Can I Get a Russian Visa on Arrival?

Most foreigners need to obtain a visa before entering Russia – please contact the Russian Consulate in your home country to check if you need a visa. Only a few CIS countries can enter Russia without a visa. Passport holders from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine do not need a Russian visa

If you do not belong to any of the above-mentioned nationalities, Unable to go to Russia without a visa. Cruise passengers are the only category of tourists visiting Russia who can stay on the territory of the Russian Federation without a visa for up to 3 days. However, this rule applies only to cruise passengers who have booked their tours through agencies licensed by the Russian government. Such an agency will provide you with a tour ticket called a blanket visa or booking confirmation.

There are several types of Russian visas, they depend on the purpose of your visit. . If you are going to Russia for sightseeing, you will need a Tourist visa, if your purpose is business meetings, you will need to apply for a Business Visa, etc.

You will need an invitation (aka visa support ) To apply for your Russian visa. The invitation is a document issued by the person or organization that invites you to Russia. Every type of visa requires a different type of invitation. The prices of invitations and visas vary. The price of a visa depends on your type, the required processing time and your nationality.

To apply for any type of visa for Russia you will need to fill out an electronic application form on line,

Please bear in mind that you must answer all required questions as incomplete application forms are not recognized by the Consulate . If your details do not fit in the form of the Russian visa application, you can either abbreviate or provide your information as an attachment typed on A4 paper. The advantage of the electronic visa form is that it is stored on line for 30 days and you can amend it if you like but will be able to do so will need to note your web reference when you finish filling out the form.

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Guide to Making Karnataka Tours

The Karnataka state has one of India's best tourism venues. Visitors were enchanted by the natural beauty of the forests and the diversity of wildlife. The architecture of the goddesses, palaces and other public buildings reflects the taste of the arts, which are rulers of this land. The Hampi village deals with a large amount of culture in Vijaynagara's ruined capital, which was typical of hundreds of years ago, while Nagarhole National Park, for example, was concerned about natural beauty and nature conservation. If you plan to visit this part of India, then an expert holiday organizer will plan your trip.

Sights in Karnataka

Many interesting experiences in Karnataka visit. Many miracles come from different periods of state history that tell the terrifying history of human ingenuity. Hampi is such a place. Any Karnataka tour is missing without visiting the village. Popular church complexes, such as the Vittala church, remind us of the architectural grandeur of the state. For those looking for adventure, the Anthargange and Ramanagaram rock climbing is ideal. Mysore is the second largest city in the state, culturally vibrant. Considering hiking to Mysore at the 10-day Dussera festival, held on October 10 at Mysore Palace. Coastal areas like Mangalore allow sampling on the Karnataka coastal culture and cuisine. Bangalore's capital is culturally rich and pleasantly modern. It offers many historical and wildlife attractions, and often serves as a base for tourists. Other major locations in Karnatakas include Shimoga, Sravanabelagola, Bijapur and the mountain station Coorg and Chikmagalur.

Coorg is one of Coorg's most popular mountain stations. It is situated at an altitude of 1000 meters above sea level in western Ghats, rich in Flora, coffee and tea plantations, and fabulous flowers. Coorg is famous for his quiet life and tourists appreciate their experiences. Attractions include Abbey Falls, Madikeri Fortress and Dubare Elephant Camp. The local Kodava tribe's kitchen is very famous. You must visit the Nagarhole, which is also part of the Coorg District. Most tourists arrive in Coorg after their visit to Mysore.

Planning Karnataka Road

Karnataka embraces many views and sounds. Exploring each one requires knowledge of all fate and planning a tour that will help you travel in the travel areas at the time available. If you visit Karnatakaba for the first time, understanding the local culture and weather will be good. During the trip, the assistance of the tour operator could greatly benefit from exploring the local culture. If you are within a short time, but want to see the most important places, Mysore, Coorg, Bangalore, Hampi, Mangalore and some other location tours can be customized.

