How do we write content that makes Google Hummingbird friendly?

In September 2013, Google introduced a new "Hummingbird" algorithm that focuses on each word of the query rather than the words. If someone is looking for something with a sentence, Google takes every word and finds the most appropriate results. Initially, Google focused on words rather than sentences, but with Google Hummingbird change, focus shifted to the entire query.

Google Hummingbird provides an ideal situation for content writers, since you do not have to include keywords that are not relevant to your content. Instead of short-term keywords, long-term keywords can be used, which are a complete question. Here are some important tips to write on the Google Hummingbird algorithm: 19459003 19459004 19459008 19459002 19459009 19459000 focus on writing content with longer shelf life. This is the content of evergreen content and is able to attract a wider audience. The beauty of evergreen content is that people are often looking for and ranking on Google. So, thanks to Google's popular content, it regularly crawls the content and offers better opportunities to stay in the highest search results.

  1. Focus on tutor content or be able to read something new. By answering questions, answering questions such as "How …" are more popular among readers. Get their attention straight away because they know this will help them something relatively new and important to learn. You should focus on writing "How to" content that is related to your industry or business? For example, if you are in a real estate transaction, you can talk about "How to make real estate?" Egypt "How can I buy my first home?" etc
  1. Google Hummingbird gives you the ability to publish relevant content on your site. The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page allows you to upload a lot of content that is instructive and can answer questions that are relevant to your target audience. You can easily use long-lasting keywords in the FAQ section, and even more Hummingbird friendly.
  1. Speaking of materials that were sometimes viral, it's also the humorous content of Google Hummingbird. Although Google does not currently affect social / viral content, it will soon focus on the future, which will definitely affect the Google Ranking of Content.
  1. Google recently highlighted the importance of deep articles. According to Google, detailed articles dealing with detailed themes will be more valuable than excellent articles.

If you want your search engine optimization strategies to work, you should keep up with the changes introduced by Google. Focus on tracking tips in this article and seeing positive results, but be sure to use high quality and original content.

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