasy of such a holiday like this and I was not disappointed!

Source by Jason Keiller

Discovering the Island at the Menorca Holidays

Menorca is often referred to as a smaller co-owner of Mallorca. It is located in the northeastern part of the larger island but is no less desirable than a holiday destination, as it offers a lot to visitors to explore.

Here are some fantastic destinations to add to the list of visits on the island.

Discover the S & # 39; Hostal quarries

These sandstone mines, which have been fully operational in the early 90s. Instead of being worn out and injured, an organization called Lithica took over. Now you can visit the quarry and discover the gardens that bloom there. Take the time to sit in the medieval garden, nestling in the Prows quarry that conceals many secrets from the outside world. This provides a protected and peaceful area to appreciate as you measure the environment. Find out more about the Labyrinth project and more.

Visit the Menorca Natural Center

During Menorca holidays, it must be the Menorca Nature Conservation Center. The building was a former slaughterhouse, but today there are a number of environmental exhibits typical of the island. It is also impressive for both children and adults to visit the island. The museum provides more information on the natural resources offered by the island, revealing that the UNESCO listed the island as a biosphere reserve. The main exhibition here is permanent, but there are also some that are constantly changing.

Relax in Es Freginal Park

If you are on Menorca holidays, before you know this fascinating place. Mahon, the capital of the island, is located in the park, providing a perfect opportunity for a relaxing day out of the beach. It is located in a country not too far from the Me-1, which is the length of the island. The park is all year round and is a pleasant place for picnics in the summer months. You can appreciate the stunning flower beds you know about the park, and sometimes even one or two music events. Find news about performances in Es Freginal Park during the summer months.

Where are you going to go?

This island's ever-ending list is a stunning and impressive destination to head. Explore the Parc Natural de SÃ © lbufera des Grau in the northeastern part of the island, or visit the Cala Morell caves in the northwest corner. Wherever you decide to go, you can be sure of an interesting and active excursion. From historic destinations to modern wonders, the island can share many things with visitors – and you are in it!

Source by Brenda Jaaback

Marine GPS maintains Boater safety

It never feels it has been lost on a ship in an unknown lake, but occasionally even experienced vessels have had such a terrible feeling of losing their way of navigation. However, if the ship has a marine GPS unit, it is likely to increase the chance of safely returning to the shore.

It does not matter if you are using a standalone marine GPS device or a portable unit, or you can find portable personal data (PDAs) to make bearings easier. In addition, God forbids an emergency, uses the marine GPS device to provide a safe place for rescuers, which will make you safe and safe for the shore.

When using a handheld marine GPS unit, first check the space when it is on the shore or on the market if it is lost under the water. Get a quicker, safer, and simpler way to your destination, knowing where you are and where to go. Especially if you are in a water when you do not know or fast storm makes it almost impossible. The marine GPS unit helps you find yourself in a safe harbor when you are traveling too far from the shore and relieves any direct bearings you've ever worn if you have seen a distance.

Marking and Calling Successful Fishing Venues

If Water and Fishing Are Coming to an Appropriate Location That Gets Great Results & # 39; X & # 39; on the water, but using a marine GPS you can do the next best. We can go back to the exact location next time we're looking for a place to catch the fish, indicating the location that the unit has discovered. The coastline reference point will not be a point of judgment and there will be no guesswork because the data marked in the naval GPS unit are included.

When ships sometimes lead the area to know them, they need help. Despite the fact that their boat has been mistaken or lost the bearings at the lake and need to guide the rescue boat to their place, it becomes more and more important over time. The marine GPS unit on board will make it easier and quicker for immediate rescue if you can give the exact location of the rescue vehicle.

More serious accident in the water, such as sinking a ship, a quick rescue is OK. Using marine GPS, especially if you have a GPS finder, you can help out with the latest reported location. The starting point of the rescue operation can be life-saving and critical knowledge.

Source by Korbin Newlyn

The History of Practical Equipment

The history of practical equipment comes from the time of early civilization. Before that, the need for survival kept people in good condition, whether they were hunters, gatherers, or farmers. When they began to work and become specialists in large groups, their daily work changed and many people needed physical activity. Fitness training began with early Greeks when Hippocrates wrote, "The thing that is being used, developed, and what is not used, is wasted". In other words, you can use it or lose it. Physical training was introduced in two races, which were created between groups of people and people – games and wars. Military conflict and athletic competition between urban states necessitated gymnasiums, gymnastics, effort and exercise.

