The Christmas Eve

One of my favorite Christmas was in California. My husband and I lived in Los Angeles for several years. Our first Christmas, Christmas time at midnight, we travel to San Francisco by public transport – far shorter than the Texas families sixteen miles in my weather. Next, both had to go back on Monday. It was a glorious excursion full of tiny adventures. As anyone who has traveled to San Francisco, he can tell you that the city (as they call it the ones who love it) have a lot of charm, and we've taken a lot of them. Believe me, San Francisco can get in your blood. On this second or third Christmas, California (memory fails), US-101 (in the famous American song "Ventura Highway in the Sunshine") through Santa Barbara in San Luis Obispo, then picked up the California State Highway 1 to Morro Bay. We fell into a slim motel with white blue decoration on Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning was bright and clean. We got up early, breakfasted and led to a huge, three-story rock that fled the water off the beach and named it Morro Rock. Some other diligent souls took us to the beach that morning.

If you know the Pacific Ocean along California's coast, you know it never gets hot on the beach. Windscreens help but sometimes they need more. This Christmas morning was no more than a hoodie sweater. As we walked together, we welcomed the "Merry Christmas" alone, listening to some of the passers-by, the monster and the seagulls as the greatest symphony. It pleased to touched my soul.

I followed a white light. I tightened, I uncovered a perfect sand of dollars and put it in my pocket.

On this day my dear husband and I were completely in line with each other and with our environment. Even today, when I close my eyes, I feel the sand is giving my feet and the wet breeze cools my face.

For more than ten years, I've been keeping that sand dollar. When my aunt died, I took a yellow rose from Texas to Kentucky. You see, my aunt loved the shore on the Gulf Coast, next to Lake Jackson, where she lived for years. He loved Texas as I did, even though we both were born in Kentucky. So I took my cherished sand dances and Texas went to Kentucky to put in the coffin. At that time, putting into the stuff was some people, but soon his coffin contained pictures and other memories that were ready to go home.

My favorite Christmas was not a tree, not a beautifully wrapped gift. Instead, he was full of all the things that really mattered to me – love, the big sea, the beach, the birds, and a tiny sand dollar.

Source by Emily Seate

How to choose a gym – 10 things to consider when choosing the most appropriate gym

The goal was determined, the plan was planned, and what was left behind was the choice of the gym that leads to your training program. You might be wondering, "How do I choose a gym that's right for me?" There are a few things to consider, but I would like to emphasize that it is important for the gym you choose to be comfortable and motivated, otherwise it will probably fall sooner. If the gym is right for you, you can simplify your health and fitness goals.

I can not spend more on their double workout time only leads to the gym and then home. At one end of a long day, one of us does not like the idea of ​​attacking traffic one hour, one hour training, and then driving another half hour. Much more sense is to join a gym close to a home or workplace to work and back. If you are on a daily basis, you will remind yourself not to try to avoid your workout.

