Self-Defense Personal Alarms

In the self-defense industry, you always care what and what does not work when you and I are defending ourselves against crime. Today we will talk about personal alerts; what they are doing and really is effective protection against crime.

First of all, they are. Personal alarms are generally small, battery-powered devices that cause a lot of noise. Their small size makes it easy to continue with staff, so the name "Personal Alarm". I know, I know most of them seem quite obvious, but they had to start with a basic description, if someone else was such a new thing. what are they doing. Well, as I said, personal alerts create a lot of noise. They have to do exactly this, and as long as they work properly, they do exactly that. The average personal alert level is anywhere between 100 decibels and 130 decibels. Considering this aspect, consider this: • A home vacuum cleaner is about 65-70 decibels loud

. · The average alarm clock with an acoustic signal contains about 80 decibels.

· The chainsaw is about 100 decibels loud

· The jackhammer is about 130 decibels loud

· And the gun or the airborne siren is somewhere 140 decibels loud

Sounds louder 90 decibels are potentially dangerous to hearing. Both the amount of noise and the length of exposure determine the degree of damage

Most personal alarms are activated by a pushbutton, a on-off switch, or a pull-out needle that activates the alarm when the wand is removed from the device.

I personally prefer those with a pull-out needle, because if the alarm falls in the fight, it will not accidentally turn off. In fact, it's the only way to turn it off (except for cutting pieces) to replace the activation pin or remove the batteries.

Lastly Effective but it all depends on what they expect from them. Personal alerts work because they output loud, high-frequency sound, which is far more tedious than the ear of a low sound pressure frequency of the same volume. Alarms, or sometimes siren sounds, for a few seconds quickly deceive the attacker and cause pain on the eardrum even if the person is not usually susceptible to loud noises.

But the best use of personal alerts, as I see it, is able to draw your attention to your situation. Most of the criminals do not want the audience when they attack someone, and a 130 Diesel alarm can be heard from either two or three city blocks, even on busy traffic on the street. So you can easily catch the attention of the upcoming man when walking in the parking lot or on the street, or even jogging through the park. This alone can often send the attacker in the other direction, looking for less noisy loot.

Personal alerts come in a few dollars, making them very easy. Furthermore, they are not weapons, they are legal everywhere. But please note that, like any self-defense device, personal alert is not a spell. No matter how loud your alarm is, it does not create any kind of magic force that protects you from all the bad people in the world. However, they will catch most people as a surprise and misleading them enough to allow them to go. And even then, if you can not ask for help, they will draw attention to your situation.

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