Man Anunnaki – Are We the descendants of an alien race?

For many years I have heard stories of an alien race descending the Earth hundreds of thousands of years ago, I'm sure that there .. .and I have mixed opinions on the subject. In fact, maybe he even rolled his eyes a little. But I was young then, and rather vague on the subject of aliens. He said that now wondering myself if this is true – and wanted to share with you, that you may be a miracle too.

"There were giants in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of God came to the daughters of men and bare children to them, the same became mighty men which are old, renowned people." Deuteronomy 6 4

As the story goes, about 450,000 years ago, a planet outside our solar system called Nibiru or planet X "dead" or had a serious accident which forced the residents to flee for their lives. One might feel some empathy for these guys until next revealed: this species is exceptionally intelligent "super-beings who dabbled in bio-medical, genetic and technological secrets, and who, despite physical" gold Nordic & # 39; beauty and fascinating (giant) height, were renowned for being excessively arrogant, autocratic, cannibalistic and sexually perverted. the potential reputation can be described in one word: bad.

due to advanced technological knowledge, these creatures have been successful planet's board considered the escaping death several spacecraft, and set out to establish colonies on suitable planets, including our own and Mars (which supposedly proves the D & M Pyramid) . In the event that the Anunnaki beat the existing land dwellers, or APEM, enslaved them and used them as a constant theme in their genetic experiments … so change the man, while the number of slaves.

At some point, this species was forced to flee Earth – the reasons cited vary – but came back, although many years later, when they were appalled by the advanced state of culture and society and the success of the "remnants "means" small "half-blood Anunnaki, who was left behind.

Determined to restore the supremacy and keep the Earth and its inhabitants, we recommend that you use the sound system, Anunnaki caused massive flooding, thereby eliminating many developed cities and leaving only a huge architectural monuments such aa Sphinx and the Pyramids relatively intact. The fact that the remaining pockets of insurgency (like the Maya, Inca, Aztec and Egyptian culture) would increase the overwhelming opposition of the Anunnaki quickly chose a new fort, which cast all the knowledge and technology. This site was chosen Sumeria (ironically, the birthplace of the ancient Chaldean numerology its own study) which, when translated, refers to the "land of the (local nobility) lords." The "gentlemen"? How strange is this?

This theory may seem strange to some, but it seems to explain a lot. If it's just a bunch of gibberish, what remains of the old questions and a new pair.

Why is it that the ancient people had such fixation who descended from the sky or the stars … and looked at them as gods? Why many old inscriptions depict the helicopter type spaceships and big males with wings or a helmet? Will the genetic manipulation of the Anunnaki explains the half-human, half-animal monstrosities ancient mythology? And how the hell they are moving tons of rock to build the pyramids? Stonehedge? Easter Islands? Why can not we repeat the process today? Exactly how the Nazca Lines were formed when people were not yet in the air and did not see what they are doing? And what was the point of all that?

How is it that the Sumerians, while recognized as the first "civilization", is so advanced? Soon after the first civilizations are usually quite simple, and just a lot of progress in a hundred years? Why is it that in Sumeria recognized as a rather sudden and unexpected birthplace developed language, numbers, geometry, mathematics, astrology, law, usury / monetary, kitchenware, health, homeopathy, art and social structures? How is this possible?

Why is the name of Anunnaki, Sumerian? And anyone else find it odd that the translation is "those who came down from heaven to earth? And why is a derivative of the word, together with a description, mentioned in the Bible?

" And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which coming out of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their eyes. "Numbers 13:33.

If we accept this story as true, it would be in the conclusion that there are direct and indirect descendants of the Anunnaki throughout the Earth! And to a certain position would be ultimate control. Probably waiting for the return of the master, while promoting the introduction of a "new world order", as some people believe … I find curious and somewhat ominous that many presidents including Bush and Obama, as well as the powerful politicians around the world now use the term loosely and often:..!. what was once seen as a threat gradually integrated into the human psyche

If this is true, it is possible that a foreign Heck, maybe an alien Hmm that would explain a lot of it


Heather Lagan

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How to Detect Vehicle Surveillance

The ability to detect and identify the vehicle monitoring requires keen understanding that an observer team work. Before monitoring the executive team active vehicle monitoring, efforts to gain access to the target's normal driving patterns. This design phase operation allows the monitoring team seamlessly mirrors the target's vehicle during maneuvers followed, without danger.

