Yacht charter in Italy – Enjoy world-famous lifestyle for renting a boat

Italy's beauty is legendary, and a city is more appealing than the other. The country has an extremely rich culture and history, its beautiful cuisine and the world-famous lifestyle and chique. For a charter yacht, guests can enjoy huge and varied sailing areas and beautiful harbors. Combining all the fascinating attractions, impressive nature and the Italian "dolce vita", you can enjoy a perfect sailing holiday.

Why is yacht rental popular in Italy? ] Italy and its islands are located in the Tyrrhenian Sea directly in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Renting a boat in Italy is a great opportunity to discover the wonderful Italian culture and the multitude of beautiful cities. There are more UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy than in any other country in the world. And you can enjoy fantastic food and great shopping.

The beach, especially the western Italian Riviera, offers many beaches and coves that are perfectly suited for anchoring. The Italian islands are mainly located on the west coast of the continent, each of which has its own individual character. The favorable climate and virtually no tide offers good sailing conditions and there are many interesting opportunities for various sailing routes. Italy has a great tradition of shipbuilding and sailing, so sailors enjoy a great deal of ports. The infrastructure of the North Charter region and the south of Rome are quite good.

Main airports: Venice, Genoa, Pisa, Rome, Naples, Olbia, Alghero, Cagliari, Reggio Calabria, Palermo, Trapani and Catania.

Here are some general information about yacht charter in Italy:

Location: Central Mediterranean

Total length of coastline: 7,600 km

Capital: Rome

Main Charter Foundations: Genoa, La Spezia, Piombino, Follonica, Castiglione della Pescaia, Salerno, Sorrento, Tropea, Reggio Calabria. Sardinia: Cagliari, Carloforte, Olbia, Alghero. Sicily: Trapani, Palermo, Portarosa

Population: approx. 60,675,000

Climate: mild, Mediterranean

Country Code: +39

Charter Season: May-October

Italy Main Sailing Areas in Italy On the west coast of the mainland, Liguria, Tuscany, Elba, the Gulf of Naples, Capri, Sardinia and Sicily. The shore of the Adriatic coast on the eastern side is not that appealing for boating. Possible rental bases near Polignano a Mare Bari, near the Gargano National Park and the Venetian Lagoon, where you can sail directly to the world-famous old town and its impressive buildings.

In the capital of Liguria, Genoa, you will encounter the largest aquarium in Porto Antico in Europe and many other attractions. From here there is only a short walk to the Old Town. After about 14 NM it reaches the stunning harbor town of Portofino in the protected bay. From here, about 30 NM to La Spezia and on the road where one of Italy's most interesting tourist destinations is five picturesque and colorful seaside towns in the Cinque Terre National Park. La Spezia is part of the national park and is the second largest city in Liguria. It lies easily in the deep hills, surrounded by high mountains.

To the south lies the Tuscan archipelago of Gorgona, Capraia, Pianosa, Montechristo, Giglio, Gianutri and the largest and best known – Elba. There are very good charter bases on the Tuscan land to get acquainted with these islands, or maybe Corsica. Viareggio, Piombino, Follonica and Castiglione della Pescaia / Punta Ala. On the island of Elba the capital and the port of Portoferraio on the northern shore that you should visit. The island also offers great bays and great fixings. Located on the southern Tuscan hills, Puerto San Stefano is a seaside town on a peninsula with a marina and huge forts.

Sardinian offers excellent exclusive harbors and ports, such as Costa Smeralda and Porto Cervo, as well as untouched sailing areas such as the famous Maddalena archipelago. There are very good ports like Cagliari, Cannigione, La Maddalena, Olbia, Palau and Portisco. Enjoy the stunning and varied scenery such as Spiaggia Rosa's pink beach and the finned Cannigione Bay.

The Gulf of Naples and its islands, the Amalfi Coast and the archipelago of the Pontine Islands offer further glittering opportunities on yacht charter routes. The Amalfi Coast is located between Sorrento and Salerno charter bases. It is a 50 km long beach with very picturesque towns on steep rocky cliffs. Amalfi and Positano are just two examples.

You can drive from the mainland to the islands of the Gulf of Naples. Exclusive Capri where the international jet set meets. The capital's and port's top quality boutiques and first class restaurants are located on the north side. Very busy and expensive. On the southern side of Marina Piccola there is a good anchorage point. There are no sandy beaches on Capri Island, its beach is rather rocky and scenic. Water is deep, so there are not too many secure fixes.

