What to do if your name is incorrectly entered on the Schengen visa?

After you've passed the Schengen visa application and finally received your visa, the last thing you want to see is spelling or other mistake. But these things happen, so please make sure the visa information is correct.

Situations have recently occurred when a Schengen embassy made a mistake on the client's visa label. Both the visa applicant and the Schengen consulate are responsible for verifying whether all the data provided by the visitor is compliant with the biopoint passport information.

We recommend you carefully check all your Schengen visa information, get your passport back. Do it before leaving the visa center where the visa application has been processed. If you have special deliveries ordered, you must ensure that all the information in the visa stamp is correct. What should you check in particular? Passport number, first / middle name and last name. If necessary, check the dates as well. If this is an entry visa, make sure it is valid from the beginning of the holiday. Another thing to check how many days you stay in the Schengen area – you have to determine the number of days for leave.

Normally a single entry Schengen visa is issued for 30 days. Allow the holder a post and cover you for only one trip.

If any of the posts found an error, contact the Visa Center immediately by email or phone. The best solution is to go directly with your passport. Ask them to fix the problem as soon as possible.

When another customer encountered this problem, the consulate simply did not have time to change the spelling mistake in the surname, Three days after the visa was issued. You need at least 3 days to correct this error if you do this through the Visa Center as you usually take the passport to the consulate the next day, issue another visas on the second day and return it on the third day. To the Visitor Center

What can be done even if we do not have time to go directly to the consulate. You may be issuing a new visa and then the same day.

So what will happen if you do not make a mistake with the visa-corrected? Well, this depends on a few things. For example, if a consulate contacted your name or last name – one or two bad letters – it may not be a big deal and probably good for the habit (even if you have time, contact the consul and how the visa has changed!) But if you see that the visa shows a completely different name or passport number, you certainly can not travel with such a visa. The same applies to bad dates – the Schengen country customs officer does not want to listen to the explanation of why printed dates do not match the actual dates.

Also remember that incorrect regulations will in any case cause suspicion to a customs officer Then errors usually indicate counterfeit documents

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Free Air Versus Coin Operated at Gas Station – Why $ 0 is Future Business

If it's completely disrupting, then the latest experience is here. On Saturday morning, on May 22, 2010, I had an order. As I entered the car, I noticed that my left front tires looked like air was needed. I took the tire, and yes, yes. I did not want to drive a long distance in this state, so after my first assignment I was on a Shell station and I had to pay for the use of air. Can you imagine paying for the air? I will refuse unless I travel on the highway and have no other alternative.

I dropped down and hurled into a Sunoco and paid a prize. This station was another name-display station in the last 2-3 years. I can not recall the name, but the air was free at that time. I held the Chevron across the street. Fees are payable for the use of air. I went and ca. He drove 2 miles to another Shell station. I was in the left rotating band and saw the air pump, and it looked like a coin operated. I did not bother to stop. When I went to my next destination, I realized I was near a Wawa station and turned to a quick left before I went straight to the traffic sign. I knew that two other Wawa sites were free for free and I would go to one of them, but both of them were not on my way and did not want to go back. I entered the Wawa, used the air pump, and I was ready to go. I spent a lot of time that morning trying to find free air. Why in this economy will they continue to use us on the air while increasing gas prices? I am an internet marketer and I have to make a point to offer something for free because we do this. Why does Wawa think Wawa's breath? In my opinion they offer us something for free so we can get the sale later. In other words, we do not charge you to charge the 4 tires and reserve because we offer our cheap petrol and go to our convenience store for breakfast meals, sandwiches, salads, snacks, coffee or soft drink a total of 3-4 times Like air. You do not have to worry about them.

I went to cash for my gas, and there are almost always people who buy coffee and breakfast meals early in the morning. Lunch is no different. This is a business decision that really pays for them in the coming years. Way to Wawa. The rest of us may have a good business sense to follow.

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Recognition of seafarers!

Somewhere around 1500, Lapitas (from Polynesians) crossed the ocean between food and pets. This was the beginning of a true seamanship in the Stone Age. The traditional used craft is now a catamaran. These sailors knew how to read wind and wave patterns and navigated by the sun and the stars. One could say that the Lapitas had studied the flight pattern of birds when it started on shore, vegetation drifting and even cloud formation; Old saltiness is still used today.

