The Down Market Effect implied volatility – the largest facility Secret Trading?

to be a successful option traders know that it is not only that stock or index to a change in the basis will have an impact on the situation of profitability, but also to spend time and change will be the implied volatility affect the situation.

Time is predicted to move in one direction, and the effect is easy to predict an easy way to our price calculator. Volatility on the other hand complicated and less easy to forecast. However, there is a relationship described an anecdote, a solid empirical data to support the fact that over the past 30 years, scientists have not been able to appropriate explanation. This relationship, if understood and assimilated option traders the option trading strategies providing them with a sustainable commercial edge.

One of the most enduring empirical regularities in equity markets inverse relationship between stock prices and volatility. It was the first documented black 1976 who attributed the connection to the so-called "leverage effect". Simply put, the combination of funded debt plus shareholders' equity of the company, the stock price falls, the debt remains constant, and the equity falls, and it stimulates the higher volatility of equity returns.

Academics in more recent times have tried to demonstrate the leverage effect by comparing the stock price, the volatility in relation to all share-capital companies credit companies. They were able to demonstrate that there is a leverage effect. Instead, the financial theorists called this relationship a & # 39; Down Market Effect. Scientists explain the inverse relationship between stock market performance and implied volatility is a combination of time-varying risk premia and risk perception, cognitive mechanisms – or more simply that traders and investors with lower risk appetite in a falling market than a rising one.

The Down Market effect can be observed when share prices are falling, realized and implied volatility increase. Based on our own testing, implied volatility share prices are more susceptible than the actual volatility. That is, the relationship of implied volatility over-react to a move in the underlying index.

The link does not appear linear. The increase in stock index levels associated with a small decrease in the implied volatility of the index, however, is equivalent to a reduction accompanied by a much larger increase in implied volatility.

The effect can be observed in Down Market wide stock market indices around the world. It is also clear individual stocks, although the absence of stock-specific news, stock market implied volatility seems linked to the wider yield.

What effects does it impact the market down is the opportunity for traders? Simply put, it is better to have a net long vega when stock prices are falling and short vega when stock prices are rising. For example, the purchase of put options to profit from a falling market will be much more profitable than selling call options, such as the increase in the implied volatility is conducive to long puts, but can be harmful in the short calls. Ratio of buying and selling strategies are the best way to reach your target a specific vegan limits delta (exposure of the underlying move) and theta (time delay).

In summary, one of the most enduring empirical regularities in equity markets inverse relationship between stock prices and volatility. This is known as Down's impact on the market and is best explained by lower risk appetite, traders in a falling market. The relationship is not linear. Implied volatility in a falling market growth rather than fall into the growing market. Implied volatility is more responsive to changes in stock market prices than the actual volatility. Down market impact of the significant impact on the ability of traders. Simply put, it is better to have a net long vega when stock prices are falling and short vega when stock prices are rising.

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Top Pet Tracking Devices for dogs and cats

Are you afraid of losing your pet? Are you afraid of compromising their health? Every pet owner is not! The hush-rush of life and the increasing incidence of animal theft and requirements were also necessary for the owners to choose tools that go beyond geographical boundaries and physical're looking to keep their pets on the field during the whole time.

Technology is simply unstoppable. And it can be worn not just for humans anymore – you can get your pets synchronized with the latest tools and gadgets. There is a growing number of tech and application development company that developing wearable gadgets animals and pets to keep track of them through GPS or monitor your health.

There have been rounded up top pet tracking devices is a smart appearance and functionality presented to them.


If you are looking for something that can keep tabs on the movement of animals, PitPatPet basically for you. This is a UK-based FitBit dogs, which boasts a full year of operating time tracking dog or cat. Not only that, this super tool also ensures that the animals do not get enough exercise. What's more? PitPatPet will tell you if you notice any changes in your dog's behavior offline. More importantly, this unit is completely waterproof and is compatible with iOS and Android phones.

Marco Polo and Garmin Astro 320

Both gadgets suitable for many owners pets or for those who prefer the dog business. Both Marco Polo and Garmin Astro GPS dog collar and come with their own GPS tracking system. This means that you do not need any application or mobile phones are pet (s). However, this will not be quite uncomfortable at times as it is, to a range of equipment.


lists the advantages of both the gadgets do not require a subscription service. This will help you save a lot of costs in the long term. In addition, Garmin's other services in general. However, it comes with a much heftier price fairly.

