3 Mineral oils must be relaxed for their own sake

I love animals so much that they allow their people to behave with happiness, innocence, and unconditional love. Our pets are as happy as part of our household, just like us.

But sometimes an animal enters our lives, which is a bit 'out there'!

For example, a dog that is irrational fear of rain and not of life is outside the rain. Or the cat who hides me for hours when a friend comes. Or what about the dog he destroys the house during work? Any of them familiar? 19459002

My cats, Sammie and Max, like to hang out on the walk-in terrace. But when the garbage truck starts to run, they are fleeing for their lives. It may seem crazy for us, but whatever the animal's fear or unusual behavior is, they are completely legitimate in their minds.

The use of essential oils on animals can really be seen from anxiety, great time!

Due to the increased sensations of the animals, they respond very well to essential oils. Wildlife consumes special nutrition to heal itself. In captivity (in our homes) the plant kingdom is not available. The use of essential oils at your favorites gives you access to the great healing properties of nature. The three most important essential oils for the resting of pets:

Lavender is used to support her animal; fear of rain and thunderstorms, separation, hyperactivity, trauma / depression, depression, illness, medical examinations, other family members sorrow / loss and any situation that causes a great deal of stress to your animal such as garbage trucks!

When using essential oils for animals, we always remember less that animals are very sensitive to essential oils.

It is best to use essential oils to dilute the essential oils with a carrier oil such as organic olive oil. I recommend a piece of essential oil to 1 part oil for each animal except CATs. Cats dilution ratio 1 part essential oil for 10 parts for body oil

Cats should be cautious

Essential oils listed in this article for safe dogs and horses However; cats are another story! Cats are extremely sensitive to essential oils containing phenols, such as oregano and thyme. Cats are not able to efficiently metabolize the phenols because they lack the enzyme in the liver to digest the phenols. Avoid the peaceful and soothing essential oil mixture on your cat as it contains phenols. Lavender and Roman Chamomile Essential Oils Are Safe for Cats

How to Use Essential Oils on Dogs, Horses and Cats:

For Reassuring Dogs: [1]

mix lavender, chamomile or a calm and soothing oil with 1 drop of oil. Rub this mixture on the dogs, on their ears or on the comb through the coat. Apply at any time if you want to feel that your dog is stressful.

Relaxing horses: 19459004

1 drop of lavender, chamomile or Peace & Calming® essential oil with 1 drop of oil. Rub this mixture on the horse's nose, ears, or squirrel's orchestras. Apply the horse's stress at any time.

Combine 1 drop of lavender or chamomile essential oil with 10 drops of carrier oil. Rub this mixture through the cat's pillows, ears, or combs through their coats. Apply your cat at all times to stress.

Otherwise, the essential oils of this article are also beneficial in alleviating anxiety! There is no need for dilution in humans. Just put a little drop on your wrist, shoulder, or behind your ear. And next time you open a bottle of lavender essential oil, have a few with your pet owner! Thank you!

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