In the mid-14th century, European mariners ventured into the Atlantic Ocean. On August 2, 1492 Columbus Christopher sailed Santa Maria and stepped out of the blue ocean off the Canary Islands. Columbus, who was financed by the King and Queen of Spain, wandered west and searched only Asian silks and spices to find America. In the 1600's: 19459002 (19459001) — On December 21, 1620, in the wind storm and tiredness, the pilgrims were anchored at Plymouth Harbor after having stayed at sea for about two months. They spend their busy ship in the winter (Mayflower) and lose half of the people for the disease. In the coming years, the Plymouth population was great for new arrivals.

— 1659, the first homeowners (two men, one woman, and six children) arrived on Nantucket Island, with an open boat, on the seagulls wound by the winter windswept wind. Farming and fishing was the main activity until 1712 before the whaling became popular.

— 1675, Boston Harbor Islands have historically been places where society has disrupted the unpleasant institutions and people at the edge. American Indians were interned on the island of Szarvas under King Philips. war.

— 1684, the British bought the characteristics of Rumney Marsh and Pudding Point from the Indians. Then, between 1753 and 1763, there was a fishing industry in Point Shirley, and 300 people remained and worked there.

For decades, northeast coastal Indians fished, bred and hunted on the islands, and European settlers used the same goals. The great natural harbor and the New England shipping network have been a booming harbor since Boston. The harbor was part of the Sea Tales, as the pirates were captured for port cruise ships.

The pirates would ride up and down the Atlantic Ocean between Newburyport and Winthrop. They were here to hide at the Pudding Point, waiting for other ships to come down and attack and sink on the ships. Before the ships sink, the pirates would lose the treasures of gold and jewels from the ships and sail back to Newburyport where these rewards were buried. Where exactly today is not really today. However, if you visit Winthrop, make sure you are near a Deer Island three mile bore and stop at the dead center. There is a small island on you, bright on it, called Nix Mate. This is where the pirates are actually imprisoned and some people believe they died there. You can hear them on a dark, windy day to get revenge. Today ships are making the point to stay away from Nix Mate. The actual structure is the cornerstone and meeting place of four different channels; Nubble, Narrows, South and North. The tide is very strong, and if they get caught, the pirates can end.

Boston was also an entry port for early settlers and altered immigrants seeking a better life in a new world.

At the end of the 1960s, Winthrop had a lot of beer around the three yacht clubs. At that time, there was a problem when Deer Island overflow came back to the port. This "fertilizer" caused the growth of sea salad. Regrettably, sea salad covered all the fodder, causing the shell to be destroyed. The smells and contamination of shells leaked the area and painted the houses. A doctor was introduced to find out what to do and suggested that everything be submerged by dredging.

Clamming is a lively industry in Winthrop and offers a variety of restaurants in the area. Indeed, the Boston chefs claimed that Winthrop was the best clam.

Every week, biologists at the Plum Island Clearing House send an e-mail to all shellfish in Quincy, Boston, and Weymouth. This e-mail notifies shellfish where and when they can dig into the soft shell. According to Massachusetts State Law, a pebble loader is five racks per day for soft shell shells. This is not really a clam in the order of things, but the downfall works the same way. Rules and rules can change constantly, so it is more difficult to support a family.

So regardless of whether it's 110 ° or less than 20 °, a mussel hoist will start Winthrop Public Landing, ready to turn off half an hour before sunrise. Armed with their buckets, boots, and trousers, they jump into the boat and start working for the next tide. Through the clocks with the trowel in his hand, the flock of the shells must be aligned with the pebbled hunter to end eventually on his plate or on the Seagull stomach.

. Shells are popular, but they need to measure two inches in diameter, ie pull them back. Sometimes, when the excavators rush to finish, before the tide gets in, the shells are taken to the rocks. This is when the Seagulls feed on it.

After the five racks are filled, the excavators come back. They meet with buyers and / or the Environment Police to check their shells. As these shells will be dug in Winthrop, they will need to be transported to the Plum Island Cleansing Cell before they go to restaurants and seafood.

In the cleaning plant, the compartments were placed in long giant baths filled with salt water. Ultraviolet lamps are used to clean the shell. The shells stay there for three days and every morning they clean the tanks, take samples, and control the bacteria. The air bubbles are pumped into PVC to help the mussels breathe in the water. After the shells are cleansed and field biologists approve, the racks will go through a washing machine before the last step before they come to the stamp of state approval before they leave. After being approved, the shell hangs in a refrigerator until they are picked up. However, if there are bacteria in any of the containers, while the shells are cleaned, all the shells must be discarded. This causes financial losses to diggers and does not mean shells for restaurants.

