15 Interesting facts about ATVs

1. Off-road vehicles were available for the first time in the early 1960s

2. Some of the first ATVs were 6 wheelchairs, As opposed to today's more popular four-wheeled tractors.

3. Originally, brake lights were not needed for ATVs; They only needed 1998.

4. At slow speed, the ATV's rear wheel moves in the opposite direction to the front wheels. Thus it facilitates parking and maneuvering

5. In Minnesota, the use of ATVs operating deep-water intersection snorkels is prohibited.

6. The first modern four-wheeled ATV was released in 1983 at Suzuki.

7. The ATVS ignition switch is determined by industry standards on the left side of the steering wheel but on the right for motorcycles.

8. In 1986, Honda released the FourTrax TRX350 4×4, which opened the era of popular four-wheel drive ATVs.

9. At the beginning of the 90's, people began to realize that ATVs produced good workpieces and appeared on both farms and orchards

. Honda Rubicon was the first production ATV with built-in GPS

11. In Israel, ATVs are called "Polaris". "As people in the United States all types of lip balm are called" Chapstick "and all kinds of cotton swapping are called" Q-Tips ".

12. Honda started the first three-wheel ATV in 1970, Which are famous for the James Bond film, "Diamonds Are Forever." The ATVs have little to do with engine damage, but this is what the Natural Resources Department has limited to reduce damage.

The two largest ATV battery manufacturers, Yuasa and Deka, are located just 20 miles from Pennsylvania's main station. Almost all of their ATVs sold in the USA are sold in Taiwan or China, Brand name.

Source by Tom Tomlinson

What can be the invasion of the North Korean invasion?

The world is waiting for a solution to the nuclear missile caused by North Korean President Kim Jong-un. His main opponent is Donald Trump, the newly elected US president. Since its rise in North Korea, since its rise in North Korea, it has called on Americans to build a continental-ballistic missile capable of reaching America. It seems to have achieved this goal. The question is, what will Trump do about it? Over the last few days, the crisis has increased because of the American objection and the provocation caused by its enemy because it tried to take its steps.

The next question is what will be inside the other nations as well? The latest test shows that Kim is able to get into Australia and the surrounding circles. Among the most famous are Japan, South Korea, the Philippines, and even India. Globally, there is anxiety that will never disappear until something is happening. For about 67 years there has been a risk of retaliation against northern dictatorships and allies. On June 25, 1950, 75,000 armies broke out in the 38th parade, and within a week Seoul could withstand. The cause of the invasion was obviously at the end of the Second World War when the Allies followed the 35-year Japanese occupation following the control of the Peninsula. This was the common partner of the Soviet Union and US administration.

The Communist system of the Soviet Union has promoted the rise of the Kim il-Sun to lead a Communist government. The US supported Syngman Rhee and a temporary government in the south. The result was catastrophic, as the two opposites and the hostile army were opposed to the 38th parallel. This would have led to the war and the recruitment of 21 nations who rose to South Korea's defense. They provided military equipment, army and all the necessary side lines to protect South Korea. By November, the Chinese entered the North Korean side of the war. West is waiting today. Both China and North Korea are dominated by communist leadership philosophies. It's hard to imagine that one is on the other side. On the other hand, Putin, who inherited the much-reduced Soviet Union, openly supports the dictators who protested the US and the West.

Given Russia's support to North Korea in the past and the relationship between leaders, Putin and Xi Jinping, it must be assured that the old war is about to begin. The Chinese president has made frequent trips to Russia and vice versa in recent months. The last is only a few days.

Something's cooking and something big. That's what somebody thinks, but Russia is spreading its power to the Pacific. One of his warships was noticed on the Australian coast a few weeks ago, though in international waters. China has in recent years made a huge penetration into Australia and has even signed a lease agreement with the port of Darwin. People bought land and homes here and their investment is a cause for concern for many Australians who pose a threat to our security. We are not safe and it does not matter whether the US attacks the North Korean region, or there is nothing to keep the world from breathing to find out what it is.

This type of invasion is ugly, devastating, and leads directly to the great war between the strongest nations. The question is whether we are prepared for it because we can not be victorious and nothing good can be achieved?

