Buck Pocket State Park in northeastern Alabama!

I grew up in Geraldine Alabama, I was lucky to have a wonderful park in my back yard! The Buck's Pocket State Park is just two miles north of Grove Oak in North-East Alabama,
! After seeing the first
1,000-meter view, you come back again and again! Indeed, one of the treasures of Alabama

Over 18 miles of hiking trails along the beautiful South Sauty Creek
there are plenty of ways to catch yourself! Great camping,
Kayaking, horseback riding, picnics, fishing, lots of wildlife and indigenous plants! The 2000-acre nature treasure is a
favorite place to visit and get in touch with nature again!
Sitting on Point Rock you can see fantastic views and if you are lucky you can meet Eagle or Owl! In addition, the lower level can be reset
to the top!

In three counties (Jackson, Dekalb and Marshall) Buck's Pocket
was once home to the Cherokee Indians before Tears' traces! The area
In the 1700s, the French used coffee and olive cultivation

Buck Pocket is the natural vase of the Appalachian Mountains and
Located 7 miles from Morgan's Cove!
feeds on the Guntersville Lakes and has a launch and fishing area that is famous for the world's most
Awesome Bass Fishing!

36 modern campsites with playground and storage / robbery station!
There are also a large terrace where … Power and
Water is only $ 18 per night and primitive $ 9. Not a bad deal
One of the most beautiful places in Alabama! The really good thing
Thing, just a few minutes from the magical locations of Alabama!
One of the best places to camp if you want to see Alabama's most beautiful wildlife!

Just 15 minutes to Lake Guntersville State Park, and up on
Mountain here is High Falls! Oh, yeah, I can not forget about Eagle and the Deer around Guntersville, that's awesome! Some great river
under the pile on the mountain, right in South Sauty! Within
Within an hour Russell Cave, Little River Canyon, Noccalula Falls,
Griffin Falls, Little Rock City (Famous Rock Climbing!) Horse 40
drive a little over an hour

So if you're looking for a really great camping experience, check out
Buck Pocket is on the edge of Sand Mountain, near Guntersville State Park! Come see, great!

Source by Johnny Chandler

Alexa Traffic Rank: What is and Why Care (or not)

Alexa is an Amazon owned company that is famous for its public rankings service through alexa.com. The website promotional guides often make great efforts to improve Alexa's ranking because the highest position often has high profits. As a new webmaster, you need to understand some very important points about Alexa's service. This article explains how the information collected by Alexa means, and then explains why it needs to be taken care of or not.

There are three issues with Alexa's reports, reach, page views, and general rank. Your access will return to the percentage of all web users visiting your website. Alexa can reach this number as "millions of users". For example, if Alexa is an access value, it means that an average of one million web surfers are visiting your site. Page views simply measure the average number of pages a surfer looks at when you're on your site. Sites with a lot of content and targeted visitors generate more pageviews. General Alexa ranges from a combination of access and page views, so the higher both are lower, the site's ranking will be; for Alexa, a smaller ranking represents the major site. Alexa averages these numbers for each day, week, and three months, and the total change over a three-month period. So how does Alexa collect these data?

Alexa collects statistics on visitors and page views every day on the web. In fact, there is no data for all sites. You see, data collection is done via web surfers who have downloaded and installed the Alexa toolbar for their Internet Explorer browser. When a user visits and searches for a site, the toolbar sends this information to Alexa's servers. For webmasters, this means that you only visit web pages that actually collect data for users who decide to install the toolbar. In addition, since only a fairly small group of all Internet surfing users use the toolbar, ranking is a statistical average, which is not necessarily a real signal of the quality and number of site readers. In fact, the number is really inaccurate on sites with few visitors, and Alexa admits that this is true in places that are not in the highest 100,000.

