Fixing The Thumper Mini Pro2

To Stop the Presses!

I just received an email from a mechanical problem with a Thumper Massager

My lords asked me if I could find any possible places to put the poorly working Thumper unit back into the working state . At that moment, for this person (for a local repair shop) but for these percussion massagers, I came to many opinions that telephone helpdesk (real person) has been helped and spoken through frequent repairs to Thumper massage units.

I'm not sure these patches are easy for every massaging model, but the most common fix to the Thumper (MP2) seems to be the switch, and it seems pretty easy to fix. Here are instructions for correcting malfunction g Switch

Activating Thumper Mini Pro – Problems:

  1. Switch is stopped and no longer clicks in settings can not be turn on or off.
  2. There is a long delay before the massager begins to vibrate. Is this problem corrective?

Both situations occur when the internal connection of the switch or switch housing is defective or interrupted. The same model exists as Thumper, MP2 and the same problem.

Correction of problem:

First, you want to check if the switch is free to move.

If the switch is jammed or jammed (not blinking), you must clear the switches and the housing (slide the plastic part into the switch) and then replace the switch

Do not leave to scare the word "charge" (this is just a cool word for "recovery"), this is an easy task and you will not need any special tools; just a tiny flat head screwdriver and maybe a Phillips head screwdriver must be a trick; oh, yes, and a few steel wool.


First, unlock the unit and the panel behind the switch should be cleaned and the connection re-pulled if they are disconnected (and this is usually the case), the connection points must be cleaned.

After switching on, take a cotton swab that is rubbed with alcohol 91% and clean (do not forget to have more than one contact to regulate the speed).

If the simple alcohol knot does not do the trick, tiny pieces nicely and tightly rotated) and attach it to the switches on top of the switch (when the switch is open fr (19459004)

take a small flat screwdriver and move the steel wool up and down the switch until you see the contacts are clear. ]

] This is very important:

If you need to turn on the Thumper Mini Pro again, you have to make sure it is re-assembled and tested , it has to function like the new all three speeds.

Enjoy it

If you have any problems or still do not work, please contact with Thumper Inc. 1-800-848-6737.

Returning to Received Email

Unfortunately, the switch was no problem with Mr. C's unit, the problem was a bit more intrusive than a dirty connection, but the parts he needed made it available, just did not care about fixing the machines and did not worry about the excess shipping costs

He told me that he had two Mini Profi and, as you can imagine, are transported to Canada and are costly again.

Want to know if anyone here in the United States works for them?

Received a few circuit boards and various parts from the dealer he had been through but did not want to capture (if avoided).

I told him that he did not have any deep mechanical problems with one of my trumpets, just a minor switching problem, but I refer to my site for a review where a guy is far beyond the phone.

I understand you do not want the unit yourself, but it's good to know that if you are so inclined, these are machines that the owner (rather than disposable) can improve with the correct guidance. not much help, but I wanted her the best.

I did not know how to help Mr. C with his problem, there are more problems with either of them (I'm trimming tree as I write this).

I do not like spending money unnecessarily and shipping costs to Canada and returning something that weighs £ 7 is probably not cheap, so I'm very happy that Thumper is willing to spare parts and instructions for the machine to go again, I really miss the Thumper when you went for three weeks. It seems like Mr C., why would there be one if they did not exactly what they said and did well.

Source by Dave Dillard

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