Pod 2

One of the smallest and lightest followers, yet small enough Pod2 a cat. This device features a combination of GPS, WiFi and 2G technology which allows you to locate your pet at anytime, anywhere. The tracking capability greatly clarified that indoors or outdoors, which is the biggest benefit. Not all devices are both good things.

Further advantages of this device are as follows:

  • Escape Alerts feature, which helps you to get notified when the animal leaves the set limit.
  • Fully waterproof
  • It comes with two rechargeable batteries. Thanks to the app development company, to develop a Pod application that tells you when the battery is low.
  • These almost every type of collar
  • Affordable subscription fee – free for the first year and $ 49 years later.
  • The candidate activity level of the animal allows it to track your health and fitness level

TrackR Bravo

The TrackR Bravo is a great alternative and cheaper than Giraffus pet tracker locator. Though it works much like any other animal trackers, the label is small and suitable for small pets.

TrackRBravo is a cool feature – GPS Mass. The tracker uses RF instead of Bluetooth. So, if the device goes out of range, other users TrackR App to locate your pet. If another user comes within range of the tracker, you will need to upgrade to the new location on the map.

Whistle Activity Monitor

Whistle While not really tracking tool, rather the activity register their pets. This is a smartphone-based pet tracking device that records all types of data on a daily animal behavior and activity. A cool feature of this device is the auto report suggests to you how active the dog was on a particular day, and that's why more exercise.


TabCat clever kitty's collar and can help you find them if they get lost. Instead of connecting to an iPhone app, this device includes an RF receiver that shows the signal near a strip of LEDs. This will cause the detector to beep, indicating where the cat.

The tracking device has several advantages – small enough to fit comfortably in a cat collar, you do not have to pay for a data subscription, and you have to pick up the signal 400 feet.

I hope these tracking devices also help take care of their pets better. Feel free to share your favorite pet tracking devices for pet lovers.

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GPS tracking devices – the best tool to track employees

The tracking devices technology development days have been an integral part of the community. GPS trackers are available commercially in vehicles, and it's common to have a car or maybe installed on the smartphone itself is a portable GPS tracking. Technology certainly has improved the way we never thought possible manner. If you watched '' Big Brother '' – the popular reality show, you'll have a better idea of ​​how GPS devices work. To some people, for example, GPS tracking devices often portrayed in the "Big Brother", "like control over the script of mind of the people in such a way that they are completely dependent on these devices. However, people today are much more reasonable and often used as a means follow tracking of vehicles in a given time to ensure that their employees not to use because of the company's delivery of personal reasons.

with the aid of GPS technology, the company effectively supervised in order to prevent the company's total vehicle abuse, in addition to the employees' work time. Although the worker that increased confidence of employees and not treat them as criminals, it makes financial sense to install GPS devices if the company's fuel vehicles, and perform regular maintenance. GPS devices also come in handy as far as speed is adjusted with respect. in the event that one of the employees caught driving over the speed limit set by the employer directly inform the tracking device. so the workers will decide the right thing to do, that such behavior in the future.

In addition, the GPS devices have led to better safety on our roads, and greater fuel economy savings. A GPS tracking device can be invaluable in the event of the employer's company car is used outside the official dates. Additionally, you can use the device to make sure all requirements overtime, because the company can easily perform this task delegated to employees.

In addition, GPS tracking devices to monitor the location of the vehicle along with all the information on the speed of each vehicle. Therefore, the search for the best tracking devices you need to consult a professional. This is important if you are not sure what features to provide reliable tracking. Research is essential to compare the prices against multiple devices, as well as other additional services that come with the product. The research, you can easily identify equipment specifically for your needs. For example, Spy Hawk is a leading developer of GPS devices and supervision. In other words, all the necessary information at your fingertips before you consider installing tracking devices to ensure sound decision to make.

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Do not Punch Above Your Weight Too Far Biz Software Group


Devshop the start, I worked for four other small and medium-sized software companies (the last three as chief technology officer). These companies were around 25 people on the signal (one ballooned more than 100 people in the dot-com boom, but quickly came back to earth shortly thereafter).

