Fun Facts about South Africa

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Perhaps the most famous South African film "Tsotsi" by Gavin Hood. "Tsotsi" is a story of a gang leader. March 5, 2006, "Tsotsi" won the Academy Award for Foreign Language Film in Los Angeles.

speech, Gavin Hood said, "God bless Africa Wow I have a speech called so in my pocket, but this thing says 38 seconds but mine & # 39; s too long into and there is a huge…. a long list of people. I am not accepting it for myself. it's the best foreign language film. it sits there with.Please begin to stand up Presley Chweneyagae and Terry Phet. two fantastic young leads. Put cameras in them, please. Viva Africa .. Viva Ive just ten seconds seconds.Ten would like to thank my fellow nominees who I've become friends with deep may have foreign language films, but the stories are the same as the story They & # 39;.. from the human heart and emotions. He says wrap.Thank please you very much. Thank you to the Academy. Thank you. "

winner, "Tsotsi" (South Africa)


– "Sophie Scholl" (Germany)

– "Joyeux Noël" (France)

– "The Beast of the Heart" (Italy)

– "Paradise Now" (Palestine)

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for the first time since 1960, South Africa's delegation to compete at the Olympics. Of course, South Africa has sent 94 athletes to the 1992 Olympic Games held in Barcelona, ​​Spain.The African delegation athletes competing seventeen areas: archery, badminton, boxing, kayaking, cycling, equestrian, fencing, modern pentathlon, rowing, sailing, shooting, swimming , table tennis, tennis, track and field, wrestling and weighlifting. They returned to South Africa two silver medals.

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Nelson Mandela was one of the most important leaders of the 20th century.He played in the recuperation of the nation & # 39 fundamental role; s democracy. Under his leadership, one of the best constitutions adopted in South Africa in world.Mandela once said: "And so it came to pass that in South Africa today is going to her rebirth, cleansed of a horrible past, matured a tentative beginning, and reach out to the future with confidence pledge. I never, and will never again be the law of the land tear people apart or legalize repression and oppression ".

since 1993, you can feel the freedom in South Africa. Different from Cuba, Iran and Zimbabwe, South Africa, in a democracy, where civil society has a huge influence and power.

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South Africa a lot of national parks and reserves, which are home to some amazing wildlife. The Kruger National Park is one of the most popular tourist spots on the African continent. This is one of the world's most beautiful national parks. The Kruger National Park is an ideal habitat for animals such as elephants, giraffes, rhinos, monkeys, zebras, cheetahs, hyenas, hippos, gazelles, Elands, lions and African wild dogs.

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South Africa, three large letters: Cape Town (legislative), Pretoria (administrative) and Bloemfontein (judicial) .However, Johannesburg is the most important economic, industrial and cultural center of South Africa.It is an important industrial city on the third world together Taipei (Taiwan), Mexico City (Mexico) and Seoul (South Korea) .In 2006 was Johannesburg's population of 2.6 million

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This is the first time Africa is hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup.The held Football World Cup 2000 South Africa.In Joseph Blatter, FIFA president, wanted to FIFA to vote in South Africa. However, New Zealand & # 39; s Charlie Dempsey jumped the final vote, and Germany broke it.For this reason, Germany hosted the World Cup in 2006.

In 2007, South African President Thabo Mbeki, said: "There is no doubt that the local organizing committee, government at all levels and all concerned will do the necessary work to ensure that the recipient is a better tournament in 2010, as the excellent 2006 German World Cup. "

It should be noted that millions of dollars have been spent in recent years on the reform of South Africa & # 39; s sports system.

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About half the world's gold is produced in South Africa.

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South Africa, many famous people: Christian Barnard (surgeon), Miriam Makeba (singer and AIDS activist), Caron Bernstein (model, actress and singer), Nelson Mandela (former president and anti-AIDS activist), Nadine Gordimer (writer), Athol Fugard (writer), Mathosa (vocals), Zola Budd (athlete), Charlize Theron (actress), Ilene Hamann (actress and model), Harry Oppenheimer (anti-apartheid industrialist), Richard Goldstone (international judge), Musetta Vander (actress and model), Danny Koppel (vocals), Zakes Moka (actor), Juliet Prowse (dancer and actress) and Joe Mafela (actor).

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South African Penny Heyns won the 100 and 200 meter breaststroke events are held in the summer of 1996 Olympics.She South Africa & # 39; s national heroines . As Anthony Nesty (Suriname), Felipe Muñoz (Mexico), Claudia Poll (Costa Rica) and Kirsty Coventry (Zimbabwe), Penny Heyns is a third world swimming icon.

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South Africa a number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Greater St. Lucia Wetland Park (1999), Robben Island (1999), Drakensberg Park (2000), Mapungubwe Cultural Landscape ( 2003), Vredefort Dome (2005) and Cape Floral Region Protected Areas (2004).

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March 26, 1998 American US president Bill Clinton visited South Africa.

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South Africa, several Nobel Prize as Mexico (3) India (2) Brazil (0) Argentina (3), Cuba (0) and People in China (1).