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10 tips for stress-free summer

Some of us summer relaxation days hang on the beach in SPF 45 and hang in the latest Danielle Steel novel. For others – All right, most of us – summer is the continuation of our ongoing crazy script, except for the casual weekend.

If you fall into the latter category, as I suspect, In a stress-free summer you can enjoy the next 10 tips.

-> 1. Kick for cooking.

The secret of amusing and relaxing summer It's actually found in the freezer. All right: a well-equipped freezer with lightly prepared food capacity can alleviate the stress of summer stress.

Here's a list of the food and see what can be done before and before frozen time. Then spend a day or two of your go-to-favorites items and store them in hermetically sealed containers in the freezer. After the days of the summer dog arrive, all you have to do is grab, melt and microwave. What can be easier?

-> 2. Traveling without emotional baggage

If you're going to stay this season, your pre-design helps eliminate the usual Sturm und Drang from the summer vacation.

Search for destinations and travel books, maps and travel insurance. If you are traveling abroad, make sure you exchange some money into your local currency – at least a taxi from the airport to the hotel.

Leave the sack locking to prepare for airport safety; You can keep movies, valuables and allowed toiletries when you are passing on. And if possible, pack them easily. How many times did you go on vacation with a huge and stylish wardrobe, just one week to wear the same shorts every day?

-> 3. Think Different

Summer is the chance of renewal – and I'm not talking about library books. This is a chance to fill the batteries and find out where you are in your life and where you want to be.

Are you sure the trip to a spa can help you get back and rewind, but how do you go outside the comfortable zone and try something new? Whether it's creative writing or tae kwon, tap dancing or decorating a cake, the point is to try something that you have never tried before and how much you like it. If you enjoy it, it's great: Keep going. If not, move on to the next or perhaps next. Do not be afraid of the experiments.

-> 4. Design a no-no-day.

Just like a new attempt is a sure way of refilling and renewing, Out-and-Out hedonism. Some of us as part of and as part of the hedonist do nothing. There are no plans. No commitment. There are no obligations. Nada. Of course, if you do not make too much noise to the box, the alternative is to design some activities with the implicit understanding that you will not try to collect too much stuff on the Free-to-Bird schedule. That's missing.

Some ideas: pack a picnic lunch, grab an absorbing book and go to the park while leaving the entire afternoon under the shadowy tree. Go to your favorite museum or art gallery and spend as much time as you want to focus on each painting or artwork. Or stay home with a batch of DVDs and zones on the couch as long as you like. And imagine it? In the absence of a timetable, it really serves a purpose: it helps to reduce stress – even if it is for a day or just for a few hours.

-> 5. Organize.

And you do not do your tea tea, you can choose to spend your time on productive activity, for example by organizing and eliminating your home or office.

Instead of getting up and declaring one day, "Today is the day I clean my house!" (Um, nervous disorder, anyone?), A simpler and more effective approach is what I call the Chip-Away method.

This is how it works: Instead of going to a room with the intention of transforming it To think of dirty perfection, think about the mess.

Suppose you have a messy home office that looks too scary to cope with it. No problem! Start the bookcase or the shelf system and focus on the first shelf: put things down and place it on the floor. Now, there are some executives who decide to abolish something? File some documents? Send a project?

Whatever you do, take action. If you wait later, you are waiting for Godot. Do it now. Wipe the shelf clean, replace the stuff and move on to the next shelf. And the next and the next … until – voila! – a clean office!

Chip-Away Method works beautifully in the kitchen, bathroom, library or den – in any room that needs to be organized. Once you're done, you can turn around and admire your hard work. And boy, he feels good.

-> 6. Play to catch up.

The same lines, summer is a great time to catch up with everything you did not make A chance for the rest of the year. Things like taking photos into albums; Working in a guest book; The sock's call; Long-term foods were dumped from the kitchen cabinet and freezer; Cleaning the cabinet; You tossed unnecessary papers and coupons. You get the idea.

Use the Chip-Away method above to help you manage these projects. So they do not look amazing or awesome. Then when the fall happens, you are all ready and you will be stress free.

