Is the right way to store it?

If you think you can park, lock, and leave everything you need to store a car, you're wrong. This can be done by leaving the car for a few hours or a night, but for a longer period of time, the same vehicle can cause serious damage. If you keep your vehicle away for whatever reason, you store your car and knowing the right storage techniques is important as it can return to a dead battery, broken tires, or worse damaged engine when leaving your car. on the street or in the garage for a long time.

Here is the list you need to follow before leaving your car in the garage for a long time.

and the exterior of the vehicle: Long before the vehicle is protected, it may be lame but this is an important step. Bird droppings and water splashes may damage your vehicle's paint when it is for a long time. Be sure to thoroughly clean the car and the tires as well. Take the car with wax to protect

Change the oil and coolant: You can skip this step if you leave the car for only a week or two. But if you have longer plans, you have to change the car oil and the coolant. Dirt in the oil may damage the car's engine. Damage sells the car or pays huge bills in the repair shops

Keep the gas tank full: Leave the tank for more than 30 days to fill the tank to prevent accumulation of moisture in the fuel tank and keep the seals from drying

Keep in: Remove the battery and keep it in a safe place to save battery life. Put the car on a drip charger and if you can not remove the batteries, just pull them out.

Avoid using parking brake: There are a few chances that the brake pads will tap for a long time. It's better to buy a tire instead.

Tires remain inflated: Tire ignition and long-term use will result in flat spots. Blow up the tire and find a better return.

Spread inside and outside the vehicle: Do not forget to dabble or cotton balls soaked on baby oil to avoid rodent attacks.

The placing on the market of used vehicles is not so easy, so it is advisable to maintain the vehicle if you want to achieve the best resale value. You never know when you can be tempted to buy a new car.

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