A wonderful Japanese journey with my family

After a very tough job for six months, I break into Japan's premier city – Tokyo. Since I was a kid, I really wanted to go and visit the exciting themes of the different worlds. I've been to Disneyland many times, but in the United States, this time I want to see Disneyland Tokyo fairs in America. Some of my friends who were there have already been told that there are not many differences between them. However, I am not happy with their stories; I personally want to see it in front of me.

As this Tokyo Disneyland is one of Japan's most important attractions, I'll take the whole family with me to see the kids see the difference. My wife is excited about the way, and she's already doing things. Kids are also excited about our vacations, as this will be the first time in an Asian country. Hopefully, after traveling to Tokyo, we are still going to Hong Kong to Disneyland and other tourist venues in Asia. Now, however, Tokyo Disneyland is our main goal to entertain and enjoy.

After my family and I visited the beautiful Disneyland in Tokyo, I suggested we visit Mt. Fuji. We were a bit disappointed as it was not one of Japan's popular tourist venues, as I thought. Then we decided to visit Kinkaku-ji, the Golden Pavilion temple in Kyoto. Japan's most visited tourist attractions. Some of my friends were shocked when I told them that Mt. Fuji was not Japan's most famous attraction, but the Kinkaku-ji. This church was originally built in 1933 and served as the home of the retired Shogun Yoshimitsu Ashikaga. The retired leader died when he became a Buddhist temple. The temple is famous for its pillows above the lake, designed to highlight its place between heaven and earth. They also said that this Buddhist temple was reconstructed in 1955 after a young Zen fired in Buddhist fire. According to reports, one despised the beautiful things like the church, so he tried to destroy it. After the reconstruction, the church was beautiful and spectacular. Very impressive, fully covered, golden leaf on the top of the Phoenix. Therefore, the Temple of the Golden Pavilion is another attraction in Japan, apart from the Mt. Fuji. So if I were you, I'm starting to save money a chance to see this remarkable Japanese creation.

Source by George Lee

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