See King Arthur's Roundtable

King Arthur and Knights of the Round Table are popular with children (and adults alike) around the globe. In fact, for centuries, many visitors wanted to have a real round of experience. Some historians have a big debate with Arthur, the legendary king of England. Some of the story is thought to be just a word made for entertainment purposes

For others, the story of King Arthur and his knights remains at least partly historical facts

Arthur first mentioned "The History of Kings in Great Britain ", produced by Geoffrey of Monmouth in the 11th century. Only 25 years later, we first mentioned the Round Table. The city of Winchester was known as Wessex's ancient capital, in the southwest of England. For centuries, people came to the historic city to see King Arthur's roundtable.

A table is hanging on the wall of the Great Hall, weighing more than 5 meters in diameter and 1200 kilograms in weight. On the table were the names of the 24 knights of the round table, and Arthur himself depicted on the head of the table. Over the years, it was thought that this was actually the legend of the roundtable – in fact, some suggested that Winchester's ancient city might be Arthur Camel.

In the past years, the table was more precisely dated and we now know that this could not be the actual table

Nevertheless, the Winchester roundtable dates back to the 14th century – although this is false, very old false!

Given the history of the city and its connections with such legendary characters, it is surprising that Winchester is so popular among tourists. The city also aroused several museums for younger visitors.

If you have the chance, maybe you can search for the roundtable of King Arthur

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Books in Ireland – Five Novels Read Before Traveling

If you travel to Ireland, you will undoubtedly be aware of the rich literary tradition of the country. Almost everywhere you go, references to Irish writers such as James Joyce, Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw. And even today it seems that the scripts are better able to tell the story than anyone else – either in writing or just through a chat in the pub

. Emerald Isle is on the agenda, it is almost compulsory to take some books in Ireland to read your travels. But what would you have to read if Joyce's "Ulysses" was not the cup of tea? Here's a series of novels that will take the length and breadth of Ireland and give you a real taste of life in this country filled with passion and history. Brendan O'Carroll

To learn more about Dublin in the 1960s, this is the story of Agnes Browne's widow and her seven children. This is all the turmoil, laughter and alcohol content of working class Ireland, and the best thing is that the book is the first of the trilogy. Next time, a cheerful boy in Dublin (and many others) approaching him, he can find herself to rethink Agnes and her nests. Gene Kerrigan "Little Criminals"

And now in Dublin in contemporary times. The country was an economic miracle, and everyone was entrepreneur, even criminals. Frankie Crowe has a system to make money, with the intention of kidnapping a wealthy banker and getting alive. Although it may only be a novel by cops and robbers, Kerrigan shows a lot about the underbelly of Dublin and the social changes that have occurred in recent years. Julian Julio Gough

If you decide to go to Galway (and I'm very encouraged to do this), then this novel is one of the few that are there. This story with the same twins in their first year at university saw him adapt to the life of the city, to drink in bars, and from time to time. This is an age-old story in which Galway himself is the protagonist. "The Holocaust of Eneas McNulty" Sebastian Barry

The tensions surrounding the Irish round of struggle for independence are in the heart of this novel, located in Sligo, Northwestern Ireland. They have not found a job, Eneas joins the British-led police, the royal Irish police, and tells herself in this process. As a nominee, he goes to the tournament and while the novel follows Enea from country to country, I will go back to Sligo whenever he can. An interesting glimpse of Ireland in the 20th century, through a character who became the victim of his country's struggle.

Mehran mars

This novel is about another kind of migration – the story of three Iranian sisters moving to the Irish village in the 1980's. It does not often get a food-lit story in Ireland, but pomegranate soup is just this, with the celebration of Persian cuisine. It is not surprising that rural residents will take some time to adapt to this foreign influence in one of their local cafes, and despite the fact that the novel focuses on another culture, there are plenty of details about Ireland's life and landscape for those who want to know more about country.