The individual companies and the entire management team has gotten it in their heads that they were going to build enterprise-class software and sell hundreds of thousands of dollars for some of the largest companies in North America. In a couple of cases, teams hunt for the elusive "million-dollar deals." At the time, I did not know any better, and because I was just happy to Head of R & D was associated with a lot of "business" people, and to assemble the engineering plans of enterprise-class software for them. It looks after the sales pull.

None of these companies has been successful doing what he wanted to do – land and the service is a "big deal." Worse: they all eventually crushed under the weight of its own bids received and entered a nose-dive. Someone is trying to convince me today that a small company (

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Christmas Fun Facts – Discover the Giver called Christkind Christmas!

Five hundred years ago, church reformer, Martin Luther wanted to focus on St Nicholas as a gift to the Christ child carriers. So the 16th-17th Century Europe, many Protestants changed the gift of bringing back to the Christ child known as the "Christkind". The date of the gift is changed to St. Nicholas' feast day on December 6, the Christmas December 24

The traditional Christmas gift bringer in Germany and most of the German-speaking areas of Europe "in the Christ-child is also known as the" Christkind ". This now popular gift bringer depicts Europe, such as Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, Croatia, Australia, southern Brazil, part of the Spanish-American and Slovakia.

The Christkind in Germany often portrayed as a sprite-like child angel with wings and blond hair, wearing a white robe. Some assume Christkind that the incarnation of Jesus as a baby. often, the kids like to leave a letter on the windowsill of Chirstkind. However, the children do not see the Christkind. They are encouraged not to peek and try to figure comes to see if they will not be present. So the tradition when parents secretly ring in which children believe the Christkind rings departure. Parents always tell me that after the Christkind disappeared leaving gifts under the tree before they entered the room. It's a magical tradition.

There are many articles that suggest the Germans had a hard time getting their mind around the baby Jesus gifts, such as Christmas giver gradually transformed into a lovely girl. This sweet girl has become known as the Christkind. Today, modern Germany is the Christkind elected every year during a race. In general, a teenage girl dressed in gold, is like a rock star complete with bodyguard, publicist, and even his own entourage! The entrance to the Christkind today are often characterized by the cheering crowd.

However, the look and the name "Christkind" varies by region. Here are some aliases that may be found in Christkindl Christkindl and Christkindel. Another popular representation of the Christkind is a fairy creature with a crown on top of her long golden curly locks, dressed in glorious gold and white robes. However, within each region, the golden angel girl anywhere than the traditional "Weihnachtsmann" or Father Christmas (known as Santa Claus) bearer of gifts.

So depending where you are in Europe, you will see variations of representation Christkind. However, no matter where you are, this is the bringer of gifts has shown so much joy and happiness.

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birth control pills and laxatives

a common problem affecting people in today's sedentary lifestyle constipation. It is therefore not surprising that the extremely popular laxatives. Laxatives are medicines, foods, or any other lubricant material is used to stimulate bowel movements, mostly to treat constipation. While laxatives helps remove undigested food material is present in the large intestine and colon, high doses can result in diarrhea.

The use of contact laxatives and efficacy of oral contraceptives

There is not enough medical evidence of a direct link between the use of laxatives and effectiveness of birth control pills. However, as a general understanding of when laxatives can cause diarrhea, they impede effective birth control pill in the body. There is a possibility that you are pregnant then, as the tablet is not absorbed as it should have been, if one does not have laxatives induced diarrhea and vomiting. It has been observed that if there is vomiting within two hours of the tablet, one should consider it missed pill. In addition, if one of three or more loose stools for a few days, the effectiveness of the tablets decreased.

The Castor example: A laxative and a contraceptive measure

castor oil used in the production of castor seed, which, while a strong laxative, also has the ability to induce labor for pregnant women. Given this potential ability to stimulate the uterus, it should also be given to the effect of the contraceptive mechanism. Although the effects are not proven, it is possible to research its effectiveness both as a contraceptive method, and a laxative.


Although the exact relationship between birth control pills and laxatives has not been proven, it is important to understand that not taking laxatives great idea for a long time, and certainly not good for the intestines. What can you do to cure mild constipation it can turn out to be a vicious cycle over dependence on laxatives! If constipation treated and birth control pills, you may have a better idea is to improve the overall lifestyle than relying on laxatives. You may switch to a better healthier alternatives. Try the following:

Exercise: Regular exercise and workout will work well for the whole body, and forms.

a healthy diet: Eating a fiber-rich diet is a lot of salads and pulses a great idea to stimulate the intestines and ensures removal of waste matter.