The primary objective is to alert the target vehicle unattended monitoring to expose any surveillance vehicles. If an alert observer team, the goal is to achieve aggressive or advanced surveillance techniques to be used as countermeasures.

There are special purpose vehicle maneuvers you can perform to a compromised without the possible observation. Each maneuver must be carried out correctly to avoid alerting the monitoring group. Vehicle inspection training providers, based on previous knowledge of the target normal driving patterns that can be maneuvered ahead goal attempts.

administrative group operating a vehicle based on a keen understanding of the target normal driving patterns. Some drivers tend to drive the speed limit, while others usually exceeding the speed limit. For example, if the target is known to be a careful driver suddenly start driving faster than the control vehicle maneuvers can view this suspicious or aggressive and react accordingly. The same scenario is true that the target is known to drive erratically or exceeding the speed limit, then it does not seem apparent reason starts slowly or cautiously when it comes to surveillance vehicles will follow.

avoid detection of the vehicle monitoring, alarm monitoring possible, any changes made by management as the goal should appear normal or acceptable. For example, take the vehicle to a target inspection may be performed a U-turn. If your goal is a careful driver, so unpredictable and sudden U-turn alert the supervisory next vehicle. Therefore, the goal should perform the U-turn is a valid reason.

For example, if there are too many cars in the left lane waiting to make a left and the approaching intersection, the target vehicle can make a U-turn at the next available legal point of view, to avoid the traffic. Executive maneuver is thus not considered to be suspicions monitoring team follows. However, by taking a U-turn, the observer vehicle or vehicles to respond, and will likely pull off the road, or in a nearby parking lot to reacquire the target.


U-turn implement the goal safely take to pay and determine the vehicles that suddenly pull off the road or turn into parking lots. In general, an observer vehicle does not reflect the same U-turn in fear of being exposed.

Another potential vehicle monitoring vehicle maneuver involves exposing the goal of driving on a highway. Given the speed and cover the other vehicle, vehicle inspection team does have the advantage of being able to follow a target without being noticed. Detect a vehicle inspection target may decide to get off at the nearest exit, and then without warning remains turned to the right or to the left, and re-enter the highway going in the same direction. Again, it will cause an observer to both mirror the same vehicle model, which is to help control it, or discontinue the pursuit. If the vehicle inspection mirrors the target's maneuver are exposed to the risk of vehicle inspection, if the goal pursued watching.

There are other vehicle maneuvers that can be performed to detect vehicle monitoring, which are quite effective if properly takes place. Regardless of the maneuvers and tactics used, the primary purpose of the purpose is to warn off the surveillance without oversight efforts. The vehicle surveillance team will make every effort to understand how to react to a given target different circumstances and situations. This allows the vehicle's operating phase monitoring group to effectively track and the target suddenly when the official process begins.

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Best Film tattoo

Blood In Blood Out – A small cross tattoos Miklo (Damian Chapa) gets tattooed hands in the blood of blood in great detail prison tattoos tattoo depicts good. The fake tattoos, which was designed by Freddy Negrete and Gill Montia both tattoo artists and they both extra small roles in the film. The main tattoo design of a snake eating its head wrapped in a circle, it means entering a band that only leaves tossed death. There are also several characters that are full sleeve tattoos Aztec tattoos all the traditional Nordic images. Also released as tied Honor, Blood In Blood Out is really the gold standard for movie special effects tattoos.

Eastern Promises – also in prison style fake tattoos, but from Russia. Nikolai (Viggo Mortensen), Tattoos, where complex planned to tell the life of a Russian mobster every picture that shows a kind of badge of rank during the Russian world. Where the 37 custom designed fake tattoos Eastern Promises, a little more detail fingers back piece tattoo. The tattooed images when he appeared religious symbolic indeed a criminal lifestyle. Eastern Promises use of fake tattoos like the land vehicle and the story could not be told without the tattoo.

