Why do we need software development?

To understand the necessity of software development, we need to conclude briefly to look back at the latest history of computing. This history will help us to understand the problems that emerged in the late sixties and early seventies, as well as the solutions developed in software development. Some of these problems were referred to as some of the "software crises", so the symptoms of the problem were named. The situation can also be called the "Complexity Barrier", so we named it the primary cause of the problems. Some of the software refer to a crisis in the past. The crisis is far from being realized, but thanks to the development of a number of new technologies, which are now included in the software development title, we have been producing it and we are progressing.

In the First Days of Computing The primary aspect was hardware building or acquisition. They almost waited to take care of software. Consensus says "hardware" is "hard" for change, while "software" is "soft" or can be easily changed. Most people in the industry carefully planned hardware development, but did not think much of the software. If the software did not work, they thought it would be easy to change it until it worked. Why are the plans in this case?

The cost of software was such a small part of hardware costs that no one considered important to manage development. Nevertheless, it was important for everyone to make efficient and fast running programs because it saved time on expensive hardware. People had time to save the machine time. Effective processing of people is less important.

This approach was satisfactory at the beginning of computing when the software was simple. However, as the calculation matures, the programs became more and more complicated and the projects were getting bigger, as programs have been routinely defined, written, operated and maintained by the same person, programs have been developed by the programmers team to meet other people's expectations.

Individual effort made it possible for the team's efforts. Communication and co-ordination, which once went on in the minds of one person, had to happen overhead of many people and made the whole process more complicated. As a result, communication, management, planning and documentation become critical.

Let's consider this analogy: a carpenter can work alone to build a simple house for himself, without the general notion of a plan. He worked out or changed when the work progressed. That's how the early programs were written. But if your home is more complicated, or if someone else is prepared, the carpenter should carefully plan to build the house. The plans must be reviewed before the construction begins with the future owner. And if the house were to be built by many carpenters, the entire project must certainly be planned before starting work, so that one carpenter would build a part of the house and the other would not build the other side of the house. Scheduling becomes a key factor for cement manufacturers to pour the basement walls before the carpenters start framing. As the house becomes more and more complicated and people's work needs to be coordinated, plans and management plans are needed.

Programs become more complex, early methods for drawing (flowcharts) This is a bigger complexity. So it would have been difficult for a person who needed a program that another person, the programmer, just what they wanted, or the programmers had to tell each other what they were doing. In fact, without a better representation method, it would be difficult for a programmer to track what he was doing.

The startup times for programs and costs exceeded all estimates. It was not uncommon for the systems to go more than twice as costly as they were estimated and to wait for more weeks, months, or years. Customer-directed systems often did not work properly because money or time ran out before the programs originally planned. Or the program was so complex that trying to solve every problem caused more problems than it was recorded. Because customers finally saw what they were getting, they often changed their minds as they wanted. At least one very large military software project that counted hundreds of millions of dollars was abandoned because it could never work properly.

The quality of the programs is also a cause for serious concern. As computers and their programs were used for vital tasks such as monitoring life-support systems, program quality has a new meaning. Having increased our dependency on computers and in many cases we could not spare them, we discovered how important it is to function properly.

Change within a complex program has become very expensive. Often, the program may do something that is slightly different, so it was difficult to get rid of the old program and start it. That was, of course, expensive. In the software development approach some of the evolution was that systems were developed that were first built enough to make simple changes.

However, hardware has become cheaper. The tubes were replaced by transistors, and the transistors were replaced by integrated circuits until the microcomputers weighing less than three thousand dollars were in millions of dollars. As a sign of rapid change, a certain amount of IT costs is reduced by half every two years. With regard to the rearrangement, the time and cost of software development was no longer small compared to the hardware that could have been ignored. As the amount of hardware has collapsed, the software is still being described by people whose wives have risen. In software development, savings from productivity gains by assemblers, compilers, and database management systems were not as fast as saving hardware costs. Indeed, you can not ignore the cost of software today, it's bigger than hardware. Some current developments, such as non-continuous (fourth generation) languages ​​and artificial intelligence (fifth generation), promise to increase software productivity, but we are just beginning to see their potential

. That in the past there were often programs that understood what the program was. After the program was completed, the client began to express his dissatisfaction. And if the customer was dissatisfied, then the producer was unhappy. As time passed, software developers learned that they were stapling with paper and pencil exactly what they were planning to do before launching. Then you can examine the plans with the customer to make sure the customer's expectations are met. It's simpler and less costly to change paper and pencil versions than after building a system. Due to good design, it is less likely that changes will be required after the program is completed. Unfortunately, a few years ago, unfortunately, there was no good representation method to describe the systems that are complex as developed today. The only good look is what the product itself will look like. Developers could not tell customers what they were planning on. And the customers did not see what the software was all they wanted until they were finally built. Then it was too expensive to change it.

