Definition of Extreme Programming

Agile methodology has become extremely popular in software development due to its non-traditional and innovative approach. Extreme programming is one of the methods of an agile development model that focuses on the engineering mechanisms of software programming. This article looks at the concept of extreme programming (XP), which focuses on flexibility and return to investment.

Several developers have realized that they can provide greater value to business and stakeholders. However, this is only possible if flexibility and change are incorporated into the software development process. The agile methodology process focuses on a high degree of teamwork, communication and incremental liberation. This process is flexible to meet the changing requirements of the development and the intra-group initiative for innovation and remain self-motivated. In the 1990s Kent Beck developed the development of agile development programming (Extreme Programming, XP) and paid special attention to A Engineering Processes. Kent described extreme programming as a concept that goes from a wide and abstract values ​​to a particular engineering practice through a series of principles. This is different from other agile processes that affect project management, continuous integration, paired programming, test driven development, and refactoring all of which work together to enhance code quality and reduce errors and failures.

Parallel programming focuses on collaboration through improving code quality. It also helps the knowledge sharing of new team members and the implementation of the team's accountability. The test-driven development (TDD) is designed to cover the codes in the entity of test automation and its scope is wider than the developer test. The TDD is a continuous design mechanism as it only adds the characteristic required for the variable requirement during incremental transport. This results in the loss of time and effort due to the development of unnecessary functionality. Test driven development encourages good planning. Refactoring aims to improve the code structure without affecting the nature of the code. XP uses continuous integration and tests all code centrally on test automation. This is used throughout the system to provide the highest level system in which the most recent changes have been incorporated. (19459002)

Programmer's questions are examined and listened to They take the necessary steps to check things out. Then, there are meetings between different stakeholders (developers, clients, and trainers).

Customers should be part of the development team or need to be available for permanent communication. The client expresses business requirements, manages accounts, manages functional tests, and highlights the output functions. The client provides the acceptance tests that ensure that stories are integrated into the system.

Extreme Programmers Estimate of User Stories for Time Needed to Complete Your Job. They define engineering practices and perform tasks and unit tests.

The testers test the functionality and functionality of the test and prepare the test result for feedback.

Coaches are organizing and holding meetings for the iteration plan, schedules, records, discussion protocols for future references and feedback. Coach works with the tracker and acts as a team mentor.

Including a high-quality project.

  • Continuous customer feedback tailored to customer requirements for high customer satisfaction.
  • Software development is a focus of continuous development.
  • Conserving simplicity while meeting project requirements.
  • Is able to stay flexible, change the project, and provide high quality services.
  • Maintain sustainable pace and not work over time to prevent team exhaustion. (Emphasis should be placed on moderation rather than an hectic crowded schedule).
  • Collective ownership of code allows any team member to change the code. This must be communicated effectively with other members of the team.

    Costly installation of programming staff who may otherwise be individually working on specific areas apply. Due to the flexible and iterative nature of development, thorough documentation and changes made by developers, it makes it vulnerable. The code can be compromised and if the code changes, without the proper communication with the team, problems may arise.

    XP emphasizes that the various aspects of engineering practice mean a highly disciplined approach. XP focuses on securing maximum business value according to customer requirements. In addition, it focuses on maintaining a robust code quality that justifies the cost of engineering practices. Over the years, extreme programming is about to be adopted and popularized. For greater acceptance, successful cases should be highlighted with appropriate programming and mentoring, together with business professionals who define the development teams.

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