Not a fault – Dynamic, Cultural City of Cleveland, Ohio downtown to the outer suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio offers

a lot. The dynamic city of mixed cultures in Lake Erie. Having grown up here, these are some of my favorite places to visit if you & # 39; will be in town. The best time to visit if you want to avoid the very cold weather in late spring or early fall. You will not be disappointed.

Public Square and Tower City
The heart of Cleveland is a beautiful old skyscraper called the Terminal Tower. At the end of 1920s & # 39; s, the lower inner reshaped 80 & # 39; and to a large, fully enclosed mall called City Tower. This is remarkable, to say the least, with the fountains, marble floors and elegant multi-level structure. It & # 39; and where Clevelanders enough to eat, shop, and go to the ball games. Nearby are the stadiums, baseball, basketball and football. This town who loves the sport. In the basement of Tower City, you can catch the subway, called the Rapid Transit or RTA, on the east and west sides. Rapid fast and convenient. Many business people use in everyday work. You can also go to the airport. Tower City is a hub of activity most Clevelanders.

The Flats
If you like to go for a good meal, the apartment is a picturesque place to go. Many restaurants both east and west banks of the Cuyahoga River that runs next to Terminal Tower. This river where huge ore barges and other boats come and go. The water is used heavily in the summer, both business and personal use everyone. The picturesque western bank Shooters, a popular restaurant that I used to go to the spectacular view of the water from there. There are concerts there in the summer famous bands in various genres. The historic Power House nearby is another popular destination. This is a completely renovated old building electric TGIFridays, Howl Moon Saloon, the Improv comedy clubs and more. My friends and I often meet there after work. around

Cleveland Cleveland System
ring a large public park that is well maintained and spectacular natural beauty. There are places to cook, shelter and picnic tables, jogging trails, riding stables and more. This ring extends for many miles throughout the Cleveland suburbs. My favorite is the Chagrin Reservation in the autumn when all the trees change their colors. Fall is spectacular, if you like the nature, the trees & # 39; bright colors really stand out. There are events like horse shows, exhibitions and others during the year. The Cleveland Zoo is a popular place in the near west side.

University Circle
east side is a very cultural area of ​​Cleveland, full of students, because many colleges in this area, the Case Western Reserve University and the Cleveland Institute of Art, to just to name a few. The Cleveland Museum of Art building quite a number of diverse exhibits in the vault of the Egyptian mummies and tombs. The Cleveland Museum of Natural History is a favorite dinosaur skeletons showing in detail the history of the area, the beauty of nature and how it works in the world through exhibitions, lectures and a planetarium. The Cleveland Botanical Garden neighborhood, and binding of plant lovers, there is a rainforest. The elegant Crawford Auto Museum and the site of many weddings conduct. Here you can see cars of all ages in perfect condition. Great old car enthusiasts.

Little Italy
This ethnic part of University Circle is a wonderful place to go to a cafe, or festival. These annual traditional festivals like the Virgin Mary, where the streets are closed, and people can get stuck there like sardines. Little Italy is full of galleries. There is an old converted school building is full of shops and galleries, as well as the surrounding stores are also artistic. This is an artist & # 39; s paradise. There are art walks and shows frequently. Stop at Presti & # 39; s Bakery most amazing cakes ever. If you are there at the crack of dawn, Presti & # 39; and a small donut shop a few doors away in the baking industry, but closes early. If you & # 39; lucky to catch it while & # 39; s open, the donuts are hot and fresh. It has been tradition for area residents for many years.

Chagrin Falls
An outer suburbs of Cleveland, it is my hometown. Seven waterfalls through its territory, this charming New England town flavor homely atmosphere occaionally joins filmmakers, and the site has a couple of movies. Chagrin Falls Memorial Day here, if you have a parade and festival (Blossom Time) in the city park. This is the best Americana. Stop at the Popcorn Shop across the street from the city park, where you can get ice cream, popcorn and other snacks. This is a very old, historic building full of history, built directly on top of a waterfall. There is a public benefit staircase to go and see the falls from below. If you go to Chagrin in the summer, this is a must. The heart of the city, there is also an old gazebo that used to be when old bands play music. It's a quaint old town did not want to miss.

The West Side Market
If you like to buy fruit, meat and other food sellers directly themselves, the West Side Market is the place to go and parley with them. There are long-established family-fresh chicken vendors, old-world cakes, meats, chocolate and every fruit and vegetable imaginable. They are Polish, Italian, Irish, Slavic, Mexican, German and other foods as well. It & # 39; s melting pot full of fresh food loyal followers who come from all over the store.

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Science Center neighborhood
If you like rock and roll, visit the museum or be square! It is a vibrant, modern building built in Lake Erie, exhibitions, presentations and memorabilia galore. Next door is a science center, a private IMAX cinema. These wonderful family sites, so make sure that children and walk in both places. Often when you & # 39; ve been there with boat visible from the outside, so look at the water, you & # 39; there. The lake is a center of activity all by itself.

If the opportunity to visit Cleveland, remember that a camera. It is a diverse place, lots to explore. Go to art shows, lectures, museums, and visit the many fine restaurants. This city is growing and growing every day. Go to a game or two, ride the train. The St. Patrick & # 39; s Day, there is a huge parade should participate, regardless of whether they & # 39; Irish. If you are really adventurous, drive out to Cedar Point or Amish country (about an hour from the city center Cleveland). If you need maps, while there, stop at the Chamber of Commerce or local branch of the Auto Club. Whatever you do, go to Tower City, downtown Cleveland is also worth a visit. If you go, then what is all the fuss, this great city has it all. Cleveland really rock.

Source by Carolyn McFann

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