Do not Punch Above Your Weight Too Far Biz Software Group


Devshop the start, I worked for four other small and medium-sized software companies (the last three as chief technology officer). These companies were around 25 people on the signal (one ballooned more than 100 people in the dot-com boom, but quickly came back to earth shortly thereafter).

The individual companies and the entire management team has gotten it in their heads that they were going to build enterprise-class software and sell hundreds of thousands of dollars for some of the largest companies in North America. In a couple of cases, teams hunt for the elusive "million-dollar deals." At the time, I did not know any better, and because I was just happy to Head of R & D was associated with a lot of "business" people, and to assemble the engineering plans of enterprise-class software for them. It looks after the sales pull.

None of these companies has been successful doing what he wanted to do – land and the service is a "big deal." Worse: they all eventually crushed under the weight of its own bids received and entered a nose-dive. Someone is trying to convince me today that a small company (

Source by Craig Fitzpatrick

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