  • Membership Fees Before you decide to join a particular gym, spend some time comparing the membership fees, which may be quite different. The duration of the contract may also affect the net price, so keep this in mind before signing up. Today, most of the gymnasium seeks to commit itself to the longest possible contract. If you are not sure you will be committed for a long time, continue your search in a more appropriate way. If possible, try delaying by joining a special gym in the late summer or late part of the New Year because many gyms offer specialties around the season. But do not wait for more than a month or you may still be able to eliminate your motivation. It's not about how to choose the cheapest gym, but how to choose a gym that motivates you the most.
  • Membership Demographics Another thing you should consider is membership demographics in the gym. For some women all female gymnasts are what they like. On the other hand, a mixed gym is a great place to meet people of the opposite sex and is often one of the most important reasons for joining the first place. Whatever your preference, turn to the time to find out while making your decision. Another thing to ask is that the gym offers all the extras or benefits that are members of the membership and if those extra extras cost you. Examples of extras include daytime care, nutrition counseling, fitness testing, physiotherapy, and so on.
  • Operating time Make sure you know the hours of the exercise room. If, like many, you want to do some work early in the morning, you need to find out if the gym is open at the time. Also, inquire about the policy of the holiday gym. Many people enjoy the time spent on holidays. If that's something you expected, you do not want to be disappointed to find the gym closed. Then there are people who enjoy night-time work, so if you fall into this category, make sure the gym will take care of this preference.
  • Personal Training Options In order to reach your full fitness needs, you need to have access to a trained personal trainer. Although your current workout may now be appropriate, you will need to evaluate and modify as needed after one year. Most dedicated people will never forget this criterion of "how to choose a gym" checklists. In order to gain access to staff who know the game well, it is extremely important. Too often, the gym does not take into account the recruitment of qualified people, so be sure to check if the qualifications of the trainers are verified.
  • Group Classes Get familiar with the group of fitness classes that the gym offers. When you get bored with the workout, this is often just what you need to get excited again. With a wide variety of hours available you will find a good chance to find the right one for you. Consider the issue before you contract because you do not want to surprise the unexpected costs.
  • Hygiene Ensuring that the gym is kept in a clean state is a very important point that must not be ignored in the checklist for selecting a workout plan. Because of the high concentration of stoves, it is essential to keep all the equipment clean in the gym. Make sure you have enough towels and spray bottles to use when you finish using your machines and do not overlook the bathrooms and dressing rooms.
  • Equipment Not only the tools available, but also the quality. If you are mostly working with free weights, look at whether you are offering enough dumbbells even when there are many people there, because that's not a problem. Other elements you are interested in are directional machines, as these different muscle groups must function. If you spend a lot of time on cardio workouts, make sure the gym has a lot of machines. You do not want to arrive in the gym after work, just to find all the machines. There are some lists available at certain gymnasiums that you can subscribe to for a specific period of time, so ask if this option is available. This is a very effective way to fight, and most gyms offer this opportunity.
  • Cancellation Policy Finally, check out the gym's policy when requesting cancellation of the contract. For example, if you sign a three-year contract, but you have to cancel it within a year, will the gym give you a partial refund? Some do not only offer a refund, but do not even offer a membership transfer. Although you certainly do not want to give up just because you are lazy, there are other unforeseen reasons for doing so. Just make sure you are aware of this option.
  • How to Choose the Right Therapy ? Do not ignore the above when choosing a coach. If you do not leave another point, you may be unnecessarily disappointed, which can extend your commitment to personal ability.

    Source by Rey Valentine

    Pet Rat Sneezing? The Facts You Need to Know

    The "rattie parent" can be worrisome if his little things are like sneezing. My goal with this article is to take the trouble to make you feel better and your rat will be okay.

    Below is the list of things that your sneezing sneezes can make:


    This very common and incurable respiratory disease among rats can explode in the rat's life. Symptoms include sneezing, wheezing and breathing in advanced cases. Edema may sometimes develop on the lung tissue, which makes it difficult for the rat to breathe. Although people are able to catch mycoplasm from other people, we can not catch the rats and vice versa. Good news. As long as their immune systems are not endangered, most rats in mycoplasm may, despite the outbreak symptoms, have long and active lives. The most important thing is to feed vitamins rich in nutrition (especially vitamins A and E), and take special precautions to avoid dust, smoke, dirt, and bacteria.

    If your pet is a rat "Myco flare-up", "you may need to be treated with medications such as Vibramycin, brand name Doxycycline or generic brand, Baytril, these drugs suppress the symptoms and inhibit the formation of damaged lung tissue.

    The main difference between mycoplasma and pneumonia is that the former will cause symptoms of dry, loud breathing while the latter is wet, overloaded, crunchy, and runny nose. Porphyrin may be excreted from the rat's nose and the fluid may accumulate in the lungs. Infected infants should not have any symptoms after a few months.

