Something Unlikely to Sail – Luxury Cruise Holiday

When people say they are on a luxury cruise they might be somewhere in the Mediterranean or another exotic location but when I heard in Alaska I thought that while it's a bit traditional, you have to experience it at least once in your life!


My friend Daniel joined me on board Mercury, a ten extraordinaire deck and our home for the next seven nights. Each room was designed with a celebrity signature, and one, Daniel and I, shared the mix of fine sophistication and Art Deco style. It was wonderful from the top to the end.

The most modern theaters and we were told that Broadway and Las Vegas productions are on a regular basis. Six bars, four restaurants, four whirlpools, an indoor pool, a gym, a beauty salon, a disco and a casino. Basically, all the luxury you've been thinking to make sure that while you are on a boat, you do not bother a minute. But with all this, Mercury was still a ship, and as far as it was enough to entertain, something that would be a great amusement park, I have to say far.

Experience while

While sitting on board, you slowly sail through the amazing glow of the Alaskan desolation. After shortly after changing directions, we saw that a shell of whales followed us. Daniel and I were both very happy when we visited the wolves' kittens in the snow. As a pet owner, it was undoubtedly the highlight of our trip. We sat there, photographed and enjoyed the animals' play, which took place beforehand. Finally, they moved to more internal areas and Mercury continued.

On board there were guides and scientists, explained and responded to the potential questions of tourists. They gave us in detail the history and explanations of Alaska's geography, a country that really deserves respect.

On the days when the weather was colder than normal, we spent the time, woke up in the beauty spa, or simply relaxed by the indoor pool. Even then, I did not feel bored for a moment. How could it be when surrounded by tourists from around the world, a good friend and all the greatness Mercury had to offer. We've seen the evenings or one of the theatrical productions, or the luck trying the casino. Daniel was lucky in this section, then I too. Every night they dined in one of the four restaurants, and as expected, the food was at the highest level. Before Daniel and I went on our trip, someone asked me why they went for a cruise to Alaska? My answer is "Why not". Alaska is one of the most enchanting venues in the world, which is of a diverse nature. There are sparkling lakes, glaciers and majestic mountains. You will experience that you really feel like breathing in the fresh air. The Alaskan bush offers the feeling of true freedom and for this simple reason Alaska can enjoy the luxury cruise holiday right there!

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