South Africa, six Nobel Prize winners:

1960: Albert J. Luthuli (Nobel Peace Prize)

1982 Aaron Klug (Nobel Prize in Chemistry)

1984: Bishop Desmond Tutu (Nobel peace prize)

1991: Nadine Gordimer (literature Nobel prize)

1993: Nelson Mandela and Frederik W. de Klerk (peace Nobel prize)

2003: John Maxwell Coetzee (Nobel prize for literature)

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the people of south Africa are proud that the country's society people from different backgrounds. Many more of a mixture of nationalities and races. About 2 million Asians living in South Africa. The ancestors of most of them came from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Maldives, and Sri Lanka.

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South Africa superstar Charlize Theron an icon in Africa. She is a woman can not help but admire.

Oscar-winning actress Halle Berry has worked in the fashion model 1980s.Berry is not the only Hollywood star who became famous in front of a live special tasks. Many actresses, this early experience came in useful in his acting career. The South African actress Charlize Theron Who appeared in more than twenty films had a film career lasting more than ten years- supermodel in the 1990s.

Hollywood actress Charlize Theron was born August7, 1975, in Benoni, Gauteng, South Africa.She the German and French descent. Charlize grew up to be a beautiful young woman and attracted the attention of many people.She speaks English, Afrikaans and Xhosa.

Charlize was an international model, as the 16-year-old began his career in Milan, Italy. At the end of 1996 was a actress.On February 29, 2004, Charlize won the Academy Award for best actress for her role as Aileen Wuournos the film "Monster." He became the first African actress Academy Award for best actress in history.

Charlize Theron is one of the most beautiful women in the world.The wears elegant clothes complement her perfect body.

Filmography: "Celebrity" (1998), "Reindeer Games" (2000), "The Yard" (2000), "Men of Honor" (2000), "The Italian Job" (2003)

"Monster" (2003), "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers" (2004), "North Country" (2005), and "The Brazilian Job (2006).

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The Nobel Nadine Gordimer, a human rights activist. he was the proudest when he testified on behalf of the 1986 treason trial of 22 south African anti-apartheid activist.

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South Africa was famous athletes in the past century: Reggie Walker (Olympic gold medalist in 100 in 1908), Esther Brand (Olympic high jump gold medalist in 1952), Joan Harrison (won swimmers one Olympic gold medal in 1952) and . Sam Atkinson (Olympic 110m hurdles gold medalist in 1928)

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Mathosa was one of the best singers in South Africa, he was called "southern Africa & # 39th; Madonna and the settlements. "in the 1990s, was considered one of the most talented artists in Africa Mathosa.

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of the 2003 Nobel prize for literature awarded to the south African author John Maxwell Coetzee. He was the fourth African Nobel literature laureate Soyinka of Nigeria after the Wool (1986), Naguib Mahfouz of Egypt (1988) and Coetzee & # 39; s countrywoman Nadine Gordimer (1991). J. M Coetzee was born on February 9, 1940 in Cape Town, South Africa. He cited the Swedish Academy, as the author, "who may be shaped depicted innumerables surprising involvement of the outsider" .Certainly, Coetzee is one of the most well-known South African authors in the 21st century.


South Africa hosted the 1999 Africa Games.

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golf is a popular sport in South Africa. South Africa was a famous golfer history.In sport throughout the 1960s and 1970s, Gary Player was one of the best golfers in the world. He won various tournaments like the Masters Golf Tournament (1961.1974 and 1978), US Open (1965), PGA Championship (1962 and 1972) and the British Open (1959, 1968 and 1974) .His compatriot Bobby Locke won the British Open (1949, 1950, 1952 and 1957). In addition, South Africa has won twice at the World Cup Golf: 1965 (Gary Player and Harold Henning) and 1974 (Bobby Cole and Dale Hayes).

Source by Alejandro Guevara Onofre

Umbrella Finder GPS Locator Device

ever lost a beach umbrella or left somewhere? This happens all the time, and it seems that almost everyone I know lost their lives during an umbrella. It was not so long ago, discussing with a friend. He suggested that we need to invent an umbrella GPS positioning device search. This is possible, of course, I mean we have the technology, but it might not be so valuable that such a device is an umbrella, which he bought for only $ 15.00, for a GPS device or a sensor linked to cost almost that much see . Still, let's talk about this potential scenario where you might come up with something?

First of all, I would like to point out that many umbrellas surface of the ribs, which act as an antenna, so the power of the ingredients might not be all that much juice. Speaking of electricity, what about the small solar cell, the kind, which is a small calculator, it is possible, but the "oh wait, use bad under umbrellas weather, so the sun is not likely to shine. That said, even the little calculator solar it seems to work without actual sunlight, artificial light, such as lamps or lights on the bus, train or metro. Maybe even next to a street lamp.

