Heavy Vehicle Safety with GPS Tracking Solutions

If you're thinking of dangerous work, what do you think? Defense forces, firefighters and the police are perhaps at the top of the list, but about 80 workers were killed every year while working on or near a heavy-duty motorway (Safe Work Australia Chair)

Speeding and Tired Significant

So the existence of proper fleet management systems is essential to managing vehicle and driver safety.

When heavy vehicles are involved in the accident, its severity is often much more serious because the mass of the vehicle increases the impact.

GPS tracking therefore provides the transport industry with effective solutions for managing drivers and chain of responsibility to ensure road safety. Thus:

1. Safety before switching:

Risk mitigation with early detection, most GPS tracking solutions are suitable for customs declarations and pre-departure checks that drive drivers through customizable security criteria before the change begins

If you experience any problems Warning An alert can be sent immediately to a supervisor via email or SMS and the driver will not be able to start the shift before addressing the problem (19459002). Reduce speeding:

Speed ​​is one of the most important factors in heavy vehicle accidents. Heavy duty trailers are 20 to 40% more distant than cars, even when the roads are wet and slippery (19459003)

The mitigation of the speed of speeding involves only the monitoring and prevention of drivers

GPS Tracking provides automated speed sensing solutions for all speed ranges, operators can be warned:

– When the driver makes speeding;

– where the driver is engaged in speeding; and

With bi-directional communication managers, drivers can provide live feedback on their driving performance so they can adjust real-time and increase road safety

GPS Tracking and Fleet Telematics Provides solutions and reliable tools to detect speeding and identify causes, drivers have the ability to safely guide driving and train drivers to avoid speeding. Treatment of tiredness:

The driver's fatigue is unstoppable. It affects anyone at any time. Regrettably, no matter how experienced the driver, no ability can cope with the biological needs of sleep.

The truck industry denys a natural sleep pattern, with many long-term drives going well to the night and the morning. Therefore, effective treatment of fatigue is key to the safety of heavy drivers.

GPS tracking provides liability systems that take control measures to deal with fatigue, including electronic journals, automated injury warnings, and driving time records.

Overall, GPS tracking and fleet telematics solutions provide seamless and effective communication between drivers and drivers; Current information comes via mobile devices and the vehicle display unit, so drivers have an unprecedented level of knowledge about their operation.

Helping your business grow and expand to maintain a safe work environment, increase efficiency, and most It's important to secure the driver's home safely.

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Why is not My House Selling?

And what can I do to help sell.

I got some calls from customers slowly asking why they did not sell their home. We recently held a seminar, and one part was about how to improve your chances of selling your home. So here's a look at the market and sometimes gives some explanation as well as some tips on how to improve your chances of selling the house.

Market Review.

The market is dead? Of course not!

With the latest activity, the market is very alive and kicking. We sold our property in August and we have had as much as 150 inquiries, most of which are real buyers and most of them buy in the next 3 months. So the market will not die in any way.

The United Kingdom market is very slow and UK customers are thin on the ground, but since they account for only 5% of the actual market, it can not have too much impact on the market. Those who are looking are keen to hunt. They usually look for 150,000. Why is this number – I can only suppose, but I think many British buyers are people who have long since moved to Spain.

However, with the British dive they could not sell their home, so they waited. Then they decided they did not want to wait too long to resubmit their house (I think they saw most mortgages in June this year). This means that between £ 300 and £ 400,000, instead of £ 60 and £ 100,000, would now look like a second home rather than a primary residence.

In the case of the other Northern Europeans, the Dutch and Belgians usually arrive in some northern countries. Those arriving from the Benelux countries are looking for a lifestyle change, and younger families or those who are not ready to retire, looking for a small life. Usually they are looking for large-sized forests, with large yards, but rather close to the beach. Others are looking for bigger discounts than hotels.

The rest of the market is Spanish. The Spaniards are still buying at least 60% of our questions and about 80% of our sales to Spanish people. But they usually look at a home or holiday house on the beach. They do not buy more than 250,000 anything.

