Enjoy the terrible Turkey Summer Holiday

Turkey may not be the first destination to think about the golf course. However, Turkish golfturism is a thriving industry and is a good reason why the country offers the best golf courses.

First, there is a weather. As Turnberry's recent British opening testifies; When the sun shines, golf is a wonderfully fun game, but when it is windy and wet, the golf course can become lonely. With a golf course in Turkey it is almost certain that the weather will be hot and sunny.

Turkey's most important golf courses are located in the Belek-Antalya region, south of the country, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and the golf course, and the surrounding area offers rich cultural attractions as you might expect from a rich history.

Belek is heavily reliant on tourism and especially for golfers with many luxurious hotels and eleven golf courses. Far away from the golf course, the thriving city offers a variety of delicious meals, bars and attractions to leave the lessons. Turkey truly offers excellent value for money, not only on the golf course, but also on the cost and the supply of meals and drinks, usually the cheapest but still the highest quality anywhere in Europe. What's more, the population of Turkey goes extra miles so that visitors can enjoy the highest stays.

A little further away, the Antalya region, from which Belek finds, boast rich cultural and historical attractions, including the ancient Aspendos amphitheater and Perge's Roman ruins. If you want to return in time, visit the page, which is just a short drive from Belek. While this is a resort town, they still see great ruins throughout the city and one of the country's most famous and most important classical venues.

Going back to golf, the region's golf courses are ranked in the best in Europe and many famous names can be attributed to the design of golf courses in the region, including David Feherty, Colin Montgomerie and Sir Nick Faldo, which include the National Golf Club designed by David Feherty, and an eucalyptus forest and pine trees in the background of the snow-capped Taurus mountains. The National Course has abundant natural lakes and numerous amazing white sand bunkers; which is a challenging challenge for golfers of all kinds.

Other courses in the region include the Sueno Golf Resort, the Cornelia Deluxe Resort designed by Sir Nick Faldo and a David Leadbetter Academy in the star resort Gloria Verde

But any of Belek's delightful golf courses decides to be the basis for the Turkish golf break, you can be assured that it will be an excellent and enjoyable experience both in the course and in the distance. Turkey and the Belek region, especially the Algarve, visitor to golfers Belek and its golf courses come back again and again.

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