First Class Travel your own private sanctuary

What is the first British Airways? First, a complete cabin refinement inspired by interior designers to produce a lighter seating area, high-grade leather, white porcelain, Irish linen, velvet edging blankets and pillows.

When you sit down, you are given a variety of choices in how to spend the flight. A la carte menu or enjoy a five-course dinner with fine wines, champagnes and spirits served at any time with espresso or cappuccino coffee. Short-night flights leaving key US East Coast gateways, you can eat and relax after boarding a flight to rest or take advantage of pre-flight dining options, and then sleep all the way to London.

extensive choice of in-flight entertainment choice of 18 video and 16 audio channels and personal video player and a library of 45 videos can be seen in a larger video screen. Relax in the sophisticated comfort of the seat power for laptops and personal phone or convert the seat of a button to a 6 & # 39;. 6 "flat bed and sleep peacefully through the night

Upon arrival, refresh yourself with the check lounge, where you have the opportunity to shower, eat warm food and clothing pushed. the living room also features a mini gym, a spa and other amenities so that you feel refreshed and after the resurgence of the flight. this is easy to say what makes the customer the first, but the first British Airways has taken that slogan to a whole new level.

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