Euthanasia and Ice Cream – Dog Baking

Last year, in October 2007, our exact 14-year-old Pepino LeMutt suffered a stroke that paralyzed his right hindquarters.

The old boy refused to pick up and spit, to the bowl and to the normal place at the front door. Pepino was the usual Shih Tzu, stubbornly ending with an independent strip that was much more human than the dog. The word "Pepino" means "go in the other direction". Sometimes I think it's more dumb but stubborn.

Hard as I often tried, I could never teach him a manly thing.

After I retired, where I was a successful investment banker, I became an economics college professor. The stubborn macro and micro economics have taught college kids and I'm sure I have a fantastic talent for teaching.

For years I have felt that Pepino has a high IQ or above average value. From time to time I felt that maybe my own students could imagine. Still, though he managed to teach him many tricks, the noble beast refused to learn to raise his leg. "Oh, yes," I said to myself, "at least I persuade him not to grow up, not to burst, to slam between our guest and other great intelligence tricks.

As a living resident in the morning, let Pepino pee in his washable pillows, but take a long walk in the evening. We are committed to living in Park Avenue (a beautiful New York Avenue) where trees can be found in the media. For many days – or late in the afternoon or evening – I tried to blink Pepino like a dog.

I raise my feet again and stand against a tree in the north-east corner of the building hoping that Pepino Valaha would have caught and imitate.

To become an investment banker, you have to wear a thick skin and I'm proud that I can not ease it easily. So I was listening to harassment, harassment, unhappiness and insults by the headset and the driver in the stoplight as they saw in this ridiculous situation, trying to teach the pooch how to behave like a man.

Pepino never got it, and I always gave up. "There is no point in changing Pepino's basics – it is contrary!" I thought. However, I knew that she had absorbed and internalized what I was trying to teach, not because I was smart, but because Pepino was not a good poker player – every time she learned something, keep it around. For 5 seconds. Dr. Grossman – Pepino's regular Vet – carefully examined my beloved pooch, and while putting light on the students of the old boys, he said, "Pepino is in pain and suffering."

"It's best to be asleep. "

I was surprised at what Dr. Grossman said, I could hardly keep myself, fighting against the inner waves of violence within me, I remember thinking for twelve years:" You are not insensitive, You grew his purse and all you have She must have said she slept for her. "But I just muttered," Is not there anything you can do? I'll pay you! "Grossman just looks his head" No. "Then he said," We both leave you for a moment to talk and worry. It's time for Pepino to go to the dog to heaven. "

As soon as Grossman came out the door, my wife got hugged and burst into tears, I approached him tightly to the pain, to my heart And my throat was silent

I just turned to tears twice in my life: I was in TET attacks when I accidentally wounded one of my men – in my arms when he asked me to name her in Missouri and tell him she likes him, as a young lieutenant in the army and my life has not yet developed, I was unable to stop my emotions, I was bitter tears, I sighed, my body was still warm in my arms. The second time I was in the collapse of Dot.Com, when I broke Cisco and other kits after an impulse pulse pulse , And I made Millions: a maneuver that allowed me to buy this Duplex on Park Avenue when I took out my profits, And tears swinging on my shoulder and I thanked Pepino for God instead. Why this? Because I realized that I followed all my money instead of instincts, not the reason or what the people said – just like the cheek Pepino. Dr. Grossman returned with an assistant and they both captured the setting of the cold aluminum-steel table where Pepino was to be euthanized. I was afraid I wanted to fall and crying a primary scream that I felt to climb my magic, I asked Grossman to wait for five minutes while I ran into the corner and bought a few Vanilla ice cream. I took it without waiting. Moments later, in my eyes, Pepino told me that he enjoyed the ancient ice cream in his life. The pooch left this bitter world a sweet-tasting mouth.

The assistant lay on Pepino's side and found Grossman's vein. And when he injected the bacterium or any agent, Pepino lifted his left foot as he showed it at Park Avenue several times and he was like a dog.

It was speechless, all I could do was cry, and I cried the third time in my life.

Source by Marciano Guerrero