    Pneumonia is very contagious during sneezing with other rats, so it is necessary to immediately quarantate the affected rats until they reach the vet.

    One of the treatments for pneumonia is the machine called Baytril, Doxycycline and Nebuliser. Medications are administered several times daily in the form of steam

    Cold or allergy
    In the event that you have to take your toddler to the vet to have a respiratory illness, you may choose to have small amounts of over-the-counter cold or allergic medications. Additionally, if the veterinarian approves the idea, he may try to treat the rats with himself over several days. However, you should be cautious about not using something that can cause more damage than good. If the condition of the patient becomes worse, take it to a veterinarian immediately.

    Some general guidelines:

    • Use liquid medicines for children, not adult formulas.
    • Enter the medicine as often as a child; but very small portions (0.10 cm3 for adults and less than one infant).
    • Use cough suppressant or expectorant medicine, not suppressant
    • Avoid Alcohol-containing Ingredients

    Minimizing respiratory diseases and symptoms, usually:

    • Wet the air. Balancing the drying effect of heaters and air conditioning systems by adding small water pumps, plants and even crucibles to water
    • Humidifiers and evaporators work well to keep the air moisture content high; but do not keep it too close to the rats cage (at least 4 feet).
    • In an emergency, you can put the rat in a locked bathroom in a hot shower. Do not get too close to the water. Allow to inhale steam for 5 to 15 minutes. Helps to loosen the mucous membrane in your lungs
    • Make sure your rattie has the right bedding
    • The sudden sneezing may be due to the allergic reaction due to the general change in bedding, food, soap or their environment
    • A cool, tiny block of bake chocolate was known to ease the symptoms of breathing pain.

    Source by Colin Patterson

    A wonderful Japanese journey with my family

    After a very tough job for six months, I break into Japan's premier city – Tokyo. Since I was a kid, I really wanted to go and visit the exciting themes of the different worlds. I've been to Disneyland many times, but in the United States, this time I want to see Disneyland Tokyo fairs in America. Some of my friends who were there have already been told that there are not many differences between them. However, I am not happy with their stories; I personally want to see it in front of me.

    As this Tokyo Disneyland is one of Japan's most important attractions, I'll take the whole family with me to see the kids see the difference. My wife is excited about the way, and she's already doing things. Kids are also excited about our vacations, as this will be the first time in an Asian country. Hopefully, after traveling to Tokyo, we are still going to Hong Kong to Disneyland and other tourist venues in Asia. Now, however, Tokyo Disneyland is our main goal to entertain and enjoy.

    After my family and I visited the beautiful Disneyland in Tokyo, I suggested we visit Mt. Fuji. We were a bit disappointed as it was not one of Japan's popular tourist venues, as I thought. Then we decided to visit Kinkaku-ji, the Golden Pavilion temple in Kyoto. Japan's most visited tourist attractions. Some of my friends were shocked when I told them that Mt. Fuji was not Japan's most famous attraction, but the Kinkaku-ji. This church was originally built in 1933 and served as the home of the retired Shogun Yoshimitsu Ashikaga. The retired leader died when he became a Buddhist temple. The temple is famous for its pillows above the lake, designed to highlight its place between heaven and earth. They also said that this Buddhist temple was reconstructed in 1955 after a young Zen fired in Buddhist fire. According to reports, one despised the beautiful things like the church, so he tried to destroy it. After the reconstruction, the church was beautiful and spectacular. Very impressive, fully covered, golden leaf on the top of the Phoenix. Therefore, the Temple of the Golden Pavilion is another attraction in Japan, apart from the Mt. Fuji. So if I were you, I'm starting to save money a chance to see this remarkable Japanese creation.

    Source by George Lee

    Experience the natural elements of Sunshine Coast

    This area offers a wealth of exceptional tourist attractions in Australia that can fill your visit every minute of the day, not allowing you to truly see or experience all the beautiful natural surroundings that are here are. Go ahead and do all your activities, but save time to visit and experience the wonderful sights and adventures.