Early training machines were primarily tools for dumbbells and gymnastic training. Stones, sandbags, water jars, various yokes and rods are made up of components of early weight-bearing equipment. Early gymnastic devices were the forerunners of modern equipment, consisting of fishing rods, ropes and rings. Various solid balls were used for coordination and training. Running and gymnastics are generally used to improve coordination and endurance. Extra power and speed were created by upward and downward hills and hills.

A long time ago, Greek physician Galen used an early-type dumbbell. But the history of practical equipment does not really start until the end of the 19th century with the appearance of the dumbbell. Early weights were made of hollow spheres filled with water or sand. At the same time, Germany introduced a new generation of gymnastic equipment with the equipment of Friedrich Jahn, which includes wooden horses, equilibrium beams and parallel rods.

Severe training machines appeared at the end of the 18th and 19th centuries. The first stationary bicycle was manufactured in the 18th century and was a large machine that worked both arms and legs. The first rowing machine appeared in the middle of the 19th century and looked like a boat in the middle.

At the beginning of the 20th century, machines were made to improve physical fitness. Many machines have been used earlier. For example, the treadmill was initially invented with industrial applications at a time when the steam engine was not practical and before the electric motors were widespread. Later, as well as other weight and dial systems, are adapted for use in a gym as training equipment and features that enhance the workout safety. In 1933, the treadmill was widely used and used in medical applications in 1952.

In the 1950's, Jack LaLanne has also created a number of new exercise machines, including the screw-driven machine, the Smith machine, and the foot lifting machine.

The staircase reached the market in 1983. It was a rotating staircase similar to the escalator and was called by the Stairmers. With the development of the 1986 stairmaster 4000, modern staircases came with individual footrests. These machines provided excellent cardio workouts with lower body tissue training.

Finally, the history of exercise is the development of equipment for a modern home gym, including universal machines such as Solo-flex and Bowflex, and tools such as mini-stairstepper. The mini-stairstepper is a tool that provides the benefits of a staircase in a small portable device that is easy to move and store.

What new miracles will be added to the history of training equipment after Bowflex and mini stairstepper? Undoubtedly, there is an inventor cadre who is working diligently to show us and occupy history.

Source by Jane Alexander

Consciousness checkpoint – where do you live?

Imagine this: Peace, wellness, freedom, confidence, bounty, gratitude, abundance, joy, blessing, energy, trust, authenticity, giving, allowance, relationship, courage, prosperity, self-acceptance.
(It feels good?)

Now go here: (but not long) Concern, doubt, fear, anxiety, hopelessness, falsity, scarcity, stinginess, anxiety, panic, anger, sorrow, revenge, depression, shortage, shame, suffering, despair.

(It is a specific case of icky icks and you need a shower now.)

Did you feel that there was great contrast in both places? All right, so now is the time of truth. Which of the best places do you hang out? If you do not live in the best emotional places often, why not? What prevents this? If you are interested in re-creating the intimate intimate resource, then this divine appointment is to start. The life I've been longing for is waiting for you to say that you've already got into the light!

Take a minute and ask yourself whether it's possible to be permanent or at least consistent … in this Divine Address of good feeling. During the repetitive ego rumors, does your heart know that you deserve good and often? A simple request … be gentle with yourself and your findings, and you know that at this moment you are expanding your mind. You know your answers are completely INFORMATION. This is all part of your shift that is happening now.

Good feeling Your natural condition and your glorious firstborn! Observe if TRUTH thought is frightening or anxious. You're sure it goes deep. It is a fact that we are encouraged to listen to your soul and see your inner conversations. You only know the answers and have to be blessed because they are just leading to enlargement.

The goal here is to determine where you are most in your location so you can state where you want to end. You need to know where he is, before drawing his way to the final destination, right? Get the GPS. The good news is that you have been guided to this point and you can breathe easily and know that you are well in the vibrant way.

If you are suspicious or want to know that the daily pattern is about the not-positive emotions, calm down. This is not the time to defeat yourself. Resist and nourish this pattern. If you often vibrate in these darker places, you probably can be said to be probably curious about how you can live in better emotional places.

Are you alive in your life from a greater spectrum of emotions? If so, you are our inspiration and our role models, and we need you. We bless you, respect and learn from your being. Thank you for teaching us with an example that this eternal good feeling is in reality possible. You are lighting the way for all of us.

