Paris & # 39; Disneyland: What to do for more than 2 days in the park?

Indeed, there is a mountain option at Eurodisney in Paris. You and your family can enjoy holidays every year, so why not try the best deal for you in January? Disneyland offers a wide range of hotels, many hotels and resorts in the park. From the calm, relaxed hotel, apart from the manic nature of the park, you may be interested in being on the edge of Disneyland Park. Alternatively, you can stay at Disney Hotel where Disney characters will meet and welcome breakfast (popular favorite).

Two days ago at Disneyland you have enough time to view the basic things and feel that you have a good Disney experience. The first call point is the Magic Kingdom Park, as it is the largest part of the park. The park is divided into six thematic areas: Main Street USA, Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland and Discoveryland. Pirates of the Caribbean are a road that should not be missed and people tend to love Dumbo with the Flying Elephant. Crazy hat teaspoons and Peter Pan Flight should also be taken into account. All-day parades and presentations are great for strolling around and for the magical end of the evening, and take a fabulous dinner at the Auberge de Cendrillon in Fantasyland. Here you can enjoy the majestic dinner princes and princesses, then enjoy the exclusive dessert shaped like Cinderella Slipper. Then go to your hotel for relaxation and relaxation before the next fun day. Some imaginative accommodations include Davy Crockett Ranch, which offers private cabins in a natural setting at the Sequoia Lodge, where you can enjoy a spacious fireplace in the spacious surroundings or Disney's New York Hotel, an elegant and sophisticated resort with large apples.

Get up next morning and go to the hotel's restaurant where you can enjoy a great breakfast. Make sure you are in stock because you will need all the energy you can get. The Second Day Paris Disneyland is always the best you feel is organized and comfortable in your environment. Traveling to the water park is absolutely essential and helps you relax your stay. You must also buy at Walt Disney Universal Studios Park. Top 5 attractions include: Twilight Zone of Terror, an exciting, free fall road, Toy Story Playland, an oversized world of full-featured tours, Stitch Live! Show, the Cars Race Rally and the Crush Coaster, which is the "Finding Nemo" film-inspired roller coaster. While in the park, explore the studio backlots where you can find special effects shows and a detailed movie and make sure you are attending the meeting and welcoming them. If you still have the energy, visit the village bars, discos and nightclubs where you can rest until Friday morning. Give yourself plenty of time to stroll in the park – this is a beautiful experience that has made it fresh and revitalized. In the summer, the park is quite impressive and the waterfronts are even more attractive.

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