Drink plenty of water: the ultimate body's natural cleansing and always will be water. It helps flush out toxins from the colon and intestines.

Finally, in case you still have constipation and birth control pills, a visit to the doctor would be the best solution!

Copyright (c) 2009 Rod Hoss

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My Pedometer – the best place to wear it

Where is the best place to wear a pedometer? This is the question that is asked often. Considerable debate on this subject, but while the investigation was carried out to find the answer to this question, the best place was to wear a pedometer to figure out.

The latest pedometers called "Pocket Pedometer" and manufacturers claim that you can drop them into a pants pocket, and it performs very well. They can also be worn on the hips, around his neck and his shirt pocket.

The research team designed experiments to determine the accuracy of the new "pocket" pedometers. This article attempts stated, "The purpose of this study was to examine the validity of the measure step counts Omron HJ-112 pedometer pedometer and assess the impact of placement."

published results of the experiment in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise : April 2009 – Volume 41 – Issue 4 – pp 805-809. The article under the title of validity Omron HJ-112 Pedometer treadmill .

The study of ninety-two subjects (44 men and 48 women); 71 is a changing body mass index [BMI].

The placement of the pedometer made a difference, as follows:

  • Hip assembly produced the smallest error (1.2%)
  • shirt pocket was next (1.7%)
  • hanging around the neck (2.2%)
  • The pants pocket (5.8%).

The conclusion was, "The Omron HJ-112 pedometer valid values ​​the steps in different BMI groups fixed and variable- speed walking, other than pants pocket, where the pedometer has little effect on the validity of . "

So the next time you're ready to head out to walk, keep in mind that the pedometer records the most accurate results, when connected to a waistband or belt in the hip. The study showed that the "pocket" pedometer does not measure accurately in the pocket.

For more information on the best pedometer, read the resource information at the end of this article.

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Fit The Girl's Guide to Contraceptive

Women are beautiful creatures, it is downright mind boggling at times. I know what you're thinking – you and I are both women, such as self-praise sounds a bit excessive.

But really, think about it a little bit. The physical structure is dramatically different from our male counterparts. You have to train almost twice as hard to make any significant gains in the gym and we are genetically programmed to store more fat than men, both because of the differences in hormonal makeup.

Let's face it, ladies, our bodies are built up children, not heavy lifting or figure competitions. Whether or not these babies a goal of yours or not, will always be committed to ensure a soft and comfortable atmosphere to the baby's development in the first nine months of its existence.

Nature's plan.

what's even more interesting is the fact that if you are actively working to prevent pregnancy, you probably already increased hormonal imbalance and even more pronounced effects of estrogen hormones work.

you do not know what I'm talking about? There is a phrase that conjures up memories of bloat, fat gain, nausea, spotting or breakthrough bleeding, mood changes, and even severe headaches. This is a short sentence with a lot of energy. Are you ready?


Most of those who tried birth control pills are very much aware of the possible side effects. They are expected; hormonal changes at any time in any way, the organization is required to know the changes.

Birth control pills are synthetic estrogen and progesterone (or in some cases only one of the two). Since the menstrual cycle and ovulation regulates these hormones, this increase results in different changes in the reproductive system, which prevent pregnancy.

Now, as any woman in the fitness industry knows we will try our best to reduce the female hormones in our bodies. We all know that increased levels of testosterone and decreased estrogen hormones are essential for the sense of well-being and general health.

This is testosterone, which helps us gain lean mass, decrease fat storage, increase sexual desire ing that "I have PMS & # 39; ing-leave-me-alone" mood, keep the skin healthy, and our minds sharp. Excessive opposite hormone estrogen is produced exactly the opposite effect on our bodies.

Obviously, increases in its level of estrogen is going to sound like a tablet than a little crazy. It has, however, seen as an absolute necessity in most women. Many of us just accept the unfortunate side effects and learn to deal with the consequences of less than perfect hormonal balance.