The point is that there is CHOICE.

Accepting Your New Reality Invitation:

1. Be aware of where you are.

2. Log in to see where this is.

3. If you are prompted to move to another location, then REPLACE.

POWER POINT is just in the moment.

Just find a thought that feels a little better and your life changes. A little better … a bit better … a bit better … and before you know, you've achieved your own personal status for a good feeling.

And this is a very pleasant moment.

And now he has officially entered – Heaven on earth.

Welcome to your home …

Source by Amy Kay Raymond

Tips for Vacationing With Your Favorites

Most people travel to their celebration and usually take their family with them. There are some that can only live without their pets. If you want to travel with your pet, you have to plan to make travel comfortable and convenient for both you and your pet.

· Traveling by car

If you want to travel on a vacation on a holiday, make sure you do not allow pets to relax inside. Pets can get a safety strap that can be attached to the car's seat belt system. Or just place your pet in a cage. The pet carrier is also a good idea, but it may also be more expensive. Always place your pet in the back seat.

· Traveling by Air

When flying to the destination, the pet carrier is required to comply with the airlines' rules. Check the size of the pet carrier for airlines in order to buy the right size. The pet can travel by air in the cabin if it does not exceed 22 pounds, 18 inches long and 11 inches tall.

For international travel, you need some documents for your pet before you take it with you. It would be best to have a license for at least 6 weeks. Do not travel with your pet unless you check and vaccinate your vet. He always carries the current health certificate for pet animals and records of vaccinations.

· Pet Food

Take lots of pet food; you can never be sure that your pet's favorite brand of pet food will be available at your destination, so you better be confident.

· Feeding Instructions

If you are flying, feed the pet with light snacks 5-6 hours before departure. Your pet does not give any fluids 2 hours before departure. If you are driving near the car, try not to move your pet while moving.

· Add Identification Labels

Whether it's home or abroad, it's best to attach the tag label to your favorites. The identification label must include your home address and phone number, and the address and telephone number of the destination.

Before you leave, it is important to check if your pet is pet friendly at your destination. If you visit relatives, you have to tell them to take your pet. If you are staying in a hotel, check the rules and regulations regarding accommodation for pets.

Also make sure your pet is ready to travel. Animals can be more tedious than children in long journeys. If your pet has never been anywhere else than home, you can start to travel when you take it to the supermarket, the park or the mall.

Finally, try to be as pensive as you can. You must understand that you will not deal with your pet alone; you should also deal with other people's reaction to your pet.

Source by Samantha M Jacobsen

British travelers for cheap holidays in Europe

Thousands of British tourists are looking for cheap holiday deals each year on the Mediterranean Sea. This rainy summer prompted the British to go abroad for some sunshine abroad. Tour operators were great bidders as demand was fairly high.

Greek Islands, Cyprus, Hurgada, Sharm el-Sheikh, Tunisia, Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Spain, Portugal, Luxor, Maldives, Goa, Mexico and Kenyan, Caribbean and Ski Resorts such as Andorra, Sweden and other countries.

The number of travel-related websites was also a record number in June and July. Brent Hoberman, the founder of, says: "More people take a vacation at the last minute, but bad weather is obviously a factor in the summer, but people just trust the best deals." Spain continues to the most popular destination at the last minute to find the sun. Places like Turkey and Bulgaria offer better value for money. "Turkey is indeed the greatest success story in recent years," says Mr. Tipton. "It has filled more than 100,000 visitors every year over a million." (Anabell Fallon, 2004, Independent Sunday)

Greece is one of the most famous destination for British travelers. Greece annually brings more than 16 million tourists alike. Due to the rich and long history of the country, it is attractive to international visitors, due to the glorious Mediterranean coastline and beaches, the mild climate and the fantastic cuisine. There are plenty of cheap holiday packages to Greece from all British airports, especially to the Greek Islands, among which are the most famous Crete, Rhodes, Corfu and Zante.

There are some ways to find cheap flights from British airports. At the end of the 1950s and 1960s, cheap Pakistani holidays appeared, providing combined flights, transfers and accommodation and giving British people the opportunity to travel more often at affordable rates. However, a recent number of travelers are avoiding package offers and prefer flights to cheap airlines such as Easy Jet, Ryan air and BMI Baby, and occupy their own accommodation.

often at affordable prices and the growth of the Internet has changed the search freedom of travelers. Many have already become travel agents in their own homes and download the Internet at a better price directly from the Internet.