So when we look at why people are looking for it is roughly the following:

Cities and Homes From The Beach Within 15 Minutes – 150,000
Beachfront Apartments 1 .-third Row up to 200,000
Villas on the beach 200-400,000
Villas on land, large plots of about 300,000
There is a good market to run real estate should be About 100 000, but most of this type of real estate search is a real You want to make a deal – that is, do some work and double your money.

And this is what we see

Then why did not you sell your property? It is estimated that in this market (La Safor region and Marina Alta) they represent a price that is 30% higher, and it is estimated that the market is always worth buying. As we can see, in most cases I agree, how do you know the real estate price is good? Well, a simple rule of thumb is the following:

If you have a villa / chalet, etc. a piece of land, use the next value for the land.
1. If the plot is a city, land worth 25 and 80 euros per m2 M. It is worth the beach depending on the location of up to 250 / M (this is the best price in the primary areas like the Moraira Sea view) 100-1 30 per meter, so multiply the counter number and the ground value.
2. If there is suelo rustico you will reach 7-10 euros per M per week regardless of the house.
3. To calculate the value of a house, if it is new, then it is worth € 1100 per M, if the old 900, if required, it is 500-750, depending on what needs to be done.
4. If you have a dwelling or town hall, you can multiply the sqm by 1300 if you are new or 1100 if you have old, 500 if you need a lot of reform or somewhere, there is clearly a premium closer to the beach (such as Not people are still wanting to buy and want to buy them next to the beach), so give about 20% to 30% for similar properties to the beach (within 10 km). If the property is an apartment and does not have a lift then take down 20% of the value

This of course does not take into account things like the pools, the location, which reduces by 10-25% House depending on the floor level, if you do not have a lift, etc.), but it gives you a rough and ready guide to your home. If it goes more than 10%, it will struggle to sell on today's market because it is similar to the formula used by banks to calculate mortgage values.

What can we do to make sure your house sells.

You have to work closely with your agent. Most of the agents are working hard to reach sales in today's climate, but sellers miss out on those who say they want to sell, but make so many obstacles that make it difficult. So below is a checklist of what you can do to help sell your house.

Before Your First Visit

1. Clean IT! When the agent is about to shoot – you really want people to see the bedroom in the bedroom, the tools on the living room floor and the dog's basket in the kitchen in the photos – of course not – so clean the house Before the agent comes to take photos and Before each visit. It sounds like common sense, but you were surprised at how many people did not and there is a "take away or leave" attitude. Do not be surprised if the buyer has the same attitude and leaves it.

2. Be available. There is nothing more annoying than to hear, "I can not do it tomorrow," or some other excuse. We look at people from the United Kingdom and usually have a few days here. When your agent invites you to watch – Get the time (or not moan that the house does not sell). If you can not make someone else do it. Better give the agent the key. She works for you to help sell her home – help her. If you put it down for two days, the customer has the opportunity to see 10 or more homes – so yours can not even visit.

3. Take a look at the price. It is unfortunate that customers in Spain generally set prices – and agents do not bother telling them that it's right or wrong. Ask your clerk to make an appropriate assessment. Or better to pay for bank valuation. Then set the price. Keep in mind that the agent's commission must be added to the price – 3-6% normal, though you may be able to negotiate with the agent. But you really think your house is worth what he asks. If it goes 5%, it may be the difference between getting customers and not. Almost all cases where a house does not sell is in the price – they are usually at a very favorable price, but the owner thinks their house is the best – not all of us are taken to the reality check

4. Time for change. Paint the house. If woolen paint inside and outside. This is a small cost that is a big difference. It gives the house a clear feel and paint the bright, non-aggressive colors like the cream or I dare say Magnolia / egg shell. No matter whether you like it or not, it will not take long.

5. Get rid of the mess. Even the large rooms may seem tiny, and there are a lot of clutter. Only the basic things you need for life – the resting place in a garage or renting a storage room. The Clutter is the second largest killer after household sales after cleaning.

