Christmas Fun Facts – Discover the Giver called Christkind Christmas!

Five hundred years ago, church reformer, Martin Luther wanted to focus on St Nicholas as a gift to the Christ child carriers. So the 16th-17th Century Europe, many Protestants changed the gift of bringing back to the Christ child known as the "Christkind". The date of the gift is changed to St. Nicholas' feast day on December 6, the Christmas December 24

The traditional Christmas gift bringer in Germany and most of the German-speaking areas of Europe "in the Christ-child is also known as the" Christkind ". This now popular gift bringer depicts Europe, such as Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Croatia, Australia, southern Brazil, part of the Spanish-American and Slovakia.

The Christkind in Germany often portrayed as a sprite-like child angel with wings and blond hair, wearing a white robe. Some assume Christkind that the incarnation of Jesus as a baby. often, the kids like to leave a letter on the windowsill of Chirstkind. However, the children do not see the Christkind. They are encouraged not to peek and try to figure comes to see if they will not be present. So the tradition when parents secretly ring in which children believe the Christkind rings departure. Parents always tell me that after the Christkind disappeared leaving gifts under the tree before they entered the room. It's a magical tradition.

There are many articles that suggest the Germans had a hard time getting their mind around the baby Jesus gifts, such as Christmas giver gradually transformed into a lovely girl. This sweet girl has become known as the Christkind. Today, modern Germany is the Christkind elected every year during a race. In general, a teenage girl dressed in gold, is like a rock star complete with bodyguard, publicist, and even his own entourage! The entrance to the Christkind today are often characterized by the cheering crowd.

However, the look and the name "Christkind" varies by region. Here are some aliases that may be found in Christkindl Christkindl and Christkindel. Another popular representation of the Christkind is a fairy creature with a crown on top of her long golden curly locks, dressed in glorious gold and white robes. However, within each region, the golden angel girl anywhere than the traditional "Weihnachtsmann" or Father Christmas (known as Santa Claus) bearer of gifts.

So depending where you are in Europe, you will see variations of representation Christkind. However, no matter where you are, this is the bringer of gifts has shown so much joy and happiness.

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