There are many stereotypes about the writings, but as a traveler, you have the opportunity to go beyond the Irish culture's surface and see what lies beneath it. Reading Irish books will help you discover the details of Ireland's streets and cities, hopes and history – and if you visit those places, you feel like you're a little bit better aware of the fact that you've come across an alien.

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Mexico is popular with travelers from all over the world. Mexico's visitors go for a lot of reasons: sunshine, blue seas with fish and corals, crystal-clear coasts, mountains and volcanoes, wild wild animals with jungles, folk art and ancient remains of ancient cultures. Its fantastic location and year-round mild climate, beautiful white beaches are ideal for water sports. The location of the Caribbean Ocean makes this place your preferred holiday destination for everyone.

Mexico's History

Recalls Mexico's past in every city that has a huge history in Mexico. In the past ice age, nomadic tribes of Asian hunter-gatherers first crossed the Bering Strait and entered the western hemisphere. Different civilizations of Mesoamerica are distinguished by various cultural developments, including hieroglyphic writing, commerce and commerce, extensive knowledge of astronomy, a highly accurate calendar system and complex pantheon from other parts of the New World, ritual ball games and human and animal sacrifices .

Mexican Cities

Cancún's First Class Tourist and Railway Network. The world's most famous hotel chains combine luxury and comfort with hospitality. Cancun has impressive memories of Mayan remnants as well as a museum showing pieces from this culture. Superb over the land, and the airline links to one of the most impressive locations in Quintana Roo and neighboring Yucatan State, one of the most impressive locations in the Maya world.

Cabo San Lucas at the southernmost tip of Baja for pirate ships waiting for Spanish cruise ships. Soon it became Los Cabos's main point: millions of dollars were built, palm trees were planted, laid down golf courses, water was introduced from San José, and everywhere was imperfect.

Cozumel's Mexican Island is home to shops with good goods, including jewelry shops. There are many reasons to visit Cozumel, once you visit, you can get it once. Compared to other tropical vacations, Cozumel is very cheap. The unusually short 2-hour flight from Houston, Miami or Dallas / Fort Worth means you can lie down in a daytime lounge chair that you drink south.

Puerto Vallarta is smaller, quieter and younger than Acapulco. In fact, it is in fact every trade – perhaps even more, since tourism is virtually the only source of income – but appearance seems to be a lot and Puerto Vallarta, while doing everything to catch up with Acapulco, appears far less advanced and maintains its Mexican mood.

Christmas in Mexico

Christmas for Mexicans in traditional homes and rural areas, a religious holiday. This is the birth celebration. The first thing to celebrate Christmas in Mexico is that most people take away the last two weeks in December to spend more time with their family, visit their old friends and create new friends

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Where are the cheapest flights and holidays?

Not long ago, you could always grab a holiday or flight bargain waiting for the last day or two before departure. Now the game has changed. Here is a sketch on the causes of change

In the 1980s / 1990s, the driving force behind holiday costs was the cost of airline meetings. Tour operators can choose to have special IT expense or group fees with regular carriers, but they can choose from rented flights. In both scenarios, they had to commit themselves to a commitment to a seasonal program, and their prices were built on seasonal yields. In particular, for charter flight queues, the vacancy on the day of travel was impairment

A well-managed program allowed a certain number of vacant seats (especially in the low season) acceptable losses, which can be sold at the seller's price at any price do. So cheap flights and package holidays are available on days prior to departure for those who are prone to destination and dates.

As the major players took control of all aspects of the holiday package, "in-house" airlines aligned this cost level to a different level. Their price policies – or "yield management" equations – can be handled in conjunction with the general effects of the holiday company. these in-house airlines operate, which makes a significant difference in these policies The rise of so-called "no frills" airlines has overwhelmed the old pricing models, they do not let down the day before the flight Many of Ryanair's and easyJet's are using a premium a model that was launched by the American Southwest Airlines and was followed by the "in-house" airline company.