Yes, that things are charged, but I have a battery also because most people put umbrellas in the closet and it's dark there, so there is no more juice when the battery is gone. the other problem is that the GPS triangulation necessary, you need a minimum of three satellites, but when the umbrella doors, closet and no juice left, you will not be able to contact the satellite. Yeah, but you may have to contact your mobile phone active matrix RFID chip and a pinger device. So in this case what we're doing here, as the sensors?

Well, the active matrix RFID chip, probably about $ 1.45 plus the battery is about the same, plus a few strips of metallic material antenna running along the frame and the ribs of the umbrella – perhaps another $ 2 $ 3. Well, there are only about six bucks to the umbrella, so this probably will not work on the $ 15 umbrella, but an expensive designer umbrella, it would make sense and keep you from losing it. So I hope when an engineer of consumer products then please consider this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow

Review of Zero Base and Gum Base Waxless Skis – racing and performance XC skiers

The major ski manufacturers, including Rossignol, Fischer, Madshus, and Atomic have come out of a classic ski that bridges the gap between the waxable based on the traditional ski and fish-scale power waxless skis. Hard waxing conditions, Nordic skiers have already revealed that the performance-skis, which waxless, kick underfoot zone with a pattern also known as fish scales. However, these skis are generally slow because of the drag caused by the balance, but work under difficult circumstances, particularly if one does not want to apply clyster. For many, tough and changing conditions it is difficult to determine the proper wax. This new line of zero-base or rubber base classic ski performs well under cetain conditions. The work is the best zero degrees Celsius, or 32 degrees Fahrenheit, and the wet snow. Zero degrees or wet snow, it could be a ski that works best for racing or training. Several national skiers have been competing for this type of equipment, and you're done. But these skis do not work under all conditions, so you know their limitations when hitting the trails.

called Rossignol ski as gum base as skis Fischer skis calls them from scratch, but fundamentally different manufacturers offer these alternatives have to wax regularly. The waxless ski requires a little special Prepping To maximize the wax zone kick. The kick zone to be roughened, and a solution of a few anti-icing fluid, such as the new Swix Zero spray. Another manufacturer recommends 120-180 grit sandpaper roughness of the substrate and instructs should not be used in the event of any material or kick wax or other treatments. Just leave it alone. With the help of sandpaper, depending on snow conditions you can adjust the humidity. It will be up to you to see which is best for specific climatic conditions. Those who use these rubber-based classical skiing will find it necessary to test the skis, in different circumstances, that time works best. Now you can play the roughening of the kick zone to provide the perfect kick. Exceptionally dry snow or icy conditions, however, this may not be the right tool for the job.

Rossignal offers a high-performance rubber World Cup Classic series ski racers and technical skiers. The new carbon ski tip reduces the weight of 20-30 grams. The shorter and smaller peaks allows for lower swing weight and improved maneuverability. The lightweight honeycomb core and excellent compression and strength. Each ski is a rubber-based NIS (Nordic Integrated System) plate which allows for easy fixation assembly. Excellent gliding can be achieved by modifying the mandatory placement back to the stem off the snow. By using sandpaper the handle can be adjusted depending on the snow and humidity.

Fischer RCS Classic Zero-based pre-waxed ski will glide zones Swix fluorine. Fischer material well-placed kick zone is zero. This is stopped, wherein the rear end of the wax pocket end. This makes the Fischer easy to drive, and a fast skis out of the box. Atomic Madshus and also that a similar technology.

Most of the investment in this type of waxless skis, if you've bought other classic skis. Because these skis work best between zero degrees or wet conditions, these may be the perfect skis to train or race when the field is often in these types of conditions. Zero, or wet snow, they may be the fastest skis around. You do not just want to clyster zero-based technology, if the conditions are right.

Source by Brian A Ellison

Maymyo / Pyin Oo Lwin, a former British Hill Station

Of course, the most "unburmese" still one of the most well-known cities and tourist sites in Burma a previously very small Shan Danu village that the locals call "Pyin oo Lwin. " It is located in the Shan Hills, about 42 miles / 68 km north-east and some 3220 ft / 976 meters higher from Mandalay to be obtained in about 2.5 hours by car. Starting with a pre Mandalay pass the plain north of Mandalay and then drive through the steadily climbing the foothills of the Shan mountains.

Pyin Oo Lwin We (1.070 meters / 3.510 feet above sea level) is a common Nurwaelya of Sri Lanka and India Dajiling three things: they are all hill stations, all pleasant and temperate weather all very British. First, because all of them are created by the British as a reminder of the "Old Country".

What was Pyin Oo Lwin, and still owes to the fact that it lies in a strategically important point in Upper Burma that there is during the height of the hot season is very pleasant "European" micro-climate and a British officer in the royal Bengal infantry colonel in May.

Once the last member of the dynasty Konbaung last Burmese King Thibaw and cruel really was (whose short, ruthless reign of seven years (1878-1885), thousands of Burmese have been killed each year) spend little time in severely alienated by the British , including sending forces into the territory of the then British India. Burma was easily captured within two weeks of the British colonial forces colonel in 1885. May stationed at the mountain station Pyin Oo Lwin 1887. He founded "in the city, will be analyzed in combination with the name of" may ", and the term Burma in the city Myo", " Maymyo "which is the name of the town is mainly known in Burma especially outdoors.

