What is the pH? How does pH affect our health?

PH balance – body pH scale – food

It has all pH values. The scale or diagram is color-coded and ranges from 0 to 14. The battery acid is dangerous and at pH 1 the calcium is very alkaline, pH is 12, potassium 14 is pH. The pH measurement identifies the acid or alkaline to whatever the test under test 7 is acidic and the above alkaline. However, testing of body fluids, foods or drinks, basin or alkaline water requires each of them to require different pH test kits. PH [7459003] PH is the abbreviation of "hydrogen potential" or acidic and alkaline ratios in all substances and pH measurement of body 7.365 is a reference value for health measurement.

Our deep vein arterial blood performs pH measurement. Traditional medicine indicates that our blood must be at pH 7. Dr. Robert O. Young more accurately determines our normal pH to 7.365 (easily remember 7 days a week, 365 days a year). Based on Dr. Young's research, we used 7,365.

Our pH (normal range) can be compared to body temperature; Each has a normal range of 98.6 degrees. When your body temperature rises or decreases, you usually experience symptoms, and more importantly, we also know that there is a cause when our temperature is not normal. In all sizes and fashion you will find thermometers and it is easier to find the pH test strips for body fluids and foods.

As they do not usually teach about our pH range, we are uncertain of what causes them to be too acidic and which are too acidic.

In the present world of decommissioned foods, water and air, there is usually a consensus that it is very difficult to become anxious. Furthermore, while alkaline we are acidic in bodily functions, ie when digested, our digestive system emits acid to digest food (degrades), then our intestinal system adds a higher acid to degrade our Microscopic Nutrition for our body.

PH balance body

PH measurement is acidic and alkaline, between 0 and 14

For this purpose the body's pH is 7.365,

7.365 neutral If the pH is 6,365, then 10 times as acidic as the normal range.

7,365 neutral when pH is 5,365, 100 times so acidic as normal

You can see how the pH factor is composed.

This is why people feel like their health has spiraled, in fact, returning and recapturing to the spiral usually requires more help. Most people experience the same general symptoms before they ever diagnose.

In my experience, the following may be: sensation and tiredness, weight gain (or loss), possibly acid reflux or drowsiness, tiredness at the same time daily, digestive or elimination problems, sleep problems because it is difficult to sleep or someone else can sleep but can not sleep, But other people are going to sleep, but they wake up that they do not feel, regardless of the age of short-term remittances, allergies or reactions that appear or are much worse than before. And the list goes on.

After experiencing some or all of the general symptoms (most of us normal and not long), we can move on to the chronic condition, which means that To remedy medication regularly and then become a diagnosis Because we go to the doctor if we can not solve ourselves.

All of us were induced through food, water and air decomposed through our environment and most of us were in the guidelines when determining our personal standards of quality food, water and air. I just learned to understand our decisions just recently.

Nevertheless, the combination affects our health and we know that we are looking at us to examine our decisions, lifestyles and take responsibility for improving our home environment with clean foods, clean air and clean water.

PH range of food – food

The dietary pH table is available at http://www.pHBodyBalance.com Important.

If we digest acid to digest food, we can consider many factors when we talk about "what acid" is a given food. For example: the digestion of red meat is more than chicken, the digestion of the chicken requires more digestion of the turkey and the turkey needs to be better raised than fish and the fish needs to be digested more than the fish vegetables. After saying that it is important to chew, saliva is alkaline, so the more you chew the less work your stomach has to do.

Fresh food has enzymes and these enzymes help the body in digestion.

Water neutralizes digestive systems, so strong drinking water can affect the currently digestible ability and later cause further retardation.

Your body is either working or healing but you can not both, so if your body digests your evening meals when you lie down, you can not cure it, the happier your evening meal, the less effective the healing cycle.

The product being marketed today is encoded and when prefix "9" is code, it is an organic product, the "4" is conventional. The purchase of fresh organic products is optimal, freshly frozen products are a good choice and more practical if they do not have access to ecological and natural stores within a short time of your home.

Fruits always controversy, because fruit has so much nutrition. However, it is about understanding the concept in a practical sense, such as talking about orange. Not long ago they cut off the orange from the tree when they matured and entered the market, they were picked green today and matured (fermented) on the truck market. So would an orange acid think it acidic?

If you're acidier, it's best to stay in the berry at the beginning of the blueberry, blackberries and raspberries, then jump into a strawberry. The melon is generally lower on the acid scale; But watermelon is a leap.

Processed foods (food in a box) are not the best choice if you want to take food. Do not forget that the body only recognizes adult foods, and just like the supplements, can not feed something that you do not recognize as natural. Canned foods are also questionable due to the high heat and additive process (with storage), but the use as a casual ingredient in a recipe that is naturally grown and harvested does not affect the use of the natural food source (s).


Red meat was used as an example, since most acids were digested. They said it would be possible to digest today's red meat for days. Think about animal food, injections, lifestyle, etc. And you can easily see how we figured out what was the alkaline, free grass food (only) and transformed it to feed the masses. Greater and finer, it does not fit the healthy.

