Experience the natural elements of Sunshine Coast

This area offers a wealth of exceptional tourist attractions in Australia that can fill your visit every minute of the day, not allowing you to truly see or experience all the beautiful natural surroundings that are here are. Go ahead and do all your activities, but save time to visit and experience the wonderful sights and adventures.

It's a great adventure to continue exploring the whole nature and ecosystem, an Eco Tour on a Maroochy Cruise. The unbelievable scenic natural habitat of Sunshine Coast is well-known and the tours are very good, so much so that they were at the center of many television shows.

The Maroochy River and its courts can be seen on these incredible tours led by experienced ecological experts in the field. These tours are open to the general public in the better part of the two decades.

The tour uses the MV Blue Laguna boat, an amazingly quiet boat, so you can sail on Maroochy and make it closer to the creatures to look at them in the natural environment. Other tours have louder boats because they can not see all the creatures that you can see on the quiet boat in time.

If you want to choose Maroochy Cruise Eco Tour, then most days during the week are best available for booking. To get to the Cod Hole Jetty in Maroochydore, and there are a lot of parking places there. Sunshine Coast offers a host of experiences, incredible beaches and windsurfing, as well as all the natural things here. This walk along the Maroochy River is an excellent way to experience and appreciate the natural nature of the area and the relaxation.

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