6. Consider a transformation – this is very cheap. Some soft furniture, well-located pictures and the right mirror and table, as if for a dinner, for plants placed in strategic locations – it does not cost much, but the effect is incredible.

Before Visits

1. Make sure you have cleansed and left everything.

2. Remove pets If your cat's dogs or other animals get rid of them when people come. A dog can be a pearl, but many of them are frightened of dogs and do not want to be there when dogs are present.

3. Make sure you get rid of the favorite smell before the visitors arrive. If your cats are still not released into the kitchen (or even the house) when a visitor is there – suppose these are the cleanest pets on earth – but the visitor's habit. Also keep in mind many people are suffering from allergic reactions to cats – do not lose sales. Take the dogs with you to walk (do not just loosen them because they are still barking and scaring people.) 4. In summer Before you set it up half an hour Turn on the AC, put the heating in winter. The comfortable temperature is 21 degrees. It gives a mood, and people usually feel comfortable at this temperature.

5. Open all the doors and windows – of course, the cats and the dogs fall outside. Make the place bright and airy – this is a great selling tool – even for Spanish buyers. And make sure all blinds are open – do not sit in a dark house when visitors come.

6. A stunning entrance. The entrance is the first thing people see and the first impression is the most important. Clean the garden, repair it, plant plants before the door, greet. If you live in a flat, make sure the community entrance is clean and orderly, find bikes and strollers from the entrance – a friendly word with your neighbors will suffice.

7. Odor. Get rid of all odors. Do not make flavors such as garlic or fish. It may be off-putting. Once I went to show you the house, and the owner cooked some terrible food – like the old bays and your eyes water – we were so fast. Shame because it was a beautiful house.

8. Be fun. If it looks sad, the buyer senses this and probably does not want to be there. Ideally, leave the house when the visitor comes and let the agent do his job. You may install a customer who owns the owner. This means they can not open the agent.

9. Have a silence. Never try to sell your house. This for the agent. What can be considered as a unique and a point of sale can be one of the worst nightmares. You do not know the client has told the agent beforehand, and the gem of wisdom can be the thing you did not want to hear – so be quiet unless you ask him. Of course you should answer honestly. One of the most annoying things about real estate agents in Spain is that they rarely call it to let you know what's going on. "

If they do not call, call them. Find out what the feedback was. Ask the administrator before the visit to let you know about customer feedback and LISTEN about what they are saying.

If this is something, you can change it without change. But always call the agent afterwards – give them a day. Hopefully, this gives you some ideas to help sell your house.

If you want to sell it desperately and have a

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Where can I find directions while traveling?

Nothing loses this in an intuitive sense that says, "I know exactly where I'm going." Unfortunately, they can not be programmed as robots. We can not just download the direction to our brain to be able to store it forever, so we rely on maps. Over the years, mapping is far more than street maps and travel atlases. Today we use online maps to advise on local businesses, news, weather, traffic, and much more.

Google Maps has become a selection of local food maps. In Menurequest, you can prepare restaurants on the city map, read / write reviews, book and get driving instructions. In Philadelphia, Communitywalk is a fantastic resource for local event organizers who want to find a number of nearby restaurants.

In Toeat there are many dining options in the area. In larger cities such as NY, Paris, Bangkok and Chicago, roast products on Yummybaguette. Or maybe you need to improve Burritophile Burrito. Drinks are well-known for Wineandtimes, which helps you plan the winery tour and Drinktown, which will allow you to get acquainted with local specialties.

Google Maps is not the only "mashup maker" in the block. There are a number of non-Google apps that have many features to serve. For example, if you live in a row, go to Lerdorf because you can evaluate the "Real Earthquake Map". If you're looking for close bloggers, movie presentations, gas prices, or routes, Atlas Freshlogicstudios will show "Atlas" (on MSN's virtual terrestrial platform).

