Chrysler Announces Sales Outside North America Outside North America

Although Chrysler probably cut sales in North America, a bright spot appeared in sales outside North America. The Chrysler Group has recently announced sales figures for non-North America regions.

The report found that the company increased its sales revenue this year by 9 percent compared to the same period last year. The group also reported that it sold 10 percent more vehicles in the first two months of this year compared to the first two months of the previous year.

The three brands of the Chrysler Group have set the highest sales figures for the month of February. Sales growth in the 21st month also shows that the company has successfully increased its sales performance in the previous month. This is certainly a welcome news for the carmaker, as they have suffered losses on their own lawn. In fact, the carmakers faced rumors that DaimlerChrysler AG could sell it after announcing it would reduce their work, shut down the factory, and reduce its operation.

The group has achieved great success in Asia and the European region. Of the built-in vehicles, Dodge Caliber is the best seller for sale today. In the first two months of the year, the Chrysler Group sold four 844 calibers outside North America. Most of the sold calibers were sold in the Western European region. Accordingly, the Chrysler Group is the best-selling brand in the Dodge. In fact, Dodge's sales increased by 278 percent compared to last year's statistics.

Thomas Hausch, Global Sales and Marketing Manager says: "The global success of Dodge Caliber shows that in the major European and international markets the Dodge brand is attracting bold and unique features and needs more we will come to the end of the year, the Dodge Nitro and Avenger will be available to customers worldwide. "In February, Chrysler 300C was the most successful model in the Chrysler group. With regard to sales and growth, the 300C led the whole model of Chrysler. 300C achieved 57 percent growth and 2,629 sales units. In addition to North America, the group's sales account for only eight percent of their global sales.

Although this seems small, Chrysler's success outside North America is a good news for the struggling car manufacturers. While the success of the group outside North America is a good sign, it is not enough to stop their financial weaknesses. The company will have to compile restructuring plans that will be as effective as Active Bakes Direct .

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