The Benefits and Disadvantages of Television

Many people like watching TV, especially during their free time, and if they have nothing to do with it. We like to watch TV while dining our favorite food or hanging out in the place of our friend. Whichever way we entertain when watching TV. We can watch many different programs on TV, depending on mood and personality. Some love looks at comedy and talk shows, while others, especially kids and young people, love to love cartoon cartoons on the Cartoon Network or the Disney channel.

But then watching TV has the advantage and the disadvantage. Experts say that too much television monitoring, especially among children, is not good for health and the mind. Television may be entertaining and informative, sometimes harmful and harmful.

Below is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of TV:


1. Fun and Laughter

we entertain the programs we like to watch. We laugh at things that are funny and comical people on the TV show. We like dancing or singing on TV celebrities, and some of us copy their dance movement and singing style.

2. Information and guidance

We learn a lot of information about places and people that you do not usually learn in magazines, books, and newspapers. There are tour operators who present beautiful places around the world and inform us of the cultures of different countries, which can be of great help especially if you want to travel. We will also learn how to cook new recipes by watching cookies and learn other things through programs that show concrete work, practice, or other interesting things step-by-step.

3. Improves memory and simple learning

Generally, we take into account the schedule of your favorite programs, especially if it appears only once or twice a week. We tend to store things recently in our favorite program and recall it before the next episode appears on TV. This will help the memory that we can use in our daily lives. It's easier for kids to learn math, science, alphabet, and other topics if someone can show them how to do it like counting, identifying objects, and more. Educational TV shows are available for children to watch and learn.

4.) Conclusion of family and friends

Watching TV is a great way to connect family and friends, especially on weekends. You can laugh and discuss the things you see on TV. This can be really fun.

5.) Awareness and attention

Weather reports and current news about different parts of the world become aware of what is happening outside your country. It may also be a warning if there is an incoming typhoon in the neighborhood and this will help prepare you.


1.) Reduction of creativity and imagination.

Television programs, including advertisements, tend to share with us creative creations and deliver us ideas and opinions that are not beneficial and can lead to a decrease in creativity and imagination because we can not think of ourselves as creative things are easily accessible and shared with us.

2.) Health Problems

Usually you can enjoy your favorite food or food while watching TV. This is not good for our health because we eat a lot while sitting on TV. This can lead to obesity as we do not move a lot when watching TV. This can lead to other serious illnesses that you eat a lot and move less.

3.) Makes people lazy

Most of us will be captured when we watch our favorite TV channels. Sometimes we forget to do our work or other important things because we have been involved in the show. Some people have forgotten to do housework because they would rather watch TV than work.

4. Some programs do not teach good values.

There are TV shows that do not teach good values, especially for children. Rather than teaching them good deeds, they also imitate, replenish or deceive the important things around us, which is not good for children to look at. To sum up, watch TV watching and watch TV shows so that you and your children are listening. Choose programs that you can personally learn and grow. You also need to limit how much children spend on TV. The maximum number of hours for toddlers should be 3 hours, while teenagers should be provided with good lectures only when they are preparing for homework and projects.

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