One of the most popular crawler sites in Flickr where amateur photographers can share their photos and create their favorite places, people and things maps. Readers in Gutenkarte, where illuminated lovers can read the entire book (for example, Jules Verne, "About 80 Days around the World") per chapter by chapter, when viewing the map of sites discussed in the book. If you like fiction news, do not miss out on the world and local news at Mappedup or Poly9 Viavirtualearth (where MSNBC news is depicted on a map)

Find destinations on your PC, GPS Device or Even on a mobile phone. The trend is that programmers will find ways to access online maps, no matter where you are. For example, if you find yourself losing yourself where you do not have time to get your return, do not be afraid: Loki can track your location via satellite and send a map to your next cell on your mobile phone. Many phones, from iPhone to Android G1, MapQuest, Google Maps, and Yahoo Maps will make you available when you're on the go.

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Visit the Kingdom of the Panhandle Lakes in Idaho

Put this idea into your list of employees. For a vacation, visit the three well-known lake in Idaho Panhandle. Panhandle Lakes are legendary and great.

Twelve US States have Disaster Relief (19459003) . Idaho Panhandle is the northernmost region of the state, west of west Washington, in the east of Montana and northern Canada in the British Columbia. This slim land is home to more than 20% of Idaho's 1.4 million people.

Go into the Panhandle in any direction and drive along a lake, stream or stream. While the three largest lakes, Lake Pend Oreille (19459003) Pond-er-ray (19459004), Coeur d 'Alene (19459003) Cor-da-lane (19459004) Half of Idaho's surface waters are found at the northern end of the state. Lake Pend Oreille is 65 miles long and 15 miles wide at its widest point. Coeur Alene Lake is 30 miles long and up to 3 miles wide and Priest Lake is 25 miles long. These ponds offer excellent boating, sailing and water sports, and world-class fishing.

The 37 pound camloop trout was taken on the Pend Oreille lake and the winner Dolly Varden trout and trout are often carried out. Chenook salmon has over 40 pounds and a fine coke trout tied to Coeur Alene Lake and Priest Lake is the location of the world record for giant Mackinaw trout and trophy rainbow trout. Boat trips are available on these lakes and offer boat and water-hunting opportunities. There are plenty of campsites on all three lakes and rustic and world-class countryside and harbor.

The center of Pend Oreille Lake is the sandy town of Sandpoint at the northern end of the lake. This approximately 7,000 cities are an emerging art colony with many art galleries, boutique shops and specialties. Sandpoint City Beach and Park is a popular summer attraction for locals and vacationers alike, and the nearby Schweitzer Mountains on the northwestern ski slope in winter. Around the year, you can enjoy a spectacular view of the lake below.

Coeur d 'Alene is the center of Coeur Alene Lake and its activities. The city is the largest in Idaho, less than 40,000. Situated on the north coast of the lake, the Coeur d 'Alene is a great leap for a wide range of water sports and outdoor leisure activities. Silverwood, Northwest's biggest amusement park in the new water park, Boulder Beach, is just a short drive north of the city. The park offers 60 exciting tours, including three large roller coaster.

The Lake Priest is located west of Sandpoint, on US Route 2 on the Panhandle Historic River corridor. This scenic road is one of the sixth Scenic Byways in Panhandle. When he arrives at the Priest River, he closes in the peaceful environment of the Priest Lake. Turn north to State Route 57 and follow the river toward the lake. If you're looking for loneliness and fun, that's it.

In North Idaho, it's not all about the big, clear lakes, or it's connected to it. For example, there are 6 Idaho state parks on the Panhandle. These include:

  • Priest Lake State Park on East Shore Road off State Route 57
  • Farragut State Park, Idaho
  • Heyburn State Park, State Route 5, around US 95, between Plummer and St. Louis. Maries
  • Coeur Alene Parkway State Park, off Interstate 90 Coeur d 'Alene
  • Round Lake State Park on Dufort Road, off US 95 near Sagle, Idaho