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Scheme

Arrest is a court-ordered, punishment punishable by a criminal offense for some offenders. When sentenced to such punishment, you must always stay within the limits of your home, but you may have limited travel entitlement to appoint a work, school or doctor. Both adults and minors are sentenced to house arrest and all of them are placed on a temporary probation during the term of the sentence. Counseling may include routine meetings with probation officers, random drug screening, community service, therapy, counseling, victim boards, drug training courses, and more.

Although the name seems quite clear, there are far more Homeland Prisoners than home births. If you or someone you love is facing domestic custody, it may be helpful to answer a few questions to some common questions to easily think and clarify the conditions and circumstances of homicide. Continue reading to review the most common questions about home delivery so you can do this rightly!

What are the general rules of house arrest?

And according to varying specifications. However, the general rules of domestic custody do not include drugs or alcohol at your place of residence, do not involve drug or alcohol consumption, the probation officer may at any time visit your home to check for drugs or alcohol, to conduct a random drug test, Prohibition of Prohibition and Probation (eg Community Service, Rehabilitation, etc.).

An electronic sensing device for the ankle every time. This device is connected to another device that is connected to a person's home phone. The device records the date and time of travel within and outside deadlines. If any of these records indicates that a person traveled outside his or her borders in an unauthorized period, the probation officer shall be notified and the person violated. 19459002

They have been prosecuted for a probation violation. This means not only facing the previous prizes, but also facing newer ones. Sometimes a probation officer first gives a warning, but it's important to understand that the terms are taken very seriously and one of the minor offenses is punished.

Do you need a lawyer if he is wrong?

In most cases, yes. The penalties for such violations are taken very seriously, and the penalties that a person has to face are very tough. The criminal lawyer already knows your case and will protect you once more to minimize the crime you are facing. They are the only hope to avoid the highest prizes for the breach.

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Formostar infrared body wrap VS infrared sauna: the differences discovered

In recent years I often asked, "What's the difference between the Formostar infrared body and the infrared sauna?" Well, there's a slight difference, but first let me explain what Far Infrared is.

Simple remote infrared (FIR) light is a form of thermal energy and invisible to the eye. This is the warmth she feels on her skin when she is in the daytime. The FIR was measured at a wavelength that is called microns, which are most optimally absorbed by humans in the range of 3 to 50 microns and is optimally 9.4 microns. This is the exact wavelength that is programmed by Formostar.

FIR effects are weakened by distance, so the closer the body's FIR source is, the more impact it will have. Here begins the difference between carpet and carpet!

FIRs close to the body are skin (dermis), muscle, blood vessels, lymph nodes, nerves and cells. The infrared is just moving straight and not reflecting. Sauna FIR elements are hidden behind the wall and are far from the viewing angle, so we can guess how far away they are. These elements warm you and the air around you; However, penetration will not be so deep in the tissue layers. Due to the proximity of the skin, 93% of the radiation emitted by Formostar is absorbed into the skin and deeper tissues. Another advantage of saunas is that if a Formostar has an infrared body, the prince is heat-free and can breathe in clean air in the room, which is an inevitable problem with the sauna.

Most infrared saunas only last half hour. The body takes 20 to 30 minutes to warm up on the fat burning stage so the sauna ends as it begins! Formostar takes fifty minutes, which is more than enough time to raise a storm and burn 1200 calories.

Remote infrared energy vibrates cells, helping interconnections between deposits such as fats and toxins. Continuous vibration of the body's molecules increases dermis temperature, increases blood vessels, stimulates circulation and activates metabolism in tissues and cells. Formostar wraps target and deepen the areas where fat deposits (tumor, hips and thighs) are higher, so the cells below will activate more and release more fat and toxins. Formostar German Manufactured and manufactured only in its kind in the world, to use non-allergenic high-density silicones. This is why the packaging needs to be authentic for use with the human body. As silicon, packaging is impermeable to bacteria and can be easily cleaned from body fluids with an organic disinfectant between customers. While there are multiple antibacterial problems in the sauna, there are no known problems with the use of Formostar.

Formostar is certified as a Type 2 medical device in Europe, America and Australia for Testing Security and Compliance in Australia. This is listed in the Australian therapeutic asset and is the only infrared device to which these approvals belong. If the products are not listed as approved therapeutic tools, companies are not entitled to make claims that their products can achieve concrete results, particularly in terms of weight loss and pain relief. In order to make claims that their products are actually able to produce these results, companies have their own studies. You will find that most infrared products relies on articles on the Internet and provide anecdotal evidence of the sale of products for infrared products. Formostar has two clinical trials and is in a third stage.