Then there is a weird, colorful Procida with its many beautiful bays and beaches, and the Vivara Island Nature Reserve, which is connected via Procida via a bridge.

You can travel to the popular, busy Ischia, which is the largest island in the Gulf of Naples. It is an extinct volcano rich landscape, hot springs, large bays and secluded beaches. The three main ports are the port of Ischia, Casamicciola and Forio. The southern part of the island is greener and wild, with beautiful coastline and the northern part of the island.

Finally they are heading towards the Pontine Islands. From Ischia to the uninhabited and unspoilt Santo Stefano about 22 NM. There can only be anchored in the northern part of the island. Visit the neighboring Ventotene Island, then head for the next 22 NM to the Northwest Pontine Islands, Gavi, Palmarola, Zannone and the lovely Ponza with its many caves and caves. Here you will find the beautifully protected anchors and an interesting, damaged beach.

Extremely popular for yacht charter holidays in Sicily, of course. Choose from the main charter bases, such as the northern Marsala or Portorosa, from where you can explore the Aeolian Islands of Lipari, Stromboli, Vulcano, Alicudi, Filicudi, Panarea and Salina. Other ports of the Italian boat charter: Messina, Taormina, Catania and Syracuse on the east coast. Reggio Calabria on land is also a good starting point for sailing charter in Sicily

What weather conditions are important for renting your bareboat in Italy?

Waters do not represent significant tides. In the summer the dominant edges are northwestern. Afternoon afternoon winds generally reduce the heat. Long, dry and hot summers for perfect sailing time

Summary of gliding weather in Italy with example of Naples:

Highest Average Month Temperature: July / August, 25 °

Monthly average temperature: January / February, 9 °

Wind speed: 3 – 5 Bft

Average rainfall: November, 140 mm

Months of precipitation: June / July / August, 30 mm

The highest average sunny months: July / August, 10 hours a day

The lowest average sunny month: December, 3 hours

Months with the highest average temperature: July / August, 26 °

February / March, 14 °

How much does it cost The Yacht Charter of Italy and the Type of Charter The average price for a yacht charter in Italy is about 3,100 euros a week, but a 10-meter yacht can be hired, for example, about 1,600 euros. The price depends on the size, model and equipment of the boat. In Italy it is customary to rent a RIB (rigid inflatable boat) for a trip to the water. For weekly or longer sailing, you can choose to rent a boat or rent a boat, and you can choose sailing, motorboat or rent a catamaran. Then there is a luxury yacht charter, usually a full staff that tends to your specific needs. A flotilla holiday is a popular way to sail Italian waters. And daily charter can be a way to try out if you enjoy life on board.

What other projections are in Italy, except sailing yachts?

Do not miss Rome and its wonderful antique sites like the Forum, the Colosseum and the Pantheon. In the Eternal City other, most impressive tourist destinations are the Vatican and St. Peter's Church. Sit on the Spanish Steps, admire the Trevi Fountain and absorb the beautiful Piazza Navona and the pedestrian zone with its endless shops, boutiques, cafés and restaurants. This town offers so much that it simply has to go back.

Tuscany is the perfect place for sightseeing. Florence is the second in the world when it comes to Renaissance art and architecture. Van Dávid's statue, the great Uffizi museum, the Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo and many more. Pisa and the sloping tower are another fantastic sight. It is just as beautiful and worth visiting Siena, San Gimignano and Lucca.

If you have a day before or after chartering a sailboat, go somewhere inland to Bologna with its beautiful old town that looks nice at the top of the temple tower. It is the oldest university institution in the old, dating from 1088.

Discover the Cinque Terre, five fascinating villages on the steep hillsides of the beach, in a wonderful natural setting. For example, Manarola is a very beautiful, colorful city.

Various charter trips, see Pompeii near Naples. The Vesuvius destroyed it in 79 and is now a "frozen city".

Visit Amalfi and its Cathedral, old dockhouses and paper mills

Anchor at Capriba and visit the Blue Cave – a large cave full of spectacular blue light from the bottom.

Go up to Castello d 'Ischia, an Aragonian castle built in 1438 and originally from the 475

Finally, take a break from sailing, To enjoy the breathtaking scenery at the beach.

