The power of Wit and Grit!

I wish I'd known how the stars fit in the weather, or what the weather was, and what a horoscope really was and what motivated him to take the risk and adventure to the USCAF (US Comedy Art Festival) in 2004 in Aspen.

I wanted to get to Aspen for a few years in the Comedy Festival. First as a comedian and of course just hang out in Aspen! That year, for some reason, I just decided to go. I do not mean I want to go. I just decided to go and go. I did not book any hotel. I got my ticket at a good price. I had no idea how to get out of Aspen Denver because I only had the money to get to Denver. These facts have not stopped, but these things have strengthened the adventurous aspect of traveling to me!

I was thinking about the accommodation. But I decided to look at Aspen women's shelters. They exist! So, I thought if the worst was the worst, I could always stay in the shelter. It is important for the reader to know that I did not feel afraid, afraid or worried in no time. Not once, I should not have done it or I could not do it. Not once! Everyone (especially women) told me how frightened they are! I met a young woman, Linda, about one-third of the plane coming to Denver. It was like a free spirit with long, shiny hair, thick silver jewels and the lightness of the young man. He talked to me and asked where I was. And I got information about it. I was impressed that I was going to Aspen for a ride. & # 39; After we let go, we went in different ways. Then I saw again in the baggage request when she came to me and offered to take me to Aspen.

We first stopped at Denver's friendly home, sip some herbal teas as friends who were completely warm and friendly to me. Then we started a four-hour trip to Aspen. I had no idea that Aspen was a four-hour ice-tour! Yet, we talked and knowingly knew more about each other. She went to Aspen to meet her boyfriend who lived in his ex-wife's foundation (he claimed to be there because he could not afford a place for himself!) The trip was really fun and fun! We stopped eating (paid) and took the picture out of the dinner. When we came to Glenwood Springs, he mentioned a hostel that was there and if you're interested in staying in a hostel, if not, then he will be happy to get to Aspen. We stopped at the hostel and met a young Singapore official in Singapore who pointed to the rooms available and the $ 10 price tag! When Florence mentions a dormitory room for $ 10 a night and provides easy access to Aspen, I took it! Thank you very much for Linda for taking us to the hostel, hugging and drove away. I never saw him again.

It was my life in Aspen! I met a few women one night at the stage door, waiting for Robin Williams to come out. He did it, and I and my new friends followed his escort to a VIP party. I thought I was just following the escort, but my new drunk but witty friend decided to join the VIP party. He told me to tell the stereotypical slave guy I Wasopi. Like Whoopi in Goldberg. So, I went to the "clipboard" guy & # 39; he asked my name and looked incredibly, I said, "You mean Whoopi Goldberg is not on the list!" The clipboard stumbled, embarrassed, and apologized generously when I was a candidate for my assistant and entered the party! The VIP I've ever been in Ed Norton, Danny DeVito, South Park, Lillie Tomlin and so on. I ate and visualized with his creators. This party was in the movie, "Death to Smoochie" and everything was flowing freely.

I saved Aspen a champion and with the effects and memories that enriched my life. I went to Def Poetry Jam and went to see the fullness of the lectures so much that I was the verbal poetry. When I developed the pictures to see Linda's picture, her face did not appear. He has a dark shadow. I had another picture where a guy who passed by saw me skiing on the mountain and said, "You need your picture." He took hold. The picture turned out to be sun-rays shining on me, angelic.

The essence of the thesis is that I took a chance. I followed my intuition. I left something bigger than I was driving! I listened to myself! I trusted myself! Here's a lifelong adventure! LISTENING!

Source by Adrienne Zurub

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