Maya Ceremonial Centers

The content of Maya's classic civilization is very rich and can be summarized with a brief summary. They consist of large, pyramid-like piles and platforms made of earth and rocks. Much of the Mayan buildings are exceptionally tall and incredibly steep. As an example, the great temple pyramid of Tikal rises tower-like above the 60-meter-high above the plaza floors. Buildings of pyramids and platforms were also built in the masonry of debris and stone blocks. In some cases, such as on the northern plains, dressed stone is no more than a stucco veneer. The walls of the buildings were thick, the rooms were relatively narrow; The roofs were usually small, and the windows are very rare for dark and cool structures to have darker and cool interior surfaces. "

On the top of the steep pyramids, 1-3-room small buildings are likely to be temples; longer and larger buildings, many rooms and lower, wider platforms, probably palaces

The Maya Late Classic Periodic Field was the base area of ​​May celebrations, especially on the southern plains, a rectangular plaza placed on three or four sides of crags. These plains were often artificially dressed hilltops such as the Uaxactun or terraced hilly Mountains, such as Piedras Negras and Palenque.With successive construction layers, plaza unit has gradually taken over an acropolis aspect from which the famous "Main Group" is a good example in the Acropolis of Tikal or Copan

Carved Stems and Altarbars In plazas, often at the foot of the pyramid staircase, the temples and the palace Above the temples and palaces with elaborate roofs, flying facades, carved and stucco sculptural decorations. The Maya festivals were built and supported by the inhabitants of the jungle farmers, but the archaeological relics of the people are now beginning. Traditional classical Maya flats were probably similar to the woods, mud and saffron huts of their historical or modern descendants, and these buildings left little footprint on the ground. Fortunately, many people were built on the ground or on a rock, and they discovered and studied more of these "huts". These studies show that the places of residence were not packed tightly and directly around the ceremonial centers. The clusters of the stacks are located near the main cellars and piles of the centers, but similarly large clusters are scattered around the banks of the river or around the ponds and ridges (the swamps) that have removed miles away from the hospitals.

There are controversial exceptions. Some archeologists claim that Tikal's Peten was indeed urban in its proportions, just like Dzibilchaltun in northern Yucatan. But in most cases, the overwhelming settlement pattern of classical Maya was a scattered village that provided most of the proper farming areas. Among these were the smaller ceremonial centers intertwined between villages, and were a little further apart from the main centers whose complex architecture and monuments were. Presumably, several villages co-ordinated their efforts to build and maintain a smaller holiday center and, on the other hand, the association of the entire population of such small centers combined with the support of larger centers with other similar groups.

Source by Yazid Avicenna

The Importance of Amplifiers

Today, a wide variety of amplifiers are used for various purposes. Simply the amplifier takes up a weak signal and vigorously transforms it. In many devices, electrical signals are widely used. Radios, televisions and telephones are a few examples of this. There are countless other applications for the amplifiers, and it is not easy to list all of them. Some general types of amplifiers are used for electronic modules and audio systems. These instruments and guitars are also used. Apart from the above, many other types of amplifiers, such as vacuum tubes or valves, transistors, actuators and fully differential amplifiers are used for specific purposes. Video Amplifiers consist of many types of video amplifiers. The vertical and distributed type of the oscilloscope are the two most commonly used. Again there are microwave amplifiers that can be categorized as Floating Corrugated Amplifiers and Kly-strons. Then there are subwoofer amplifiers. These are the amplifiers used in subwoofers, which are usually found in cars and radios. The subwoofer amplifier is used to amplify low frequency sound waves. Many studies and research have been carried out to develop the science of amplification over the last decades, and this device has become an integral part of many systems. Many devices in science and technology are used by the device.

The use of electronic devices is therefore boundless. Various technologies are used to bring the principles to their optimal use. Consumers today are more familiar with the amplifiers. Therefore, it is commonly assumed that each amplifier is sound-oriented. It is part of all audio systems. Amplifiers are used to increase or control audio content. In the early stages of its use, the goal was to control the volume of the sound. But over time, technology has evolved, and the role of the amplifier has become more and more complicated. The amplifier is used not only to increase the volume, but also to clarify the content content. Both vocal and instrument outputs are controlled and provide comfortable noise without diluting the contents. By listening to a program or enhancing the sound content of an alternative device, the student can amplify the background music of the instruments by adjusting the amplifiers.