When you cruise around the yacht charter around the Aeolian Islands or Eastern Sicily, admire the active volcanoes Stromboli and Etna. One of Sardinia's natural parks, such as Parco Nazionale del Golfo di Orosei and Gennargentu.

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Self-employment is the last way to enjoy a big holiday

The travel industry has been sparking many holiday ideas under the tape as a man started the journey from the day of activity. It is true that travel has recently been a new cross-border activity and has been pursuing many activities. Going to one of the exciting adventures will stay the same and this is the escape they need from the routine period of life. Almost as if responding to the wish of many peace seekers, the concept of self-employment has dramatically entered the lives of people worldwide. Now, when defining the term self-employment, it is the gift of the name itself to the excuse that is in it. "It is a known fact that the increasing commercial use of the world made it almost impossible for people to escape chaos and bustle in every corner of the planet, except for hills and virgin areas."

Now, if you show the homeland of your home at one of these locations, what would be your reaction? That's enough to discover if you choose this holiday idea.

This concept is about renting a house for the fate One of the ones that serve and enjoy the full freedom associated with it.Freedom would in fact be underestimated because you will not only get a whole house free from any external interference, but you can also make your own favorite foods especially suitable for families with children, this activity In many places it became very popular.

Catering self-sufficiency also provides the benefits of grassland on a foreign soil, which is too good to be true. That's right.

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France: Long-Term Visas Visa Design

We have a time offer.

My husband and I both have been unemployed for the first time since the 1980s (you can do maths). For most people, an obvious and logical choice would be to reach the sidewalk and look for a new earning job. We are in a fortunate position that we do not have to worry about the young dependents, but the "kids". We are fortunate enough to have very healthy parents. What are we waiting? Why are we working? What better way to celebrate the celebration if we deserve some time than traveling? All this was used in the difficult negotiation phase. I am fortunate enough to be my husband who is willing to try new things and honestly "go on the road". The design started in June and the list was very long. The most important thing was that the visa application would be allowed to stay longer in the country (more than 90 days visa required). A few years ago we worked in France and nothing changed if we had something that French likes, paperwork. There is no better way to emphasize the national love of bureaucracy than a lengthy visa application. The Long Term Stay Procedure (19459003) is 15 steps long and is obviously not a weak heart. You must make the following (and more) collections of original and photocopier versions; With the permission of the police, fingerprints, photos, insurance, a copy of the bank account, promises not to work, seek unemployment insurance or sick. Unless you're incredibly organized, it's not easy to collect documentation. After all the documentation is complete, you must physically go to Vancouver (or the nearest consulate) for a personal conversation and hand over the documents personally. (19459003)

  1. Passport valid for the date of visa expiration At least within 3 months + 1 Set of photocopies of the main page (photo, date of validity, visas …)
  2. Long-term visa application form filling and signing + 2 new and identical photos
  3. per child: 1 long-term visa application filling and signing + 2 new and same photo
  4. Office Francaise Immigration & Integration Form Finished
  5. Any document that supports your status in Canada and allows you to re-enter it: Canadian Long Form Birth Certificate, Canadian Citizenship Card, permanent residence card (both sides can be copied), valid Canadian Visa … + 1 photocopy
  6. proof of income support throughout France during the stay: over the last 3 months a bank statement of your name and balance, last notification (NOA) … + 1 photocopy
  7. Letter with letter, which does not deal with any work + 1 photocopy
  8. Documents supporting social security status in Canada: last employer's letter (position, contract of employment, pay, leave), last 3 pay stubs, business registration as self-employed … + 1 photocopy
  9. RCMP police + 1 photocopy
  10. Questionnaire ( visa long sejour visiteur) filled in French + 1 photocopy
  11. French residence attestation, such as lease, ownership, and so on. + 1 photocopy.
  12. In case of a visa:

    Proof of contribution to travel medical care

  13. Insurance is valid throughout the entire stay in the Schengen area and includes all medical expenses, , Hospital treatment, repatriation with a minimum of 50,000 CAD + 1 photocopy

    needed to travel to Vancouver Download the visa process. This includes the two return flights and a hotel room to make sure that we do not miss the specified time. We have arrived in advance for our planned meeting. The front door is impressive and gives a momentary glare before it hits the buzzer and stumbles on the French greeting card. After registration, please submit a valuable bundle to the security guard. In our case, he has extricated his documents very cleverly. He put the paper bundles, staples, and rearranged the order. Honestly, after months of carefully collecting the documents, he felt that he had been wronged.