Source by Norma Holt

Cyber ​​Crimes and Solutions

We are currently living in the Cyber ​​Age where the Internet and computers have a significant impact on our lifestyle, social life and business.

The use of information technology has raised great security challenges and ethical issues in front of us. Like all positive and negative factors, the use of information technology is beneficial and uncertain.

With the rise of the Internet, network security is a major concern. Cybercrime has been rapidly occurring in recent years and has significant implications. Computer criminals do their best to steal money, hack into others' computers, confiscate intellectual property, spread viruses and worms for cyber-related computers and fraud.

Stopping cybercrime today is a big problem.

Computer criminals exploit the vulnerability of computer softwares and networks to their advantage.


Hacking or crack is a major cybercrime today. The hacker exploits weaknesses and loopholes in operating systems by destroying data and stealing important information from the victim's computer. Cracks are usually done using the backdoor program installed on the machine. Many crackers are also trying to access resources by using password crack software. Hackers can check what they are doing on your computer and import files on your computer. The hacker can install many programs on your system without knowing it. Such programs can be used to steal personal information such as passwords and credit card information. You can also break important company information to get secret information about your company's future plans.

Cyber-Theft: Using Computer and Communication Systems Steal information in electronic form. Hackers break into banking systems and transfer their own bank accounts. This is the most important problem because you can steal more money and transfer it illegally.

On the Internet, many newsletters are provided to investors with free advice on where to invest. Sometimes these recommendations are completely false and cause losses to investors. Credit card fraud is also very common. Most companies and banks do not realize that they are victims of cyber-theft because they are afraid of losing customers and sharing their owners. Cyber-theft is the most widespread and most common of all computer criminals. Cyber-theft is a popular cyber-crime, as it can quickly try the experienced cyber-criminal big cash. Furthermore, there is little chance that law enforcement will capture a professional computer criminal.

Viruses and Worms:

Viruses and worms are a major threat to normal users and businesses. Viruses are computer programs that damage computers. We call it a virus because it spreads from one computer to another as a biological virus. You must attach a virus to another program or documents through which you enter the computer. The worm typically uses loops to soft goods or the operating system. Trojan horse is checkered. It seems to be doing something but something else. The system can accept one thing. When executed, a virus, worm or logic bomb can be released. A logical bomb is an attack triggered by an event, such as a computer clock at a certain time. Chernobyl and Melissa viruses are the latest examples. Experts estimate that the Mydoom worm infected about a quarter of a million computers in one day in January 2004. In March 1999, the Melissa virus was so strong that it forced Microsoft and many other big companies to completely disable their email systems until the virus was removed.


An important question arises as to how to prevent these offenses. Numerous techniques and solutions have been introduced, but problems still persist and grow day by day.

Antivirus and antispyware software:

Antivirus software consists of computer programs that prevent and eliminate computer viruses and other malicious software. Anti-Spy Supporters are used to limit the backdoor program to be installed on your computer, Trojan and other spy devices


Firewall protects your computer network from unauthorized access. Network firewalls can be hardware devices, software programs, or a combination of these. A network firewall usually protects an internal computer network against malicious access outside the network.


Encryption is the encryption and decryption of information. Encryption is like sending a mail to another party that has an envelope code that is only known to the sender and recipient. Several cryptographic methods have been developed, and some of them have not cracked yet.

Cyber-ethics and Laws: Cyber-ethics and internet law are also being set up to stop cybercrime. It is everyone's responsibility to follow computer ethics and computer law that increasing computer crime will decrease. Security software, such as anti-virus and anti-spyware, must be installed on every computer to keep safe from cybercrime. ISPs should provide a high level of security on servers in order to secure customers from all types of viruses and malware.

Shaikh Mohsin Ayaz

Department of Computer Science of Karachi University

Source by Mohsin Ayaz

Treat yourself to the luxuries of luxury trips

Luxury cruises are growing and seemingly can not be stopped. Over the past ten years, 23% more growth was done on cruise vacations than their land counterparts. This increase is supported by the fact that 80% of the participants in the cruise announced that they would go again. And are the ever-widening gems available to luxury travelers who can blame them?

Personalized Cooking Service

Craving for food. Would you like to try Capri's famous Capri's ravioli while floating in the crystal-clear waters of the island? The multipurpose crew of the ship will come to life for you.