American History X – arguably the most powerful scene in the movie takes place in Derek Vineyard (Ed Norton) pulls the shirt off, showing a swastika tattoo on his chest and spouting "see that..that means they are not welcome" in a scene that could not have been taken if the fake tattoos. Tenant multiple upper body tattoos all nicely done. The tattoo is well done and look very realistic, more than ten separate designed and applied.

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The nature of retries

I remember when I first Isisian development codes. I knew something and tirelessly in the early days of the Internet, to find a way to pass on what is essentially an astral driven insight: the challenge is not displayed if one is too crazy, even to the point when the man sobriety. Many do not. Witness Dee Crowley, let alone two more obviouss all dying on the brink of madness and abandoned everything.

is no secret that the shaman tools commonly used in the occult world. Meditation techniques, breathing techniques, focus techniques, and the use of hallucinogens frequently occur. It was not a lot of difference to me. I grew up when Christianity was still a strong power play and open society. A former high school teacher in the dark slaked their residence to share "The Secret Teachings of all ages."

Jung's archetypes work provided intellectual reason to avoid the injection of Christian fear of the unknown. The "devil" is really, very cunning and deceptive, and delving into any of that time was "occult" confident that an anger. Evil was everywhere, except when it was obvious; the Christian myth never sees himself as the third little pig to eat the wolf, he has been likened him.

Occult, if you are not familiar with some mechanism relies heavily on the astral. Thus, the debate is often "ceremonial magic" and "protection spell" and the "astral beings," and even a "basic" or two. What some people "guardian angels", another view of the dedicated guides the path of souls.

There is another name for these organizations. They are called "the hits".

Requests for character

What is the nature of the Fetch? That one, I have always known, but it can be connected with an inside knowledge from external sources? Why, in many ways, that is what one does not attempt to retrieve what is necessary given the benefit of the esoteric nature of the series continued progress in spiritual essences. Thus, if you look, you can find the Get everywhere, without them, the current world could not exist. Get your servants to the individual, the clan (family) and the Volk (community) and when you can see the vision of a request is a fetch of the planets, solar systems, and even Galaxies.

Fetch's not in this world, but exist in it. These tools are the symbols of the nature of archetypes and the ability to communicate in dreams, or spiritually attuned, even in a waking state. Sit back and relax, and for the first time, to use the Fetch information about the "world" to explain what the "Fetch" is. It might come as a surprise to many of you.

Fetch can be found sprinkled throughout the Nordic pagan Celtic and Wiccan philosophy, but it is the Realm of Asatru Fetch to find the highest degree of manifestation. Wicca, on the other hand, appears to Fetch predictable gate of the most fundamental tasks. According to the "Grace Ministries Watchers' (1), showing the dictionary definition of the Pagan and Wiccan conditions, Fetch:" The man witch who works as a messenger and a general assistant priest and high priestess of the clan. " This position is also known as "Summoner".

Gardnerian Wicca places a value ethereal Fetch's where the "summoners" talk about "The Old Laws", a work published in 1961 (2) (40 …) … "This can be Ardant that every clan did not know where the next Coven bide, or who its members, except the priest and high priestess, that there be no communication between them save messenger of the gods, or the Summoner. "

Moreover, most of what we learn from "retrieving the profane" Wicca can be found, here is where the Fetch it is the most humble representations, and the term "Summoner" the most commonly used expression. However, not all traditions of Wicca use the Summoner, or fetching, but where these traditions exist, we see the purpose of Fetch plays a central role is quite varied and the operation of the Covent.

The term "Wicca 101", "Goddess Spirituality 101: Covent Structure, Section 4, AD" (3) said that the Summoner, also known as "Puck", acting in responsible private messenger priest woman It is a priest in training or simply being able to see without arousing suspicion. Similarly, it is usually the only one who knows the whereabouts of every witch clan, except perhaps the high priests and is responsible for the secular affairs of the clan as a contact clan members, upcoming meetings, supervises the clan's finances buying ritual supplies, coordinating meetings, where the high priest and high priestess of light as needed during the round. "

They say that the Celtic way as to meet the people who make a very bad thing, in fact, a retrieving your dream double, and if it meets the Fetch, have you not the world, but also in the hereafter. A at the end, you never use the Fetch might never avoid his fate. "

If ever there was a rich imagining and feeling of dreams, where they met a member of the opposite sex, or an animal, and in some cases the geometric filled shapes, then chances are that it was a brush to 'fetch'.

independent of the request form that is connected to the man, though not actually part of the person, in a sense. Sometimes this can be mistaken for a fylgja but it is actually a split in the fylgja what is happening in order to achieve a particular task. It comes usually in the form of an animal or a person of the opposite sex to join. This is intended to help the person to join the other realms. Most people do not see or need to request death, and will usually guide them to the afterlife. It can be and often are moved ancestral lines .

