Planning the First Journey

Planning your first vacation, especially on cruises, is always a challenge. Get acquainted with your family and friends and discuss your travel and vacation plans in order to get a better picture of what to do. The best way is to book a travel agent who not only advises on which cruise and destination, but also plans the whole route, including air travel to the landing port. But before you continue, we will first answer some of the questions that need to be prepared while planning a cruise.

What type of boat is suitable for your age?

Usually there are different types of travels suitable for different age groups. You will find a cruise designed for every individual, the toddler is the teenager's retirement. All you have to do is decide who is going and then choose the one that best suits you. There are fun holiday trips for the family, singles, newborns and even the slightly older and mature ones.

What budget do you have?

Usually the minimum cost One day per person is about $ 100 for the average cruise. Many ships charge extra charges for certain items, and of course the flight is not included. The cost may be slightly reduced by sharing the cabin with another person in advance, almost six months before, or late, less than two months before departure. Are you willing to spend the cruise?

If you've been in less than a week, your options would be closer to your home and Mexico, the Bahamas or simply a weekend cruise to the ocean and harbor port. The entire week offers more time and opportunities in the Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, Alaska, and even the South Pacific, of course depending on your current location. Everything longer than any cruise vacation would be suitable all over the world.

When should you travel best?

Obvious, Fall and the most expensive in the summer break. The winter season is considered a high season when it travels to the hottest locations, such as the Caribbean. Some sites such as Alaska, Scandinavia and the Baltic Sea are shorter cruising seasons, and are open only between May and September. While the Antarctic pleasure boats are between November and February, Mediterranean cruises can be carried out throughout the year.

Where would you like to go?

The land is covered by a 75% ocean, Today can go to any of the continents and go across the globe. From America to Australia, Asia, Africa to Antarctica, Bahamas to Bermuda, Europe to Canada, there are plenty of sailing destinations to choose from. Even landlocked sites such as Central Europe, Russia or the Yangtze River in China are available for a river cruise. It is always a challenge to decide on a destination, it is important to keep all other factors, such as the type of cruise, the budget, and the length of the holiday, among others.

What are your interests?

Provides all types of on-board activities, your destination must be based on your interest. While European tours offer a good deal of culture to those who love history, tropical destinations such as the Caribbean and the Pacific are for beach-lovers. Regardless of whether you are looking at glacier in Alaska, deep sea diving in Australia or experiencing fjords in Norway, you have to decide what to do best before choosing the cruise destination. Numerous cruises also offer a list of off-shore activities before a book so make sure you are well inspected as well.

What kind of accommodation do you want?

Cabin Selection Usually it depends on what your budget is. The seafront cabins are obviously more expensive than the lower deck. Also, if you travel to colorful venues such as Alaska or Scandinavia, it would be better if you look at it. On-board plans are available in printed form, so make your decision after completing your homework and budgeting.

What are the style and eating habits of the dress?

Most cruise ships are more relaxed today, and only one or two nights of nightly dress. The passage of time, usually casual or countryclub dressing. For dinner, two seats are usually arranged, one starting at 18:30 and the other at 9:00. While early retirement offers a lot of time for late shows, coastal trips can be rush. Late seating, however, gives you time to relax, but can hinder late-night activities. Furthermore, table seating is usually four to eight people and very rarely two. If you would like a dinner for the doubleroom, you should ask in advance.

How to get to the cruise ship?

Flying or submissive when near Two of the most advantageous options. Sometimes cruise lines offer a light cruise, which is easier, but it may be a bit more expensive than an independent booking. These include transfers between the ship and the airport, which may again cost the costs.

What documents are required

Touring vouchers and travel routes usually take 2-3 weeks Before departure. Travel insurance is not mandatory but provides strong advice along the document for any accident. All international destinations require passport

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