There are sources of grass-fed beef, just like alkaline wild game, wild, etc. That can be an alternative to the meat-maker or many organic tofu are good substitutes.

Most commonly, we find it more balanced, our desire for fatigue and too acidic symptoms.

Cold water wild fish is usually the best source. Fish from a very hot water or a charged farm may be more reliable as more tests are carried out. Today is the source from where the fish came from and where they have to be packed on the label, which helps many better decisions. In addition, if you are waiting for the wait staff in the restaurant, you can give advice on the source before ordering.

Purchasing the optimal food can be challenging for those who do not leave near organic or natural markets. Whether we all need to find shortcuts, easy ordering and storage modes, and keep track of the freshness and our lives.

If you are registered at http://www.pHBodyBalance.com you can subscribe to a free newsletter on the site.

O Snails (better than the best peanut butter, but made of sunflower seeds)

Capsules and Liquids ] O Probst Farms Berry Jams and Xylitol Honey

O Real or Salted Salt

O Rooibos Red Tea (Bags and Loose)

Astraya Stevia (no aftertaste, concentrate 98% raubidauside) How to make minor changes that will make big differences.

Food Tip (TIP): Freshly pressed lemons and limes are key to a better feeling and a better look. Add Astraya Stevia and pure water to the delicious lemonade. You can also prepare salad dressings and sauces with fresh lemon, limes and oils.

The PH test kits are available for the requested and more supplies at retail and wholesale. The pH balance is in balance. "

Another key element is the cleansing of the intestine and colon, this must be discussed in another segment.

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Seats in the house come to rescue many travelers.

Everyone seems to have accepted the fact that the days of opening the door are over. Growth in crime affects everyone, not just people in larger cities. It is true that the homes of rural areas are targeted as never before, as this facility provides the intruder for a secluded area.

Statistics say the theft of property is the highest in the United States for personal offenses. Although many families install certain types of house alarms, this alone does not bring complete peace of mind. Home alarm devices can be disabled by a cunning intruder. These facts in themselves explain why many people go to households to help them find a house when they want to leave their home for a long time.

Man's presence is the main deterrent to the burglar. When a housewife came to her home while you were away, it was almost guaranteed that you would not be thieves or vandals to your home.

While security is the prime cause because people are looking for people in the house, they quickly find that many other
added benefits. First and foremost, they save the cost and the concern to take off their pets as long as they are away. Pets are happier if they stay in their own environment and are kept in their usual routine. Many pet will find that they are unable to enjoy your vacation when kennels are forced to leave their pets. An individual or a family who has to move for months will spend a lot of time losing the stress of family pets and the money that has been saved from the
excursion fee can be amazing. A housewife can see the many needs of her favorites, such as nutrition, walking, body care, play and health monitoring

People who are away from home for a long time find it much easier for a housewife to come and live in their home – instead of renting a house or forcing family or friends to come up to day-to-day questions.

Workers in the house can perform tasks such as checking e-mails, routine lawns. Homeologist
Make sure that when you return from your travels, you still find a healthy home or garden – and goldfish is alive! Your home will save you by saving your pool and lawn maintenance costs while away. Households are also priceless if there is a big problem at home, such as leaking hot water heater or storm damage.

So how do we look for a house? The safest way
The host is placed through a house that houses a house
. Here you will find a house that meets your
needs. General Policy Policies generally include home, domestic and property liability in exchange for rents. You can also add other specific requirements to your home parents' guidelines, for example by arranging them to oversee large household repairs as long as you are away.

Could you be curious about who you are home? You may be surprised to find that many people become in the home environment because they provide you with the opportunity to save money on living expenses. This allows them to save money in their own home. Other residences can be retirees who are looking for an environment after decades of work or relocating to your area to have relatives. Some people who are temporarily relocated due to their employment can also have a home. People sitting in the house are everyday people like you and me.

Normally, the home server is responsible for paying telecommunications charges. This is a concern for homeowners who are worried about coming home to a large phone number or an electric bill. All other invoices, such as taxes, mortgages and home insurance, are still the responsibility of the owner.

When you contact a home directory, you can access
Registered Patient Reports. Registering owners is usually free of charge with most directories. You are privacy protection and your personal information is not disclosed to any prospective household. You decide alone when you are comfortable in the house and are open to knowing your personal information.

When choosing a home job, you only have to choose which meets all criteria. After you have narrowed your choices, you get references to the candidates. This is an important part of the process when choosing a house. You can often talk to other homeowners who can use this individual in the past.

If you have chosen a potential candidate, you want to ask them. During the interview, you want to let them know what they want from them when they live in your home. This is when you can tell them about pets, home maintenance, such as swimming pools, mowing, or glittering snow. This is also possible when you become acquainted with the personality and character of your future set. You have to make sure you have a pet favorite with your pet. It would be unreasonable for someone to get into your home who is allergic to cats if you have a pet. Also, if someone is afraid of animals, your dog will not get as much interaction as you need.