    It's a great adventure to continue exploring the whole nature and ecosystem, an Eco Tour on a Maroochy Cruise. The unbelievable scenic natural habitat of Sunshine Coast is well-known and the tours are very good, so much so that they were at the center of many television shows.

    The Maroochy River and its courts can be seen on these incredible tours led by experienced ecological experts in the field. These tours are open to the general public in the better part of the two decades.

    The tour uses the MV Blue Laguna boat, an amazingly quiet boat, so you can sail on Maroochy and make it closer to the creatures to look at them in the natural environment. Other tours have louder boats because they can not see all the creatures that you can see on the quiet boat in time.

    If you want to choose Maroochy Cruise Eco Tour, then most days during the week are best available for booking. To get to the Cod Hole Jetty in Maroochydore, and there are a lot of parking places there. Sunshine Coast offers a host of experiences, incredible beaches and windsurfing, as well as all the natural things here. This walk along the Maroochy River is an excellent way to experience and appreciate the natural nature of the area and the relaxation.

    Source by Zane A Archer

    Driving tips – Speed ​​up curves for better towing

    The many driving tips offered are not intuitive – accelerating the curves to achieve better traction. The acceleration of the curve seems to loosen the vehicle on towing and halting. This happens when you use too many applications, but limited acceleration improves traction when taking a curve.

    To understand this, let's first look at the towing. Then let's look at how the vehicle behaves in the rounding of a curve, and then compile the two.

    The towing …

    in the desired direction. When we stop the stopping, the vehicle moves because it is on the road. Breaking from the slope if we accelerate faster because higher acceleration allows more traction – right up to the point where we lost the traction because we used too much energy for the drive wheels

    snow and ice, almost all hard runs the wheels move and the vehicle slides to behave better in the direction of steering and steering as a function of momentum and gravity. If we accelerate slightly, then we probably move in the way we expect. Think about the duration of vectors …

    Now, I think of a single vectors vehicle travel that points to the direction the vehicle wants to travel. If you are moving straight, there is a vector that is right in front of you because the drive wheels are pushed or pulled in this direction. It's pretty easy to understand.

    Now imagine the vector when it moves around a curve. Before you and the curve point toward the outside because you are moving forward, you still want to get out of the way. Accelerate hardness and lose the traction force and slip in the direction of the impulse – the vector is difficult to point on the outer side of the curve while slipping off the road. The same as ice on the curve – they lose the traction force and the vehicle is moving where the momentum and gravity wants to go.

    In the light of the above example, when we have lost the tractive force over a curve, it is easy to understand that greater grip will go in the desired direction (simply because the loss of traction had an opposite effect). It has also been found that increased acceleration provides a higher degree of adhesion – even to a certain point.

    Therefore, if we only accelerate a little, we take advantage of increased traction and effectively divert the vector, the direction of the road and the outside of the curve. That is why experienced motorcyclists slow down a little bit in a curve and accelerate the curve – it helps them "stick" on the road with more grip. Try it yourself …

    Here's an attempt to prove the point. Fold a steady leg around a curve that you often travel and note how it feels. Then the next time you go around the curve, just relax and see what it feels like. Next time you are around the curve, use a slight acceleration. You will notice the difference between the three approaches and will convince you that limited acceleration promotes traction on the curves.

    Once again, all driving tips are not intuitive, but it's true that acceleration in curvature provides a wider security vulnerability due to better traction

    Source by Clair Schwan

    How do we write content that makes Google Hummingbird friendly?

    In September 2013, Google introduced a new "Hummingbird" algorithm that focuses on each word of the query rather than the words. If someone is looking for something with a sentence, Google takes every word and finds the most appropriate results. Initially, Google focused on words rather than sentences, but with Google Hummingbird change, focus shifted to the entire query.