What Southwest realized that once you prove that the price comes later, many people are delayed Shopping The "non-frills" carriers with absurd low-cost charges have the advantage that all their own sales are controlled through telephone sales and the Internet. So they can change the price every minute based on the "yield management" algorithms. This control is used to handle customer expectations. They have decided that prices will continue to rise until they get off – so if we oppose the purchase early, we will never see the price again at such a low price.

This policy – encourages commitment to concrete flight (and freedom) as soon as possible. Low-cost, last-minute offers are largely offset by "early bird" offers and "points" cards for slow trade periods or low season sales – without too much downsizing airlines and holiday companies by the last minute traveler.

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Colonsay Island – Why Call

Where? Colonsay? From all over the world to choose why to choose an Earth on an island in Scotland's inner hebrides, it's just 10 miles long, 2 miles wide, only 130 people? Here are the reasons and are quite impressive:

1. Rescuing the world: anyone in Great Britain can reach Colonsay by public transport – the land port Oban, easily accessible by train or bus. Both ScotRail and CityBus operate frequent flights between Glasgow city center and Oban. There is no private pollution and stress-free travel, traffic jams, motorway service, just enjoying the ease and comfort of an obsolete era

. The pleasure of traveling: The West Highland Railway (ScotRail) is recognized as one of the most beautiful hikes in the world and is followed by a 2-hour cruise to the magnificent Firth of Lorne, aboard a comfortable modern vessel operated by the wholly-owned CalMac Ferries Ltd.

3. Impressive geology: You do not need to be an expert to recognize the overwhelming power of ancient ice creams in the earth's surviving contours and not to appreciate the enormous pressure that suppressed the island and slowly uncovered the extraordinary, to this day. The magma of long extinct volcanic action fills dramatic reefs, and the apparent impact of erosion on the earth's surface first created about 4,000 million years ago. The island's magic is at the helm of one of the largest bird settlement in the Inner Hebride Islands with hundreds of wildflowers, submarines and literally miles of flawed gold sand. The romance of the place: at the critical node of ancient sea lanes, Colonsay has significant residues in almost every period. Mesolithic sites are the most beautiful in the UK, and there are age-old Bronze Age tombs, Iron Age Fortresses, early Christian chapels, viking settlements and mysterious settlement and field systems. For the right vacation: all destinations are on foot, golfing and fishing, sandpit and slim-diving, scenic and photographic and cycling tours as well as everything else that offers true relaxation as well as two restaurants and pubs, a bookstore, a brewery, the choice of two local roots and an excellent selection of art and crafts … to say nothing about ceilidhs and craic

7. The satisfaction of a good choice: with the collapse of the pound, holidays abroad are a bit rejuvenated. The airports become increasingly crowded and suppressed every day, flying is the new purgatory. Since pollution and global warming are what no one now wants to do worse. Of course, he says, "Why Colonsay?" She might say, "Why not Skegness or Mull?" Or Coventry or London? "In fact, you will only ask this question if you have not been to Colonsay – just look up and be surprised. It may be small, but very special, easy to reach, and it can easily become for you and your family this very special place

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Do you need rain umbrella? What should I know before the next purchase?

In good old times, if you needed an umbrella, it would end with a long stick umbrella. And it would be black. But in recent years, a number of novel innovations and amazing technical achievements have emerged for the elderly skydiving.

Perhaps the most dramatic possibility of the umbrella is the opening method. The manual umbrellas are opened and closed by sliding the ring up and down with the user's whims. For many years, there are automatic umbrellas that open at the touch of a button on the handle. These spring sun umbrellas are really practical and can be opened faster than conventional manual umbrellas. Recently some brilliant engineers have discovered how to create umbrellas that automatically open and close. These are the least comfortable. A cautious word, as complex mechanical machines, automated umbrellas will occasionally break and remain open or closed. If you want to use the automatic umbrella, I suggest you get a higher quality umbrella with life insurance.