-> 7. Turn the trash into cash.

Cleared your accounts, you can discover that your eyes can be a treasure of other people. And better, you can win with it!

That's right: Pick up unwanted things, and you have a yard or an apartment for sale with him. (Take the kids to action when a lemonade station is set up.) Or take the stuff to a shipment store, sell it on eBay or donate the tax deduction. Make extra money on a savings account and watch your money increase.

-> 8. Make skin smart.

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. Over a million new cases are diagnosed every year. It is a fact that skin cancer occurs in a fifth American during their lifetime. It is therefore important to protect the sun.

Here are some helpful tips for the Skin Cancer Foundation:

– Let's look for a shadow of 10 A.M. And 4 P.M.

– Do not burn.

– Avoid tanning and UV tanning booths.

– Use 15 or more SPFs every day and 30 minutes outside with 1 oz (2 tablespoons) of sunscreen. Re-apply every two hours.

– Cover the clothing, including a wide-brimmed hat and UV-blocking sunglasses.

– Hold the newborns out of the sun. Sunscreen should be used in babies younger than 6 months of age.

– Look every month on your skin on the head.

– See your doctor or dermatologist for one year of skin exam.

-> 9. Let's go to "me-time".

Do not forget you need time. Although this is not always possible – especially if there is a hectic schedule and family members compete for attention – there are ways around this obstacle.

Set the alarm if you need it, but it takes time to stop every day and do a little something for yourself – anything to dive into a juicy novel to get the manicure. Even if you sit quietly for only 10 minutes and reflect your day, you will be amazed at how good you are and how you feel in the middle. Try it and see it.

-> 10. Try to stay in R.E.S.T.E.D.

This great font – R.E.S.T.E.D. – Eileen Stevie, Stevie Organizing Services Cary, established by a certified trade union at North Carolina, Stree Stevie organizers meet the enjoyment of stress free summer:

R: Relationships – Maintaining Family Relationships and Friendship Relationships.

E: Practice – Healthy Daily Training Program.

S: Simplify – consider reducing the amount of things in your life.

T: Time alone – you have to find a quiet time to think clearly.

E: Get rid of what you can not enjoy.

D: Nutrition – Consisting of Consistent, Nutritious Foods to Be Healthy

And there is a R.E.S.T.E.D. summer. Enjoy!

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Do this summer for your best family vacation

In the summer, the time will come to fill the kids in the car and go to the dream destination. Any trip, either a week or a day out, will be much more enjoyable if you plan ahead. Here are some quick tips for traveling with children.

# 1 Create a budget. Engage the whole family in saving your trip. Help your children understand that they need their jobs and rescue goals. Stay within your financial limits.

# 2 Decide the destination and then make a list of things. Contribute to all family members. While the ultimate choice is for adults, try to include lists of individual children. This will be a special part of the journey for everyone.
Use guides, newspapers, as a source.

Check out your city's discovery. Daily excursions and weekend excursions offer great opportunities.

# 3 Have children help prepare for the journey. Create a checklist for my business.

Arranging for animal and plant care; Stop the newspaper and the letter.

Pack an emergency wagon set with flashlight, jumper cable, first aid kit, washbasins, and paper towels.

Packing pads for car, water packs, snacks, clipboards, games, music and games.

Pre-addressing and printing postcards for postcards. Buy stamps.

Be ready to catch summer memories. Give each child a disposable camera. Make sure to type your name on top.

# 4 Learn the places where you will travel. Highlight your travel path on a map. Make a "Travel Strip". Use a coil that adds the ribbon in order, grandmother's home, various landmarks, cities, rivers, and hotels. As you progress each milestone, highlight it until you reach the destination.

# 5 There are various games and games in your hand. "Are we There Yet?" Usually, it means that it's time to switch to a new activity. Eliminate travel on small segments. Play in the alphabet game (find the object starting with each letter of the alphabet) or the license plate game (find one from each state.) Timeless toys such as crow bats and cat pats are a great way to pass the time. Pull out the map or the "Travel Strip" to let your children have visual insights on how far they've traveled.