Maymyo, a small town where many Tudor-style brick and wooden houses ever Burma's best-known and most popular hill station has plenty to offer to foreign visitors and locals. The same applies to area – well known for its natural beauty made and includes green, tree-covered hillsides and picturesque waterfalls.

Something that immediately catches the eye upon arrival Maymyo slightly quota place and mode of transport out-of-time appears; Very romantic, horse / pony, long gone from brightly painted miniature cars and closed scenic times. These cars have sufficient space to sit for two passengers, but a little crowded four adult passengers squeezed into it. Depending on

view one takes, or equations favoring one looking like you just do not come pre-London street car or the American Wild West Wells Fargo a day. However, stagecoach Maymyo the main means of transport. In the town the road is a bit bumpy in them the hard seats, though. But it quickly fades into insignificance against the backdrop of a small, but still so many ways, "British" city.

The main attraction and center of the city – though not in the city center – aa day of the opening in 1917 of about 170 acres, and today some 472 hectares / 175 acres of botanical gardens, now called "Kandawgyi National Gardens "containing a large pond of about 70 hectares.

This is a very nice botanical garden and a magnet for locals as well as foreigners – even though it has been considerably expanded since it was first opened – would not exist if not for the British botanists and forestry official, Mr. Charles Alex Rogers created, one of the prisoners of war 1915-1916 with the help of Turkish gardeners world war the British army did.

is a small island in the lake, which is located in a small stupa. The garden, on the one hand, the natural landscape, on the other hand is a professionally organized, superficial park, but not enough to not give a bird's eye view on the top floor of the 10-storey high "Nan Myint Tower" to find it. The tower was built resembling a Burmese-style watchtower. From there to a more aware than even walking on the ground that the center of the garden is a botanical study; colorful, aesthetically arranged mixed trees, plants and flowers. That is, fields and thus pines, chestnuts, oaks, poplars and dotted with brightly colored flowers of different colored spots such as rhododendron, orchids and chrysanthemums, and so on with a wide range of areas in different shades of green.

What makes all this natural light from both the park and the whole region can be apart from the expert Landscaping of the park with the rich soil of the very favorable micro-climate of this mountainous region that much cooler (up to 18 degrees Celsius) as the hot plains, but never so cold that freezes, although it can get quite cold this reason, visitors from the hot plains Maymyo / Pyin Oo Lwin be recalled that brings socks and sweater is definitely recommended.

This is the perfect atmosphere out two things. First, to all kinds of trees, plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables, both native and European sprout in abundance throughout the year and, secondly, that this is a very pleasant living environment for people.

perfect, temperate weather results in the fact that Maymyo / Pyin Oo Lwin and around it is a major supplier of high-quality vegetables, fruits, coffee and flowers not only himself in the city and in the lowland markets closer region (Mandalay contents), but farther and remote cities including Yangon yet.

Speaking of fruits. The Europeans – especially the British – makes up your favorite fruit of the genus "Fragaria" family "Rosachilaensis", commonly known as "strawberry", getting in plenty throughout the colder months of the year. Surely, that's why we jump immediately into World War II, the Western mind early post generations of visitors to this city of the 1967 World Beatles hit "Strawberry Fields Forever".

A very pleasant living environment leads to the fact that Maymyo / Pyin Oo Lwin soon after captured the British transformed refuge in European, especially English-speaking business people, civil servants and military personnel, with the result that many companies and individuals started to build large and small, "mansion- English country style" houses. Not only many are still standing, but they are also surprisingly well-preserved the original architecture. On the other houses, but the building marked with a strange but interesting and more often than not it beautiful Anglo-Indian style mix.

The city is dotted with numbers, which are well above the 100 such Edward Tudor-style teak wood and brick buildings stand solemn witness Maymyo colonial era. One of them is the "Canda Craig, the former chummery the" Bombay Burmah Trading Corporation (BBTC), today Maymyo / Pyin Oo Lwin in the "Thiri Myaing Hotel & # 39 ;.

was in the discussion of exploits between the Bombay Burmah Trading Company Burmese king Thibaw and the UK made the British draw the line, which in turn led to the third Anglo-Burmese war, and ultimately to the founding of Maymyo.

this BBTC was engaged in wood-based business (teak logging) it appears a lot of teak wood that was used when constructing this magnificent building in the English country house style. it is remarkable masterpiece-style sweeping staircase leads to the lobby on the first floor.

a Canda Craig lost much without the appeal of the deceased Mr. Bernhard, the chummery cook the colonial era, he was the soul of it all. Nevertheless, still bears a lot of very British features not only the building, as such a large fireplace, a "Hedera helix & # 39; (amber) covered ground-floor walls and a beautiful garden, which is embedded in, and around, but the offer: breakfast tea, & # 39; Fife-o'clock tea", roast, log fire in the fire place (if too cold), the lot.