The significance of this is currently prominent. It is important for buyers to understand the importance of the device in an application. But many customers may not know the physics or theory behind practical applications. In this case, regardless of the category, the best source for gathering valuable information is the Internet. The exclusive websites associated with them should be highlighted in this context. Visitors to such sites are privileged to get to know the different products and services available on the market. From the most recent introductions, very subjective opinions can be read for consumer guidance. Such reviews help customers identify the right product. Online retailers offer competitive products at competitive prices, such as HiFi Amplifiers, Car Amplifiers, and Integrated Amplifiers, among the great collections of sophisticated products. In a time when people find little time to do a broad search and to shop for shopping, exclusive websites are very useful.

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City Tourist Information York

York was the capital of the country and boast of a breathtaking

history and riches of restored medieval buildings and streets. The city

renamed the county in which he lives and has 13,000 inhabitants


De York is much more than a beautiful, ancient city and

lively cafe culture and numerous delicious dining restaurants. The shopping

facilities are plentiful and have several independent retailers

here as in any other modern city in the country. The city

still abounds in a busy nightlife with a wide selection of pubs, clubs and

live music venues.

York creative venues and venues are another good reason for the visit, and

the art facilities in St. Mary's Church are unique

attraction in themselves.

With dozens of museums, sports facilities and restaurants hundreds of

Shops, Quality Hotels and B & Bs on every street, York attracts

annually thousands of tourists, and reward all of them!


The ancient city of York has a more exciting history than any other area

UK. The city was founded AD71 and was Constantine

Great crowning as a Roman Emperor. The importance of the city decreases

during the Industrial Revolution meant that the ancient buildings were not

to make room for factories and mills and to abound

medieval structures still exist.

The Jorvik Museum is the 50th Museum and Heritage Center

city and mapping the Viking history of the area. There are Viking streets

An underground tour has been refurbished and there are masses

archeological finds and exhibitions

The National Railway Museum, the Castle Museum, the York Dungeon and

Section III. Richard Museum is just a few of the others.

The city is the largest Gothic church in the country,

13th century church and many other medieval ruins

Art galleries

The York Art Gallery is the oil and canvas drawing, the watercolor and the

ceramics from the fourteenth century to this day. The collection

is divided into six thematic areas: morality, devotion, places, people,

Stories and modern decorations; And it's regular provisional


York St Mary's is an abandoned medieval church,

is another art installation every year. The facilities are inspired

the building, and each one adds something to the environment. THE

installing in 2007 will explore the viewer,

was developed by the artist and the natural world, and by Keiko


The Artspace is a studio and art gallery with new exhibitions for all

for six weeks


The Grand Opera House is an elegant, refurbished nineteenth century

is the drama, dance, comedy and music performance. THE

is the largest theater in Yorkshire.

The York Theater Royal seats 1,000 people and one

drama, comedy, musical, live music and stand-up comedy program.

The theater is currently under renovation, but is still open to businesses.

Friargate Theater hosts a Christian theater company and regularly

introduces small turnovers.


Biltmore Bar and Grill are located in an occupied temple

grill and drinks in the bistro and traditional meals

mezzanine. The interior is modern and stylish, and the prices a bit

above the average.

Rarity offers meat and fish dishes as well as red, white

and roses, sparkling wines and vintage ports.

The mogul received brilliant reviews for customers and critics

the Bengali cuisine and the warm mood. The restaurant already

is a fourteen-year trade and catering service.

High-quality Italian dishes are served in traditional,

and York Minster, the La Vecchia Scuola is the ideal choice.

Pubs / Bars

York is known for many pubs and is interesting

historic buildings. Ye Old Starre Inn is a 10th-century cellar and

a number of ghost stories. The pub markets a wide variety of beers and beers,

regularly alternating guest beers

Lighthorseman is a bar and 4 * B & B, which is obviously the only one

remained a Victorian bar in the city. Genuine beer, snacks and snacks

CAMRA benefited from the 18th century, received the Blue Bell Inn Award

is the "Outstanding Pub Inner", including the Restored Nineteenth Century

fittings and fittings.