# 6 Stop in a park or get out of the car. Allow the kids to run. Go for a walk or enjoy the road picnic. Play ball.

# 7 Changes in time zones and changes in the schedule are difficult for everyone, but especially for toddlers. Children may be the most moody if they regularly take meals and sleep time and leave time. Try to maintain the standard system.

# 8 Slow down. Take it easy. Remember this is your vacation. It's important that you enjoy your time together as a family like everyone on the list.

# 9 Since you probably have less space than usual at home, remember not to do it all together. Not everyone will have the same interest as attention. It's better to break into smaller groups.

# 10 Create a travel journal every night. Collect postcards, napkins and reception sticks in the cash registers. And do not forget to send some of these postcards to family and friends.

1. Prints the full form of the form without any change

2. Includes an active link

3. Publishes a polite copy of your publication to the above contact person

4. The following bottom line appears at the bottom of each article:

About the Author: Rondi Hillstrom Davis is the co-author of the award-winning book: Creating Family Creation. To see your site get stuck with family ideas, visit the following page:

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Goa Holidays

Goa is an idea place for a hangout during the summer season. The city is a mix of modern and traditional aspects of life. Pulsante nightlife and casinos are the most important attractions here. Discover this beautiful place with gothic churches, exotic beaches, cascading waterfalls, woods and extensive spicy gardens that are unique in its own way. Goa's temples ]

Goa's temples are the masterpieces of architecture in Portugal. The complicated work of the walls of the sixteenth and seventh-century churches reflects the artistic tastes of Portuguese rulers. Goa Basilica is the birthplace of Jesus in the gem of the crown Goa temples. It was built in 1605 and is part of the World Heritage Site. Treasures of Saint Francis Xavier. Other worth mentioning are the historic monuments of Goa Se Cathedral, St. Francis of Assisi, Rosary Church, Saint Church, St. Augustine Church and St. Cajantan Church, and many more.

Enjoy the thrilling sandy pleasures on the Goa beaches. Spend moments of leisure under the greyish sky and love the abundant nature near azure waters. Experience leisure while lying on a warm sand in the shade of palm trees. These beaches attracts visitors to celebrate festive night parties. As the sun is ready, the environment becomes more vibrant and enjoyable. The whole mood is full of lightning music that shakes his body in the rhythm of the fast pace. The planted beaches make every visitor impressive in a fabulous setting where they relax in the shadows of colorful umbrellas while enjoying an exotic drink.

Another major attraction on the Goa Beach. These caves are the traditional Fisherman's Hut, where the tourist can enjoy the unforgettable moments. Guests can enjoy the convenience of huts with demanding facilities and facilities, including beach beds, music, accommodations, umbrellas, towels, etc. To taste the delicious varieties of traditionally cooked meals Spice plantation in Goa

Ponda is the center of spice plantations in the central part of Goa. People here use organic methods of cultivation and farming. Explore the Extreme Gardens and Spicy Growth Farms. Some of the main spices, such as black pepper, nutmeg, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, vanilla, coriander, cashew nuts, broth, and beta hazelnut palm are included. ]] Goa offers many water sports activities. The azure water bodies fascinate visitors to thrill in exciting adventure activities like surfing, water skiing, sailing, diving and fishing. Enjoy the excursion and enjoy exciting adventurous sports at your Goa celebration .

Every part of the region is full of surprises for travelers with different tastes.

Goa Beach Holidays

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Great Ideas for Sports Fans Everywhere

There are many things people love to do in their lives. This may include traveling to a far-off location, or seeing or witnessing something surprising that often does not come together. It's a good idea to write a bucket list of all the things one could do for everyone to move around when the activity occurs. Of course a lot of bucket list ideas exist, but those who are athletic fanatics are lighter than those who want to do a lot. All we have to do is look at the matches at the beginning of each season, and note which games I want to reach.