    Then we asked him to wait. The next few minutes were painful, as it is clearly CCTV, all of our most valuable documents and you are not checked at this stage. We were entertained and spent time reading a French / English dictionary. We called the following window and requested proof of documents:

    1. More pictures
    2. Additional fingerprints

    Get 30 minutes to the bank (for updated statements) and post office (prepaid envelope) time. I had long since decided to take some time for the foal to get Jade in the black lab from some French food and she would be able to pick up the Strange. So this proves the fact that the French people prefer their pets more than humans, and of course more than tourists. Jade's bid was two steps and did not require a visit to the consular office. Despite some difficulty, a long stay in France will make every effort. We enjoy food, wine, new friends and many new adventures. We created our "time offer".

    Source by Carolyne Kauser-Abbott

Alternative and Anti-Travel Books

Most travel articles are garbage. Travel articles appearing in national newspapers and journals usually only exist to fill the space between bright photos and ads. Probably any travel-related article that is challenging, controversial, or even interesting, is likely to be rejected if you have the slightest chance of disposing of potential advertisers. Some magazines are now willing to look longer to see that quality content will attract more readers over the longer term, resulting in higher advertising revenue

Another major problem is that travel writings – even national A publications – are so bad Paid so that they can only be realized if you are planning to visit somewhere or if the trip is paid by an advertiser. Any criticism, questionable, or even disrespectful, is unlikely to be particularly well done. Most travel writers will finally realize that if they do everything they can to make a disguised copy of an advertisement, they will pay better if they do it elsewhere and pay extra money for their own holiday.

Most of the travel books currently on TV Personalities are writing, aspirational lifestyle changes, or some kind of novelty research (an ideal travel book proposal probably includes Katie Price, which bounces in Tuscany in a space cap). From time to time, however, they release a more interesting travel writing in the world.

Here is a list of the best alternative and anti-travel writings ever published:

PJ O & # 39; Rourke: Holidays in Hell

This is the first book I've read to P. J. O & # 39; Rourke and still one of the best. It is basically just a collection of thousands of articles in which the world's less obvious tourist attractions are visited. I could not believe that all these sites seemed much more attractive than the two-week beach in the luxury hotel. Smart, funny and more.

Daniel Kalder: The Lost Astronaut

According to Daniel Kalder, "The traveler's duty to open a new experience is necessarily deserted, black holes and gritty city spots in all of our locals, all the places that people usually choose, so the only real travelers are resistance to tourists." In fact, I liked the idea of ​​the book better than the book itself. However, Daniel Kalder is a writer who has good ideas who are not afraid to challenge the conventions of travel writing.

Dave Eggers: You will know our speed

Strictly this is not a travel book, but a novel about a series of related journeys. If Douglas Coupland would write a passport, that would probably be the case. Others have compared competitors such as Jack Kerouac, but the style is more contemporary. Although not as good as the acknowledged debut "The Stunning Work of Genius," it's still neat, stylish and interesting. Andrew Mueller: I would not leave here

Like the book Holidays in Hell, the book consists of a series of articles about the world's least visited, but most interesting destinations. The author is "The 21st Century And Where Everything Is Wrong", the author visits recent hot spots and interviews with many influential personalities. As a rock journalist, as a foreign correspondent, the discovery of some of the darker realities of the modern world is often referred to by references to folk culture.

Source by Tom Coote

Travel Offers – 9 Tips for Cheap Travel

Flight travel offers are there but not many travel entrepreneurs offer them insider without first asking them about it. So if you want to get the best flight travel deals then will have to do a search. This article will take a long way to help you get started in this direction. The following basic tips are available to anyone (ie they do not require "insider relationships" to achieve good results).

1) Book in advance Feel so basic and well-known, I almost feel guilty and offer it to you. However, you can save big money. Book your flight one month in advance, optimize your discount. Book your flight one week, wait for premium rates.

2) Do not fly on regular business hours Air freight demand demand. If you insist on flying between 8 am and 5 pm when the available seats are minimum then you are planning to pay higher prices. "Red eye" flight – if there is a lot of space available – can significantly reduce your ticket price.

