Amber Fort

Fort Location: 11 km from Jaipur (Rajasthan) on the Delhi-Jaipur highway


Entries: Visit: Elephant Horseback Riding, 07:00 AM October to March

For Indians, Rs.150 until Foreigners and Rs. 150 for the camera and video.

Amber Fort, designed in white marble and red sandstone, is one of Jaipur's forests. It is about 11 km from Jaipur. The construction of the fort began in 1592 in Man Singh I and later by Jai Singh's descendants. Maotha Lake borders the fort and visitors can see the crystal clear reflection of the royal building. An unforgettable overview of this mighty fortress in Nahargarh Fort is 8 km away from Jaipur, on top of a hill.

Like Amer Fort, the building presents a brilliant fusion of Rajput and Islmaic architecture.

Both the exterior and the interior are built in an elegant style. Walls are decorated with paintings, depicting the presence of royal life, hunting, etc. Some details feature elaborate carvings, mosaics, frescoes and murals. The red sandstone forts are made up of four parts, each with central stairs.

Tourist attraction in the Amber Fortress:

A joyful elephant rides to Amber Fort A must-do-do activity. The huge animal was decorated with glittering dresses and wreaths, and this is the Rs cost. 400 / – per thread. The royal cum adventure safari presents visitors through the main entrance and offers the attraction of Surajpol, Jaleb Chowk, which is the main Fort of Fort and the stairs of the Kali Temple and Shila Devi Mandir. Later lights are holding the huge silver image of the Lions. The great idol of Lord Ganesha also adds to the sights.

Outside the open ground, churches and lake, the Amber Fort halls are compulsory visitor centers. Diwan-i-am or the lobby of the public highlights the royal court, where issues related to the issues are heard and solved. On the higher terrace of the fort there is a Jai ​​Mandir (the Hall of Victory), which now contains collections of sculptures and works of art of mosaic tiles. In contrast, the majestic Sukh Niwas (the Hall of Joy). The door of the elaborate sandalwood made of ivory gives great attention to the visitors.

Last but not least, the Zenana Apartment, the Mirror Room .

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