Montey's Rock Café is a rock-themed bar; And Harkers a

Nineteenth Century Ex-Bank, Popular for Young and Old Professionals.


The Gallery features pop and party hymns, hip hop and r & # 39; b, soul,

funk, indie and rock are rolling seven nights a week. The club includes

four areas and a food stand.

Ziggy is the city's main alternative club and popular among students.

Beverages are cheap and the dress code is smart-casual. Most of the music

nu-metal, indie and rock, and there are 70's and 80's.

Toffs a large, open dance floor in a room and in a cafe

is the other, the largest VIP lounge in York on the floor. Most of the music

graph, party, and drum bass.

The Fibbers cafe, restaurant, bar, nightclub and music store, live

music every night


Downtown York is a pedestrian walkway, cobbled walkways

and the medieval streets that are coveted with shops and unique shops.

Coppergate is the place to find the main high street chains and

Swinegate is home to designer boutiques and restaurants.

Monk Cross is the newest shopping mall in the city,

is the leading retailer, an interactive game for kids and kids

1000 free parking spaces. The Clifton Moor shopping center is home to 34

shops and 3000 parking spaces.

McArthur Glen Designer Outlet Trade Surplus Kit and Designer

the retail value of the goods at 50-75% of RRP. The current retailers are Dolce and

Gabbana, Paul Smith and Armani


Emperors Gym boasts the latest cardio-vascular system and

fitness room, athletic classes, large swimming pool and private

parking. Thirsk Squash Club and Abbey Leisure Center are just two

in the city's many sports and leisure centers.

There are three go-carts in the city, but F1 Racing is

only one is equipped with indoor equipment. The site has 200 seats

people, licensed bar and lounge, TV, billiards and entertainment.

The Fulford Golf Club is one of nine of the city's nine courses,

at competitions such as The Benson and Hedges International and Murphys

has come. The club asks to be a member of the players

Association of Golfers

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Thinking about the cruise? Go Carnival!

Getting out of the port to get out of the car is just the beginning. If you have never moved, get ready for a lifetime vacation. The excitement that builds up before you board the boat is not as great as the excitement you get when your sea adventure really starts.

The Carnival Cruise Line will surely work you a pleasure to keep your guests satisfied during your trip. The second one he is on board the ship and places his belongings in the cabins keeps receiving his warm and friendly smile from all the employees on board. If you ever need anything, either day or night, an employee will always be there to help you. Before the ship leaves, everyone on the deck meets in the theater and goes through a security briefing. This allows everyone to know that you do not have to worry about their safety or anyone else's safety while traveling at sea.

One of the best things about cruising with the Carnival Cruise Line is always something to do. Whether early in the morning, whether in the middle of the day or late at night. You may just be looking forward to the ports, but not just the destination destinations are worth the excitement, and the seaside days are spectacular. There are activities for all ages day and night, and tons of fun that you really experience on those days at sea. I mean, some crazy fun fun like dancers and harry chest competitions. Activities onboard bring your families and friends together and help you make friends so you can stay in touch for a lifetime. If you stick with people for a few days for a boat, bring some nice new friends you can enjoy at the casino, maybe dance lessons and more. And carnival makes it all the easier. Employees on board are attempting to show people together all their shows, have fun on board all day long, and so on.

It's good to see everyone gathered together, laughing and dancing together in a great area. This journey becomes much more exciting and entertaining.

As a whole, the food on board ships comes from this world too! You are sure you will never starve during your vacation, with the pizza bar, ice cream stand, and buffet tables that are constantly on board. Very tasty food too! In addition, every night there is a timed dinner for family and friends to enjoy and most of the time, you can get your own table, depending on how many people are and everything. But the food is wonderful. It's a three course meal that's hard to forget! And trust me, you will surely be completely gone. Apart from that, these dinners are a great time to share exciting events on board during the day or talk about the excursions your family and friends have attended this day. At this time again, employees always make sure they feel good! Some nights dancing, singing, and friends and family. Every second is fun and laughable.

When they arrive at the ports, staff on board are there to make sure she feels good.