When you choose the house you are comfortable with,
You need a contract. This contract can be
You can get it through most in-house work assignments or your family lawyer may call your family. This contract must be as detailed as possible. You need to have a good connection, etc. If you want to finish a big project, for example, if someone has gone to channel cleaning or replacing the windows while away, all the details must be included in the contract. We recommend that you talk to your housemaid or at least a few days before you meet.

You can show them home stuff. While in
you can get to know him with aspects of
home such as a window that you want to stick to or how to program the
Alarm System. This is also a great time for the house lovers.
Interaction between animals and friendship. You can see your favorite
routine during the day. This is a tremendous help for them. For example, if there is a dog that does nothing
But to sleep all day behind your back, your house will know that this is a normal and not a sign of illness. However, if
is a dog who is reflected from the ceiling and lies
With all day nonsense, the housekeeper will know this
is the pet of the animal.

The spiritual tranquility that a housewife can bring to you when you are
Leaving home is priceless. The Sitting Room of the House
Service is the safest and fastest way when
is looking for a house. Both the home owner and the housekeeper have these services. Sitters can enjoy the new area while saving money to school or home.

Retirees are particularly pleased to welcome the house. Housing access to the home allows them to travel to a place where their fixed income could not afford to visit them differently. Homeowners may be certain that they are not forced to live in a family, friend, or neighbor. The convenience that a pet can bring to pets also has a significant advantage. Residential homes not only help to deter homes from being targets of burglary, but also to enter their shoes and take care of the small things every day.

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Snow in Alaska? – Surprised

Is it dead in Alaska? Naturally. But the reality of the amount of snowfall in Alaska can be far from Alaska's popular snowmobile.

Many people take up Alaska as an arable land where there is constant snow and where everybody lives in igloos. Such a concept of alaska sounds like a cold and white area

In fact, in Alaska there are more lakes, rivers and green trees than any state in the United States. The state is intense green and rich in most of the year. But the amount of rainfall and snowfall can be much smaller than you think.

Alaska snowfall numbers

Here are some average annual precipitation and snowfall across the cross

Anchorage — 15.37 "precip —- 69.0" snowfall

Barrow ——- 4.67 "———— 28.0"

Fairbanks —- 10.37 "—- ——- 68.0 "

Homer ——- 24.93" —– —— 58.0 "

Juneau —— 52.86 "———– 101.0"

McGrath —– 16.18 "——– — 93.0 "

Name ——– 15.64" ———– 56.0 "

Valdez ——- 61 , 50 "———– 320.0"

For comparison Buffalo, NY, receives 80-100 "snow per year on average. Some New York sections that are similarly affected by the Great Lakes proximity, average annual snowfall of 150-220 per year. Hooker, NY, received 466 snow snow in the 1976-1977 winter. Minneapolis, Minnesota received the highest 98-year seasonal snowfall in the winter of 1983 and 1984.

As you can see from Alaska's total power, the Alaskan areas are relatively dry, with less than 20 precipitations per year, and the southeast and southeastern coasts reach a much larger precipitation

In the desert. Yearly overall only 4.67 "moisture. Of course, most of these snow forms snow. Because of the lack of underground soil and the lack of intensive drying, sunlight and evaporation are minimal. That is why North Alaska is not a dry desert despite a small amount of rainfall.

Alaska Snowfall Records

Always interesting in extremes in Alaska. For example, Thompson Pass, a popular extreme skiing and snowboarding area north of Valdez, once had a 974.5 snow snow in 1954-1953. 19459002 Thompson Pass Recorded 62 Snow Months In December 1955, the Thompson Pass was awarded a record 297.9 month snow in February 1953, which was just under one meter snow. 19459002

Alaska's deep-set snow patch and the deepest North America in 1976-1977 in the Kenai Peninsula on the Wolverine glacier, the depth was 356. It is full of compressed snow Less than 30 meters 19459002

For comparison, Barrow, in the dry north, recorded a record minimal amount of snow in the winter 1935-1936 by just 3 ".

Here is a couple of Montague Island in 1976 recorded a record of 332.29 "precipitation, almost one inch per day, and Barrow in 1935 received only 1.61" precipitates. "Alaska has a huge amount of Freshwater in its glaciers, 75% of the world's freshwater is considered to be glaciers worldwide, Alaska has more than just shares.

Alaska has more than 5,000 glaciers covering more than 100,000 square miles, Alaska has more glaciers, Like the rest of the world, except the ice skates of Antarctica and Greenland

Valdez, northern Switzerland is situated on the south-central coast of Alsace Valdez and receives more than 300 snow snow per year on average. A few miles north of Valdez, home to several frozen waterfalls, and Valdez's world-wide The Thompson Pass, located north of Valdez, is one of the best helicopters for skiing and snowboarding in North America. No wonder Valdez is called "the northern Switzerland".

Valdez is a winter carnival every year. During the winter carnival season of 1990, the snowfall of the year reached 500 ", as part of the winter celebration, the city returns the movie with a 20-meter-long 18-meter screen." Back to the Beach "Snow crystallized frozen ice and crystal size Its shape depends on the glittering snow and the size and shape of the crystals depend on the snow bacterium. This snow is about the outdoor drive theater.

