There are always many attractions in Greece

When you visit Greece you can always be sure that you can see and do a lot of things. This is probably why nearly 20 million people choose to visit this ancient and wonderful country every year. There are about 140 inhabited islands that make up Greece, and with this in mind, it is not necessary to find new and exciting places.

Most holiday homes have chosen a number of tourist areas, such as Athens. Athens, of course, is famous for hosting some truly breathtaking sights. The Acropolis is only one and once there, and you can see why it is used as a background in many novels and movies. The Acropolis is treated specially every year. Since 1975 he has been restored to the former glory. The renovations turned the decay and the pollution, which jeopardized this wonderful location. Work will always be on the move to make this site appealing to visitors.

When we walk in Athens at night we generally think that this city is one of the safest in the world such as Paris, London or Tokyo. It's probably worth taking the street at 10 o'clock. This is when the city is really alive, with many good restaurants and bars.

Shopping in Athens is important to many people because they offer such a wide selection. You are ready to replace it, because if you do, you can reduce prices by up to 20%. If you buy Silver, please note that prices may be slightly higher than they are at home. This is because of the use of coin-grade silver in Greece, which is actually of a higher silver content than Sterling or 925 Silver. This is just a little bit of information that will keep you from discomfort at the time of purchase!

Amongst the more adventurous people, I'd like to think more about the Olympus Mountain, which is believed to host the mythological Zeus and its team of other gods and goddesses. You probably will not go to Zeus when you start on this road: this is a road that will – if finished – you will see that you climb up to the top just under 3000 meters. I have to climb a bit moderately, as this "climb" is not much more than an energetic tour. Of course you will see some breathtaking views as you go uphill. Thanks to its accessibility, many traditional tourist buses can be reached, and it is worth mentioning that the area offers excellent rail services.

During your visit to Athens you can visit the Constitution Square in the heart of the city. Here you will find the best hotels in Greece and if you think that the central transport hub is also close, it is easy to see why this area has many tourist routes in Athens. In order to better authenticate its name: in fact, a parliamentary building is built on one side of the square.

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