After all, what else is there?

we will answer this question in this article. I did extensive research on the subject, interviews with a number of fitness and figure competitors personal experiences, including birth control pills. Each girl has discovered that what works for him; it is a low-dose estrogen pill or a viable alternative to this work, while their hormone levels are at least somewhat favorable to her hardcore fitness lifestyle and the ultra-slim body goals.

The tablet

Types of Birth Control Pills

There are two basic categories: those that are estrogen and progesterone containing both progestin only pills and combined.

progestin-only pills do not contain estrogen. These are called the "mini-pill", and can be considered ideal for lactating women because of the presence of the estrogen to reduce milk production.

The pill works by thickening the cervical mucus mini, thereby preventing sperm from entering the uterus. It should be taken into account at the same time every day.

Although these pills do not contain estrogen, they can not be considered the number-friendly by any means. You see, the tablet component of progesterone has been shown to stimulate the appetite – which of course makes it very difficult to diet, resulting in weight gain.

Some other side effects of the mini-pill include irregular or heavy bleeding, spotting, and severe headache. In addition, progestin-only pills have been shown to be less effective than the combined peers – in order to increase the chances of your mom really when choosing birth control pills are estrogen-containing over.

containing both estrogen and progestin combination is tablets. This category can be divided into three types, which are as follows:

Monophasic pill. This is the original pill. Each packet of these pills is the same amount of estrogen and progestin for 21 tablets of each active tablets and 7 placebo containing no hormone.

The second type is known as the combination pill multiphasic.Also mentioned that the two-phase and three-phase, multi-phase tablets comprising different amounts of contraceptive hormones, and are designed to be taken at certain times of the tablet-taking period.

Each of the tablets of this packet contains varying levels of estrogen and progesterone, so that the hormones are changed during the month. They are developed for the purpose of the specific side effects of oral contraceptives reduction. Women taking multiphasic pills report that they are less breakthrough bleeding and spotting, but as of now, these are the only party which has been shown to reduce.

The last type of combination birth control pill for continuous use pill. This is a brand new team, is approved in the spring & # 39; 07th The best known brand tablets LYBRA continuous use, which also happens to be a multi-phase tablet. It comes with a 28 day or afford to buy without breaks between pill packets, which basically means that it is not at all for a while.

all combined oral contraceptives Some of the side effects most of the ones we usually hear, including nausea, severe headache, possible vomiting, irregular bleeding, and changes the body's hormonal make-up due to weight gain.


Birth control options Fit Girls

now that I went to the fundamental differences in the tablets, let's discuss for a while that seems to be popular with women who the fitness industry.

those ladies who have a tablet, and training hard almost always opt for the low-dose pills. Low dose birth control pills mostly monophasic tablets containing estrogen component of less than 35 micrograms. Some examples of this type include tablets LoOvral, Nordette, and ortho-Cept.

There are also two new low-dose pills formulas on the market, all of which have become a fast favorite among many figure competitors. Cyclessa a new low dose oral contraceptive, which is also multi-phase. The low estrogen hormone in different packages actually been shown to result in weight loss many women who start taking … and those who have not lost noticeable weight, not fat obtained, according to the study.

Yasmin another new low-dose pill fits many women own fan club. Since natural progesterone formula, it is associated with improved skin texture for those with naturally oily or acne-prone, improved water retention due to decreased sense of well-being, and even help weight control.

ultra-low dose pills also exist, and these are those with the lowest amount of estrogen in a pill containing 20 micrograms. This dose of estrogen is sufficient for contraception, but such tablets often result in spotting and breakthrough bleeding than 30 to 35 micrograms of estrogen-containing tablets, so that most women who have tried have chosen the end instead of the low-dose tablets.

If you are interested in trying an ultra-low oral contraceptives, the two most popular of these are Alessa and Mircette, a former favorite of the three figures competitors would be interviewed.

Another factor, which is interesting when all oral contraceptives (even at low doses) that they have been shown to lower total and free testosterone by almost half, while increasing the overall level of cortisol. This, of course, quite a negative impact on all of us trying to build muscle – it's only bad news of the anabolic point of view.

Tired of taking pills? Read more!

Pill Alternatives

Now, if you scare one of the sides mentioned above, and the only thing you do not want to take oral contraceptives, the oral part, we have a few alternatives that work is manner very similar to that of low-dose tablets, without the actual pill!