Butler Service Falling in a Cruel Home

Most luxury cruises are a staff who will be responsible for everything you need while traveling from postcards For the design of cocktail parties in the room. They also carry your luggage directly to your room and straight into your car when you leave.

Hypoallergenic Living

Free, no work-on-the-feel. The luxurious lining allows you to book your entire hypoallergenic room, which means you can enjoy the luxury experience as much as possible.

Poolside Luxury

Luxury cruise, you can not just relax in the pool – it can be a full spa service. Whether you want a manicure or a full body massage, the boat is a selection of masseurs and cosmetics. Many of the cruise trains also offer infinite gaming opportunities while booking a cruise can choose this and make pre-booking at the casino or buy a membership That it will take until the voyage.

Happy Hour Every Hour

Most of the luxurious cruises include unlimited drinks as part of the cabin price, so you can just relax and enjoy the glass of champagne in the sunset. Finally, on vacation.

The key to meeting the pleasures of traveling is the most appropriate one. Make sure you look around before making a reservation. This is your little fascination and you have to make sure you have a vacation that's right for you. Regardless of whether you are looking for a river cruise, sailing around the Mediterranean or even organizing a world tour, conduct research and make sure the cruise takes you to wherever you want to go. But do not wait too long – in a number of tours during the special offer, this may be the moment in the book.

Source by Hammad H Sheikh

The Limousine Driver's Dress Code

The Shoe Care Code is a rule pack that governs what clothes a limo driver can wear. These rules are determined by the limousine company that applies the operator. They can set up precious colors for clothes, uniforms or special clothes for the driver. But the motorcycle code has some general rules to keep in mind if your employee does not say otherwise.

Let's look at the driver's dress code and what items should be worn on a male driver

] Neck: For corporate running and night ties optional. However, it becomes mandatory for weddings, reclassifications and other formal occasions. Binding is acceptable but unusual. The top button of the T-shirt collar should be done.

If weather is required, the clothing can be worn. Do not place a jacket on a single shirt. Wear a suit or a dark coat.

Suit Jacket: For most limo operators, plain black attire is the most preferred choice, but all high-quality dark suits are also appropriate. The color of the limousine company is preferable to the suit.

T-shirt: The need for a collar shirt. It must be clean and well-pressed. White is the universally preferred color for weddings and recessions and other special occasions. For a night's rest the driver can dress in black elegant shirts. All high quality white / black shirts look good and elegant. Avoid buttons on the collar

Pants: Suit Pants, which must match the jacket. Of course, black takes precedence unless otherwise stated.

Socks: Black or the same color as your suit. If not, at least the same darkness as the suit. There is no logo, printing of the images must be visible.

Footwear: Suit Skin Pump. It is preferably black, upwards. Note: People sometimes judge their shoes. It's a good idea to put in good leather shoes and clean them daily.

Rings: A wedding or engagement ring is always allowed. Other rings must be removed.

Strap: Leather belt that matches your dress. There are no big buckles with logos or symbols.

The purpose of the chassis suit is to represent the company and its customers have a good hand. This dress code will be professional and reliable from the moment you leave the limousine. But the car needs much more than to follow the dress codes to impress customers. On the other hand, a good first impression always helps.

Source by Wiliam G. Johnson

Best Hospitals in Yangon, Myanmar

Myanmar is a country in Southeast Asia and formerly known as Burma. Yangon is no longer the capital of Myanmar; But it is still the largest city in the country, as shown by more than four million people. The city is also remarkable that it has the largest number of colonial buildings in South East Asia. In addition, Yangon has many Pagoda festivals, museums, art galleries and parks, and is the main tourist center of Myanmar. The health sector in Yangon is developing and only a few hospitals provide medical services internationally. This is a comment from Yangon's better hospitals.