Maybe someone's favorite team. The fan tries to visit any match that this team is playing in the current season. Not only do they welcome the team from home but also see part of the country. Some of the stadiums in the country deserve to visit every sports fan, including Los Angeles and New York.

While in New York, the fans could also take part in a Red Sox game at Fenway Park. The atmosphere must feel like it will, because the passionate Socks fans talk a bit about the wall.

Of course there is no need to stay in the country to follow this endeavor. England is probably the world's best football home. Imagine you want to see a team like Manchester United at home? Think of stories about which to talk about such an adventure? This is to keep up with the opening of the 2012 Olympics in London. Such chances do not come too often, and that is the idea that we must describe these events. In fact, only any sports event can be added to the register and if it seems a bit unattainable, it gives the fan something to be targeted. "

Indeed, without this goal, none of us would move off the sofa, so the more unusual the venue or the sport, the better for everyone


There are websites around that gathering these fans in one place, giving them points for any match they have personally visited, points overseas, and exactly whatever they can put on their online virtual passport.

] In fact, it's like a blog or a social club where people of similar minds meet and come up in every sport. Of course, those who do not play crazy, think that it's going to be over, but then they have their own favorite websites, Which our partners may not care about – at least we all know where the fans are in the dark and rainy nights

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Life on the Whole Ship of the Ship

Have you ever dreamed of living on a boat forever?

Traveling in the world, seeing all kinds of exotic places, forever crowned, does not take care of the world.

Now it is reality and there are many possibilities.

1. World of ResidenSea was built as a residential community in 2002 on a 644-foot long cruise ship, restaurant, spa and fitness center and other amenities. Typical mid-range cruises.

Similarly to land-based holiday establishments, short-term rentals of one or more weeks can be arranged without any commitment and a wide range of ports will be added to the world's roundabout. globe.
Residensea has problems.

– Owners of castles on boats and tourists.

Owners want to stay in exciting harbors for several days, for tourists to have a boat needing full stays to cover the cost of unsold suites, from day to day, from harbor to port.

The sale of the real estate property of the vessel stalled because of terrorism, uncertainty in financial markets and the uncertainty of the ship's future.

Annual maintenance costs range to $ 100,000, while the actual package costs $ 1.9-4 million today.

"This is an ad on the Internet recently:

" Rent an exterior luxury cabin

$ 600 a day "

Someone who has 2 cabins at ResidenSea.

It costs $ 18,000 a month.

2. Join an organization that buys a Used Cruise Ship and converts it to Condos.

This concept is proven and unsuccessful.

Practical problems were too great.

– I'm trying to find people who will not be discharged right away when leaving the harbor.

– I was trying to get people money before they bought a boat.

And these were just a problem before a ship had been bought.

Think about the problems after buying a boat.

3. Have regular cruises on a regular basis.

This is the only practical way you can always stay on a boat trip.

Here are the estimated costs of double occupancy which are cheap:

Basic cruising costs; $ 100 per day x 2 people = $ 6000 per month

This includes holidays, everything you can eat and port costs.

The amount of individual life costs for the elderly is about $ 2000 / $ 4000 per month. This includes food.

So for $ 2,000 a month a couple can live on ships (or ships) forever.

These types of livelihood benefits, if you spend $ 24,000 a year, are:

– The quality of eating food ships is likely to be much better than the one you would go into a standalone, live-type situation.

– You can change cruise lines, use a Caribbean cruise line this month, an Alaskan line next month
and a European line for the next 6 months.

-Yes every night.

– Built new friends every week or so. Most cruises will end in 7 days and new friends will arrive to interact.

-The escort with the Cruise staff to help anyone with a problem.

So, if you're on a boat trip, you only have 2 people for $ 24,000 a year.

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10 tips for the well-being of air travel

The travel season would come up, good to remember that travel, planning everything. A proactive travel plan facilitates frustration and minimizes stress, both of which conflict with the lifestyle of prosperity. Whether it's relaxing or relaxing, or the next customer meeting, you want to achieve the best you can to take full advantage of the experience.