"Gerrard from Barnsley believes he can save $ 800 on a holiday booking and supports getting up on the packaging because he knew they would never be cheaper" (Marianne Lueck, 2005, BBC News) .

Another revolution is cheaper Holidays dynamic packaging. Thomson has launched the concept of "dynamic packaging", where customers take their flights and accommodations separately. This has been a major change for the travel industry and has promoted the sale of all inclusive low-priced offers. In the UK, many travel agents offer dynamic packaging on the Web site and Teletech channels. ltd A reliable travel agency in South England. 19459008 cheap all-inclusive holidays with cheap accommodation or flight offers, city breaks, European cross-country skiing and low-priced long-term holidays.

Source by Elena Karkanaki

Mary Jane Ski Resort – The Best Skiing in North America

Mary Jane at the Winter Park Resort in North America is the astonishing ski lady. The bumps are great in the depths of the snow and running is steep. If you like tibia, there is no better place to challenge and if you want to learn, there is no better place to pick up. Why is Mary Jane the best for the bumps and how did it happen? Let's have a look at Jane's past, and let's have a look at why he is the great dancer of astonishing skiing.

As history and goblins reveal what started as an innocent colony of miners, railroad workers and earthquakes in the late 1800s, later mark the age of Mary Jane and the oldest profession in the world smart business intelligence.

A known lady and local lady of the evening, Jane's luck is the services provided by translating a once lonely sheep trail used grazing on a highly sought after winter playground.

A lady recognized Maryjane lived in the town of Arrow, about 3-4 miles from the old railway line outside Winter Park. The Jane is based on the land that is named Mary Jane Placer. It is unknown whether Mary Jane purchased this parcel with her income or thanked her gratefully.

The Mary Jane ski area officially opened for the 1975-76 ski season, the city of Denver to develop $ 4.6 million. The complex had 4 new Heron-Poma two-seat chairs, 26,700 square meters lodge, 18 tracks and 350 skiable hectares. This increased Winter Park area by 80 percent.

In 1986, Winter Park / Mary Jane enjoyed the $ 9 million capital calculation plan. Mary Jane had 20 more courses (200 hectares), including Colorado's steepest paths in The Chutes.

The nineties brought further degrees to the "Lady". The Sunnyside chair lift started working on The Jane's back. The Club Car restaurant at The Jane Base has increased its capacity by 50% and the snow manned at Winter Park Resort's Mary Jane site.

In the 2007-2008 season, this lady introduced a new three-person platform on the back side of the Parsenn Bowl during the 2007-2008 season and was supplied by 7 new runways to flood the heavens. The Eagle Wind is one of the best skiing and slopes in Colorado. The Parsenn Bowl also has a six-piece hoist (six persons), which takes care of the front of the mountain.

Jane's story gives us some reason why we have the best bump skiing in North America, but the real reasons come to this. Mrs. Jane (part of Winter Park Resort) is dedicated to the Mogulans. There are Moguls across the mountain. This course is demolished:

* Expert only: 1% (double black diamonds)

* The heaviest: 57% (black diamonds)

* Advanced: 22% (blue-black)

* Medium: 19% (blue)

* Beginner: 1% (Green)

The vagina here is known for VW bumps because it seems to have been buried under the snow.

Mary Jane could have a bad reputation, but the bumps here are the best in North America, if not in the world.

Source by Christopher Bradford

Men's Wearing in the 1920s

Wearing men in the 1920s is not much different from his business outfit. The good suit, tie, hat, and shoes were all men who had to dress during the day. Evening events were much more formal than the friendly dinner.

in 1920 in 1920 in 1920 in 1920 in 1945. – The suit jacket was usually one person with a minimum of buttons and overall loose. The trousers were raised on the waist high and the upper upper strips and the clamps below. In the cool season, dark gray, blue or brown summer colors were white, ivory, pastel and occasionally pink (Gatsby was wearing a pink suit in The Great Gatsby novel).

Vest- if it is not designed to suit the suit, it would have a similar tint as a tan-colored or darker pastel color. ] The typical button is a stunning t-shirt in white to be the most fashionable and comfortable. The collars were "club" style and were pointed mountains. These are very difficult to find today. Tie- Ties were more common than ties. Light, solid colors or geometric shapes were the height of fashion. The tie was thinner and a bit longer in the 1920s, even today.