Consider the analogy of the building structure again. An architect can draw a floor plan. The client can usually understand whether the architect is planning to give feedback on whether it is appropriate. Floor plans are reasonably easy to understand layman, as most people are familiar with drawings depicting geometrical objects. The architect and customer share the common concept of space and geometry. However, software developers need to represent customers with a logical and information processing system. Because they do not have the language of common concepts, the software developer must teach a new language to the client before he can communicate.

It is also important that this language be easy to learn quickly.

Source by Edeh Chijioke

One of the most important achievement goals of oral interviews is that is distinct from and from other promotional oral interviews

. Compete for the promotion. The panel members are looking for diamonds among a pile of rocks.

A very powerful technique that is often overlooked or misused is illustrative. Understanding the memorized definition of leadership; Describes pre-written scenarios; Or the discussions about supervisory style are fine, however, such average descriptions can be considered pale when exemplified by real examples or verbal images so that the panel can see what you see or feel what you feel.

As an example, most candidates can write integrity using cliches; "Integrity does the right thing when nobody else is listening". This is a nice statement, but does it really determine integrity? Others have other moral characteristics, such as honesty, high morals or vigorous values; All of which help integrity, but not all together.

With the help of speech, integrity can be defined as an armed security that can never be harmed or compromised; It is a nuclear submarine with no breakage depth and no cracks will damage the hull, the mother will not drop under pressure and water will not endanger the underworld; This is a line of policemen standing on their shoulders with their shoulders coupled with holding back a riotous mob who nobody gets through the integrity of the line. Such illustrations are followed by a concise definition; Integrity is a compromise-free completeness and completeness that should not be violated. Now, instead of panel members, they only listen to sincerity, correct things, principles, and values, and show solid firearms; They see a submarine that is deep in the ocean's surface against great pressure; They remember when they had once been to the shoulders of other officers because of the civil disturbances or the big quarrel that had violated. Members of the panel not only hear what they say, they also see it, and it is a powerful communication and this technique can be used for any subject.

Equally Effective for Speaking Speech – Using Metaphors and Analogies – Using Examples of Real Life. For example, a candidate may answer a motivational question not only by defining it, but also by describing how he used more techniques in the past to motivate others successfully. It represents a candidate who is there and has come and has a tangible experience. Finally, the candidate has this experience valuable and necessary for the position he or she competes with.

The contemplative, correctly used, can be very powerful and allows the candidate's words and descriptions to come to life, enabling the panel to hear and hear the answer. Compare interview responses that provide only one definition that contains descriptive representations and then follows a concise definition and then relies on a real example and the choice is clear. Test well!

Source by Andrew J Borrello

6 Steps of Wine Making

For several years wine making has been practiced through the process called vinification, this is a very simple method compared to the other methods of making alcoholic beverages. The process of wine making involves six basic steps:

1. viticulture

2nd Harvesting

3rd Crushing

4th Fermentation

5th Clarifying the solution

6th Bottling

Viticulture: As a known fact, the flavor of the wine is dependent on the type of grapes that are used. The variety of grapes depends on the place where they are grown, the drainage system around the winery, the quality of the soil, the moisture content of the region and even the exposure levels to the sun. Other than these factors, one of the most important which is an important determinant in making wine is the techniques used to make the wine. In fact the different wineries formulate a customized wine making process according to the needs of their winery, so that they can bring out the best flavors of their grapes

Harvesting: The next step in the winemaking process is the harvesting Of the finely cultivated grapes. When the grapes are ripped and harvested it is very important that the timing of ripping the grapes is apt and the exact timing can be ascertained through experience. The timing of the ripping of grapes should be such that the grapes have the apt combination of sugar, acid and moisture. The harvesting of the grapes can be done manually or mechanically, but most of the grape wineries rip it manually.

Crushing: The next step after the grapes have been harvested is to crush and press so as to have their Inherent flavors in the form of liquid. As the fruits are crushed, the grapes withdraw their moisture content and the sugars. Many wineries make use of specialized machines for the process of crushing and pressing the grapes. The resultant liquid which is formed after crushing and pressing the wines is referred to as must, at this stage the wine will either turn red or white color depending on the preference of the winemaker. The wines become red when they are simply left after they are crushed because in this stage juices from the skin and the flavors are ripped off, so when you leave the must for a certain period of time, the wine becomes red wine, and in case

Fermentation: After the grapes are being crushed and pressed, the fermentation takes place since the grapes have a good amount of sugar and moisture they have Easily fermented with the reaction of wild yeast. Fermentation takes almost 10 to 30 days, but this depends on the quality of the grapes and the climate.

Clarifying the solution: The next step in wine making is clarifying the solution. It is also referred to as stabilization.