These NuvaRing and the patch. Both work supplying equal amounts of hormones, such as low-dose tablets, including side effects, together with advantages are very similar. Women who like taking pills easier for either of the two, although two of their inconveniences.

NuvaRing is a small flexible ring inserted into the vagina once a month. This will remain in place for three weeks, and then taken out for a week. After that week has passed, the new ring is inserted in the next three weeks.

Some women I talked to find the fitness NuvaRing is very practical. One of them said that it helped him to get rid of a terrible migraine headache at the same time to get used to the low-dose pills will help her lose water weight she carries years.

The patch works delivering hormones directly into the bloodstream through the skin through a thin patch. Should be replaced once a week for three weeks, take a break of four weeks. The patch can be used almost anywhere in the body and need to stay in place at all times – regardless of the activity (yes, even in training, cardio, or bathing).

As I suspected, it was not my favorite I would be talking to any of the girls. Two of them had experimented with it, it seemed like a convenient, easy method of contraception; Both quickly disappointed with the Patch began to irritate the skin after just a couple of cardio sessions. My guess is that almost created a fitness-oriented women in mind.


There's just one other thing I want to mention the NuvaRing and the patch. Both caused a bit of controversy since the FDA approval. In the past few months, there have been a number of lawsuits against the two companies claiming that contraceptives are responsible for the formation of blood clots, leading to strokes, heart attacks and even death may result.

Neither of the assets has not been taken off the market, and both companies maintain his innocence, stating that the products are proven to be safe in most cases.

My personal advice? Do your own research, and that the decision is well founded one.

Non-hormonal alternatives

For those hoping to stay away from anything that alters the natural hormone levels, there are alternatives. Most fitness and figure girls I spoke to, it was decided to hormone-free birth control methods – everything from male and female condoms, diaphragms, cervical caps, and lea shield (which the work is physical blocks) to a more permanent methods such as the IUD .. . permanent, such as tubal ligation.

as the IUD appeared to be the most obvious choice for most women competing, I want to talk about it in depth. The intrauterine device is a small, T-shaped device that is inserted directly into the uterus of the OB / GYN. It is made of soft plastic and contains or copper or hormones.

The non-hormonal among those that want to focus on, as these are the most popular in the fitness world. These are known as the Copper T 380A IUD Paragard, copper, and can be worn for up to 12 years. They are effective when they are off, and can be removed at any time.

Mirena IUD

Remember that ovulation always occurs when an IUD, so even menstruating. Many women complain of intense cramping and heavier or irregular periods, but most fitness-oriented party girls find these to be a small price to pay for a stable hormone levels and the ability to maintain higher testosterone levels.

Another detail to keep in mind is the intrauterine device installation process itself. This is not a pleasant experience by any means – a lot of the women I talked to said it was one of the most painful experiences they & # 39; endured. But really, just put things in perspective, the second is the insertion takes about five minutes, and you're probably a carefree period of more than 10 years!

If you do not already have children, the IUD may not be suitable for you. The company claims that women who have never had before pregnancy increased the risk of expulsion (expelled from the body, usually in the first year) due to a smaller uterus and paste difficulties. Ask your doc and follow his recommendations when appropriate.

I would also like to note that many women are concerned about the safety of the copper IUD. This problem is best supported by some of the events took place in the 70s, when the first IUDs on the market (the so-called DÄLKEN Shield) had to recall 2.8 million users after 12 died.

Shield of DÄLKEN drew immediate medical offices, and even though no other IUDs as these are never found safe and reputation remains somewhat faded. If you begin in earnest this tool, make sure you do your research, just like anything else – lots of information available on an Internet search.


And that, ladies, pretty much summarizes the contraceptive options. I only hope that this article will give you a starting point for your own research and made a more informed patient who can enter the OB / GYN's office armed with knowledge.

Keep in mind that the effects will be whatever anyone pill depends not only on the track and taking the dose and individual hormonal makeup and response. For this reason, the final decision is best for you and your doc trust.