The Nordic pagan shaman systems, the soul can be seen to be divided into its constituent parts. Generally, these classifications are in the form of five raw materials:

1) of the body,

2) All.

3) soul,

4) Retrieve and

5) Orlaeg.

in the Western esoteric traditions as a bricklayer typically take their system is based on three parts of the soul: 1) Mind 2) body, and 3) the Spirit

View equated to Woden or the letter l large systems and the primary inhabitants of Asgard. Asgard like an esoteric design and the "Garden of Eden", are quite similar design and construction, and to return to the "Asgard" or "Garden of Eden" can be seen as a simple cultural shamanic put into reality.

An anonymous author had this to say Asgard and views regarding

Asgard. This is the greatest empires of the mind, it's almost pure consciousness, and thus Asgard realm of almost pure existence. This has been described as a divine state of being. The central hall is dominated by Asgard Odhinn the divine inspiration of God, who is also the state Wode. This area is also linked to those aspects of the soul is called Wode, and also that the Fetch. The Wode is a state of divine inspiration, which can be bestowed upon the consciousness when the mental abilities are brought into line. To achieve the goal of Wode state of spiritual powers are open to the most productive and prolific manifestation of the mind, the highest state of being – the state of unbridled inspiration – while the Wode is a principle that connects Asgard, we must admit that the true home Midgard or self – one of the aims of the rune job is to Wode home – to achieve that perfect state of integration, which is really Hailagaz and so long as there is to be recognized in connection with the Wode discuss Asgard is the destination Midhgard Self. Fetch the element of the soul, which is truly at home Asgard. Fetch that, because who in the mind every thought, every act and every moment of their conscious life, and much more. Fetch the same time everything that has ever been on his mind all the previous incarnations of the collective repository – and therefore also carries with it the totality of ancient knowledge. One consideration is that Fetch is aware of the realm of Hel, it's a transcendent knowledge, while the fetch home is the nature of Asgard is to follow the soul through incarnation – this will lead to an assumed an intimate relationship with Fetch and core structure of the total population the so-called parallel or Sal – this intimate relationship means that the Fetch also understands that a state of being, which takes place between the life and the next – the origin of being, not being.

Fetch is the most complete form of personal consciousness. Through the exploration of this level of the cosmos can better understand the nature of the Wode and inspiration, as well as getting an insight into the nature of the Fetch because it is the realm where consciousness is open to embrace more than ordinary consciousness – in this realm can have access to the ancient mind a kind of consciousness that It connects us directly to the mythical ancient Odhinn. Wode alternately exploring and trying to achieve the communication with Fetch can begin to understand the nature of Asgard. Whatever the result of this discovery will have an intimate understanding of the highest state of being and the highest state of consciousness. The vowel sound that meets the Asgard rune of divine inspiration. Through this voice intoning activate Asgard our personal sphere and thus gives power to the Wode and recall.

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Film Industry Importance of rotoscoping technique

rotoscoping animation process is essentially an employee of the animators capture live action frame by frame, to form an animated film. Previously captured live show aired a frosted glass panel that redrew the animator. This projection apparatus called "rotoscope". Today, this equipment has been replaced by computers.

Today's Matt explains visual effects industry as rotoscoping technique used to create a live-action element is a disk so that it brings together over another background. The term is usually abbreviated as rotoscoping "Roto" is used that has been used as a tool for visual effects for live action films. Rotoscoping primarily means cutting an image in the background, and then replacing another new background rotoscoping or motion picture involves extracting a video in the background and replacing whole or in part the special effects. If you use this technique, editors trace over live-action film movement using each frame of a video.

rotoscoping techniques used

• Articulated rotoscoping

• Garbage Matte Creation

• Matt Generation

• 2D Motion Tracking

• Rotosplining

• Touch-up paint / Cloning


Silhouette FX software used in industry visual effects to the rotoscoping easier. This software is designed exclusively to perform rotoscoping. The main advantage of using the software that can be used as stand-alone software can be used to support applications in After Effects or Final Cut Pro. This software helps one to look at all the rotoscoping needs a single point, thus reducing order tiring .