but there is still a British element. As the rumor of ghosts haunting the Canda Craig. But this is nothing to worry about. It may well be, Mr. Bernhard spirit roaming the site of the last ditch attempt to maintain the British tradition. After all, what could be more British than a haunted house? By In the 1970s, made in 1941, American-born author and travel writer Paul Theroux described in the 1975 published book "The Great Railway Bazaar" in Canda Craig. Theroux won in 1982 for "James Tait Black Memorial Prize" for his book, "The Mosquito Coast" was a 1986 film with Harrison Ford starring)

One of Maymyo in / Pyin Oo Lwin other signs of the colonial era, apart from the previously located between Edward said, Victorian and Tudor-style buildings on the Mandalay-Lashio Road the other – the "Purcell Tower," Maymyo the clock tower, clock tower is a copy of the Cape Town / South Africa. The Purcell tower, which can be found on the Mandalay-Lashio Road city center (opposite the market) than his kin in Cape Town as a gift Queen Victoria, who lived in 1819 and 1901

Queen Victoria apparently a stickler for accuracy because it presented a lot of different clock towers during the reign of many other cities. The bell tower chimes Purcell same 16-note tune-in hour intervals to hear his sister weighs 13.5 tonnes of "Big Ben" in the House of Parliament (London), 320 feet / 98 meter tall clock tower.

the city's main street, High Street that is part of the famous "Burma Road", which connects the Indian Assam China's Yunnan – partly lined with a large number of Tudor-style houses, partly unspecified buildings architecture. The people living in these houses, like the inhabitants of many cities, a melting pot of different ethnic groups and nationalities as Burmans, Shans and sub-tribes, Chinese, and to a large extent by the Indians and Nepalese, descendants of Indians and Nepalese Ghurkhas of Titles British Indian army who put down roots here after the war.

these people still keep up with some of the old traditions both in their personal lives and work of hoteliers, waiters, gardeners, coach, etc.


a multi-ethnic population is reflected in the multi-religiosity. Christians, Buddhists and Muslims, both in their own place to worship of that deity / deities. The is located in the city's north-eastern outskirts of the beautiful Chinese Temple (10 minutes walk from Canda Craig), a bright yellow roof structures of several buildings, a large green mosque High Street (near the Purcell Tower), three churches in the Gothic style, Brigadier General structure "Shwe Hnalone marbles Catholic Church "(which is a translation of the original English name" Sacred Heart Church "in Burmese), the" Immaculate Conception Church "and" St. Michaels Church "as well as the picturesque" Maha Anhtoo Kantha Paya "and notable example to do so.

The "Maha Anhtoo Kantha Pagoda" (Pagoda reluctant Buddha), surrounded by a wall, and its terrace in the sphere crowned blade, dressed in a combination of bright white and shiny gold, by definition, a "Uddisaka Zedi" as enshrining a picture Gautama the Buddha.

Pagoda at the time of this writing only 40 years old and the incident that led to the coming to a strange note worthy. Here's the story.

The China bound truck loaded with three very difficult Mandalay marble Buddha images, passed Maymyo / Pyin Oo Lwin if for any reason one can obviously decided not to pursue the path already put down roots and Maymyo. Simply fell off a truck on a hilltop outside the city and landed on the ground without suffering any damage. It has successfully resisted all these trials is loaded back into the truck and (logically?), The simplest solution to the problem seemed to be built around the Kantha Maha Anhtoo Buddha image, it is a new and permanent home.

another pagoda, the "Gji Naung Kan Pagoda" located at the top of a hill, north of the city. From a stunning view of Maymyo / Pyin Oo Lwin and the surrounding hillside. In addition to

Other points of interest Maymyo / Pyin Oo Lwin & # 39; Dat Taw FAQ waterfall ", the" PWE Kyauk Waterfall "is located about 8 km / 5 miles from the town of Lashio direction of the Wetwun waterfall" about 24 km / 15 miles outside the city and the spectacular "Waterfall Anisaki" Anisaki the village, which is located about 8 km / 5 miles from Mandalay way.

Anisaki of a five-part waterfall, part of the center is the most spectacular.

Also worth a visit "Peik Chin Myaung Buddha Cave" is a complex of waterfalls cascading off the cave's mouth. The main sanctuary and its stalactites growing from the ceiling of the cave is about one mile from the entrance to the cave. Here you will find – around the rest of the statue – a Buddha Gautama image mudra sitting posture. This "Bhumisparsha mudra 'situation shows Gautama Buddha called upon mother earth stand witness his moment of enlightenment.

Source by Markus Burman

Track Cell Phones discreetly and successfully

If the mobile phone is a smart phone (i. E., Blackberry, iPhone, Android or Windows mobile device), the easiest solution is to get a microchip, covertly attached to the inside the phone. So the phone can be traced anywhere, anytime. However, these above-mentioned microchip can be quite expensive, but available online.

If a mobile device is a smart phone, it's a lot easier to keep track of. Aside from tracking, the more data is available by telephone – or SMS text messages, phone calls and browser settings. All this information and online store, where it can be waived if access via a remote server.