Pocket Square He was also known as a handkerchief, well. The pocket squares were pushed into the men's breast pockets.

Not only were men's trousers, they were fashionable accessories. The belts started to become popular only at the end of the 1920s. Men do not wear hats today as in the 1920s. The winter hats included a bowler, flat cap (also known as cab hat), panama (felt), or cousin of Fedora. They are made from straw of summer hats, such as straw Boater (also known as Skimmer) or Optimo Panama hat. The top hats were still used for formal wear.

– The shoe was the definitive element of the man's dress. The most appropriate are the two-tone contemplating dress shoes. The Oxfords and the Brogues mocked tongues and wings.

Source by Debbie L Wells

American Kennel Club – Dog Recording Statistics and Trends Overview

AKC annually provides us national / large city records statistics on dog breeds ranking. According to their mission statement, the club is committed to "studying, breeding, exhibiting, operating and maintaining purebred dogs". The maintenance of records and the collection of data play an important role in pure-American research.

Their latest report (2011) has both familiar results and interesting trends

labrador retriever is ranked again the best breed in the country. The breed lived this marked position for 21 years. This is an incredible achievement and recognition for the merits of the breed. The family's favorite is intelligent, beautiful, loyal and wonderful companion. You can expect the Lab most likely to continue to oversee all the remaining breeds from this exalted bass for a while. Although impressive, Lab has to stay for the first time in a year to reach this position for 22 years. This distinction is owned by the Poodle of course. The German Shepherd, another favorite breed, maintained the 2nd position in the last two years, suggesting that he could make that number. The German Shepherd is loyal to their intelligence and is generally fast-bound to those whose home is Alpha. According to 2011 registration statistics, the top 10 categories are:

  • # 3. Beagle
  • # 4 Gold Retriever
  • # 5. Yorkshire Terriers
  • # 6. Bulldogs
  • # 7. Boxer
  • # 8. Swords
  • # 9. Dancers
  • # 10. Rottweiler

Ranking of varieties, which we recently highlighted with the following articles:

  • # 29 English Springer Spaniel
  • # 34. Bernese Mountain Dog
  • # 39. Bichons Frises
  • # 52. Soft Coated Wheaton Terrier

Our highlighted list deserves a special attention to Bernese Mountain Dog's significant changes. This variety ranged from # 54 to # 54, indicating that the popularity of larger dogs shows a positive trend, which is shown by the significant movement of the Great Swiss Mountain Dog from # 101 to # 82. This is further underlined by the fact that the 10 most important breeds were classified as 6 large dogs. This is quite surprising for several reasons. On the surface, larger dogs simply spend more on their own property. Depending on the quality of the food purchased, the monthly invoice can range from $ 20 to $ 60.

[ Otherwise, ask for the best, healthiest foods you can afford. It really makes an immediate difference. Thanks to our favorites to give them the best. Further, there are the costs associated with chewing tools and trust me that they are much cheaper than a new foot in the dining table. Basically the larger the dog, the bigger the chewing tool or any game. Even the costs associated with medical visits and medications may reflect the size of the dog. But based on these statistics, owners decide to avoid costs and take advantage of the benefits of bigger dogs.

When we look at the number of bigger cities, there are some very interesting, surprising information.

In Boston, the Boston Terrier did not make the first ten. Boston's gorgeous residents have shown their mood for smaller dogs.

In Atlanta, dog lovers lifted Cavalier King Charles Spaniel five to # 4 in their top ten list. This is somewhat surprising, as this is the kind of national ranking # 21. It goes well in Atlanta! In Honolulu, the perennial mood of all breeds, the Lab, the Chihuahua, was removed. Obviously, another drummer works on this beautiful island. New York City also broke the first place in the Yorkshire Terrier 1st place. This is understandable, as Yorkshire is easy to use, portable and very flexible, and NYC is a great demand for both dogs and owners.

Apart from the Yorkshire # 1 ranking, Tampa has also distinguished as # 4 and # 5 are all over. # 4 is the Dachshund / Gold Retriever. At the 5th place we find Bulldog / Chihuahua competitor in the same place. My money is on Bulldog!

Well, there he is. A quick overview of varieties based on their popularity. Where's your special friend on the list, not to let any owner know. We have found that the ranking on the national popularity list may result in mixed blessings for the breed; feed for the future article, no doubt.

Source by Gryphon B