The next wonderful innovation of the modern umbrella is the double canopy. This design has overlapping gaps in the canopy, with the theory that the wind can penetrate these gaps, not through the canopy and can invert the screen. (Inverting is usually the best signal that you need a new umbrella.) There are many versions of the double canopy, but essentially both work in the same way and can alleviate damage to the valuable accessory. Most windshield wings can withstand winds up to 80 km / h (80 km / h). Indeed, if the double canopy umbrella turns, it's time to look for shelter and get into the house!

is to get a traditional bot umbrella or a folding umbrella. Foldable umbrellas are also available in compact or ultra-compact. The axes of these umbrellas open telescopically and provide adequate coverage for individuals while wearing less than one foot long. Traditional umbrellas, though certainly larger, will also be more durable.

It is worth mentioning the material of the canopy for the umbrella. Most umbrellas are made of nylon, as they are durable, as well as freely accessible and cost-effective. Pongee ("Ponj") is a kind of silk scarf. Rarely find only umbrellas from Pongee, but you'll probably find Poly-Pongee. This combination of polyester and silk is wider and is costly because of the silk content. The advantage of polypeptide is that it is lighter in weight. You also find some selected umbrellas from a polyester canopy. All fabrics provide excellent protection against sun and rain. As regards the unique imprint, nylon retains and reflects the prints better. If you want to embroider a logo, it would be best to use a nylon canopy.

Do you like to play golf in the rain? Umbrella manufacturers often produce targeted golf umbrellas that are characterized by a larger canopy size (typically 62 or 68 inches) longer than conventional chopsticks and, finally, with a straight handle. Golf umbrellas also come in a very large variety if the colors and patterns. Golf leases were not only promoted to golfers, but also worked well for families.

Another great umbrella to consider, the umbrella of the gates designed for hotels and apartments for business purposes. Door umbrellas are similar to golf umbrellas, with the two exceptions that they usually have a conventional J-shaped handle and come in a limited number of color settings. The gates are also well designed for durability and create a perfect umbrella for families as well.

The traveler or businessman has a number of travel umbrellas. These are compact, foldable umbrellas that contain a convenient carry case or other sachet. Some even include loops and straps to carry the umbrella as a backpack.

There are a number of umbrella models in the range of fashionable umbrellas that make a personal statement or even match matching clothing. Fashionable umbrellas have a few fast rules, and you will find a wide selection of quality and durability. In choosing a fashionable umbrella (versus "fad" umbrella) is considering the use of a reputable umbrella company who is warranted to support its products.

In recent years, opportunities have indeed been expanded, umbrella.

Before placing money, it is important to take into account your lifestyle and individual use for an umbrella. After you understand what features you need in an umbrella, then it's easy to find the best matching umbrella. If you're in trouble to find the perfect umbrella with umbrella experts such as you can save time and money to get the right rain protection

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Five Year Plans – Are They Important?

One of the questions she is likely to ask in any job interview is: "Where do you meet within five years?" For us the truth is that a lot of time, we really do not know where we want to be in a year or two, does not matter in five years time. Our answer is likely to be on the basis of what we are in the first place in the interview.

If you are unemployed, then your answer may be: "My constant place in my career, hopefully still with your company" or such words.

If we were lucky enough to apply for years and strive to move forward in his career, the answer is, "I may do what I've learned and start my own business."

It should be easy to answer, but most people did not pay attention. Without realizing what you want from life, without having to set goals yourself, without anticipating how to achieve professional and personal success?

If you're a successful entrepreneur, You've got your future and you understand that you need to be flexible from time to time. You will probably be able to answer the question very quickly because you know where you come from and where you want to go.

Just in case you're not so sure, here are some tips that help clarify things a little better.

Creating Your Five Year Plan

What's really important for you? What do you like? What is the reason you jump out of bed and work every morning? What kind of car do you want to drive? What kind of home do you want to live? Want to get married? Do you want a kid?

Anyone who knows and what it is about is often seen as one of life-long exercises. You need important questions that you have to ask yourself early to make a positive life path. Responses to these questions will help you to enjoy a personality and a more professional life.