The Royal General Hospital of Asia is one of the hospital hospitals in Myanmar, offering medical services internationally. The hospital is at 14th Baho Street, Sanchaung Twp. This 11 historical multidisciplinary hospital was created in 2000. The most famous section of the hospital is the cardiology department. The surgery department is also very modern and provides services in all departments, including reconstructive surgery, pediatric surgery and laparoscopic / endoscopic surgeries. The hospital's emergency service provides 24-hour service and has its own specialized resident physicians and nurses. Ambulance service and airport transfer are available 24 hours a day. The hospital also has a modern Intensive Care Service. The hospital's computer laboratories perform all kinds of tests and have Australia's third-party quality assurance programs. The radiological section is equipped with the latest devices such as Siemens 550mA (Germany), Shimadzu Japan, Polymobil 250mA (Siemens) and mobile X-ray generator SAXO 60mA (Apelem, France). Phone: 95-1 538055.

Inya Lake Hotel is an international SOS clinic located on the 37th Kaba Aye Pagoda. is another Yangon health institution offering modern medical services. International SOS is one of the world's most well-known medical and medical assistance companies, and this hospital is the first SOS International Clinic in Myanmar, and has been providing excellent service since 1995. The hospital provides modern medical services in key medical sectors and operates a number of remote on-site healthcare programs. The services of outstanding doctors and experienced nurses are available in the outpatient clinic. Consultations on family practices are also available in English, Japanese and French. The center is equipped with laboratories and diagnostic services, and is available with all medications in the pharmacy. The day-to-day Emergency Department is a spacious department equipped with the latest observation and resuscitation equipment. Ambulance service is also available. Phone: 95 1 667 879. Yangon General Hospital is located in Lanmadaw 11131, Yangon is the Myanmar flagship hospital in the public sector. This hospital size is justified by eight classes, 1500 beds and more than twenty departments. YGH provides cost-effective clinical and surgical services in more than 24 specialties. The hospital has radiotherapy, CT scanning, EEG, nuclear cure and EEG. YGH is provided with a modern crisis service unit, emergency department and specialized diabetes, dentist, burning care, epilepsy, pain management and skin care. Phone: 256 112.

Source by Jeffery Gulleson

Luxury River Sailing in Europe

Luxury European river navigation combines elegance with the many small towns along the river. Amadeus Waterways – Paris to Istanbul

With Amadeus Waterways, the European holiday begins in Paris, days exploring the city, exploring the city of Paris and discovering the true culture of the country

The city's sights. Walk through the Champs Elysées, on the boulevard boulevard, or visit the Eiffel Tower. Passengers testify about history as the ship slips through the Rhine and the Main River.

Then there is Nessebar, one of Europe's oldest cities, before joining the Romanian cruise. The ship moves along the Romanian / Bulgarian border before continuing Serbia. By the end of the journey, guests can enjoy a day trip to one of Europe's most impressive natural wonders, the gate of the gate. The vacation ends in historic Istanbul.

The trip includes 14 nights of luxury accommodation in an outdoor cabin.

Viking River Cruises – 2009 Treasures of the Rhine

This 15 day excursion visits five countries on the legendary Rhine River. The journey begins in the Basel region of Switzerland and continues through the Black Forest in Germany and Strasbourg in France.

On the Rhine, the ship stops at the renowned Rudesheim wine town and the beautiful Cologne. The highlight of the trip is the guided tour of the city of Strasbourg. See Place d'Austerlitz and the European Parliament, and enjoy the city's famous cathedral.

On the fifth day, guests go to Heidelberg for motorcyclists. The tour includes the Heidelberg Castle, the ruins of the red sandstone, overlooking the Neckar River.

Then go to Holland to discover Amsterdam's scenic canals. In Amsterdam, travelers will have the opportunity to enjoy seashell canal near the commercial houses and the famous Skinny Bridge.

In Belgium, travelers can explore the medieval towns of Bruges and Antwerp

Evergreen Tours – Russian Jewelery Jewelery

How does Imperial Jewelery sound like Russia River Cruise? Guests can enjoy 12 night cruises on Russian Surkov, the most prestigious river cruises in Russia. Discover the World's Most Interesting, Yet Relatively Uncovered Destinations

Discovering Russian History, Impressive Red Square, and the Kremlin and the Ancient Cities Encounter along the Volga River

Moving to their luxury cruise ship. The journey begins with the discovery of an impressive city, including the stunning Peter and Paul Fortress. The cathedral inside the fort contains the tombs of the last Romanov family.

