Sure Step Franchise Review

Sure Step is a franchise business opportunity for an entrepreneur seeking a service business. The opportunity exists for many years and provides a unique service. Here is a review of an option.

Sure Step is a franchise business based on security of peaks and pitfalls, many of the days that can be costly for homeowners and owners. Every day, hundreds of thousands of people have a slip accident in this country and it can be costly! With this unique business opportunity, SS has an entrepreneur with a service that can prevent this everyday occurrence from businesses and homeowners.

The initial cost of a franchise business is $ 25,000 in current investment as follows:

• Clear Process – Sure Step is not a film or coating. Do not leave the chemical, the granules or the residue on the surface of the floor or the bathtub. After treatment, 100% of the solution was neutralized and removed.

• Floor and Bathtub Friendly – Sure Step Treatment does not cause chips, peels or discoloration. In fact, the Sure Step floor and bathtub will be new.

• Floor and Bath Guarantee – All floors and bathtubs handled by Sure Step have a friction coefficient increased by at least one to five years. And we guaranteed this in writing.

• Solid business plan and marketing strategy

Is this a home based option? Not really, as most franchisees will find that most of the work will be done in the nighttime hours for commercial work. Is this a good time? YES, in fact, the service industry is one of the fastest return on entrepreneurial investment than most small businesses, ask the carpet cleaner.

Sure Step is a good franchise business opportunity for an entrepreneur who is not afraid of the little cowl and work nights. This segment has a business service, and especially for businesses, as malfunctions and pitfalls can amount to more than the physical damage, but they can also cause financial damage to the business space that covers them.

Source by David James Boozer

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