Mocha software is fully committed to the rotoscoping. The program is a flat tracker helps position, rotate, scale, shear and perspective-shift roto-splines. This number spline tools, all designed to rotoscoping tasks faster and easier.

AE CS3 helps in generating innovative VFX and motion picture film provides necessary speed, precision and powerful tools. AE is primarily known as a powerful VFX arsenal. New AE come to market more rotoscoping tools which makes the process very simple.

burns crowded dominant art tools, such as the one in-context access to motion graphics, 3D composites, color correction, image stabilization, vector paint and roto, text effects, short-form editing, expressions, Flash output, and much more. Combustion is very good range of rotoscoping tools. Simplicity is the combustion point lies roto tools to track and monitor the ability of characters.

Fusion synergy and final major composition of 2D and 3D tools. The rotoscoping tools has big as the other compositional devices, it acts as a node-based environment. Inputs are usually drawn on a sheet mask blue arrows, although other colors can be used for pre-frames, masks and garbage.

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Socialism in Indonesia and Pancasila

There are several types of socialism in the world. Unlike other countries, Indonesian socialist ideas is not based on mere human, but rather a theological basis, which is called Pancasila.

Indonesia is the world's "fourth most populous country with an estimated 258 million people. This is a diverse ethnic, linguistic and religious groups across the 34 in the province of more than thirteen thousand islands spread from east to west, which is almost as wide such as North America, Indonesia is the largest economy in Southeast Asia and one of the emerging market economies in the world today

PANCASILA official philosophical foundation of the Indonesian Republic;.. Panca that is five and Strength represent principles of Pancasila contains five principles held indivisible and interrelated which are as follows:.

  1. Hit A just God .
  2. Just and civilized Mankind
  3. The Unity Indonesia
  4. controlled by Democracy inner wisdom among representatives unanimously.
  5. Social Justice all the people of Indonesia.

Five, as they are inseparable from each other and each other. The principle of social justice have always related to the principles of democracy, and in particular the first principle refers to God. This is a sharp contrast to Marxism, Karl Marx, where it was known as the founder of the belief that "religion is the opiate of the masses." Therefore, it would be difficult if not impossible for this nation to slip into totalitarianism and communism.


Pancasila would be inherent in socialism based on Indonesian politics and governance. The system does not really worked in the past because Pancasila is not properly applied. A nationalistic nation, he leaned communism first 20 years of the republic, and the half – totalitarianism, full of cronyism, nepotism and corruption under President Suharto 30 years ago. However, let's look ahead and consider what has recently happened in Indonesia. To represent a view, let's take an example from Jakarta.

Jakarta capital city of the Republic of Indonesia, which has a size of approximately 665 square kilometers. It is the melting pot of the nation's 300 ethnic groups. It is important to note that although one of the pillars of socialism in the country, Indonesia's government quickly began the process of decentralization in 1999, had a strong centralized government structures of regional autonomy. Jakarta is not only the capital, but with a special autonomous region governed by the governor. Jakarta economic, cultural and political center of the country with a population of 10.07531 million, as 2014 is almost twice the population of Denmark and it is also the 12th largest city in the world; This metropolitan area is called Jabodetabek (Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi), the sixth largest in the world. In 2009, Jakarta was in excess of income per ca-pita US $ 10,000.00.

After decentralization growth started to grow; Jakarta was 5.88 percent in 2015. The Indonesian central bank (BIS) showed that the 6.48 percent increase in the fourth quarter of 2015 compared to 6.12 percent recorded in the same period in 2014 This was confirmed by the State Statistics Agency (BPS) data for regional gross domestic product (GDP) on 5 February 2016 the gross regional product rating (GRP) per ca-pita is expected to grow around 7.3% towards the front of one of the measures in 2017 GRP economic growth in Indonesia.

governor during the 2012 year, Joko Widodo, now president of Indonesia, and Vice Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, massive social programs established in Jakarta in the following areas: House Health Education and Transport .

along with decentralization of government, Indonesian socialism seems to be similar to the Nordic or Scandinavian democratic socialism. However, the growth aspect, it indicates that the Indonesian models fare better than in Scandinavia. "The next series we will show how it differs from how to create a better growth and to become a successful social system in the world.