This is completely and extremely easy to discover who has been calling your cell phone, and all outgoing calls. It is possible to note all messages: text or SMS. Some even have the option to record calls. The tracking software can view all web history and emails that said smartphone will meet.

There are many cell phone tracking software which can be downloaded from the Internet. The primary consideration is to carefully read these things, the decision to congeal the most with what you want to happen. Be sure to note the type of smartphone that can be traced back to the operating system, etc. There are cases tracking software which, depending on the type of the better smartphones and operating system.

there are always calculated risks that have been associated with downloading software, in particular methods used phone tracking. Although a person who is under follow-up will be more or less aware of what is going on, the software can be downloaded from the Internet or install viruses on your computer or download and install unwanted toolbars or other annoying software that is unwanted. Be sure to carefully read all of the installation, making sure to uncheck boxes so it does not happen.

Be prepared for the consequences if it is a monitored the tracking software or tracking device now. Human beings generally do not favor and spying, and whatever is collected in these covert devices will probably not be legally admissible in any judicial proceedings, if we consider a tracker fell victim to invasion of privacy. Make sure every bar and covered, where these or any type of control.

track mobile phones easier than ever making use of these methods. Having the right hardware or software, others are now without phones can be monitored through the knowledge that their actions are being watched. Some software is more useful than the other brands of software, so make sure to read with regard to the effectiveness of these covert operations.

Source by David Kurczak

How to use Tyr Nordic Rune Magic Win Court cases

NORSE TYR runic MAGIC winning court cases

The new laws Spiritual Quantum Physics, which is our gift to Age of Aquarius says that everything is energy.

your energy, I am the energy, the judge sitting in the black robes of energy and energy courthouse.

also tell us that there is an infinite ocean of thinking, intelligent energy called the Quantum Ocean or Mimirs well. Everything that was, or ever will exist there.

The Northern gods and goddesses exist there. The runes exists there.

Every energy.

When you enter the court then entered a very powerful energy matrix, which is not harmonious with our northern European pagan people. Indeed, this energy is very dangerous for us.

Therefore, do not go alone, and do not go unarmed. Since all the energy and ideas of things, use your ideas to make your own energy in the room.

Christians take the Bible, crosses and prayer.

Bring your Justice Scandinavian Champion Tyr. Bring a very strong runic symbols with you, or Tyr rune.

Arm yourself and federal yourself, you step into the battle arena. There will be a greater chance of victory and success.

This is the Age of Aquarius, age, consciousness, and the Age of Thoughts. Use your brain and thoughts to protect yourself.

TYR runic RITUAL protection in the courts.

The night before the court case starts at the ceremony. Feel free to sit in your favorite chair and breathe deeply and softly.

Now visualize an infinite Quantum Ocean, Mimirs Is there any where.

they intone repeatedly: ".. TYR TYR Tyr lead Tyr Tyr Tyr help TYR, Tyr, Tyr protect Tyr Tyr Tyr me."

Sit patiently until you feel him entering the room. Imagine that you are standing there before the full power of the sword in his right hand a shield in his left hand. The hand that sacrificed the Fenris wolf ancestors.

If you feel your presence, and you, I thank him for coming.

Go back to sleep knowing that he will stay with you throughout the night in safety.

loudly greet him in the morning and offer him a victim. A victim of the morning. If you are toast, eggs, bacon and coffee. Take a small piece individually wrapped in a napkin and being outside. Dig a small hole in the yard and up the napkin with the victim inside. Pour a small amount of coffee in the hole and cover up.

Sacrifice is very important in all Nordic magic.

Now take a red marker and draw Tyr rune in the palm of both hands, one over the heart and solar plexus. They will have to defend against the actual bad energies of a court building.

Think of the hatred, sadness and a liar energy that fills the court. You do not want to give you.

go to court, and we know that there TYR side. When your turn comes, stop and hold his hand, so that they face the judge, without being seen. Ask Tyr justice.

Feel the power and presence Tyr whole trail. I know he will give you the justice you deserve. Good or bad.

When it's over, you leave the court victory, thanks Tyr send him on his way so he can HEP ​​other relatives.

Do not play the power of the Viking gods and the Nordic runes. Here they are with us all the time.

Viking magic ability to move energy from one place to another without having to physically. You move energy from the Quantum Ocean Mimirs well on the court. And you use your head to do it.

Source by Ellis Peterson

and I have business in the area around Lake Wenatchee

The heart of the Cascade Mountains in Washington state sits in Lake Wenatchee, a mountain lake setting that attracts thousands of sight-seeing and a hub of recreational facilities. The Lake Wenatchee area offers many things to do, and surprisingly easy to get to.