    Google Hummingbird provides an ideal situation for content writers, since you do not have to include keywords that are not relevant to your content. Instead of short-term keywords, long-term keywords can be used, which are a complete question. Here are some important tips to write on the Google Hummingbird algorithm: 19459003 19459004 19459008 19459002 19459009 19459000 focus on writing content with longer shelf life. This is the content of evergreen content and is able to attract a wider audience. The beauty of evergreen content is that people are often looking for and ranking on Google. So, thanks to Google's popular content, it regularly crawls the content and offers better opportunities to stay in the highest search results.

    1. Focus on tutor content or be able to read something new. By answering questions, answering questions such as "How …" are more popular among readers. Get their attention straight away because they know this will help them something relatively new and important to learn. You should focus on writing "How to" content that is related to your industry or business? For example, if you are in a real estate transaction, you can talk about "How to make real estate?" Egypt "How can I buy my first home?" etc
    1. Google Hummingbird gives you the ability to publish relevant content on your site. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page allows you to upload a lot of content that is instructive and can answer questions that are relevant to your target audience. You can easily use long-lasting keywords in the FAQ section, and even more Hummingbird friendly.
    1. Speaking of materials that were sometimes viral, it's also the humorous content of Google Hummingbird. Although Google does not currently affect social / viral content, it will soon focus on the future, which will definitely affect the Google Ranking of Content.
    1. Google recently highlighted the importance of deep articles. According to Google, detailed articles dealing with detailed themes will be more valuable than excellent articles.

    If you want your search engine optimization strategies to work, you should keep up with the changes introduced by Google. Focus on tracking tips in this article and seeing positive results, but be sure to use high quality and original content.

    Source by Muqtada Khalid

    Discover the Advantages and Disadvantages of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) vs Pay Per Click

    You've already started your new site (or started redesigning) and you're sitting, waiting, but wait a minute, something is wrong … does not seem to. It's like your site does not exist.

    Well, I hate blasting the bubble, but if you do not have a well-publicized website or a lot of websites that are related to you, then you have to rely on the search engines. And if your site does not rank on the top three results pages, it's more than likely that it will not be found at all.

    So … you know what's coming; that is the case, you need a good amount of search engine marketing (SEM) to ensure your site appears on search engine results pages. You will follow this and your traffic to your site will soon follow.

    "Okay," I hear you say. "Let's do a search marketing, then …"

    Well, that's a good start. But first you need to work out the approach to maximize your return. Let's name this in your search engine marketing strategy . In order to create an effective strategy, you need to understand a little more about how search engine marketing works. We currently have two different approaches for independent search engine marketing:

    1. Organic: including search engine optimization, links from other sites, and offline marketing.
    2. Paid: including the charge per click, paid submissions, and online banner ads.
      1. Most of the work behind search engine optimization (SEO) is a one-off activity, and usually comes a pre-determined fee.
      2. Changes to your site are likely to remain relevant and come to your site every year.
      3. Credibility: Most people (between 60 and 80 percent of research) click on organic results instead of sponsored (paid) results.
      4. If you are well located in one of the most important search engines (Google / Yahoo / MSN), you will likely appear in most search engines.

      Organic: Disadvantages

      1. Changes to your site's code. In general, changes are invisible to visitors. However, if you invest heavily in a search engine-unfriendly site, the process can be time-consuming and costly; and occasionally significant changes may be required to copy, navigate, or design your site. Ultimately, of course, if you make the necessary changes, you will see refunds.
      2. The results (rankings and traffic) start slowly. Normally you can see the results within 3-4 months.
      3. No warranty. Since search engines themselves have the last word they can not predict how many rank you get for a particular search term or engine; and you can not tell how much traffic your site receives.