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Used Car Parts – Craigslist Versus Pick and pull Junkyards

When many vehicle owners need for car, truck, van, RV or SUV parts, usually turn to a local junkyard. Many of these junk yards and one pick, and tighten policy. Meaning, you can buy the parts on the cheap, but you need to find that part of himself, and take up the vehicle in question. Although it sounds like a lot of work, it's a great way to get cheap auto parts. Another way to visit In fact, what is the best approach?

Unfortunately, not all junkyards in the United States sell used auto parts. This is unfortunate, because they absorb and pull-yard showed that even salvaged parts and even the oldest cars are in the worst shape. If you do not have access to such facilities in a car, it is best to visit To get started, select the state and the nearest city. Browse or search the site to find car, truck, van, RV or SUV parts.

One involves a lot of advantages if Craigslist cheap car accessories for the search function. You do not need to spend hours sifting through a junkyard to find what you are looking for. Instead, you sit at home on your computer and perform a search. To find the best deals, and what you need, search for specific phrases. Search a brand, or a part of what you need. For example, fender Honda Civic, Mercedes hubcaps, door Geo Tracker, Dodge Ram's tailgate, and so on.

Most of the pick and pull the auto yard, you pay any part of a stipulated price. This is great if you only need one or two items. However, many customers want to have a whole junk car parts on hand in the future. An auto-created court, it can cost you thousands of dollars or more. The it is likely to find better prices. Maybe the junk cars as little as $ 100! These cars do not run, and the seller does not want to mess with the necessary repairs, so they sell the vehicle as a junk car and sell it for next to nothing. The only downside is you might rent or borrow a car to tow a trailer home.

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Omron Tanita body composition monitor Vs

When trying to find the Omron body composition monitor is in the right place. The product monitors all comes down to the two companies. These Tanita and Omron. They are like Pepsi and Coca-Cola, is very similar, but there are minor differences. I wrote this article to show you where to get the best body monitors at the best price.


The Tanita BC-549 Iron man idealist in health enthusiast. It's a little more expensive than most, but you get what you pay for. Here are the settings most of the weight and measurements, body mass index, body water percentage, visceral fat, muscle, basal metabolic rate, bone mass and metabolic age. It has more options than most products there.


The reason why the Omron Body Composition Monitor is so good because it is a very easy to set up and launch. It is very light and strong. This does not wiggle or shake at all. This is very consistent numbers do not randomly change as a cheaper monitors. This tracker is a cool cover and store the info on the monitor for 90 days. This product is wonderful to spend a few extra dollars to get more than one scale does not have a lot of settings, such as Tanita, it is also the most important. This is perfect, just a regular user who wants to check out what's going on inside the body. This is a great product for the money.

way I use these machines to stand out and pull up the two sensors and sensors track all key aspects, such as fat, muscle, metabolism, and so on.

Where is the best place where these products?

You can find them everywhere, but some stores out of more favorable conditions than others. In addition, some offer better shipping payments to spend some even free shipping, which is the best.

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Leadership training: troops and "Common Information Effect"

So, you're a team meeting, and if a lot on your plate. What should you do? Many timetable set out in the current point of view and to share information on individuals. Unfortunately, this is a very problematic assumptions.

Research has shown that a number of issues in advance polling (which is doing what no clear timetable for the establishment of meeting points). Whoever is first to have the "upper hand", and the one who speaks somewhere in the middle of the meeting will be a significant disadvantage when it comes to memory with regard to the principles. The primacy and recency effect dictates that this information is the most discussed simply because you remember them better.

In addition, information which various individuals generally accepted in general often discussed. Contrary to popular belief, teams tend to share information based on what the joint . The bias is information that has been shared quite large. The irony is to form a group of the diversity and breadth of information that is trapped not cease to discuss what they already know. But common sense is not borne out in the research. Teams that do not have the right communication strategies cease any known problems in the public mind – we all tend to discuss things in common, and tend to gloss over or leave important information that should be discussed with one single member of the team ignored.

