Mexico is popular with travelers from all over the world. Mexico's visitors go for a lot of reasons: sunshine, blue seas with fish and corals, crystal-clear coasts, mountains and volcanoes, wild wild animals with jungles, folk art and ancient remains of ancient cultures. Its fantastic location and year-round mild climate, beautiful white beaches are ideal for water sports. The location of the Caribbean Ocean makes this place your preferred holiday destination for everyone.

Mexico's History

Recalls Mexico's past in every city that has a huge history in Mexico. In the past ice age, nomadic tribes of Asian hunter-gatherers first crossed the Bering Strait and entered the western hemisphere. Different civilizations of Mesoamerica are distinguished by various cultural developments, including hieroglyphic writing, commerce and commerce, extensive knowledge of astronomy, a highly accurate calendar system and complex pantheon from other parts of the New World, ritual ball games and human and animal sacrifices .

Mexican Cities

Cancún's First Class Tourist and Railway Network. The world's most famous hotel chains combine luxury and comfort with hospitality. Cancun has impressive memories of Mayan remnants as well as a museum showing pieces from this culture. Superb over the land, and the airline links to one of the most impressive locations in Quintana Roo and neighboring Yucatan State, one of the most impressive locations in the Maya world.

Cabo San Lucas at the southernmost tip of Baja for pirate ships waiting for Spanish cruise ships. Soon it became Los Cabos's main point: millions of dollars were built, palm trees were planted, laid down golf courses, water was introduced from San José, and everywhere was imperfect.

Cozumel's Mexican Island is home to shops with good goods, including jewelry shops. There are many reasons to visit Cozumel, once you visit, you can get it once. Compared to other tropical vacations, Cozumel is very cheap. The unusually short 2-hour flight from Houston, Miami or Dallas / Fort Worth means you can lie down in a daytime lounge chair that you drink south.

Puerto Vallarta is smaller, quieter and younger than Acapulco. In fact, it is in fact every trade – perhaps even more, since tourism is virtually the only source of income – but appearance seems to be a lot and Puerto Vallarta, while doing everything to catch up with Acapulco, appears far less advanced and maintains its Mexican mood.

Christmas in Mexico

Christmas for Mexicans in traditional homes and rural areas, a religious holiday. This is the birth celebration. The first thing to celebrate Christmas in Mexico is that most people take away the last two weeks in December to spend more time with their family, visit their old friends and create new friends

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