What is the snow? The amount of water vapor present during formation

Pure snow proteins are six-sided, six-sided The basic water molecule consists of two atoms of hydrogen and one oxygen atom and each crystallization of three new crystals of Ice crystals develops at a 60-degree angle and the crystallization continues Until six of these triangles are complete, while the crystal falls into the atmosphere, it becomes bigger and bigger, Its structure is the more commonly found in snowflakes, including stars, needles, flat planes, columns, upper columns, dendrites, and irregular groups.

Some snowflakes can be up to 1 in diameter.

One of Wilson Bentley's most interesting snowflake researches is that Snowflake Bentley was named because he was the first to photograph a snow white in 1885 He studied more than 5,000 snowflakes and declared that there are not two snowflakes exactly the same as this year's generation from generation to generation. 1931- Snowflake Bentley died and published a book titled Snow crystals (19459006) that depicts Snowflake Bentley's image More than 2400 pieces

How many eskimo words are in the snow?

It was said that in eskimo, inuit or Yupik snow there are 52 words and also They said that there were 21 words and they said that there were more than 400. Where is the truth?

How snow is so important in the lives of native Native Americans to In many words, it has to be described as having reached the level of myth. The truth is that there are probably as many eskimo snow as the English word of snow. Alaska's climate change

According to Alaska senator, Ted Stevens, "Alaska is affected by global climate change as any place in the world." Global warming has been a trend for many years, but in very few places the trend has so many consequences as Alaska. The average temperature has increased by nearly 7 degrees in the last 30 years

Changes due to the warming climate indicate, for example, that permafrost in Fairbanks and other cities is no longer constant. The ground has diminished due to molten permafrost, and in many buildings hydraulic sockets are required to keep it level. To the north, at Barrow, there are now mosquitoes in which it was not once.

In Shishmaref's coastal village, water is growing in the land under the village buildings. The village may have to move further on land. Spruce beetles killed 4 million hectares of white pine forests on the picturesque Kenai Peninsula, which is the greatest death in insects in North America. Bugs were able to reproduce twice the normal value due to higher summer temperatures. Dead trees are a huge fire hazard around a number of inhabited areas, and the most important recreational areas are threatened.

The glaciers were incredibly withdrawn. The Portage Glacier in the south of Anchorage has retreated so far that it is no longer visible from the Visitor Center for the last 20 years. The William Sound Prince Columbia Glacier is currently the fastest moving glacier in the world, between 80 and 115 feet per day. Since 1982 it has fallen to more than 6 miles.

Alaska still has many glaciers and significant snow, but changes are increasingly occurring and have world-wide impacts.

Source by Garry Gamber

How GPS helps keep track of company and staff

GPS tracking can be a potentially sensitive topic for drivers. Many drivers are sensitive to discovering this type of information. However, most uncertainties are based on false fees or assumptions. GPS Tracking Data for the Primary Company About Drivers & # 39; Routes, speed and location. Although this information does not necessarily appear to drivers, they see great benefits for both good companies and drivers.

It is essential to note that your employees know first about GPS tracking and then receive information about their works. This helps to avoid possible misunderstandings and to prevent the difference between you and your employees.

Improving efficiency

One of the main reasons for the GPS tracking system is to improve efficiency. Usually, people assume that GPS's only purpose is to track the location of employees. Although it is correct that GPS systems are watching the location, there is far more to provide information than authentication.

By tracking delivery routes, companies can determine whether or not to maintain a route or modify the route. If needed, adjustments are needed, shipping routes can be changed or improved speed, fuel or both. Thus, drivers can transport the most efficient route possible.

Routes can be modified to better fit your shipments. For example, if a driver is ready to complete the delivery route over time and another fills the route with plenty of space, then both paths can be placed to better suit the time limit. As such, shipping routes can be changed to better spread the workload among employees.

While route monitoring is important, so staffing is also supervised. The GPS tracking system allows companies to destroy potential lazes. Although the GPS system itself will not provide enough evidence, it is a viable starting point for speculation and caution. Increasing security

The company not only benefits from the GPS tracking system but also the drivers themselves. The system can function as a potential safety netting that allows drivers to avoid insurance fraud or fraud.

Consider this scenario that a driver of a transport vehicle was accused of having caused an accident and that the driver claims to have been near the scene of the accident. The GPS system can check the location, speed, route and service of the transport vehicle. This can help build solid defense against such accusations and help protect the driver from fraud.

In another case, if the client claims that the driver did not appear to deliver or perform services, the GPS system may be used to testify against or against the customer's claim. This system protects against counterfeit claims and supports potentially genuine needs.

As the GPS system indicates the speed of vehicle movement, drivers are less likely to travel through an intersection or neighborhood. This will help prevent both accidents and cruise speeds so road driving becomes a better and safer endeavor.