Identifying Values ​​

Begin your five-year plan by values, attributes, or attributes that you can not negotiate. Your values ​​are what leads to success. If you are living a real life every day, you can help accomplish your goals and help drive and positively influence others.

Get a list of things you're not sure what to write, Google's personal values ​​for some inspiration

Know Your Passion

tangible and whimsical things that make you sleep from the bed in the morning and face the day. These can include providing your family or continuous learning and personal and professional development. Perhaps his passions are more concrete; the desire to Mauritius retired villa or an 8-series BMW. It is important that you are very honest at this stage. His passions serve the goals that need to be achieved. Your values ​​dictate how to reach them.

List your Goals, Goals, and Responsibilities Ideally, goals and goals are one, three, five and ten years. Share them into personal categories (eg Health, Family, Living Standard, Fitness, Education, Creativity, etc.) and work-related goals (for example, as a partner at a law firm or starting your own business). The difference between the goal and the goal is that a goal is wider, while a goal is more precise, for example, the goal is to comfortably retire while aiming to comfortably retire for five years at a beautiful beach villa in Mauritius.

Responsibilities are quite self-explanatory. In general, they cover the provision and care of your family, the payment of your home bond or the financing of a car, the payment of employees' wages, the implementation of specific projects and the satisfaction of the business partners on the professional side.

Note each of them where you are on this goal. This will help you to see what steps you need to take to achieve your goals and goals.

Understand how your goals and values ​​affect your business

Set Your Goals and Goals and Understand Your Responsibility But What's the Impact on Bigger Image?

A simple example of retirement in five years. This can have a significant impact on your business. If you are a self-employed, you must re-consider your company's exit plans. Do they align this goal? Ask yourself that retirement is five years is a realistic time setting you need to set. See your retirement plan / retirement plan. Will you accept the full value of your pension if you retire after five years? If so, will it be enough to maintain a comfortable lifestyle or find an additional, possibly passive source of income?

Now that you are aware of your values, it may also affect your business relationships. We may be in a partnership that seems to work on the surface, but you find that the value system is not aligned with your partner. This can cause conflicts in the workplace, as they both try to follow the path the other wants to travel. Dramatically different values ​​can lead to contradictory ideas about how your business works or what ethically acceptable behavior is.

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a more complete overview of the overall picture. You will know what counts for you. You will understand where you will not compromise. You will see which areas of your life are on the right track and which one needs some work.

You are on a stage where you can really tell where you want to be within five years. If you wanted to retire within five years, the next time you could ask that your question would be an important question: "I could sip cocktails on the terrace of my Mauritius seaside villa, my family next to me."


Important Five Year Plan. Great ideas and opportunities are not just a special couple. Successful entrepreneurs have lifelong plans that over the years adapt to the inevitable wrists on the path to financial freedom and success. They thoroughly reflect on their value and goals and then create opportunities that will help them achieve them.

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How To Make Bike Jerseys

Many people who find interesting to collect athletic fields would have had the idea to put them in their frames and use them as a wall painting. It's a great way to have a home in your "home". If you are walking and seeing all your favorite teams' teammates, you remember the matches you were and your fun with your friends is a great way to give mood improvement if you feel it.

It's very well known that more and more sports maniacs are not just playing volleyball, playing football, basketball, and so on. This is actually one of the simplest examples. For the reasons already outlined, sports clubs can be very profitable as we never know what to expect in the future. One day you can wake up and see if you have a million dollars for example hanging on your wall. So the question is how to actually put the jersey in the frame. Fortunately, today, many companies are producing the hardware you need to complete the process. There are also different frameworks that are unique to different sports jerseys. So the first thing you need to know is that the most commonly used frames are shadow boxes. They are really fond of displaying sports clubs. The reason is that it is only a three-dimensional case that allows the light to go through only one angle. This will not allow you to damage the jersey and the clothes that are faintly sensitive. In addition, many retailers offer special UV protection, which is exactly what one person needs to prevent really valuable jewelery. The boxes you can buy from a special box store or just online.