Each Formostar client has to fill out a health questionnaire before packing to ensure they have no contraindications. Other products that heat up the body do not do this. All staff must be trained and accredited to enable Formostar to be used by clients; Other infrared products do not appear in this accreditation process

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One of the best things to ski is that you can choose from a wide range of skiing

One of the best things to skiing is to choose the one that best suits you from many different styles and methods. Usually, when people think of skiing, they are thought to be snow, but in fact water, sand or grass. You can ski on hills or on flat terrain and use one or two tents. Let's take a look at the different forms of skiing you might want to try.


Snowmobile has two main types: Alpine and Scandinavian. The Alpine downhill and Nordic Cross-country skiing. The equipment and technique used for the two disciplines are quite different. If you want to do both, many skiers can enjoy the different styles of skiing at different times of the year.

Although there are many differences, the most important thing is that the northern ski boot is only attached to skiing at the tip of the toe. The corner can be lifted from the ski and allows the skier to move slowly. If you are a cross-country skier, the ski boot should firmly attach to the bar at both the toes and the heel to provide maximum speed or rotation.

Equipment is different, especially in ski boots And skis. Nordic skiers use flexible, low-cut ski boots that are quite different to high rigid boots suitable for alpine skiing. Furthermore, Nordic skis are thinner and longer, so they can easily slide over the snow.

Alpine skiing has a wealth of disciplines. You can choose from different skiing styles such as the Mogul, the Powder, the Track and the Track, or have special skills like free style, fast skiing, telemark and ski jumping.

Powder Skiing

Skiing is often described as the ultimate experience of skiing enthusiasts. Snow, which is light and dry, known as Snow White. The light flushing of light and dirty dust is a wonderful experience and skiers will often be of extreme length if it means skiing in the dust. The skiing techniques of power are quite different from the methods used on well-groomed trails. Shifts must be more gradual and the weight of the skier must be kept on the skis. When dusty skiing works well, it is beautiful in the technical finesse, and often described as it feels like floating in the clouds.


If you've seen a ski resort with lots of bumps, you've seen moguls. These balls are formed on a ski slope, as many skiers follow the same slopes on the slope. On a busy hill it is possible that the hill is covered with Moguls and requires very special techniques for skiing. Control is of great significance during the moguls. Impressive on the Mumbai Hill, it may be scary, but if you take it at a little angle and use the downward pole it will be okay. The pole should be rounded up and the spring action of the knee should be used to skip the mogul at the same time. It is important that you start with the Mogulians at beginner level, but a good preparation prepares you for the excitement and fun of speeding skiing. Rhythm is key, so it's important to get a rhythm with the turns to help control.

Backcountry skiing

If you're bored of favorite ski slopes in your favorite ski resort, why not try back skiing? This is a great way to look outdoors as most people never live. This can be a challenge, which means it can be dangerous. Most ski resorts provide access to skiers and other rescue services, but you are at the backcountry. If you are a strong skier and a well-prepared, then the shelter can be removed up to a kilometer away. If you are well-formed for skiing, you can check the challenge of irresistible skiing and feel uncomfortable.

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The Benefits of Family Vacations

Planning a family vacation can be a daunting experience. Every age group has a family member and everyone has different interests. This means everyone is entertained and everyone is having a tiring, frustrating holiday and in some cases wants to completely overcome the idea.

Thanks to family travel, you can provide many family benefits. Provide your dream vacation with you and your family at a price you can afford. So these festivals will benefit you in the long run?

The first advantage you find is that you can continue to fully control your vacation. You not only agree on what's available, but also to make up for what your family wants and what to do, then a vacation that meets all of your vacation needs. This is a good way to go on holiday, as they know that the whole family has a memorial memorable experience.

The second advantage of family celebrations is that you can enjoy activities that you enjoy. Depending on where you want to go and what type of vacation you want (beach, city or skiing), you can concentrate on activities in the neighborhood so everyone can enjoy the opportunity to enjoy something that you enjoy on your vacation. It means that the whole family is happy and everyone is relaxed and refreshed, not irritated and frustrated. Then find individual family celebrations that you can enjoy at your own pace. For example, if you choose a particular tour, for example, you work at the pace of the tour operators. When choosing one of these holiday experiences, you are still under control, so the dream holiday does not rush, visit places, spend the day at the beach or search for a nearby spa if your resort is not "No such. , You will be guaranteed a more relaxed pace that you and your family can work for.