Improving driver morale

The GPS system is in place, accountability is no longer a problem. Drivers will feel better to perform their tasks quickly, accurately and at the highest level. Employees can now be rewarded for exceptional work and behavior. This is only the negative & # 39; Employers need a lot of transportation work. As drivers have now recognized their hard work and performance, their performance and self-esteem can enjoy a high growth rate, thereby improving work efficiency. What is loose or bad Workers, hardworking workers usually find themselves carrying the weight and burden of those who are not so diligent. These diligent workers often relate to their less effective peers. Rather than taxing your big staff with both day-to-day work and behavioral reports, the GPS system can help you decide whether or not the less efficient worker should be allowed. This largely eliminates the psychological and physical burden on efficient workers. This type of software provides the tool that deals with non-productive employees. Unlike the public, GPS tracking systems are beneficial for both the company and the drivers alike. From the more efficient efficiency of the security net against counterfeit applications, employees have a number of advantages to implementing this type of software.

Source by Jack R Nguyen

Rune Spirit Warrior

To many of my requests, please let me become Rune Spirit Warrior.

Before I explain how, I have to say it becomes a special person to become Rune Spiritual Fighter. There is a need for a person who can think outside of the ordinary man's box. Thinking "outside the box" is a term used by people who understand that man has entered the new age and has new laws and rules that govern our lives.

The New Age is called the Age of Aquarius, and the new paradigm is called the Quantum Physics Act. As a species of people living on Earth, we are now living in a completely new place in the Galaxy. Our entire Solar System shot thirty degrees around the Galactic Sun. This thirty degree "Age" movement is called, and it is about 2000 years old. The ancestors called it the precession of Equinox.

The last great era was called the Age of Pisces and Christianity has reigned over the past 2000 years. It was time for religious rule.

Now and in the next 2000 years, one's mind will decide. It is the age of the mind, not the emotions.

Rune and the Northern Pantheon of gods / goddesses exist. They're always exhausted. But now you have to bring them to the Age of Aquarius. This can be done by Rune Spirit Fighter and our minds can be used instead of physical muscles.

We need to update our rituals, running works, and thoughts. Now we can find out how to do this, while sitting comfortably and alone in our favorite armchair.

You no longer have to go to the woods (unless you want them) and practice blots and rites. It is not necessary for Asatru Godies to tell us what to do. The time we need to use mediators between ourselves and God's power is past. This is the "I Know" age.

This new era has placed our own Rune reality in our hands and our power to divine our gods in the 21st century.

We can do everything from the mental plane of existence. Not only did our solar system and planet move around into the new space of life around the Galactic Sun, but the struggle against the survival of our ancient soul in Europe moved to the mental plane of existence.

We can no longer fight with those who would destroy our culture, our ancestors and our northern heritage with swords and axes, we have to do it in our minds.

They use their minds to destroy the theories of our children and grandchildren through TV, Cell Towers, public school systems, and the media, by eliminating all traces of their culture and places in other cultures.

We now have a mental weapon to use. Not to destroy or eliminate other cultures, but to fight to prevent our extinction and differentiation.

This weapon is the laws of quantum physics. These laws tell us there is an infinite giant thought, intelligent energy, called Quantum Ocean. Our myth is called Mimir Well.

In this ocean, everything that ever existed exists or will exist. There is no time here, only the Now. There is no place here but here.

Runes, gods / goddesses, culture, ancestors of our souls all exist. We, as individual souls, live within the Norther Ancient Spirit.

Every 2000 years we need to update and redefine our connections to the Rune and to the ancient Spirit.

The only constant in the whole universe is Change. We need to turn to the level of new mind from swords, axes, and 2000-year dogma.

We need to update the language of Eddas and the language of rituals into today's language. Everyone should be simple and understandable.

The age of secrets and mysteries is past. Here is the age of mind.

Odin did not discover the runes. They discovered them again. When he was hanging from the tree for nine ice nights, and for a few days the entrance to the Quantum Ocean was opened and he got in and grabbed the runes.

But the Runaways are always exhausted there. They are the key to the universal energies of creation. These are powerful tools that greatly alter their lives.

Now is the time to re-enter Mimir Back and forth and discover the Rune and our ancient souls and bring new light and understanding in the new era.

If you want more Rune to become a Ghostbuster, write to me.

Source by Ellis Peterson

Cambodian Social Enterprise

A large area between India and China is called the Indochina Peninsula. Located on the southern edge of the peninsula lies the country of Cambodia, Thailand borders west and northwest, north and northeast Laos. Vietnam lies on the eastern border, and the Gulf of Thailand is the south and southwestern border of the country.

Cambodia is a poor country, more than 40% of the population living in poverty – especially for rural areas and especially for women. Many people from all over the world travel to Cambodia, for example Angkor Wat's ruins. The Cambodian backpack is also very popular.

In addition to tourism, a significant part of the textile industry is in Cambodia's life. Many Cambodian clothing manufacturers have been established in rural areas where native craftsmen produce unique fabrics such as silk made of lotus flowers. Cambodian social enterprises have set up a number of textile enterprises for the use of male and female craftsmen.