      Paid: Advantages

      1. Pay per click (PPC) advertising programs can be implemented quickly. Usually, it takes two to three weeks for setup and running. Google AdWords works immediately after launching the campaign and Overture lists change within 3-5 business days (according to the editor).
      2. There is nothing to change on your site, though I would suggest creating targeted landing pages for each ad as it has proven to increase conversions (but this is another topic!).
      3. Not limited to the terms or keyword phases that you can bid.
      4. PPC is good for you to run promotions on your site, since you can turn your PPC campaign on and off at any time.
      5. You can choose where the listing will appear on the result page (in the sponsor's advertising area) and specify what the ad says.
      6. It's very easy to test different search terms and bids, etc., and measure the results.

      Paid: Disadvantages

      1. Clicks may be costly. Bidding wars can often arise.
      2. Every month you have to pay for clicks. If your budget is reduced at any time, your ads will disappear with your search engine traffic.
      3. Most people (between 60 and 80 percent of research) click on organic results instead of sponsored (paid) results.
      4. Requires a temporary investment to constantly monitor and modify the lists or the budget needed to outsource the business.
      5. Ads are subject to editorial acceptance. SEO helps you find anything you want on your site (where search engines pull the page title and description). But with PPCs, editors insist that all lists are factual and do not compare your business with others. This means that if you are the "biggest" provider, you can not say this.
      6. Now you know a little about the benefits and disadvantages of organic and paid search engine marketing, you need to decide how to reach your online marketing campaign. maybe it's best to:

        1. You want to spend some time on the search engine marketing and pay in the future for every possible search engine in the world.
        2. You have a budget to work now and later earn money.
        3. Your site is relatively simple with no complicated bells and whistles.
        4. You can allow it to wait a couple of months for the results.
        5. You do not want to handle or maintain anything on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

        Paid ads may be for you if:

        1. Want to get up and run fast.
        2. You have a promotion that you want to turn on and off your PPC campaign.
        3. Want to test your search terms, products or bids, and quickly see the results.
        4. Your site is search engine-unfriendly and does not want to invest in changing it.
        5. You are confident that you can spend the budget on a long-term basis and keep your positions on time.
        6. Of course, many companies and businesses deal both with organic and paid SEMs at the same time, and that's what you would normally like to offer to maximize the attractiveness of classified traffic to a site. You are currently planning a site or revising existing ones, make sure the developer knows how to create a search engine optimized code or work closely with an SEO consultant. From the beginning, it saves time and money in the long run. And you do not have to pay for a fortune when you handle this solution.

          If you have an existing site that you want to optimize, you can make a difficult decision if your current site is not search engine friendly. If your site is made using a wide range of frameworks or dynamic pages (your URL looks like ), the correction the cost of these problems will be discouraged. If that's the case, then it's time to seriously consider redesigning your site earlier than planned.

          Anyway, using a pay-per-click advertising campaign before optimization is a great way to read basic keywords using copies on your site by fixing which keywords respond to customers most in the campaign .

          Source by David Crowther

    Gold Coast – The Perfect Holiday Destination for Golf Lovers

    The Australian Coastline, located in the southeast of Queens, is Australia's leading golf course. World Heritage for Rainforests, International Nightlife & Casino, 7 Kilometers of Golden Beaches, Shopping and Entertainment Parks – this is a stylish and world class holiday destination. The Gold Coast Golf in the subtropical area of ​​the southern hemisphere enjoys the sunshine and the warmth throughout the year. Unlike the Northern Hemisphere, the average Australian temperatures are 25 ° C and 15 ° C in summer. You can expect more than 300 sunny days a year so gold can count on the most reliable golf courses.

    A clean beach for miles, plenty of adventure and entertainment, superb cuisine and a lush setting – Sunshine Coast Golf is one of Queensland's finest holiday destinations. From Caloundra, the shoreline stretches to Coolool, surrounded by Blackall Range, Mary Valley, Glass House Mountains, and Noosa Hinterland. It is imperative to describe the shore of the sunshine without signaling the golf course. The combination of wonderful golf courses and the mighty beauty make this shore ideal for golf enthusiasts. You can get exclusive golf packages on the sunny shore, which is one of the individual, group and family cottages. In addition to wanting to play golf, you can commit your children to kayaking, sightseeing, fishing, or market walks. Many travel agencies offer interesting golf tours to understand your needs and desires.