The festival is a family holiday that is just for you, a great advantage, accessible to a special travel agent, informing you of the type of holiday you want and what you are looking for Want your family to do and see and set up a package that will quickly and efficiently meet your unique holiday needs.

In addition, ordered family celebrations can be arranged within the travel budget. Make sure your budget is in mind Keep it before you start shopping Because it helps to identify what it can afford to wait for the holiday period. Keep in mind that you are looking for holidays that involve everything or contain certain activities, as this can reduce your overall costs in the long run, so you can spend more money and make sure your budget is still slightly lower.

There are a wide range of custom family celebrations available to you. You do not have to simply accept a business because it sounds good. Spend some time, search for bids, then identify what suits your family's unique holiday needs and budgets.

Make sure you choose a professional family holiday promotion company that runs near the resorts and hotels to provide a business that will guarantee you will be impressed with you and your family during the holiday season. Do research, identify the strengths of your company, and identify what it is to do with them, making them the number one choice.

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Tips to stay warm between the teeth

The body is designed to burn incendiary materials and generate energy from the inside. So, do not forget to eat! If your body is cold, it will sacrifice your feet and hands to save your life. Have you ever wondered why your feet and hands are the first cold? The body will lose heat – radiation, convection, construction, breathing and evaporation in 5 different ways.

  1. Radiation: Just as a wood stove radiates heat into the room, your body radiates the heat of the air. The higher the insulation, the greater the heat loss.
  2. Convection moving air. The wind blowing over the sweater, or the heat lost through convection around your coat. Windproof outer layers prevent heat loss.
  3. In a football game sitting with some cool brides, catching a ski resort or catching a cold zipper on your neck, all heat losses Evaporation is a very effective cooling process.

6 tips for staying in a warm sports component:

    Check the weather conditions before you are out. Check out the local weekly weather forecast to make it easier to prepare.

  • Dress properly. If it is too cold, wear so many layers of warm clothes as much as possible. If you are slightly cold, try to dress only in a few layers and wrap an extra layer or sweater when the temperature drops.
  • Get ready for any condition. Keep an umbrella, poncho or warm coat with you. There is an indoor, heated place where you do not want the weather to become extreme.
  • Wear waterproof shoes or boots with good adhesion. If your feet are cold and wet, no matter how well your body is. You will still be miserable!
  • Wear gloves and fingers and long thick socks. They protect your hands and feet, which is the most difficult place for hot blood flow. Try to wear thinner gloves under heavy winter gloves to get better heat.
  • Pack warm meals. Sometimes all that is needed in cold conditions is hot food or drink. Sprinkle the thermos with hot drinks, soups or noodles. Hot meals and drinks will warm you up and keep your strength.
  • Signs and Symptoms of Hypothermia: Tremor Cryopathy, Loss of Coordination, (19459004)

    Hypothermia treatment: Remove all wet clothing, protect the person against wind, Warm the individual with extra clothing, take the person's temperature if There is a thermometer, warm liquids (avoiding alcohol or caffeine).

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Fly Fishing Idaho, less known River Bitch Creek

Not only the spectacular fishing of the Idaho rivers, but also plenty of streams that carry beautiful native trout. Bitch Creek is one of the less well known streams that are spectacular.

Idaho Fly Fishing in the Bitch Creeks Who knows Bitch Creek has its name, but to us Frenziers have our theory. There are 2 access points for the Bitch Creek fish that I will work on, but one of the access points we usually fish is very steep and quite hikers. It's worse than a hike, ridiculous hiking. We have always stated that once you sit down you are good, but this is a bitch to get out. That's why the name Bitch Creek. The river is two separate villas, which eventually connect directly to the Idaho border to Wyoming border, bearing the name Bitch Creek.

North Bitch Creek begins north of the Moose Mountain. South Bitch Creek begins north of the Dry Ridge Mountain, on both summits in Wyoming at Grand Teton National Park. The two streams bend out of the mountains and eventually reach about 5 miles east of Idaho / Wyoming, which forms the Bitch Creek. Before you go to Idaho, the Jackpine Creek is in Bitch Creek. Idaho uses the boundary separating Fremont County and Teton County. It runs through spectacular canyoning settings before finally going to the Teton River from Driggs, northwest of Idaho. The puppy is only about 15 miles long. The northern and southern forks add another 8 to 10 miles, but the main fishing waters are only 12 to 15 miles away.

Location Located in the southeast of Bitch Creek. Beautiful Tetons. Within a part of Jedediah Smith Wilderness, he travels to Idaho and continues his journey through the Caribou Targhee National Forest. You do not have to say no beauty.