The tour continues to the Nevsky Prospect, where guests can visit Kazan Cathedral, the Winter Palace, and St. Isaac's Cathedral.

The highlight of the trip is the UNESCO World Heritage Site – Kizhi Island. One of Russia's most ancient venues, the island is an open-air museum of architecture that embraces major buildings.

Blue Water Holidays is an excursion to the historic Andalusian region, in the region of Andalusia, in the region of Andalusia.

Sherry, flamenco, mountains and Costa del Sol. This eight-day cruise will sail between Seville and Cadiz along the Guadalquivir River and the Spanish coast.

This fabulous trip offers excursions to historic sites and cities. Some optional excursions are available to cities such as Jerez, Sherry and Flamenco, Seville City and Gibraltar Rock.

Passengers spend 7 nights on cruises in an outside cab All meals, all-inclusive, red and white wines of unrivaled quality in Europe's great wine regions with every dinner, cocktail and captain gala dinner.

Luftner Cruises – Music on the Danube

The world's largest classical music comes from a small European town in Central Europe. Why not take a river cruise along the Danube to explore the genre's musical origins?

Luftner Cruises travelers can enjoy the Danube River's musical tour. The cruise boasts many musical extravagance at the Beethoven House in Bonn, a tour of Strasbourg, which includes a concert at the St. Thomas Church.

The London Singers Festival Opera, the trip takes two full days in Budapest and a visit to Bratislava's capital of Slovakia. While in the Wachau Valley, Vienna and Budapest, the route includes many excursions.

River cruise like this is the same as a floating hotel that is passing through the heart of Europe.

Source by Karen Cooke

Writing Travel Articles for Article Marketing

A lot of travel website owners who article article marketing articles, many of them think they do not give the best results for successful results. In this article, I explain why I think of some of my comments that some travel writers will give up on it and I think they can improve their results. The Nitty Gritty

First of all, articles are marketers article articles on article directories as part of web site promotions – thats and many things I say here apply to every niche. Ideally article marketers are working towards:

  • Long-term links point to their site
  • The viral effects of articles are re-published at official sites and ezines
  • Click on links
  • They create themselves as authorities in their cabin
  • Authenticity to Readers' Eye

The first 3 is about getting more and more traffic to your sites, the latter 3 enjoying the benefits of traffic. Article marketers will not benefit from their work if they produce:

  • Poorly written articles
  • Lack of First Hand Missing Knowledge
  • Misleading and disappointing readers ruin their credibility

It's all common sense, but not every writer gets it. In order to better explain, I will use some possible scenarios.

Jess and Mick bought cheap flights online on the Canary Islands. Since they are in need of accommodation, it is only natural to find the type of accommodation you want. "Canary Island holiday property rentals" uses their first search result and are happy to see the article "Canary Island Holiday Property Rentals" at the top of the search results.

It is a disappointment to them when they find that Article A is generally about the Canary Islands and has nothing to do with hiring a vacation property, except the link in the resource box. The author has lost credibility because their title is misleading and the only link they are likely to click on are Google ads that are commonly found on the title pages of the article, or it is more likely that Jess and Mick will drag and resume searching.

Finally find the information they really want and accommodations that they now want information about renting a car. The search for Canary Islands car rental, the top link is an article in "Canary Islands Car Hire". Imagine that Jess and Mick were more annoyed that they would find a general article about the Canary Islands and the only one about car rentals is a link to the author's bi-farewell credibility, article, and click-through.

Search Search

Mathew builds a website from the Caribbean. You have some of your own material, but you decide to visit an article book and find some content to build your site faster. You will find a very good article on Jamaica visit and would like to use it, but the problem with the title "Cheap Flights to the Caribbean". Yes, you've guessed it, the only reference to cheap flights from the author is bio. Mathew decides not to use the article on his website because he has an ethics and does not want to deceive visitors.

Then presents a "Fabulous Jamaica Resort Review" article. Mathew expects a real review from the real visitor, but he does not get it. Instead, it is a brochure like an article that exalts the virtues of a hotel or an all-inclusive resort that only relate to author's biologies – and an article that does not show any sign that the author could ever walk in the beautiful Jamaica island. There is also a sentence that offers more information on the website on this website and this site only belongs to the author – goodbye to its credibility.