Carnival Cruise Line Deserted by me and many others are delighted with unforgettable memories and wanted me to embark on a new voyage since I left the boat and now I want to work for the Cruise Line industry at some point In the future

If in the future you try to book a cruise, try the Carnival Cruise Line to be happy and complete unforgettable memories.

Source by Ashley Williams

5 Visit the National Parks at a Wildlife Tour in India

An occasional look at the numbers give an idea of ​​the many opportunities for a wild tour of India. The country has 515 wild animal sanctuaries. Among them, 48 tiger reserves belong to the Project Tiger project, which aims to preserve the Tiger in the country. Despite the fact that the Indian wildlife is often advertised as a denizen of these big wildcat, it would be highly unfair to limit the direct clan of the tiger. Here we have tried to represent the wildlife sanctuaries, which are India's perfect wildlife for both diversity and depth.

Ranthambore Wildlife National Park in Rajasthan

Ranthambore National Park, located 160 km southeast of the pink city of Jaipur, is located on 392 square kilometers. This is one of the national parks where the project tiger has been successfully implemented. Between 2005 and 2014, the population of the tiger grew more than doubled and reached 62. The safari tours in this park are carried out in two parts at an average of 800 INRs. Both safaris, one in the early morning and one at noon, takes about three hours. There are several lakes in the park and an extremely popular banyan tree.

Sundarbani West Bengal National Park

Wildlife Safari Tour India can not be perfect without Sundarbans, distance 109 km from Kolkata. Apart from the richness of the great Royal Bengal tiger, Sundarbans is also known for its ecological diversity, which is through the mangrove forests and an extensive collection of flora and fauna. Some of the endangered species can be found here: Saltwater Crocodile, River Plaisance, Ganges River Dolphins, Olive Turtle and Horseshoe Crab.

Kaziranga National Park in Assam

Kazamanga National Park, Assam, an extended area of ​​378 SQ Km has been declared a World Heritage site for the population of a horned rhino. The Kaziranga wildlife sanctuary, which has more than 2400 rhinoceros, has over a hundred years of history like a cordoned conservatory. Apart from rhinos, Kaziranga includes many other wild animals, including wild boars, deer, buffaloes and most Asian elephants. The Assam State Government operates wildlife safaris and hosts in the region to make it easier for visitors.

Gir National Park in Gujarat

Gir Forest National Park and the Wildlife Sanctuary are located 65 km southeast of Junagadh in a vast area of ​​over 1400 square kilometers. We know more than 250km of the vast jungle, as well as a fully protected national park with more than 520 Asian Lions. There are a number of reservoirs and varied wildlife such as Nilgai, Chital Mugger crocodile et al. The shrine also promotes the teaching of nature and wildlife through a zone of interpretation within the sanctuary.

Mudumalai Wildlife National Park in Tamilnadu

From Coimbatore Town The Mudumala Nature Conservation Park is not only known for the diversity of the Bengal Tiger and Indian Leopard and Elephants. The sanctuary is proud of Nilgiri's western ghetto for nearly 270 rare bird species, including white-haired Indian vultures, elongated vultures. The sanctuary on the outskirts of Tamilnadu and Karnataka attracts tourists all over the year from these two major states and from other parts of the country and from abroad.

Source by Suchita Sehni

Airport Transfer Service – 5 Benefits

Airport transfers provide reliable and cheap transportation to airports and airports in most major cities. The most common type of airport shuttle service makes use of the proportional travel model where passengers share the journey with some other passengers in order to maintain the cost of everyone. Some companies also offer luxury transfer services that allow passengers to operate as a limousine or as a passenger car instead of standard passenger vans. Countrywide services offer low-cost airport transport services to passengers. Passengers traveling on average between $ 15 and $ 25 represent a significant value for taxi and private car services. Most of the shuttle services make it possible to schedule the time and place on the internet and then guarantee that they will arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled take-off time.

# 2 Reliable . This reliability ensures that the airport or hotel arrives on time.

# 3 Convenient as transport options

Most major cities offer public transport facilities and hotels. Depending on the city, these options range from buses to subways and trains. All these options require passengers to move the luggage to the required stop so passengers are tired and exhausted. Passengers may also experience confusion about what is closest to the hotel. Passenger services provide luggage luggage and passengers' relaxation at their hotel.