Usually you deal with this if you are aware of the processes that help to overcome such biases.

  • Log Data . You should be someone who is a good tracker information so that the information discussed topics that have been discussed.
  • share Time information . It will be important to keep track of information that is common and assign the time
  • The use of visual information . Research shows that visual information shared thus help teams build mental models and are better ( Rentsch, Delis, Salas & Letsky, 2010 ).
  • Diversion unique information as part of the whole . You do not want to just into the trap of discussing any specific information. You still want this information to get enough playing time and connect the available knowledge.
  • The fact that the team's goal is to separate the creative thinking and convergent achieve results . On the one hand, individuals work better when brainstorming. On the other hand, the teams perform much better than individuals when it comes to decisions. Always keep the two functions into the overall workflow.

Ironically, this information is not only able to help teams. There is a need for an integrated approach to the design team working on a variety of individuals in the team, while in the midst of creating opportunities for group learning there is a unique team culture within the organization. There is certainly not one size fits all solution, but there is evidence that you can get a decent education team involved in their design and structure that are directed towards performance.

Source by Stuart Tan

Rower – a remarkable number of advantages Fitness Equipment

The ubiquity of the rowing machine everywhere indicates widespread popularity these days. Rower yields spectacular results in regular exercise, more so than most other fitness equipment. Many of those who are still new to the rowing machine, remains unconvinced, but any doubts consistently using rowing machine after clarified. Rower remarkable fitness equipment few other machines can match.

One of the biggest advantages of rowing machine that helps to strengthen the torso, upper body, where most of the major muscles are located. In addition to the legs constantly working out, although the lifestyle of today, the area around the upper body is used more than the legs.

Using the area around the upper body resistance exercise contributes significantly to the improvement of the main strengths of the chest, shoulders and forearms. The right force, it gives rise to power of a torso that is more stable and firm to carry out our day-to-day tasks easily. The legs are training hard, although not as much as the upper body, but you will be able to see the difference when you work out consistently.

One of the better benefits of rowing machines to burn fat but few are applied primarily for this purpose than other fitness equipment, such as NordicTrack, stationery bicycle and treadmill can do so effectively. In addition to the rowing machine can improve muscle mass and the fact that lean muscle mass burns more calories in a given size, the body use more calories nourish the muscles. As a result, rowing machine effectively enhance the metabolism to supply the necessary calories to lean muscle.

Very few people know that rowing machine helps to reduce stress levels and anxiety for frequent use. Exercise makes the person less be pressed and crisp, and this is one of the most useful and least appreciated of all the rowing machine benefits. Maintaining the mental alertness and well capabilities is as important, if not more than the physical point of view, our health.

derive all the benefits mentioned, you need to effectively get the most out of your rowing machine. The information that we who are gathered here to take advantage of the most rowing machine is very important. Fully understand the machine itself and the role we can play in getting a complete and useful workout.

rowing machine to mimic the real experience of rowing a boat whose sole function of aerobic and strength training, as well as training for rowing. The machine has been in existence for more than a century, but only in recent years to gain in popularity.

The market is paddling some kind of resistance, and they are the air resistance, piston resistance, water resistance and magnetic resistance. All are equally effective and no one can claim to be better than the others. Each has its own admirers and what type of resistance fail to choose the relevance of physical activity and the fitness level of the state.

to derive the most out of the rowing machine, you need to know about the different types and levels of resistance to the air resistance increases resistance as you increase the pace. The piston resistance is the most popular because it is so small and compact that allows the machine to fold and move around and easy storage.

Water resistance approximates the actual rowing experience and training as intense and magnetic resistance electromagnets are living in very smooth and quiet operation. The less noise, similar to air resistance, it is a great workout without disturbing the other.

This understanding of resistance levels to take full advantage of the rowing machine, other extras are important. The computerized digital display that provides all the features of the rowing machine as calories burned, distance traveled, time, and speed in order to better assess the training. All these come at an additional cost but worth it. Rower continues to be one of the best fitness equipment out there, and regular exercise, the results have yet to see.

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