15 Philippines Dating Phrases in Cebuano Language

Want a date from a Filipina woman from the Philippines? If you live on Cebu Island, one of the Visayas Islands or Mindanao Island, then Filipina is a Cebuana or a Bisaya. The word "Cebuana" has grown to Filipina girls and Filipina women and they recognize the province of Cebu. While the term "Bisaya" is commonly used for most Visayas Islands and Mindanao Island residents.

Cebu is a province of the Philippines. Cebu Island is a typical tropical island with shallow beaches, limestone and coastline. Cebuano is the inhabitants of Cebu, the population of Bohol, the eastern part of Negros Island, western part of Leyte and Biliran Islands, southern Masbate Island. This also spoke in some cities and on the island of Samar. Cebuano has the largest number of native speakers, such as the Tagalog. On the island of Bohol, the people of Boholanos and the local language Bol-anon.

The language spoken on most parts of Mindanao Island is known as Bisaya. The Bisaya language is very similar to the Cebuano language, and many speak on Mindanao Island. There are many beautiful Filipina women who call themselves "Cebuanas" in Cebu. So how do you judge Filipina Cebuana? There are, of course, many different ways, and Filipina Cebuanas are no different from other Filipina women. They want to sacrifice and tempt gifts and loving expressions.

Here are some Filipino dating sites in Cebuano. Filipina Cebuana Female Cebu Crawling in Court

These Filipino dating sites are the same terms that can be applied to most Filipina Bisaya women in Mindanao, especially in Mindanao, Mindanao and Southern Mindanao in the north. You will find many gorgeous Filipina Bisaya women from Mindanao, who are beautiful, cultivated, and much older than Filipina Cebuana women.

2) I like it – "Nakagusto jud ko sa imo"

3) I dropped you – "Naka-crush ko sa imo"

5) Watch out – "Mag-amping ka ha"

6) I think of you – "Nag-hunahuna ko sa imo"

7) I always think of you – "Pirate ko gahunahuna sa imo"

8) I dream of you – "Nagdamgo (19459003)

10) I miss you very much – "Miss na miss jud nako ka"

11) I Love You – "Gihigugma I love you – "Gugmahan kaayo ko nimo"

12) I love you – "Nahigugma ko nim" o "

Gusto nako ka pakaslan "

language or Bisaya language in many other versions and differently used with words used but the meaning is the same. Each version depends on the moment in which the mood but these Filipina dating sites can add extra points to the Filipina woman who interests you! Knowing the local Filipino language is one way to win the heart of Filipina!

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