Craftsmen from Cambodian crafts include the Krama (national symbol of Cambodia, usually garments A scarf, a ribbon, a ribbon or simply Decorations), a variety of ceramics, wood carvings and lacquers, and painted bottles with rice containing the local infusion.

New eco textile fabric Lotus wool silk created by a company that intends to bring income to women's Cambodian craftsmen with new-grown tissues.

One of Cambodia's clothing manufacturers can then wear these fabrics and work together with Sarongs, karma and many other special garments.

Siem Reap is a resort town in North Cambodia, and most of the tourists visiting Angkor's building complex will fly to this city. Indeed, the nickname of Great Gate is Angkor. In the Siem Reap region, the textile industry using native-woven fabrics has occupied the last ten years.

Angkor Wat's ruins (Wat mean the temple and only one of many Buildings in the Complex) were found in 1901, after being forgotten and over 500 years in the jungle. When the Khmer Empire, once known as Cambodia, grounded the invaders. Unfortunately, the architectural and historical treasure that Angkor Wat has suffered in recent years against looting and vandalism.

Most of the Cambodian population – in fact, 95% of Buddhists. Lotus is an important symbol in Buddhism and has many related meanings. This means it rises above the misfortune because it grows in muddy water, and its flower in glory rests on the top of the water. It also represents purity and loyalty. The Buddha is often portrayed as sitting on a lotus leaf.

The Siem Reap silk store employs hundreds of people in this region and ensures the Cambodian textile industry continues to grow

Source by Barbara Peterson

Finding Flats in Austin

Austin is famously alive. In the 2009 edition of Forbes magazine, Austin assessed the least stressed metro area in the country. In the same year, MSN rated the "greenest" city in America, ranking other famous, sustainable cities such as San Francisco and Minneapolis. It is the fifth safest city in Europe with more than half a million people and a very low crime rate. People are friendly here, so that CNN has pointed out that it is the second "best" man in the country (referring to Austin's friendship). With good people like Austin, it's no wonder Money magazine honors state capital to be the third best place in the country. And all this comes with a nice price tag: According to bestplaces.net, Austin's livelihood cost is 3.86% lower than the US average. (Please forgive a Austin for a little pride.)

Decide to go here is a great idea. Between April 2008 and April 2009, with the worst economic downturn in decades, Austin was the only major subway in the country to add jobs, but house prices remained relatively low due to the low level of the area. If you decide to live here, you have to consider several factors. These include the size of your home, how much money you can spend, and what city you want to live in. The first two considerations are essentially the same where you can go anywhere, but the last one requires knowledge in the Austin area. For those who want to build a family in a thriving, yet central location, Tarrytown's leafy, oak-lined residential area and the proximity of downtown make an excellent choice. Young professionals looking for a quiet, enchanting neighborhood will probably fall in love with Hyde Park north of University of Texas. And for the true "Keeping Austin Weird" experience, you can not go wrong with the 78704 postal code, which features the famous and unique South Congest shopping line.

Before you decide to move, you obviously need to do some research. In these situations, it will never hurt to get in touch with a good real estate agent who has a strong idea of ​​Austin's homes and neighborhoods. They are an invaluable tool for Austin's many species of wildlife.

Source by Franklin Mowshowitz

Ringwood – The Perfect Place for a Family Vacation

Ringwood is located in Hampshire County, England, and is an excellent starting point for tourists who want to discover New Forest and the Avon Valley. Ringwood is located on the Avon River near the New Forest – the largest, freeways pasture and rugged areas in the north of Southeast England and Bournemouth – a very large seaside resort town. Ringwood dates back to the 11th century when William I was named in the city as Rincewed, the Regni tree – the ancient British people of Regni. In 1607, an old old reference to the city where the city was named Regnewood.

Ringwood is a historic city whose history dates back to English Saxon times and has been in existence since the Middle Ages. With the city's modern shops, historical vouchers and resorts, Ringwood is called the New Forest market. Even today, the city maintains a traditional market where locals can buy fresh produce. Ringwood is also the home of Ringwood's brewery, which manufactures more bearings and operates pubs in the local area. In addition, Ringwood is a friendly place for children with various girls and boys research teams and children's clubs. Especially known for the children's slippery park. Ringwood is also famous for its street entertainment, providing a fun-filled atmosphere with cafés, pubs and restaurants.

There are a lot of stores for families who choose to leave in Ringwood. Ringwood is an excellent starting point for those looking for a new forest. There are many walking and hiking trails in the area. The Avon Valley promenade, linking Christchurch and Salisbury, is 34 miles long and is an important adventure for all tourists in the region. Poulner Lake is a must for all nature lovers, while fishing enthusiasts love the expedition on the famous Avon River or in the surrounding lakes. In addition, Ringwood has many exciting festivals throughout the year. Food lovers will enjoy the Hampshire Food Festival, which will head to Ringwood in early July. The Ringwood Festival is also home to July, providing many entertainment and activities to all members of the family. Animal lovers will enjoy the New Forest Owl Sanctuary, a wonderful collection of owls and birds of prey.

