DIY repair tips – how to repair your luggage

Knowledge of baggage repair can be useful while traveling and you can discover one or two items in your bag. After a trip, some tear-off edges should be taken care of in your bag. While top-quality baggage already has its own maintenance and repair staff, you will have to deal with your own baggage maintenance issues if you have a low travel bag.

Here are some tips you can find useful:

Tip 1: Vinyl can be securely clamped with vinyl cement. You can buy this from repair shops that fix your clothes. Better than an expert who fixes the bag. Just lay off a piece of cement and grab it to the damaged area. It's like painting the hole on the roof.

Tip 2: If the tear is large and is not easy to use with cement, you can use both vinyl patches and cement. Buy a vinyl stain and trim the right size of tears you record. Place it under the open area. Slice the area with vinyl cement.

Tip 3: If you have a leather bag and are torn or torn, then you can try the same method as the 2nd tip. Apply the skin patch and cut it to the right which can be placed in the damaged area. Make sure you have the same color and texture of your skin to have a consistent look. Connect with adhesive. You can purchase this product from the grocery store:

Tip 4: If there is a clutter in the metal box or hard metal case, open the package and use a solid inside. Try first to pack the wood in the fabric to avoid scratching the metal surface

Tip 5: Most broken grips can not be secured. Need to be replaced. Pick up the replacement handle. Remove the old handle of the bag. You may need to clear the screws or remove the stitches. After removing the old one, connect the new handle. Use the same screw to secure the handle. If you need to cover the material, take a similar material to the trunk and sew it to the bag.

Tip 6: When fixing a sticky zipper, try using a slightly greasy product on the zipper as a soap Loosen. If the zipper is sewn in the zipper, pull out the zipper. If curved, replace it immediately. If the bag is made of soft material, just pull out the zipper stitch and replace the zipper with the same color and length. Install the new one in the luggage compartment. In the case of hard baggage, the specialist must secure the zipper.

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