# 4 Known drivers

Most of the shuttle service is polite drivers who travel from the airport A sightseeing thing. You will find landmarks and other attractions on the way, which gives you a pleasant experience at the airport or airport.

# 5 Luxury Options

Some cities including New Orleans offer a luxury shuttle service. These companies offer horseback riding in limousines and passenger cars, so passengers can provide a much more distinguished experience. Even when luxury cars are used, these luxury services are still affordable.

In short, be sure to research the airport transfer companies when they travel to a new city. It saves you money and benefits you from the transportation.

Source by Leslie Miller

Pets – the Advantages and Disadvantages

Pets love them for many things; Regardless of the kind of animals you can bring happiness to life. However, when you are thinking of getting a pet, first, either a new addition to the current pet family or a substitute that was saddened between you is more important when considering the pet animal

People have different causes Because of pet pets, whether it is a gift (remember, not just for Christmas), or kids are interested in their first pet; Or maybe you can not pet a pet as a child, but under the right circumstances, or just because of you and the love of animals, the notion that we need a pet and want a will is deeply rooted in our psyche. This is perhaps not surprising as pets work as big corporations and provide businesses for people living in all areas of life.

Pets provide excellent social opportunities for both adults and children, the type of your pet. In addition, you will be able to meet new people and start a new hobby when you are pet or have a walk in the park or enter the tournament. In this respect, some pets can be better cared than others, and depending on the circumstances, such as the type of accommodation and the location, this may be an important factor, as not every rented accommodation allows pets; So your favorite pet type can be related to your situation

Although pets can bring a lot of happiness in life, it's not too surprising to find out how much responsibility they have for some Respect that it's not too similar to child care, That they should also consider it. If you want to spend your vacation and you can not bring your pet with you, it's always a good idea to find someone who is fit to care for your pet. This is not necessarily an ideal situation and others are looking to take care of your pet while kennels may be expensive if your pet is a dog.

Additional factors are needed when considering Pets, probably the most preferred factor for many. They are expensive, especially because of the cost of buying food and accessories that allow them to enjoy an enjoyable standard of living, including shelter and games, to entertain themselves. can help reduce any stress associated with potential veterinary expenditure by being able to ensure the health of pets, while also having special needs such as ongoing treatments and medicines . ] Despite having many advantages and disadvantages of considering pet animals, the level of enjoyment and association of pets is often worth every penny we are proud of. After all, money can not buy love and pets are freely given.

Source by Isla Campbell

Budget Travel in the West of the Republic of South Africa

There are very few places in the country that boast such diverse natural sites in the West. The Garden Route follows the Indian Ocean coastline on the Eastern Cape Coast, the mountainous area Outeniqua and the Tsitsikamma Mountains. The Garden Route enjoys one of the liveliest and most uncluttered climates with pristine cute beaches, beautiful lagoons and estuaries, and boasts over 250 species of birds.

The West Coast

The West Coast offers some of the smallest urban experiences in South Africa. It's a region that needs to be enjoyed slowly, so the road along the West Coast is a favorite among locals and international visitors. Not only does the area offer one of the world's most beautiful scenery, mountains, oceans, and everlasting prospects, this beach is also the finest South African hospitality paradise.

There are two official wine roads on the West Coast, Swartland Wine Road and the Olifants River Wine Region. The West Coast Seafood also serves high quality seafood and a line of grapes along with the vineyards and some of the country's best restaurants on this shore.

The Winelands

Only 45 minutes drive from Cape Town and the mountains and valleys of Winelands, all the lovely Cape Dutch homesteads, cellars, oak towns and ultra fine restaurants. The towns of Stellenbosch, Franschoek and Paarl are pleasing and begging to look and enjoy very slowly as good wines.

The Way of the Garden

This is the land of lakes, coves, mountains and forests on the south shore from Heidelberg to the East Tsitsikamma Forest and the Storms. It's a bustling place in the country that inspires writers and artists whose presence makes Garden Route a fancy taste. Many foreign visitors are also of paramount importance.

This coastal motorway connects a host of wonderful cities with the natural wonder. Along the way, all kinds of adventure activities are diving, abseiling, fishing and so on. The Klein Karoo

One of the most geologically interesting areas in South Africa is the Klein Karoo, with its high mountains and bare streams. Its remarkable geological features are the Cango caves, natural limestone and chambers of limestone, outside of Oudtshoorn. These caves are one of the ten most visited sights in South Africa.