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Yacht charter in Italy – Enjoy world-famous lifestyle for renting a boat

Italy's beauty is legendary, and a city is more appealing than the other. The country has an extremely rich culture and history, its beautiful cuisine and the world-famous lifestyle and chique. For a charter yacht, guests can enjoy huge and varied sailing areas and beautiful harbors. Combining all the fascinating attractions, impressive nature and the Italian "dolce vita", you can enjoy a perfect sailing holiday.

Why is yacht rental popular in Italy? ] Italy and its islands are located in the Tyrrhenian Sea directly in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Renting a boat in Italy is a great opportunity to discover the wonderful Italian culture and the multitude of beautiful cities. There are more UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy than in any other country in the world. And you can enjoy fantastic food and great shopping.

The beach, especially the western Italian Riviera, offers many beaches and coves that are perfectly suited for anchoring. The Italian islands are mainly located on the west coast of the continent, each of which has its own individual character. The favorable climate and virtually no tide offers good sailing conditions and there are many interesting opportunities for various sailing routes. Italy has a great tradition of shipbuilding and sailing, so sailors enjoy a great deal of ports. The infrastructure of the North Charter region and the south of Rome are quite good.

Main airports: Venice, Genoa, Pisa, Rome, Naples, Olbia, Alghero, Cagliari, Reggio Calabria, Palermo, Trapani and Catania.

Here are some general information about yacht charter in Italy:

Location: Central Mediterranean

Total length of coastline: 7,600 km

Capital: Rome

Main Charter Foundations: Genoa, La Spezia, Piombino, Follonica, Castiglione della Pescaia, Salerno, Sorrento, Tropea, Reggio Calabria. Sardinia: Cagliari, Carloforte, Olbia, Alghero. Sicily: Trapani, Palermo, Portarosa

Population: approx. 60,675,000

Climate: mild, Mediterranean

Country Code: +39

Charter Season: May-October

Italy Main Sailing Areas in Italy On the west coast of the mainland, Liguria, Tuscany, Elba, the Gulf of Naples, Capri, Sardinia and Sicily. The shore of the Adriatic coast on the eastern side is not that appealing for boating. Possible rental bases near Polignano a Mare Bari, near the Gargano National Park and the Venetian Lagoon, where you can sail directly to the world-famous old town and its impressive buildings.

In the capital of Liguria, Genoa, you will encounter the largest aquarium in Porto Antico in Europe and many other attractions. From here there is only a short walk to the Old Town. After about 14 NM it reaches the stunning harbor town of Portofino in the protected bay. From here, about 30 NM to La Spezia and on the road where one of Italy's most interesting tourist destinations is five picturesque and colorful seaside towns in the Cinque Terre National Park. La Spezia is part of the national park and is the second largest city in Liguria. It lies easily in the deep hills, surrounded by high mountains.

To the south lies the Tuscan archipelago of Gorgona, Capraia, Pianosa, Montechristo, Giglio, Gianutri and the largest and best known – Elba. There are very good charter bases on the Tuscan land to get acquainted with these islands, or maybe Corsica. Viareggio, Piombino, Follonica and Castiglione della Pescaia / Punta Ala. On the island of Elba the capital and the port of Portoferraio on the northern shore that you should visit. The island also offers great bays and great fixings. Located on the southern Tuscan hills, Puerto San Stefano is a seaside town on a peninsula with a marina and huge forts.

Sardinian offers excellent exclusive harbors and ports, such as Costa Smeralda and Porto Cervo, as well as untouched sailing areas such as the famous Maddalena archipelago. There are very good ports like Cagliari, Cannigione, La Maddalena, Olbia, Palau and Portisco. Enjoy the stunning and varied scenery such as Spiaggia Rosa's pink beach and the finned Cannigione Bay.

The Gulf of Naples and its islands, the Amalfi Coast and the archipelago of the Pontine Islands offer further glittering opportunities on yacht charter routes. The Amalfi Coast is located between Sorrento and Salerno charter bases. It is a 50 km long beach with very picturesque towns on steep rocky cliffs. Amalfi and Positano are just two examples.

You can drive from the mainland to the islands of the Gulf of Naples. Exclusive Capri where the international jet set meets. The capital's and port's top quality boutiques and first class restaurants are located on the north side. Very busy and expensive. On the southern side of Marina Piccola there is a good anchorage point. There are no sandy beaches on Capri Island, its beach is rather rocky and scenic. Water is deep, so there are not too many secure fixes.

Then there is a weird, colorful Procida with its many beautiful bays and beaches, and the Vivara Island Nature Reserve, which is connected via Procida via a bridge.

You can travel to the popular, busy Ischia, which is the largest island in the Gulf of Naples. It is an extinct volcano rich landscape, hot springs, large bays and secluded beaches. The three main ports are the port of Ischia, Casamicciola and Forio. The southern part of the island is greener and wild, with beautiful coastline and the northern part of the island.