If you know you're going to fly somewhere, think about traveling when you left your home. You want to plan to leave the unexpected roadways in sufficient time beyond your control. You'll feel better sitting around people looking at people than when people are watching you panic at the gate because you're short on time. While there are some obstacles to the destruction of the best designed plans, here are some tips that can help you enjoy the dramatic freelance.

1. Observe the recommended arrival time line that the airline encourages

. Wear loose comfortable clothing and shoes. If you are using employee benefits, ask your employee to make sure your clothing is related to the code of travel of clothing for workers.

3. Check Travel Guidelines from the Road Safety Agency (TSA). Although the guidelines may vary due to hazard levels, liquids, lotions or other toiletries, larger than 3 ounces, should be packed in bags

. If you are using knives, sharp objects or firearms, check to see if they have been removed from the carrying cases. These items must be placed in a sealed bag or left at home.

5. As you are ready to pass through the security checkpoint, stop, watch and watch

Stop to make sure See Around to make sure it is in the right line and being aware of your environment.

Safety Classifiers

6. Stay hydrated. Try to drink about 8 ounces of water for a few hours. Freeze the plastic bottle water before flying and drink any water that is melted before passing through the safety checkpoint. If the water freezes, you can probably take it to the safe side of the airport. You can easily add water if there is room in the bottle from a water pump.

7. Pack two or three pocket sized hand-disinfecting bottles to help keep your hands free of germ trauma

. The decommissioning of decaffeinated drinks, alcohol consumption, salty foods and high sugar foods – will work against those who can not remain hydrated

9. Try to constrict the muscles in the calves while lifting your feet from the floor , And rotate your ankle to keep blood flow. If you can, then a good idea to walk through the corridor. Get your body as much as you can to avoid DVT or blood clots developing during the flight.

10. And last but not least, it smiles. I'm not going to think about smiling, but I know that smiles relieve stress, "feel good" emotions and smiles are contagious. Planning everything and preparing before the trip begins is a pleasant journey and a general feeling of well-being.

Source by Michelle J Stewart

Cider Making Process

Cider for me is the best alcoholic drink, from when I was sipping a shared bottle of white light in the local park The summer months it has always had the same refreshing, relaxing and rejuvenating effect. My appreciation of this drink has lasted year after year, so this article will hope to enlighten you just a bit more on what is cider, how cider is produced, and what is is the best cider. I hope it's useful.

Cider is a renowned drink throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland; It comes in a range of forms from the traditional dry cider to the sweet cider, which allows it to be enjoyed by a whole range of individuals.

Most apples grown are suitable for cider making, though in a region like Kent cider-makers prefer to use a mixture of eating and cider apples or just apple cider if you are in the West Country.

On collection of these apples they are immediately grounded down to what is known as a pomace Or pommage. This process back in the day would be undertaken at cider mills by hand or using either water or horse power.

After this, the all-important fermentation process takes place, this is done at a Temperatures of 4-16 degrees C, which is low for most fermentations but is beneficial to cider at this temperature. Before the fermentation process consumes all the sugar, the cider is moved to a new vat, leaving dead yeast cells and any other undesirable materials at the bottom of the old vat.

Finally the last stage of fermentation creates a small Amount of carbonation, which can be enhanced by adding some extra sugar. After a three month fermentation period, the cider is ready to drink, but it is commonplace to leave it in vats for up to two years.

They are then removed from the vats and bottled. In some large-scale cider production they have ciders produced from different varieties of apple, which in this case the cider may be blended to accord with market taste. When the cider is bottled, some extra sugar is added for sparkle. Cider bottles are normally used but some home brewers use beer bottles, which work well and are inexpensive.

The West-Country is known as a leading cider producing region and one of the best (according to my opinion). The majority of ciders in this part of the United Kingdom are known as Scrumpy which is a local term for small or withered apple.