Lake Wenatchee in the center of the state and is accessible from both sides through the State Highway 2. Seattle travelers are likely to be coming over Stevens Pass in the west, while travelers in Eastern Washington will come through the city of Wenatchee or Blewett Pass. The lake is 244 feet deep in the deepest and about six miles of just over 13 miles of shoreline. Lake Wenatchee is fed by the White River and Little Wenatchee River with snow running down the surrounding hills. Lake Wenatchee empties into the eastern end of the Wenatchee River, which flows down on the shore in front of Leavenworth, Cashmere, Wenatchee and Columbia rivers emptying the cities.

boating and fishing are available on the lake itself, as well as a number of different camping sites. On the beach, right where the lake empties into the Wenatchee River, Lake Wenatchee State Park. The Wenatchee River State Park dividing the north and south of the southern part, which is the boat dock, beach, swimming pool and a rope. They crowded in the hot days of summer campers and locals alike cooling off in the beautiful mountain water of the beach area as well. Before entering the southern part of Lake Wenatchee State Park drive through the Nason Creek Camp. Nason Creek flows through this small camp, and the Wenatchee River. Just before the entrance to the state park, the road takes a left, if you decide to follow this lead to 3-4 miles to Glacier View Camping near the west end of Lake Wenatchee. Many Glacier View campsites sit on the shore of the lake. There is also a short trip to the Lost Lake that starts a trailhead near the Glacier View Camping. Lost Lake catchable, and a wonderful glacier-fed swimming experience. More walking closer through the Nason Creek Trail State Park.

Camping and hiking are also available on the west side of Lake Wenatchee in the catchment areas of the White River and Little Wenatchee River. The campgrounds to find a much more primitive in this area that we offer, but they are also more protected and private. In this way you can access tours to join the famous Pacific Coast Trail (PCT) that runs from Canada to California or smaller hikes to Twin Lakes and elsewhere. Forest Service and logging roads is also abundant in the field. West Lake Wenatchee, back to Highway 2, leading to Stevens Pass is skiing in the winter.

The north of Lake Wenatchee lies Fish Lake and true to its name, it is what is known. Many rental options Fish Lake and boats and cabins for the night. Beyond Fish Lake you can access the Chiwawa River area of ​​known trail system that can be used on foot, mountain bike, dirt bike, and horse depending on what area you are. the tourists for longer endurance tracks in this area is the network the way the Entiat and Chelan Mountains across Lake Chelan, and the cities of Lucerne, Holden Village, and Stehekin, none of which is available outside roads and the beautiful Entiat River Valley.

hiking, rock climbing and camp site to the south of Lake Wenatchee in the Icicle River Canyon. The Icicle River empties into the Wenatchee River, the city of Leavenworth. Many of the state, if not the country's most beautiful hiking trails can be found outside of Leavenworth in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness area. Hiking and camping permits are required in most parts of this area as a way of limiting the impact of people on this treasured environment. The Icicle Canyon also offers rock climbing opportunities to a number of sites. Hiking and snowmobiling are activities Blewett Pass region, which is also south of Lake Wenatchee. The city is a shopper's paradise Leavenworth Bavarian-themed shops and restaurants, it was all fun.

east of Lake Wenatchee, Leavenworth already, outdoor activities continue to be available. In addition to hiking and mountain biking can be found in the town of Cashmere, Mission Creek area can be climbers have a go, it does Peshastin Pinnacles State Park offers, and of course there is fishing and boating on the mighty Columbia River flows right Wenatchee, the largest city in the region.

from alpine skiing to mountain biking, from horseback riding to rock climbing, hard to find an equal diversity that this area has to offer. The Lake Wenatchee area has something to offer both the recreational enthusiast and the casual tourist or campers alike.

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Mobile phone tracking to find out the identity of unknown Cell Phone Numbers

The phone tracking library is a great resource for those who are interested in finding out the identity of any cell phone or unlisted phone number.

not so long ago when you need to find out the identity of an unknown caller it did not have many options. The only option was to look at the white pages and hope to get lucky. The problem is, these days everyone has a mobile phone and mobile phone numbers are not listed in the white pages. So it makes it much more difficult to uncover the identity of the caller is not required.

Another possibility is that people used to use, and still is to go online and enter the number into the search. You might be lucky and find the numbers in an online resume or some advertising. But it is likely that always happens slim to begin with. Information may be old and even if you get lucky again that the methods, more often than non- it does not work that way.

Live Green! Greenpeace and other similar organizations embrace the internet for many reasons one of which is smaller paper. Consider the traditional phone books and an appropriate amount of paper required to perform all the trees! Until the Internet came into full swing, the average person only solution was to find a telephone number (phone books). Today, the average person has access to the Internet and easily look up phone numbers, but we have to discover who owns a phone number?

Fortunately phone tracking libraries have been established, and literally changed people's search for the identity of unknown numbers. These libraries contain a lot of information and constantly update their databases. With the help can be found in the telephone directory of the tracking information to the person who is calling, including their address, carrier name, and so on. Some phone tracking company also provides a full background checks, as well as information as to whether or not a criminal record.

There are many reasons to use phone tracking service. Perhaps you think your spouse is cheating, and want to find out the identity of an unknown number to call them. Maybe you want to spy on your kids. Maybe you want to find out the identity of a prank caller. Regardless of the reasoning, using the phone's location service will be able to find out the identity of unknown callers.