Checking Reality

These scripts authors thought they were smart and used the best keywords and phrases in the titles they promote in author biology. It's OK if the content of the article is the same as titles and keywords – shooting yourself in foot marketing, if not.

If you promise to review a resort, you should give it something and not something that can be found in any travel brochure or travel site. The review should start from the author's opinion, which is from experience and nothing less. The article's web site recommendation does not only violate the article, it also contains a credential hit.

If your misleading article is accepted in the article directories, you want to take advantage of the viral impact of your article. Other websites and ezines? Would you like to mislead or pay for your ad on your site or ezine? I know not. I really enjoy reading good travel articles and reviews, but I often find them for the disappointing reasons I've outlined.

Any good and ethical sales person, and internet marketers know, build trust with their prospects. You want the articles to work for you, so start thinking about a reader or publisher's point of view and you will not go far.

The travel niche is huge and today many people are searching for the Internet for information before sacrificing their blessing. Most travelers know nothing about internet marketing, article marketing, or keywords. All they know is what they see – they deceive them. Click on a link and buy from an author or seller who will mislead you?

Source by Patricia A. Jones

Why Should You Attend an Attorney in an Accident

Car accidents with long-term injuries, damage, or fatalities need a civil lawyer to provide the best possible opportunity. This is because a profitable lawyer represented customers who were in the same state of yours. They have the necessary experience and skill to make it easier to block the situation. Irrespective of whether you are wrong or not, you know whether such a lawyer is needed and what role it can play in an accident.

A lawyer is wrong to know the law

There are a number of procedural and relevant laws that affect every case when an accident occurs. Some rules are unknown to most people. However, if you appoint a lawyer to make a case, it means you have assigned responsibility to a more knowledgeable person who has the right knowledge for you. Attorneys tell you the deadlines to comply with them and to go to the important stage before the lawsuit. In addition, the lawyer will tell you specific exceptions; Such a minority, and how these exceptions affect your case. Perhaps the most important role, lawyers are competing against the experiences and resources of large insurance companies, which will be a big problem for you.

Attorney Will Work

Instead of bombarding yourself with boring work, it's simpler and more convenient to hand over the job lawyer. This can be the first time to handle accidental claims, and the lawyer has a wealth of knowledge and resources. They can easily receive police reports, medical records, invoices, testimonies, and so on. In addition, unlike the obligatory indictment required by the insurance company, the lawyer will be able to organize the necessary evidence in the course of the case. Your lawyer advocates you

The lawyer 's most important role,. A lawyer can act on the matter not only on the claim but also on the courts if the litigation procedure becomes mandatory. This will allow you to continue your daily activities as the suit continues. He will be the champion before the judge to make sure that he is listening to his story and be sure he is fully compensated for the loss.

Source by Sila Rodney

Journey to Cebu

Roosevelt Mountain Resort

Cebu city, which is named after the great beaches of the city. Cebu City, the name of the South Queensland, is looking for many travelers, tourists and investors.

Cebu City attracted the Japanese to the rich dive spots of Cebu; Koreans at Affordable ESL Programs in Cebu City; Chinese are easy access to Cebu City for commerce and industry. These are the top 3 nationals alongside Cebu, Taiwanese, Americans, and Indians.

Cebu City has to offer a lot of great beaches, great food, "Cebuanos" most affordable. You can do many activities like parasailing, snorkeling, scuba diving, island hopes or … if you are not sporty type, one can still enjoy Cebu's relaxation on the beach, a food fan, there are a lot of restaurants available to Western, Japan , Or local foods that are very beneficial.

One that grew to be a fan of mountain resorts in Cebu. Many mountain resorts cheer. It's an adventure to try them. Various resorts offer various recreational facilities, pools, great views of Cebu, spring waters and the like.

In Cebu try the delicacies, dried mangoes, Dangit dried fish, Otapot, Lechon and Chicharon. Visit Colon to the oldest street in the Philippines, the Taoist temple, the Santo Nino Temple, the Magellan Cross, the Tops, Fort San Pedro, and remember to include the list in the beaches! Many can choose from Mactan Island, minutes from Cebu City

Source by Paseojen Chan