    Sunshine Coast's most exclusive golf packages are easily accessible at a reasonable price. In fact, you can still choose the desired golf course. Sunshine has few golf courses at Hyatt Regency Coolum Golf Course, Mount Coolum Golf Club, Twin Waters Golf Course, Headland Golf Club, Noosa Springs Country Club etc.

    golf package. Many sites offer over 50 percent discount for people booking golf packages last minute. Never assume that you will always be lucky and find a lucrative travel contract at the last minute. Some areas and regions are occupied in peak periods. Compare the prices of the courses you want to play. The Sunshine Beach offers many public golf courses and good resorts that will help you experience real golf holidays. The tropical climate allows golfers to enjoy the game all year round.

    Above par golf tours specialize in golf tours that have roots in Australia's Golden Age. The main goal is to offer your customers the widest possible and most customized golf experience. One of the benefits of a local base is the perfect location to stay connected to the potential market. Since they are not diversified tour operators, they enjoy the other characters in their quotation and mission.

    Source by Piter Smith

    What is psychology behind the Kama Sutra?

    Kama Sutra is an ancient text written by Vatsyayana about the second CAD of India. He was the Vedic tradition from which the Holy Trinity translated the god to Christianity. Before the writing and printing, stone images showed exotic sexual poses, for example in Hindi sex temples Khajuharo . While they are obsessed with sexual pleasure, the cause behind them is the psychology that was born of the desire to fertilize Mother God.

    This is an immeasurable idea that many people are fascinated by fantasy. The facts, however, speak of a time when people were so obsessed with fertilizing abilities that they dreamed of great dreams and were born of modern beliefs. The only mystery that all people dealt with throughout history was sex.

    It is not just the question of what leads but the physical changes in man's body when passion and desire take care of it. Penis has become the most widespread symbol in ancient societies and serves as a "menhirs" throughout Europe. Some are in such a way that the sun forms a star at its peak.

    Mountains are the place of holiness, because here, when the sun is moving behind the peak, forms a star. Seven-point and five-point stars are designed for this image and remain the Mother's symbol.

    The psychology of men used the races in this way. "Semen" comes from "man-man" and can only imagine the type of challenges that have shown how much magic fluid can be produced and how often. The winner was "her-o" or "round". In other words, he went over the circle to "marry" Mary and have lived with me since then.

    Mary is the Mother God in Babylon, and here, as in other cities, the walls of the breasts appear to caress and show marriage. The pictures in churches in Kama Sutra and in India, Japan and elsewhere remind us that this is behind the philosophy of religions. My reincarnations prove that there is no place like heaven and hell but weapons that force people to accept the ancestors' faiths. Psychology is still based on reconciliation with the goddess and makes them a great man. It also has an effect on women to get irritated and to force them to be overwhelmed. So their presence is less attacking the day.

    In determining the influence of religion, the old symbolism and associated names show the story. In ancient rock art, such as the Scandinavian countries, men are depicted as rising upwards by cross or on their bodies or on the dragon that raises them. This symbol surrounds the symbols that are related to focusing. Those who were supposed to have crossed this way drew them over their heads.

    These words speak for the "day of the day", and it is "holy". "San" means day, saint, and boy, in many languages ​​as the remnant of his origin. Sanskrit, the original Hindi language, comes from "scripture" or "sunset", and its early form is marked by the sun. These are shadows, stars, etc. They did.

    Men dying on the cross also made signs and sounds that came about with the interpretation of the language understood by the High Priest or Sharman. They believed it was in close contact with the day and could therefore deliver the messages. This is also the reason why people in India usually find "holy people" at the peaks that are closely related to the celestial body

    who seek help or knowledge. This is why they are kept in a community that provides food and other material for their lives and comfort.

    Source by Norma Holt