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How to turn off the GPS system, the scope of

vehicle and the nature of the technology has made great progress, and GPS tracking system is one of them. The tracking device is considered to be the best, most driver-oriented automated tool and stunning, contains an electronic detailed timetable, it turned out as a blessing to all of them who are on the road, especially if you are unsure of a particular terrain, the GPS system full of accurate and relevant information about the earth signs, speed limit, alternative routes, distance measurement, routes, memory back-tracking and many other features that allow the car owner to be anywhere.

Suppose that for some reason you want to get rid of the GPS system to track the movement of the vehicle to follow. The GPS device is designed and built into the vehicle, which can be a car, truck or motorcycle to the track record despite the spatial position of the actual location. The process only takes a few minutes to show the actual current and former site. Thus, people mostly prefer to get relieve from it.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to turn off the GPS system of the vehicle. This is required to be completely removed from the vehicle; it is a magnetic box that is located elsewhere in the vehicle, and is extremely difficult to find.

Most carmakers make such vehicles which have a built-in GPS system. This will help keep the peace of mind to the owner that the car is completely safe, and they can follow the track record with a time of less than a few minutes. The GPS system is helpful in making the information on the whereabouts of the vehicle to the owner, who is sitting somewhere else.

Once you locate the GPS device, which is installed on the vehicle, you simply diffusion by pulling the fuse in the vehicle, but the device is usually installed in the vehicle in an unknown place and not easy to find. At some point the device can not be hidden and incarceration.

to turn off the GPS device in the vehicle, you can get a GPS tracking device signals confusing. It's a little gadget which emits a signal to stall 5meters within any GPS devices. This prevents the transfer of the unit that seemed, to those who keep your data.

may have to purchase a GPS tracking device to disable protection. The device is called GPS Tracker Defense. Although it is extremely difficult to find the device in the United States, but it is within easy reach of the UK. In the year 2009, it had cost around $ 200 and was available

You only need to install the device in the vehicle. It will start to work immediately to prevent the transmission of GPS tracking units are connected to a mobile phone or a vehicle on the signals from the satellites. This helps to ensure that it effectively invisible. The navigation system in the vehicle is disabled.

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Difference Downhill and cross-country skiing and Alpine Ski

Quite often, people ask me what is the difference between alpine and cross-country skiing or downhill skiing and cross-country skiing. It always seems strange to me. Growing up as the son of a Vermont ski instructor and ski coach, I thought, people are born with the ability to tell a pleasure pain, sweet and sour, and, of course, the Alpine-Nordic. But then he moved to California, where this knowledge seems less common. Yesterday someone asked me again, so now I write down.

The difference between downhill and cross country skiing pretty simple. Cross-country skiing involves propelling yourself across the rolling terrain under their own power. Alpine skiing, by contrast, involves somehow getting the top of a large hill, then turned and skiing, back down.

cross-country skiing happens attached to the light, thin skis are lightweight and flexible boots. There are two main forms of cross-country skiing. Classic cross-country sort of like running any longer, shuffling stride. cross-country skate skiing is, not surprisingly, more like ice skating where the skier pushing one side to the other.

descent usually involves a much wider skis and more difficult, more rigid boots. A large majority of cases, this implies the ski lift and slide back. Some of us, though to climb using our own resources "climbing skins", a substance which is a way of plush that you stick to climb on skis and remove the descent.

There are two main forms downhill Alpine and Telemark, also known as "Nordic-down" . It used to be that there were large disparities in Telemark gear and equipment like heavy-duty cross-country ski equipment. Now it is more like climbing equipment, except that the boots flex the toes and the joints make it possible to move the heel.

Which brings us to the difference between alpine skiing and cross country skiing .

Cross-country skiing is a technique where the nose is firmly fixed to the ski but the heel free to move. There are basically four forms of cross-country skiing Telemark classic cross-country skiing, cross-country skate skiing and Nordic jumping, where the skiers jump distance is not doing tricks. Telemark There are no events at the Olympics, but the rest of the Nordic events are represented. In addition, biathalon combines cross-country skiing and shooting and an Olympic event.


using optional Alpine skiing, which captures both the toe and heel of the ski (although it will release in case of a fall or other strong force). There really is only one form of alpine skiing, but there are a lot of variations, including several Olympic events. The Vancouver Games in 2010, these events are slalom, giant slalom, super-G and downhill racing, moguls and aerials and ski cross freestyle (though in reality, ski cross is a race, are you confused yet?). Most forms of alpine skiing are held downhill skiing, alpine touring but (also known as AT Randonée or skiing) involves climbing under its own power, before skiing down.

So, as you can see, down includes both Alpine and Nordic skiing and Nordic design includes both cross-country and downhill skiing forms. So it is not true that one Nordic cross-country skiing. The most important thing to remember is that all forms of skiing fun, and if it has a kind of skiing, try another sport will really help large. Find an instructor and go have some fun!

Source by Thomas Lambert