Five Year Plans – Are They Important?

One of the questions she is likely to ask in any job interview is: "Where do you meet within five years?" For us the truth is that a lot of time, we really do not know where we want to be in a year or two, does not matter in five years time. Our answer is likely to be on the basis of what we are in the first place in the interview.

If you are unemployed, then your answer may be: "My constant place in my career, hopefully still with your company" or such words.

If we were lucky enough to apply for years and strive to move forward in his career, the answer is, "I may do what I've learned and start my own business."

It should be easy to answer, but most people did not pay attention. Without realizing what you want from life, without having to set goals yourself, without anticipating how to achieve professional and personal success?

If you're a successful entrepreneur, You've got your future and you understand that you need to be flexible from time to time. You will probably be able to answer the question very quickly because you know where you come from and where you want to go.

Just in case you're not so sure, here are some tips that help clarify things a little better.

Creating Your Five Year Plan

What's really important for you? What do you like? What is the reason you jump out of bed and work every morning? What kind of car do you want to drive? What kind of home do you want to live? Want to get married? Do you want a kid?

Anyone who knows and what it is about is often seen as one of life-long exercises. You need important questions that you have to ask yourself early to make a positive life path. Responses to these questions will help you to enjoy a personality and a more professional life.

Identifying Values ​​

Begin your five-year plan by values, attributes, or attributes that you can not negotiate. Your values ​​are what leads to success. If you are living a real life every day, you can help accomplish your goals and help drive and positively influence others.

Get a list of things you're not sure what to write, Google's personal values ​​for some inspiration

Know Your Passion

tangible and whimsical things that make you sleep from the bed in the morning and face the day. These can include providing your family or continuous learning and personal and professional development. Perhaps his passions are more concrete; the desire to Mauritius retired villa or an 8-series BMW. It is important that you are very honest at this stage. His passions serve the goals that need to be achieved. Your values ​​dictate how to reach them.

List your Goals, Goals, and Responsibilities Ideally, goals and goals are one, three, five and ten years. Share them into personal categories (eg Health, Family, Living Standard, Fitness, Education, Creativity, etc.) and work-related goals (for example, as a partner at a law firm or starting your own business). The difference between the goal and the goal is that a goal is wider, while a goal is more precise, for example, the goal is to comfortably retire while aiming to comfortably retire for five years at a beautiful beach villa in Mauritius.

Responsibilities are quite self-explanatory. In general, they cover the provision and care of your family, the payment of your home bond or the financing of a car, the payment of employees' wages, the implementation of specific projects and the satisfaction of the business partners on the professional side.

Note each of them where you are on this goal. This will help you to see what steps you need to take to achieve your goals and goals.

Understand how your goals and values ​​affect your business

Set Your Goals and Goals and Understand Your Responsibility But What's the Impact on Bigger Image?

A simple example of retirement in five years. This can have a significant impact on your business. If you are a self-employed, you must re-consider your company's exit plans. Do they align this goal? Ask yourself that retirement is five years is a realistic time setting you need to set. See your retirement plan / retirement plan. Will you accept the full value of your pension if you retire after five years? If so, will it be enough to maintain a comfortable lifestyle or find an additional, possibly passive source of income?

Now that you are aware of your values, it may also affect your business relationships. We may be in a partnership that seems to work on the surface, but you find that the value system is not aligned with your partner. This can cause conflicts in the workplace, as they both try to follow the path the other wants to travel. Dramatically different values ​​can lead to contradictory ideas about how your business works or what ethically acceptable behavior is.

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a more complete overview of the overall picture. You will know what counts for you. You will understand where you will not compromise. You will see which areas of your life are on the right track and which one needs some work.

You are on a stage where you can really tell where you want to be within five years. If you wanted to retire within five years, the next time you could ask that your question would be an important question: "I could sip cocktails on the terrace of my Mauritius seaside villa, my family next to me."


Important Five Year Plan. Great ideas and opportunities are not just a special couple. Successful entrepreneurs have lifelong plans that over the years adapt to the inevitable wrists on the path to financial freedom and success. They thoroughly reflect on their value and goals and then create opportunities that will help them achieve them.

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