Colonsay Island – Why Call

Where? Colonsay? From all over the world to choose why to choose an Earth on an island in Scotland's inner hebrides, it's just 10 miles long, 2 miles wide, only 130 people? Here are the reasons and are quite impressive:

1. Rescuing the world: anyone in Great Britain can reach Colonsay by public transport – the land port Oban, easily accessible by train or bus. Both ScotRail and CityBus operate frequent flights between Glasgow city center and Oban. There is no private pollution and stress-free travel, traffic jams, motorway service, just enjoying the ease and comfort of an obsolete era

. The pleasure of traveling: The West Highland Railway (ScotRail) is recognized as one of the most beautiful hikes in the world and is followed by a 2-hour cruise to the magnificent Firth of Lorne, aboard a comfortable modern vessel operated by the wholly-owned CalMac Ferries Ltd.

3. Impressive geology: You do not need to be an expert to recognize the overwhelming power of ancient ice creams in the earth's surviving contours and not to appreciate the enormous pressure that suppressed the island and slowly uncovered the extraordinary, to this day. The magma of long extinct volcanic action fills dramatic reefs, and the apparent impact of erosion on the earth's surface first created about 4,000 million years ago. The island's magic is at the helm of one of the largest bird settlement in the Inner Hebride Islands with hundreds of wildflowers, submarines and literally miles of flawed gold sand. The romance of the place: at the critical node of ancient sea lanes, Colonsay has significant residues in almost every period. Mesolithic sites are the most beautiful in the UK, and there are age-old Bronze Age tombs, Iron Age Fortresses, early Christian chapels, viking settlements and mysterious settlement and field systems. For the right vacation: all destinations are on foot, golfing and fishing, sandpit and slim-diving, scenic and photographic and cycling tours as well as everything else that offers true relaxation as well as two restaurants and pubs, a bookstore, a brewery, the choice of two local roots and an excellent selection of art and crafts … to say nothing about ceilidhs and craic

7. The satisfaction of a good choice: with the collapse of the pound, holidays abroad are a bit rejuvenated. The airports become increasingly crowded and suppressed every day, flying is the new purgatory. Since pollution and global warming are what no one now wants to do worse. Of course, he says, "Why Colonsay?" She might say, "Why not Skegness or Mull?" Or Coventry or London? "In fact, you will only ask this question if you have not been to Colonsay – just look up and be surprised. It may be small, but very special, easy to reach, and it can easily become for you and your family this very special place

Source by Kevin Byrne

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