Eight Reasons Why You Can Call a Nurse Investigator

Like a Good Mystery? I like to see an investigator putting together the solution to the crime? You will not notice it, but the nurse is like a detective. I've compared what you might need to be a detective that you need as a nurse and you found the eight ways that the two careers are similar:

1. Both of you must know.

Investigators know their territory. They figure out how to go around, what kind of soil they find, where and when they fell. They can watch people's shoes or tires and know where they are.

The nurses area is the patient. They need to know: Why are you here? What signs and symptoms do I need to keep in order to prevent the complications of the disease? What are the goals for him and me to meet to make it better?

2. Both should keep the details in mind.

The detectives carefully observe their environment, even if they think they do not pay much attention because they never know what their ultimate solution can be. The nurses even look at the patient in the smallest thing because they know that each and every information can make a difference in caring for or restoring the patient.

3. Both have to learn to read people's faces.

Detectives and nurses observe body language and detect whether it looks natural and agree with the words. Criminals may be lying to avoid interference. Patients can hide the truth because of confusion, lack of understanding, or cultural beliefs. The patient can say he has no pain but has a facial expression.

4. Both are looking for information well.

Investigators and nurses need to know what they do not know and know where to find it. Investigators go to the public record. Nurses go to the patient's chart

5. Both are cleverly asking questions. Investigators and nurses go into the heart of the matter without being guarded or unnecessarily uncomfortable.

Both Documents Well

Investigators take note of what they find. Nurses know if they have not documented what they did, about the world, they did not do it.

7. Both become techno-knowledge

Detectives and nurses know how to use the computer and find information through the Internet. Both Investigate Their Teams

Investigators and nurses have trusted teams who support and assist the work. Colleagues are important for dealing with crime and providing patients with a high standard of care. No profession can do it alone!

Both nurses and investigators need to have good observation and critical skills in collecting evidence, sorting out the facts, and examining details. Investigators resolve crimes to remove criminals from the street. Nurses solve problems in preventing the disease and recovering people's illness. So if you are LPN or RN, you can start off with a nurse detective.

Source by Nancy Banfield Johnson

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