Neuschwanstein Castle – Holiday Destination at the Bucket List

If you have not seen the Neuschwanstein Castle then you must go to the bucket list for everyone – far more than a castle , full of mysteries, secrets, and miracles. Its beautiful architecture with its multiple, slim white towers reminds us of a fabulous castle and its magic inspired poets, artists and great names such as Walt Disney to develop their own version of this unique romantic castle. No wonder it was named UNESCO World Cultural Heritage.

The diving scene of the famous Neuschwanstein Castle is like an unresolved murder mystery that encourages many to elevate their speculations about the mysterious death of the founder in the lake in 1886. The founder is no less than II. King Ludwig in Bavaria. II. King Ludwig, a fairy tale king, was a dreamer who loved art and music more than everyday politics. His fantasy was laid in the Neuschwanstein Castle, and he was a romantic refuge and welcomed Richard Wagner's wonderful composer. He always wanted a real knight castle, and Neuschwanstein sought to make such a castle an expression of his own. King Ludwig never wanted to show Neuschwanstein to the public. Yet only a few weeks after the undetected death of the visitors, the fully prepared castle was not open. More than 1.3 million people visited last year, yet around the mountain paths, forests, clean lakes and picturesque villages are still completely untouched.

In fact, the setting could not be more idyllic. There is a strong arm around the majestic Alpine hills. Neuschwanstein's views from the quiet, green undulating hillsides, clear blue lakes, the strange village of Schwangau, the historic medieval town of Fussen and the imposing Alpine hills.

The Schwangau Regional Government has done a great job preserving the area and Bavarian traditions and architecture, making it even more attractive to visitors from all over the world. Where else is he in a country of the first world, he still can see local farmers with a whip on a bicycle that led the cows along the main roads to nearby pastures. It's a sight I will never forget.

When you visit to stay for at least 1 week, you should ideally spend 14 days with Bavarian beer, rustic food, local music festivals, 4 castles, 2 preserved medieval ruins, 5 lakes swimming and water sports windsurfing, canoeing, sailing) hundreds of miles to biking and mountain trails and lifts for lifts and breathtaking views

Where is Neuschwanstein Castle and how do I get there? Neuschwanstein Castle a little over 1 hour south of Munich Munich / southern Germany. The village of Schwangau is only 5 km to the border of Austria and closest to Füssen. The best way to get there: If you arrive by plane, fly to Munich and hire a car at Schwangau. If you are coming from Europe, you can also get to Memmingen / Allgaeu and rent a car here. Trains are also possible, the nearest train station in Fuessen.

This is also a great starting point for the other Bavarians, Switzerland (only 1.5 hours), Austria (5 minutes) and Italy (only 3 hours)

Neuschwanstein Castle?

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