As mentioned earlier, there are two main access points. The most prominent is along the 32nd freeway, north of the thriving metropolis of Felt Idaho. The 32 freeway connecting highway between Ashton, Idaho and Tetonia Idaho. To get there, Hwy 33 from Rexburg, Idaho to Driggs, and just before Tetonia Idaho takes North Hwy 32. North of Felt Idaho Hwy 32 crosses Bitch Creek. There is a stretch where you can park and climb up the stream either up or down. I personally never fished up. The second entry point is a favorite of the madness group, and a place that is the biggest wasteland I've ever caught. To get to Hwy 32 from Ashton Idaho to Tetonia and hand over a small Drummond Idaho (Drummond Bar). Near the Drummond, it is about two miles to see the South Road, and the 4350 E from the south. This recognizes the structure of the two fences, which decorate both sides. It seems you are going to the farmer's yard, because the houses and the sheds you will go through will continue, and the dirt road will become narrower and eventually end on the edge of a steep canyon. The canyon downwards represents a huge contrast to the large grain fields we pass through when you come here. Once you see here on the canyon two interconnected water systems flowing into one. Here is the Bitch Creek in the Teton River. Despite this, many times it still seems to be lost every other time. It's a tricky place to find, but once you find one of the best small fishing boats. As a side note, please respect the landowner / farmer's property on ground travel permitting fishermen to access these beautiful places


It is contrary to any other fishing I have been associated with. Access is difficult and hiking is even worse, but it adds the feeling that you are the only mile away that you take home. And you have the chance to be alone and never see the whole day again.

About 12 years ago, this creek was discovered when Marc Crapo took me. Since then I've been trying to go every summer and consistently pulled a 17-18 cm cow from this little creek. When I arrive at the confluence of the Teton and the bitch, the bitch is always up. The stream has good pools and runs every corner. If you do not force yourself to stop, you will find that you will never leave the "next round" syndrome created by this creek.

From the middle of June, after the spring run, the best fishing time goes on. Yetter, Gene Simmons, and in 2002 I learned the hard way of Frenzy 1. Mostly with the quarry nines I used the famous Bitch Creek nymphot. Standards like pheasant tail, field ears, and prince nymphs are always working well. Hopper patterns are also very productive.

If you're looking for a great place to get big Cutts, there's virtually no pressure, Bitch Creek is your place.

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Diatoms: Interesting facts

Diatoms are tiny single-celled organisms that form the diatomaceous earth. It was first discovered in 1702 by Anton van Leeuwenhoek, and for hundreds of years, these microscopic creatures have been studied and analyzed. Richard B. Hoover contributed to this research on traveling around the world, studying diatoms and collecting new species. National Geographic released a 1979 release of exciting discoveries about these extraordinary organisms.

Below are some of the most exciting and interesting findings about diatoms:

  • During the study of the diatome collection of paper-dried 1834, Richard B. Hoover was astonished that after a slide was given to water, the diatomas revived and swam … almost 150 years!
  • More than twenty-five thousand types of diatomas have been discovered, none of which contain the same shell.
  • Most water bodies have a large number of diatomas around the world. In fact, only one liter of seawater can contain tens of millions of diatomas!
  • Most diatomas exist in cold oceans
  • Diatoms can enjoy light, water, carbon dioxide and nutrients everywhere. In some cases, diatomas can also be used in water – they can live in humid conditions or cling to mosses, tree trunks and even brick walls.
  • Diatomas are very flexible and can withstand long droughts
  • The size of diatomas varies greatly, the maximum measurement is only one millimeter.
  • Cape Cod, known as the Hantzschia virgata, is buried in the sand when the tide comes in. After the tide is extinct, the diatomas sink to the surface for sunbathing. Their timing is impeccable, since they know exactly when they are buried in the sand and retire for a few moments before returning with the tide. In fact, it was discovered that even after these diatoms were kept in a laboratory for weeks, their timing remained constant. They continued to enter the sand with the utmost precision that they could use their actions to predict the tide!
  • Diatoms are impressive shell builders. The dissolved silicon is converted to silica, which is almost the same as the opal of the gem.
  • Diatomas disperse enormous amounts of oxygen into the atmosphere
  • A huge number of diatoms die and sink at the bottom of the river, the lake and the ocean. In some areas the seabed can be covered in such deep layers as 300 meters. Many years, these layers of dead diatomas are fossil and rich sites of diatomaceous earth or diatomite

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