3) Check flight prices from alternate airport Sometimes you get better business when driving to a metropolitan city rather than from a local "community" airport. On the other hand, Los Angelenos knows that they can not save them to smaller airports – known as LAX. Ask the airline to modify the price of the ticket to reflect the current price with which they charge – HA, that is, the prices have been lowering since they booked their ticket.

Few people have this – or even know – but airlines change the price when asked. Do not wait for them to do it without first asking them.

5) Do not park your car at the airport if possible. Parking fees are rapidly accumulating and can offset all the savings they have been able to achieve by saving money for other money. I went to Hawaii once when I was fresh from gymnasium (about 30 years ago … gulp!). And after returning to Denver two weeks later, the car was parked all the time Over $ 100 when we walked back from our four In our pocket we saw coins and smokes in the gas boiler after we finished the 300-mile drive from the airport. Obviously, no parking at the airport is always possible. So at least consider the cost to park your car in budget plans.

6) Try to fly "off-season". He lets you fly to Hawaii for Christmas Holiday tones are very attractive if your home is under several meters of snow but may be much cheaper during the summer. I found Hawaii in July very enjoyable – especially that Mai-Tais receives extra cash on the beach.

7) Check the packages. Sometimes you can save a lot of money by purchasing a package, where you buy your flight, motel room, and even rent a car with a "parcel". There may even be some extras like a luau (in Hawaii) or a Broadway show (New York City).

8) Bulk Discounts Sometimes organizers or communities organize trips to their members, saving every single money in the store. Older communities, for example, make trips to Las Vegas.

9) Check aggregators. These garments – aggregators – compare multiple airlines and travel agents at the same time – to find the best deal from wherever you dig. Of course, the aggregator can not control all travel points, so try some aggregators and then try to go directly to the airline to find the aggregators the cheapest. You may be able to get better discounts to your chosen airline, through frequent travel programs and such – not to mention that you can prevent the travel agency fees being paid (as low as possible).

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Travel: Different Traveling Items

There are many different travel tools today, such as airplanes, ships, trains, buses, etc. You can choose your medium for your interests, priorities and, of course, your budget. Have a general view of different travel tools.

AIR: Air travel is the latest tool to move from one place to another. Since its first use, it has been popular since it has many advantages that people use the most frequently used travel devices on long journeys. This is an expensive choice, though it offers many air routes that offer cheap flights at rather low prices, but above all it is an expensive but fastest way to move from one place to another.

SEA: One of the Sea The oldest travel device. Even the Greeks and Egyptians used to roam the ships. The main source of travel remained for a long time, but lost its place after the invention of aircraft planes. Nowadays, moving from one sea to the other is rarely done, even if this happens, especially through large ships built on luxurious luxury for privileged people. Middle and lower class people can not enjoy the huge and luxurious boats.

TRIPS: Train from one city to another is the most reliable and affordable way to travel. Trains have long been of paramount importance to people. Traveling by train is all you need for a perfect journey, providing fast, reliable and cheap travel speeds.

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Preparing for the First Cruise

A non-exclusive reserve for the rich cruise holidays is now an affordable and popular option for vacationers everywhere. Nevertheless, after you have booked your first cruise, your mind will inevitably turn things like sea sickness, packet packing and entertainment for children, and so on. Keeping. Follow the advice below and your first cruise will be an enjoyable experience.

If you know, it's time to limit the time before your trip before you start your first cruise. Ideally, book a cruise that is in your home country and, if possible, near where you live. You have enough time to think about when you're going to go to the ship without it being difficult to catch a flight.

Sometimes, however, is the only way to get your desired cruise vacation to meet a ship in an overseas port. Obviously, if you live in a country where the main cruise ships do not arrive, then it is inevitable. If this applies to you and you are cruising for the first time, the Package Travel package package is the best bet. These package offers are much less stressful for beginner designers, as the travel agency takes care of airport transfers, taking into account any unforeseen problems such as flight delays.

Obviously, the last thing you want at the first cruise misses the boat. Still, it is surprising how many people do this (or approach this) just because they did not allow them enough time for the harbor. In the same note, check and verify that all relevant paperwork (including your passport) is before leaving your home. Believe it or not, for many first time, the cruiser has so distanced all the other aspects of the novelty celebration that they do not remember the essence.