Source by Olesya Novik

How do I get my husband away from the other woman? Tips and hints that can help

often get emails from wives who want to know how to get in front of their husbands away from the lover or the other woman, and you are good to keep away from him. Since it is almost impossible to move, or to save your marriage, if you are wondering if she is her (literally, his heart or his mind), or you can be trusted. In short, this woman is standing between you and your husband, and you must go. But here's the rub. In order to go to be one of her husband to pull away from him and seriously. In the next article I will advice and tips on how to make this happen.

understands the payment. What he Directions From Her Coming Back ?: This keeps him Often when I ask wives why they think their husband is drawn to another woman, the wife almost always say something to do with sex. You'll usually hear answers like "he is clearly visible must be willing to do things in the bedroom that I'm not," or "maybe sex is hot or new or different" or "maybe there is something you don & # 39 ;. t "

believe it or not, the actual payments are generally not related to sex. Mostly men cheat for emotional reasons. It's just the truth, but very few people will admit to that. Men cheat because they tend to feel themselves ill or vulnerable spot. Generally, the pay off that he is getting a boost of self-esteem, the feeling understood, feeling valued, feeling attractive or feeling young and worthy again.

we need to understand exactly what you are getting out of this so that you know how to approach this. It's rare that a man will tell you what is behind the decision. But if an inventory of the life and behavior, they often come up with a very plausible theory is that quite often. It lets you know what to deal with, and where the vulnerabilities. You can not fix her husband's low self-esteem and really does not deserve to build him after he was let down in this way. But at least you know where your head that you do not get to a place where you work in your marriage, you'll know what needs to be addressed.

I know that sooner or later his slip Many wives do not believe me when I say this, but often all you need to do is bide his time with dignity and grace. Because if you go to your husband, and pour the negative emotions and threats, but that the other woman's job. He's sitting there smelling like a rose, it looks like the crazy, out of control is – yes, you're playing right into the hands.

Here's the thing you have to understand it. His comedy show to her husband. He then seems to be low maintenance and appears to be offered "no strings attached", but we grow to accept yourself for nothing in return for very long? Who would be so stupid? Finally, he will start to make demands. He will start to demand more time or want a commitment. The bad habits will start to annoy him and he will start getting impatient only that "the other woman". Usually, when this happens, the appeal will be less. A rewarding that he is becoming less common, or just not worth it. This is when a position of strength.

Do not give him a choice. Make sure that you know that the other woman keeps around is not acceptable Tell your husband straight to having three people in a marriage is unacceptable deal breaker. Make sure that you know that you're going to catch him if he keeps it, and you will not stand for it. (There are many ways to keep track of this. You know that a GPS tracker on his car. You can put spyware on your computer.) Demand that it cease all contact with him, and if you're working with him, tell him that he should ask a transfer or at least some very strict limits on the job. Then keep him so busy that just do not have time to see or communicate with him any longer.

If you catch them in check in or even seeing or communicating with her on the sly, tell him that you're going to repeat that this is a deal breaker. If it still persists, then you need to leave or get rid of it. They will not respect you at all, if you allow that both the lover and marriage. If this is the case, tell him that he really is not ready to deal with the marriage that still stir with someone else. If you still want to save your marriage, tell him to be in touch, after he decided to stay away from him once and for all.

I know this does not sound like a lot of fun. But the marriage did not work when the husband deals with two women. To save your marriage, you must have the undivided attention and commitment. If you can not or do not specify that they must be kept for self-evaluation and a cut to lose until you decide to change this.

Source by Katie Lersch

Low-dose hormonal contraceptive pills


reduce the side effects of birth control pills (cheers in the gallery!) Guided amount of synthetic hormones, estrogen and progesterone, that they contained, and the development of "new generation" low-dose birth control pills. "Low-dose" will not make much sense if you do not know what this term so the basic information below may help.

So, How can I go hormone ingredients are even more effective in preventing pregnancy Low doses over?

Good question, because not all birth control pills contain exactly the same amount of estrogen and progesterone. I thought it was a useful reference if you had a list of low-dose and ultra low dose pills, so at least discuss the pros and cons with your doctor and if you are a good candidate to move, say, a low-dose estrogen 0.035mg pill off a very low dose of estrogen 0.020mg pill. you may find that you experience less and less side effects. General brands in the low-dose hormonal contraceptive pills are also available.

birth control pills so the lowest amount of estrogen ie 0.02 mg estrogen (usually ethinylestradiol) are classified & # 39; ultra low dose " birth control pills. 0.020mg of estrogen is sufficient for contraception but the side effects of spotting and breakthrough bleeding are more common with this type of ultra low dose birth control pills, such as low-dose tablets 0.030mg or 0.035mg of estrogen.