If you need the frame, you need to thoroughly iron the jersey, then fold it to the best display team, the player number or other feature that matters. So you can be sure that you do everything right and you will not have to repair your job after a while.

If you're worried that the field is not really safe in the box, some of the experts will offer needle and thread. You will need them to put the jersey on the back. Of course, this really is very cautious. Otherwise, the jersey may actually be damaged.

So you can make your valuable sporting event with a shadow box

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7 Autumn Activities Fitness and Fun

Due to the beautiful foliage and cooler temperatures, falling is a perfect time for outdoor activities. There is something revitalizing in the gentle afternoon that simply rejuvenates the soul. If you're looking for ways to get the best out of season, here are some suggestions for autumn-related activities for fitness and entertainment

* Hiking. Whether you are on a hiking path or on a wooded area, the season is just that. By experiencing an adventure in the air, you may be trying to find paths that are difficult to encounter. If you have a mobile GPS device, use new bike tracks.

* Football Football. Recalling a film scene at a college campus, they get together with some of their friends for the flagship football game. In the full swing of high schools, colleges and professional football, our competitive spirit needs to be prepared for the challenge. Football football is a great way for the evening afternoon.

* Jogging or walking. For those who enjoy jogging or walking, falling makes this practice a bit more enjoyable. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the season for an extra long trip this weekend.

* Loading the yard. Who says there is only one hard work in the yard? Actually, you can entertain him. Share your task with family members and think about creative ways to play the game. No matter who wins, everyone can enjoy the feeling of performance in a pure raked yard.

* Horse riding for cyclists. Another way to achieve steady and enjoyable workouts in the autumn is to ride a bicycle. Whether you are competing for a local tournament or a light ride, the spirits will live if you ride on a cool fall day. If you have a child, cycling is a good family activity.

* Yoga. For those who love yoga passionately, try an outdoor day when the sun is on a glorious autumn day. The tranquility of nature will crawl the inner cheerfulness. Yoga is such a relaxing form of exercise and meditation, and autumn weather really welcomes this science

. Finally, if you want a weekend full of both fun and exercise, go camping. Whether you set up a camp or a wood carving on the bonfire, you will enjoy the camping experience in the fall.

It is obvious that rain is a great year for many activities to take. Whatever you want, enjoy the autumn to the fullest extent. After all, winter is on the corner.

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The worst time to come to Bali

About Christmas and New Year's Eve around Bali is full. Hotels have been fully booked, including private villas, top quality accommodation, which cost over one thousand dollars a night. Car rental companies close the doors for new interests, and most of the tables are popular with delicious restaurants in advance. There are virtually no chances in the last minutes for things related to tourism.

It's always interesting that visitors this year Bali floods Bali, especially by knowing that Bali is popular with tropical beaches. Between December and January, Bali is usually the highlight of the rainy season. That is the month when continuous rain for days is obvious. Even when the rain stops, it is usually rare for pure blue sky and shinning sun. Most days are damp and boring even when rain falls for a while.

Apart from tropical beaches, there are many other things to do. But most people are not entertaining without the sunny days. Visiting temples, viewing artistic performances, adventurous activities, seaside water sports, even delicious meals, are perfect on sunny days, which we rarely get over the period. at the soaring price. High demand reduces availability. Many people are willing to pay any price to ensure last access. It applies to everything from accommodation to restaurant reservations. "If you have one hundred free wools to sell in a given period, unfortunately this is not the case," said Wisna Wedhana, executive director of the villa rental agency. "Prices are 30 to 40 percent higher and people are only questioning without it," he continued.

The impact of demand on the price affects not only the top of the market, where the private villa has been rented. Tourism-related products, such as transport and food, and lower-level markets, such as budget hotels, show a similar tendency. "Even worse, when the luxurious Bali Villa raises its price list by 30-40%, cheap hotels also doubled their prices for backpackers," said the travel agent at home.

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