Many novice cruisers will convince them that their luggage is lost only because they do not come for a while after arriving in the cabin. Usually this is because the first time cruisers use a lot more hotels in hotels where guests do not check all. Obviously, on a cruise, this is rather what happens, so there are a lot of luggage that is transported at the same time. So if your package does not arrive a few hours after your arrival, you can get rid of some unpleasant moments in mind.

One of the ways to survive to the most important baggage is by placing basic small items in your hand luggage. This is especially useful if you are traveling with children or if you need medication. Before you leave your home, always pack up enough luggage to get your first day pass. So if you stay unusually long without your package, you can avoid unnecessary stress.

As to what to do on board, every cruise restaurant has its own dress code. So before you start, check that the code of the dress on the boat is an elegant casual black tie or informal, and is packed properly. In general, Cunard and P & O cruises have a more conservative dress code, while RCI and celebrity cruise ships allow you to wear almost anything you want. As a general rule, smaller boats will require stricter dress codes. Some people do not like the idea of ​​having dinner. Obviously, if this applies to you, this will govern the boat route from the outside.

Do not forget that if you are sailing in exotic waters, the temperature will still be very cold in the evening. You do not want to stay in the cabin all night, because it's too frozen to see you out there. Always wear some warmer clothes, or you may have to resign from the charming stars on board the boat.

It's unavoidable to get on board a ship after a couple of days, no matter which cruise line you choose. Though the same as a normal holiday, except for swimming on water. Keep in mind the above advice and be sure to join the cruise ship on board the boat.

Source by Stephen A Laws

The Ten Best Places To Visit In Egypt

There is no other place in the world that holds more mysteries than Egypt's country. The smell of ancient Egyptian mysticism is still above the place. This ancient atmosphere seems to have closed all the secrets and maladies secretly, even in an explanation.

1. And the pyramids of Giza

And perhaps there is nothing more mysterious and worthy to see in Egypt than the great pyramids of Giza. These are the pyramids of Khufu, Kafhre and Menkaura. These perfectly shaped structures in everybody are making fears and thoughts about exactly how they were made, given that ancient Egyptians did not have advanced technology to work.

2.) Sphinx

And of course, if you go to the Great Pyramids, then even the Sphinx will go. This is one of the most mythical structures in Egypt. Even today, archaeologists are still arguing about their origin and purpose, which is the subject of the famous phrase "attacking the Sphinx".

3. Abu Simbel

These two of the Temples II. Pharaoh II. Pharaoh was built to commemorate himself and his wife, Nefertari. It is a breathtaking place and the churches are welcomed in one of the most beautiful Egyptians. What is even more interesting about Abu Simbel is the amount of effort that moves and preserves it.

4.) Cairo

And of course, if you really want to dive into Egyptian culture, it would be best if you go to the capital, Cairo. The place is filled with bazaars and restaurants where you can taste the taste of Egyptian culture. Surely there is no place to miss.

5. The Churches of Karnak

What a better way to experience ancient Egypt than to visit the place where they worshiped their god. Karnak's temples are the largest sites in Egypt's worship. The temple presents a memorial for all gods in Teba religion.

6.) The River of the Nile

And of course you can not leave the famous Nile River. After all, this was what fed Egypt and turned it into a wonderful place. In fact, a visit to the Nile is great, so you can take a Felucca and sail the legendary river, seeing the city and the sunset.

7.) The Valley of the Kings

The Valley of the Kings or Biban El Moluk is the place where Egypt's most precious Pharaohs were buried. This place is filled with mummies and undiscovered treasures. In fact, this is where archeologists find one of the most famous mummies of all time – Tutankhamun.

8. Egyptian Museum

Of course, since it is not wise to leave Egyptian treasures found in the tomb, archaeologists were placed in the Egyptian museum where they would be safe. If you want to know about Egypt, then this is the best place to start. There is no other place where the concentration of Egyptian finds is greater and you can even follow the tour to be orientable to the history of individual finds.

9.) Siwa Oasis

In Egypt, there are not only temples and pyramids, there is a place where you can just go and have fun – the Siwa Oasis. Here you can swim in the cold waters to protect the desert heat. Rumors say Alexander was here during his great conquest.