In Cornwall there is a range of traditional ciders such as the previously mentioned Scrumpy Cider which is a strong one

Recently a new Cider has started becoming popular across the UK. The drink that I speak of is the Cornish Rattler. This cider was originally only available in draft format, but after requests from many customers they have now bottled it. Made to be different in taste and appearance, this cloudy Cornish cyder is 6% ABV and sparkling. It was voted Best Bottled Cider at 2008. If I was to recommend you try any cider it would be the Cornish Rattler, I feel its taste retains the original Cider taste but then adds some delicate sweetness which is not sickly and

So with Rattler now available in your local retailers I would recommend you go and check it out, if you like cider you will not be disappointed.

Source by Lewis G James

Books in Australia – five novels to read before travel

A trip to Australia offering endless variety of variations – spending your time in Sydney, making an exciting trip to the Outback or a number of Australian states in many wineries . Australia is a big country, and unless it is spent for months, you have to make certain choices about how to spend time. To help you, here are some books in Australia – five novels depicting different aspects of Australian life and history.

"The Secret River" Kate Grenville

The story comes from Australia's origins, William Thornbill and his wife Sal from London in the early 1800's New South Wales new Colonial settlement. For a while in Sydney (it's very different from today's Sydney!) They decide to try their fortune in lands where Will watched the eye along Hawkesbury River. The challenges faced by their environment, local natives and settlers remind us of the hardness of the country for those who have chosen to give home. There are wonderful descriptions of the landscape seen by an outsider, and the books give "warts and everything" the impact of the settlement on Australian indigenous peoples.

"The City Like Alice" Neville Shute

While the first part of the novel is in the Malay jungle during World War II, a story follows a story that will take you to Australia. If you want to know what life was like in a small peripheral city (rather a village indeed) in the 1940s and 50s, then this novel is a good idea. The hardness of the landscape and the incredible distances fall, as Mrs. Jean Paget's English woman travels to the heart of Australia to find the man she met while the Japanese were captured in Malay. Language and attitudes, especially for Australian natives, are true to their time and should be considered. But this is a good indication of the realities of rural Australian life, which still has a strong cultural impact on Australians. Tim Winton's "soul"

From the desert to the sea, this novel is one of Australia's most respected writers. This novel is located in the south-western corner of Australia, where the area was more of a logging industry than today's tourists and vineyards. It was set in the 70's, an early story about teenagers Bruce while trying to overcome the boredom of rural life with high-risk activities – such as surfing the dangerous and deadly beach Dark friendship with an older woman. As Bruce starts to grow, both emotionally and sexually, we deal with the most poetic and enjoyable descriptions you'll ever find surfing the "religion". And you will feel like you've discovered the rough and beautiful beach of this part of the country. Peter Temple

Peter Temple is one of Australia's leading criminals, and this novel presents Jack Irish's hero. – a downtown Melbourne lawyer who loves Australian rules, gambling, and part-time. This is winter in Melbourne with full rain, pubs and shady underworld. It has been hard for the Irish for years since one of her dodgy clients murdered her and Danny, another former client, needs her help. But when Danny is killed, the Irish discovers that there are plenty of political elites in the city who want the past to remain undisturbed and determined to reach the truth. The novels of the church can not give "days and sand," but they will be so much Australian Australian vocabulary and urban subculture as much as you can handle. Malcolm Knox "Summerland" ]

And finally Sydney and a novel revealing the city's idle rich life. He was a friend of four young Sydneysiders because they were teenagers and lived along the northern shores of the city, their world on their feet. They form two couples and spend every Christmas in Palm Beach, a favorite resort for the rich. But despite these, their friendships are based on lies as Richard realizes when he finds out the long-term relationship between his wife and his best friend. If you want to gain insight into the privileged lives of some people in Sydney, then this novel will take you there.

These novels are just a taste of Australian books, but it's worth reading by traveling or by plane. By enticing yourself into a novel from the place you are going to do not only give you insight into the place, but absorb your travels and make it more enjoyable when you get there.

Source by Suzi Butcher