Sydney Itinerary for family holidays

Who says you can only get the adult entertainment Sydney? This vibrant and elegant city of New South Wales has a lot of activities and attractions to offer the kiddos. In fact, some of them there is no price at all, something is very friendly to the budget-conscious parents.

Consider the following locations:

Circular Quay

Circular Quay played a crucial role in the life and economy of Sydney. This is an important maritime hub. Today it is my favorite ferry terminal and vessels to help charter. The boats will take you across the majestic Sydney Harbor and the Harbor Bridge. They also go as far as Mosman and Watsons Bay.

while waiting for the ferry, you can take a stroll through the nearby Botanical Gardens or the Royal Opera House. Check out what kiddie trails await you in the cafes and restaurants in an outdoor area.

learning about the history and heritage of the Australian Museum and Hyde Park Barracks Museum in

should not be very boring. The Australian Museum and many interactive displays for kids. Located in College Street, the museum offers a dinosaur exhibit, the Science Room, where children can do their own scientific investigations, and the famous island children complete wrecked ship and a copy of a hot air balloon.

Another great museum to visit in Macquarie Street. This used to be a barracks, which housed male convicts in New South Wales. The kids will surely get to know more about the life and early penal system in the country. They also see themselves as the memorabilia left behind.

Government House and Royal Botanic Garden

Hyde Park museum straight into the Government House, where free guided tours are conducted on a daily basis. The children have an idea that the royalties live their lives noble hundred years ago, the nineteenth-century furnishings and a private tour of the quarter. Surrounding Government House in the Royal Botanic Gardens, you can visit again free of charge. There are free guided walks or with the whole family only to discover the amazing collection of plants in the sprawling well-manicured lawns. What's more, there are actually a good picnic areas.

Luna Park

Classic games and rides are not dead, if you go to Luna Park. This theme park has time and tested children & # 39; and rides like a carousel. They also can interact with the clowns house. Luna Park around the stunning Sydney Harbor.

Bondi and Manly Beaches

competes with Sydney Gold Coast where the beautiful beaches. Two of the most popular Bondi and Manly, and are open to the public. The children spend a lot of time snorkeling, building sandcastles, or meeting new friends. They can also register the livesavers & # 39; surf clubs in the area. Parents, on the other hand, drop some of the market stalls set day of the week. The families, who are less adventurous can enjoy the waters sziklamedencéitől.

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