10.) Sakkarah necropolisa

And indeed you can not leave something as interesting as a "necropolis" or, if translated, The City of the Dead. Here you will find Egyptian less popular pyramids, the stair pyramids. However, although less popular than the big pyramids, they are still full of great history and culture.

Source by Jonathan Williams

Compared to Cessna aircraft – The Cessna 172 Vs The Cessna 182

The primitive, Cessna 172 and Cessna 182 are indistinguishable from each other. Both are 4 seats with high wing planes supporting each wing. But pilots are significantly different from aircraft.

The most important difference between 172 and 182 is the engines. Both have been manufactured for more than 40 years, and at this time they came from a number of engines from the factory. As the 172N was introduced in 1977, the factory-standard engine produced 160 hp. Prior to that, the engine 172 moves between 145 and 160 hp. Many older aircraft have been developed in the aftermarket with higher performance engines, including the popular 180 horsepower. variant. All of these changes are implemented by the FAA-issued STC or supplementary certificate.

Although 182 was powered by a number of different engines, standard non-turbo models were always tested at 230 hp. This difference in horsepower has a number of consequences. One of course is speed. The 182 15-20 knots are faster than a 172. It can rise faster at 200 ft / min. Generally, larger planes can have a higher weight. The standard late model 172 maximum weight is 2450 lbs, 182 3100 lbs. Not all of these differences are a useful load, the empty 182 kb. 300 lbs. He's harder than his cousin.

The difference between numbers 172 and 182 is not as simple as specifications and performance figures. Since it's harder, 182 is a much more stable aircraft than a 172. It does not bounce around enough and keeps track of the direction you want. This is a good feature if you intend to make many devices fly. (Flying on clouds or visually without reference to the ground.)

With over 200 horsepower and adjustable threaded propeller, the 182 is also a high-performance aircraft. This means that additional training is needed to fly, both according to the insurance companies' regulations and requirements.

As far as price is concerned, the 1978 172 model typically has a low price of $ 40,000, while an equally well-equipped 182 is at least $ 20,000. An 182 will be more expensive on their own. Insurance, checks, engine repairs and operating costs will be bigger. For example, in a 182, about three gallons of fuel consumes more fuel.

One of these things is no plane any better than the other. What distinguishes the plane from how it intends to use it. If you want to operate a simple aircraft that is relatively inexpensive, then 172. If you want to use the airplane for transport purposes and want to go to the weather, the 182 would better suit the purpose. As one of the planes distinguishes from the other, donation is the nose. The A 182 has a more complete casing section covering the larger engine and a more up-to-date windshield.

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Kenyan Traditional Dances

Traditional Kenyan dances in Africa are the most varied and popular. Different types of folk music are based on different ethnic groups in the country. The culture, language, dance and music of each tribe are different. The drum is the most popular instrument used in dance in many countries. Other famous tools include; Bells, Horns, Guitars, Flutes and Whistles

Music and dance come from Kenya's rich culture, classified in folk, traditional and international categories. Isikuti, the Luhya name throws the traditional dance of the Luhya people in West Kenya. Paired men and women become drummers of drums, bells, whistles and horns in their dance style.

Mass communities have multiple dances. For example, Masai Jumping Dance, also known as "Adamu" in the Masai language, is danced by Masai warriors. They show their strength and strength bouncing out in the air while the other fighters are standing around while singing. The Masai community does not use musical instruments when performing folk songs. Instead, women wear bells and rattles that make a singing sound.

Both the Kamba and the Chuka people's famous acrobatic dance style. They have a unique drum style in which a long drum advances between the thighs. Taarab is the traditional music of Mombasa. African and Arab influences. In this dance style, men, women, and Youth Dance rhythmically sing poetry in Swahili. The people of Mombasa are dressed in a unique way, and most people speak Swahili. Today the Taarab is still popular in the coastal region.

Kenyan traditional dance has become modernized due to modern and Western foreign policy. Guitar is the best-known international musical instrument. Many modern music formats have been created such as reggae, hip-hop, jazz, rap, Afro-Fusion and the Congo pop. Modern musical forms are very popular for Kenyan young people, especially in urban towns. Some famous modern musicians: Mighty King Kong, Eric Wainaina and Maji Maji. The spread of Kenyan Christianity has created a dance that has evoked another gospel music spread throughout all churches

Source by Peter Gitundu