To make things worse, the toolbar is only available in Internet Explorer. Of course, IE is the browser of the majority of Internet users, and the data show that it is approx. Use 83% (onestat.com). This is no problem if the audience is more likely to be in 17% of fans, so those who prefer Firefox, Safari, Opera, or other alternative browsers. For example, slashdot.org is a technology news site whose audience is known to be very anti-Microsoft; The slogan of Slashdot is "News for women who is important." One expects most users to use browsers other than IE, and have recently announced that 65% of Slashdot readers use a browser other than IE. From this article (July 12, 2006) Slashdot ranked 176, reaching 5450 million online fans. Slashdot is about to use a so-called "Slashdot effect" when a story is linked to a site on the front page, so it gets so many visitors that servers often can not handle sudden traffic growth. In other words, I would expect Alexa's rank to underestimate the real rank of Slashdot.

From a statistical point of view Alexa's rank can not be regarded as an unbiased statistical measure. Alexa's sample of people used to collect data is not a random selection, but rather Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer users, as well as those who are willing to install the toolbar and send information about their browsing behavior to Alexa. If the audience is similar to Slashdot, do not expect accurate results. The same is true if the audience includes people who are pro-privacy and never install a toolkit that calls the big business on their way to browsing behavior.

So, if you really aim for accuracy on your site's user and page views, it's better for analytics software, such as Google Analytics, instead of Alexa. However, many advertisers rank Alexa as neutral third party estimates for the site's popularity; they will consult with Alex to determine how much ad slot is worth for your site. This is why many webmasters display Alexa's rank on the first page. If you are at the top of Alexa's ranking, you must be able to benefit; if you are not then you probably will not lose too much sleep on it. Focus on adding fresh content to your site; So you can bring more traffic to your site through the big search engines and keep your visitors alive.

Source by Peter E

Fun summer games for family vacations or picnics

During the summer, many families are going out on a holiday or a family picnic to the beach, the park or other leisure venue. Family outings are not complete without good food and drinks, but most of all activities. Here are some fun games that are perfect for summer family excursions and vacations.


Badminton is a sports event usually played by one or two players on both sides of the net. Badminton is different from other rackets and online sports such as tennis or volleyball, as the ball, which is actually a cone-shaped badminton, can not play on the ground. When the badminton reaches the ground we scored points. Badminton is a great game for summer excursions as you do not have to play a casual game with a net, just a few stands and a badminton ball. Additionally, you do not need a yard, you can play it on grass or on a floor that is not perfectly smooth again because the ball does not bounce. This badminton is a fun, fast paced game that can play with the whole family.


Volleyball is a great summer game especially when you take a family trip to the beach. The beach provides a perfect environment for casual volleyball between family members. Easy to play and the only equipment you need, volleyball and net, which is easy to carry. Volleyball can also be played in a parking area, grass, sidewalk, tennis court, basketball court or anywhere with a horizontal surface. Just make sure every family member knows the basics about how to hit the ball and set the ball so everyone can take part instead of one or two athletic family members hit all the balls.


Horseshoes is a great game for the beach or the park. You just need some trolleys and a shake, so it's easy and quick to set up. There are two ways in which to get points in the horseshoe. He threw the horseshoe around the stakes, they called it a ring. Or you can get it by getting you the best possible bets for the rat. Charades

Charades is a light game for every family member, regardless of age It's basically a spell-game where players have to try to let other players talk without their word. This can lead to funny gestures and silent stage scenes.


Few easier to play than frisbee. You just need a frisbee. Even a family dog ​​can be obtained. Frisbee can only be played by two or more people. There are no actual scoring or rules with the occasional frisbee, but you can play a lot more complicated games with a frisbee, including Freestyle Frisbee, Durango Boot and Dodge Frisbee. Mostly, it's just fun, energetic with open-ended playback.

Bocce Ball

Bocce Ball is also a fun family game. The Bocce Ball game needs more than other games, but a mix of strategy and competitiveness is worth the trouble. Bocce Ball is basically a form of bowling. Your court is a lawn, dirt, or other surface. Then there is a circle for players to throw the ball. A player or player closest to the center of the circle gets points. Additionally, players may neglect the other player's balls out of the way. This leads to a competitive and tactical playing style.

Source by Lydia Quinn