It is worth visiting Oudtshoorn, the heart of the Ostrich pen industry, when it was at the beginning of the 1900s. The grandiose feathers of the old feathers are still visible, while the ostrich farms now involved in the commercial production of meat, leather, eggs and feathers can be found even by riding an ostrich. The town has annual music and theater events awaiting the Klein Karoo Kunstefees.

The Central Karoo

The semi-dry Karoo's name is derived from an indigenous word (19459011), but this impact is a cheat. Dig a little beneath the surface and find fossil rich terrains, stunning rock art, ancient rock rafts, one of the greatest types of planet and star-filled sky to thrill astronomers, regardless of whether they are amateur.

Prince Albert Bekes at the foot of the beautiful Swartberg Creek offers a convenient starting point to go out and explore. Close to Gamkaskloof or The Hell, which hosts an isolated farming community that for a century was only on foot or on horseback. Karoo National Park, South Africa's largest ecosystem, reveals how fauna and vegetation have adapted to the toughest environment.

The Valley of the Breede

More than 15 attractive small towns have the fortune to nest in the fertile Breede River valley, from the orchards and the vineyards to the wall.

Theres Ceres, rightly named the Roman goddess of fertility; Tulbagh, 32 historical buildings that allow the highest concentration of national monuments in the country; Montagu, the home of hot mineral springs for healing powers; Worcester and Robertson – famous for their noble vintages.

The Overberg

An hour east of Cape Town, above the hills, Overberg, resorted by beaches, scenic coastal towns, an ancient lighthouse that has many shipwrecks (Agulhus degrees ) And a whale line that attracts more whales and more listeners every year. Between June and November, masses go to Hermanus and its surroundings to see the great mammal's yard and cloak.

Inland, above the Outeniqua Mountains, Klein Karoo is located in Oudtshoorn, the capital of the strucage and is the color of the richness of the nook economy worldwide. Undoubtedly, the most popular attraction in the area is the underground wonderland of the Cango caves. The caves with their own museums form the Klein Karoo tourist center and you should visit it.

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Agulhas National Park

Knysna Elephant Trail

Suggested Itinerary

Day 1: Stellenbosch

Resort Bergplaas

Phone 021 887 5331 Fax: 021 887 5331

Mountain Breeze Caravan Park

Tel.: 021 880 0200 Fax: 021 880 0200

Day 2: Paarl

[1945900] 2] Berg River Resort

Tel: 021 863 1650 Fax: 021 863 2583

Orleans Caravan Parks

Tel: 021 862 3520 Fax .: 021 862 3520

Day 3: Clanwilliam

Bulshoekdam Leisure Center

Tel: 027 482 2635 Fax: 027 482 2635

Clanwilliam Dam Resort

Tel: 027 482 8000 Fax : 027 482 1933

Phone: 027 482 2828 Fax: 027 482 2828

Day 4: Worcester

City Holiday Resort

023 343 2909 Fax: 023 343 2911

Day 5: Swelendam

Kambati River Resort

Tel: 028 514 3999 F Ax: 086 627 3528

Day 6: Still Bay

Ellensrust Caravan Park

Tel: 028 754 1034 Fax: 028 754 1140


Tel .: 028 754 1034 Fax: 028 754 1034

Day 7: George

George Tourist Resort

Phone: 044 874 5205 Fax: 044 874 4255

Caravan Park

Tel: 044 889 0034 Fax: 044 889 0034

Herolds Bay City Pedestrian Park

Tel: 044 801 9262 Fax: 044 873 3862

Day 8: Knysna

Buffelskop Caravan Park

Phone: 044 384 1314 Fax: 044 384 1314

Tel: 044 382 2609 Fax: 044 382 2609

Phone: 044 381 0060 Fax: 044 381 0065

Distanc Es km from Cape Town

Beaufort West 463 km

Bredasdorp 207 Km

Hermanus 109 km

Knysna 465 km

Oudtshoorn 422 km 19459003 Roberton 165 km

194 59002] Vredendal 297 km

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