Here are some brand names of "low dose" birth control pills on the market you can find a generic online now that you know what to look for amounts of estrogen. estrogen-progestogen component of the first component of a second.

  • Alessi (Aviano, Lessini, Lute, Sronyx) 0.02 mg ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel 0.1 mg [1945901million]
  • Mircette 0.02 mg ethinylestradiol and 0.15 mg desogestrel [1945901million]

content 0.02mg- 0.035mg.of estrogen pills classified as "low-dose" pills. Here are some brand name "low dose" birth control pills

  • LoOvral contains 0.03 mg ethinyl estradiol and 0.3 mg nogestrel [1945901million]
  • Nordette contains 0.03 mg ethinylestradiol and 0.15 mg levognorgestrel [1945901million]
  • Ortho-Except (Reclipsen, solid) contains 0.03 mg ethinylestradiol and 0.15 mg desogestrel [1945901million]
  • Desogen contains 0.03 mg ethinylestradiol and 0.15 mg desogestrel [1945901million]
  • Levlen21 contains 0.03 mg of ethinyl estradiol and 0.15 mg of levonorgestrel is
  • Seasonale / Seasonique contain 0.03 mg of ethinyl estradiol and 0.15 mg of levonorgestrel

If you are a fan of the three-phase pills, here are some low dose is: Cyclessa

Phase 1: ethinyl estradiol 0.025 mg and 0.1 mg desogestrel

phase 2: ethinyl estradiol 0.025 mg and 0.125 mg desogestrel

phase 3: ethinyl estradiol 0.025 mg and 0.15 mg desogestrel

a 5654 study, female, six menstrual cycles, some used the popular triphasic Ortho- Novum 7/7/7 and others used Cyclessa. It was found that women who used Cyclessa significantly less breakthrough bleeding or spotting and experienced an average weight loss of 4lbs. versus an average weight gain of 2kg. those who took Ortho-Novum 7/7/7.

Ortho Tricycle Lo: three types of pills in the pack

  • 0.025 mg ethinyl estradiol tablets are all white, and 0.180 mg of norgestimate [1945901million]
  • every light blue tablet of 0.025 mg ethinyl estradiol and 0.215 mg norgestimate [1945901million]
  • all blue tablet contains 0.025 mg of ethinyl estradiol and norgestimate 0.250 mg [1945901million]

(Ortho Tricycle and Ortho-Cyclen, each 0,035 mg of ethinyl estradiol may contain slightly higher amounts of estrogen for all types of contraceptive pill than Ortho Tricycle Lo)

YASMIN and YAZ two low-dose hormonal contraceptive tablets 0.03 mg and 0.02 mg was

estrogen, but there is a different types of progesterone the other pills called drospirenone (3.0 mg). On the down side, since Yasmin / Yaz can increase potassium levels, it is not recommended for women liver, adrenal gland or kidney disease, but also the heads of Yasmin / Yaz appear to reduce water retention and therefore bloating and women are part of gives a feeling of well-being . These pills are also among acne sufferers next one, as it appears to improve this skin condition a lot cases.As many other types of birth control pills, Yasmin may not be suitable for you if you also take other over-the-counter pain relievers, potassium sparing diuretics, potassium supplements, or drugs are therefore defined first look at this with a doctor first.

nursing mothers

told me about the "mini" pill (progestin only pill or POP), which is usually prescribed for nursing women, or those with an intolerance to estrogen. The "mini-pill" can be started immediately after delivery or abortion. There are no seven-day break, or dummy pills as there are a combination pill and should be taken at the same time every day. MICRONOR contains 0.35 mg norethindrone and not without estrogen. In the other countries of the brand names include: Microbe Microlut 28 28 28 Locilan and Noriday.

pill that large amounts of estrogen progesterone or used emergency contraception and so-called "morning after pill" or Plan B pill is a common act -All blue tablets of 0.25 mg levonorgestrel tablet 0 05 mg (milligrams is not micrograms) of estrogen – usually take two doses, 12 hours apart. Plan B "morning after" pill that only one hormone, progesterone (Levonorgestrel) tablets, 0.75 mg.

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