Three of Osaka's best hospitals

Osaka is Japan's second-largest city. This financial center is home to 7% of the Japanese population and makes the big tourist destination an outsider. Osaka has many famous leisure parks, castles, sanctuaries, aquariums and beaches. In general, Osaka's healthcare sector is well-developed and has a number of world-class hospitals with English speaking staff who cater to the needs of visitors to the country. This article outlines some of Osaka's best hospitals. 1928-19004 Kitano Hospital (19459004), at 2-4-20am Ogimachi, Kita-ku, Osaka was founded in 1928 and the reputable Tazuke Kofukai Foundation. Kitano Hospital has 707 beds and more than 1000 employees. There are full branches of all medical specialties, including dialysis and mind-body medicine. The hospital is well-designed OPD, research center and relaxation room. The surgery sector operates a central operating theater and performs a number of general and specific surgeries. The modern hematology department effectively treats leukemia, lymphoma and myeloma. The hospital has 24-hour emergency and outpatient care and a well-equipped emergency rescue service (ER) with many doctors and surgeons available. Anesthetics and critical care medication departments consist of 7 staff physicians and 5 residents who work together to ensure the best possible care. ICU has modern facilities for respiratory, sedative, circulatory and analgesic treatment of patients. It is also the primary institution of medical education and research. Tel: 6-6361-0588

Sumitomo Hospital is located at 2-2 Nakanoshima 5-chome, Kita-ku, Osaka is another trusted Osaka Hospital that provides high quality health services. This modern hospital, founded in 1921, employs outstanding physicians and offers particularly favorable personal care to patients. This huge health institution has full-scale organizational units with all medical specialties, including some rare specialties. These specialized centers include the cancer chemotherapy center, the center of diabetes, and the center of digestive disease. The surgery department has the necessary tools to perform various operations, such as chest surgery, plastic surgery and cardiovascular surgery. In addition, the hospital has well-equipped infusion centers, emergency department and various laboratories. Spacious accommodation offers spacious rooms in the hospital. Tel: (06) 6443-1261

Nissay Hospital is located in Osaka, Itatibori 6-chome, Nishi-ku, 550-0012. It is a well-equipped general hospital providing quality health care. This modern hospital has been awarded the Certificate of Approval by the Quality Health Council, recognized by many Japanese healthcare companies. The hospital provides comprehensive healthcare in all healthcare areas. It is the center of the minimally invasive medical center, cancer center and life-style illnesses. The surgical section of the hospital is ready to perform endoscopic surgeries, such as chest, spinal, abdominal, gynecological and urologic surgery. The hospital also offers effective treatment of hemodialysis, bone marrow transplantation, blood cell transplantation, antibody therapy, glaucoma surgery, laser photocoagulation and many other services. Luxury accommodation is also available. The hospital is a well-known education and research center approved by the Ministry of Health. Phone: 6543-3581

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