Finally they are heading towards the Pontine Islands. From Ischia to the uninhabited and unspoilt Santo Stefano about 22 NM. There can only be anchored in the northern part of the island. Visit the neighboring Ventotene Island, then head for the next 22 NM to the Northwest Pontine Islands, Gavi, Palmarola, Zannone and the lovely Ponza with its many caves and caves. Here you will find the beautifully protected anchors and an interesting, damaged beach.

Extremely popular for yacht charter holidays in Sicily, of course. Choose from the main charter bases, such as the northern Marsala or Portorosa, from where you can explore the Aeolian Islands of Lipari, Stromboli, Vulcano, Alicudi, Filicudi, Panarea and Salina. Other ports of the Italian boat charter: Messina, Taormina, Catania and Syracuse on the east coast. Reggio Calabria on land is also a good starting point for sailing charter in Sicily

What weather conditions are important for renting your bareboat in Italy?

Waters do not represent significant tides. In the summer the dominant edges are northwestern. Afternoon afternoon winds generally reduce the heat. Long, dry and hot summers for perfect sailing time

Summary of gliding weather in Italy with example of Naples:

Highest Average Month Temperature: July / August, 25 °

Monthly average temperature: January / February, 9 °

Wind speed: 3 – 5 Bft

Average rainfall: November, 140 mm

Months of precipitation: June / July / August, 30 mm

The highest average sunny months: July / August, 10 hours a day

The lowest average sunny month: December, 3 hours

Months with the highest average temperature: July / August, 26 °

February / March, 14 °

How much does it cost The Yacht Charter of Italy and the Type of Charter The average price for a yacht charter in Italy is about 3,100 euros a week, but a 10-meter yacht can be hired, for example, about 1,600 euros. The price depends on the size, model and equipment of the boat. In Italy it is customary to rent a RIB (rigid inflatable boat) for a trip to the water. For weekly or longer sailing, you can choose to rent a boat or rent a boat, and you can choose sailing, motorboat or rent a catamaran. Then there is a luxury yacht charter, usually a full staff that tends to your specific needs. A flotilla holiday is a popular way to sail Italian waters. And daily charter can be a way to try out if you enjoy life on board.

What other projections are in Italy, except sailing yachts?

Do not miss Rome and its wonderful antique sites like the Forum, the Colosseum and the Pantheon. In the Eternal City other, most impressive tourist destinations are the Vatican and St. Peter's Church. Sit on the Spanish Steps, admire the Trevi Fountain and absorb the beautiful Piazza Navona and the pedestrian zone with its endless shops, boutiques, cafés and restaurants. This town offers so much that it simply has to go back.

Tuscany is the perfect place for sightseeing. Florence is the second in the world when it comes to Renaissance art and architecture. Van Dávid's statue, the great Uffizi museum, the Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo and many more. Pisa and the sloping tower are another fantastic sight. It is just as beautiful and worth visiting Siena, San Gimignano and Lucca.

If you have a day before or after chartering a sailboat, go somewhere inland to Bologna with its beautiful old town that looks nice at the top of the temple tower. It is the oldest university institution in the old, dating from 1088.

Discover the Cinque Terre, five fascinating villages on the steep hillsides of the beach, in a wonderful natural setting. For example, Manarola is a very beautiful, colorful city.

Various charter trips, see Pompeii near Naples. The Vesuvius destroyed it in 79 and is now a "frozen city".

Visit Amalfi and its Cathedral, old dockhouses and paper mills

Anchor at Capriba and visit the Blue Cave – a large cave full of spectacular blue light from the bottom.

Go up to Castello d 'Ischia, an Aragonian castle built in 1438 and originally from the 475

Finally, take a break from sailing, To enjoy the breathtaking scenery at the beach.

When you cruise around the yacht charter around the Aeolian Islands or Eastern Sicily, admire the active volcanoes Stromboli and Etna. One of Sardinia's natural parks, such as Parco Nazionale del Golfo di Orosei and Gennargentu.

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Self-employment is the last way to enjoy a big holiday

The travel industry has been sparking many holiday ideas under the tape as a man started the journey from the day of activity. It is true that travel has recently been a new cross-border activity and has been pursuing many activities. Going to one of the exciting adventures will stay the same and this is the escape they need from the routine period of life. Almost as if responding to the wish of many peace seekers, the concept of self-employment has dramatically entered the lives of people worldwide. Now, when defining the term self-employment, it is the gift of the name itself to the excuse that is in it. "It is a known fact that the increasing commercial use of the world made it almost impossible for people to escape chaos and bustle in every corner of the planet, except for hills and virgin areas."

Now, if you show the homeland of your home at one of these locations, what would be your reaction? That's enough to discover if you choose this holiday idea.

This concept is about renting a house for the fate One of the ones that serve and enjoy the full freedom associated with it.Freedom would in fact be underestimated because you will not only get a whole house free from any external interference, but you can also make your own favorite foods especially suitable for families with children, this activity In many places it became very popular.

Catering self-sufficiency also provides the benefits of grassland on a foreign soil, which is too good to be true. That's right.

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