Bottling: The final stage is to transfer the clarified solution in the wooden barrels or bottles.

Source by Shiji Shijina

Package Travel Advantages

Vacation planning is a difficult task. Much of everything, like money, flights, hotels and the route, must be kept in mind to be a good and enjoyable trip. Seating the package offers is best for those who want a memorable holiday with little stress. These tours include various services combined with a trip. These packages can be reserved for a long and short period of time. Once you find the right quote from a renowned tour operator, you can be assured that the journey will be organized from the start to the end.

Packages offer a number of benefits to the customer As a tour operator. Some Advantages for Customers:

Pocket Friendly – The biggest advantage of a package offer is to save money. These deals are offered to consumers at a lower and more competitive price than individual bookings. These packages are usually provided with meals, transport, attractions and other facilities that reduce the many uncertainties associated with travel costs. For example, if you have pre-booked and paid nurseries, you do not have to worry about any extra costs.

Saves time – Booking of package tours not only saves money but also saves time. You do not have to sit for hours to find flights and hotels and personally invite them to inquire and book. The tour operator or travel agent deals with everything and your budget.

Everyday Peace – If you are traveling for a package, you will have peace. There is no headache on the places to visit, moving the taxi and thinking about where to eat. You just have to pay the money and everything will be arranged by the tour operator. There is also a lack of responsibility on your part. For example, if a flight is delayed or missing a connecting flight, responsibility transfers the flight to the tour operator. In case there is something wrong with the reservations, you can sit and relax while things are not fixed.

Quality Services travel. Travel agents and tour operators spend a lot of time on evaluating all aspects of the package to provide high quality services to their customers. They choose the best hotels and discover the most visited areas of a particular place.

Package travel provides security for users. Plan Your Full Freedom To Enjoy With Free Mind

Source by Richa Khandel

The Benefits and Disadvantages of Television

Many people like watching TV, especially during their free time, and if they have nothing to do with it. We like to watch TV while dining our favorite food or hanging out in the place of our friend. Whichever way we entertain when watching TV. We can watch many different programs on TV, depending on mood and personality. Some love looks at comedy and talk shows, while others, especially kids and young people, love to love cartoon cartoons on the Cartoon Network or the Disney channel.

But then watching TV has the advantage and the disadvantage. Experts say that too much television monitoring, especially among children, is not good for health and the mind. Television may be entertaining and informative, sometimes harmful and harmful.

Below is a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of TV:


1. Fun and Laughter

we entertain the programs we like to watch. We laugh at things that are funny and comical people on the TV show. We like dancing or singing on TV celebrities, and some of us copy their dance movement and singing style.

2. Information and guidance

We learn a lot of information about places and people that you do not usually learn in magazines, books, and newspapers. There are tour operators who present beautiful places around the world and inform us of the cultures of different countries, which can be of great help especially if you want to travel. We will also learn how to cook new recipes by watching cookies and learn other things through programs that show concrete work, practice, or other interesting things step-by-step.

3. Improves memory and simple learning

Generally, we take into account the schedule of your favorite programs, especially if it appears only once or twice a week. We tend to store things recently in our favorite program and recall it before the next episode appears on TV. This will help the memory that we can use in our daily lives. It's easier for kids to learn math, science, alphabet, and other topics if someone can show them how to do it like counting, identifying objects, and more. Educational TV shows are available for children to watch and learn.

4.) Conclusion of family and friends

Watching TV is a great way to connect family and friends, especially on weekends. You can laugh and discuss the things you see on TV. This can be really fun.

5.) Awareness and attention

Weather reports and current news about different parts of the world become aware of what is happening outside your country. It may also be a warning if there is an incoming typhoon in the neighborhood and this will help prepare you.


1.) Reduction of creativity and imagination.

Television programs, including advertisements, tend to share with us creative creations and deliver us ideas and opinions that are not beneficial and can lead to a decrease in creativity and imagination because we can not think of ourselves as creative things are easily accessible and shared with us.

2.) Health Problems

Usually you can enjoy your favorite food or food while watching TV. This is not good for our health because we eat a lot while sitting on TV. This can lead to obesity as we do not move a lot when watching TV. This can lead to other serious illnesses that you eat a lot and move less.

3.) Makes people lazy

Most of us will be captured when we watch our favorite TV channels. Sometimes we forget to do our work or other important things because we have been involved in the show. Some people have forgotten to do housework because they would rather watch TV than work.

4. Some programs do not teach good values.

There are TV shows that do not teach good values, especially for children. Rather than teaching them good deeds, they also imitate, replenish or deceive the important things around us, which is not good for children to look at. To sum up, watch TV watching and watch TV shows so that you and your children are listening. Choose programs that you can personally learn and grow. You also need to limit how much children spend on TV. The maximum number of hours for toddlers should be 3 hours, while teenagers should be provided with good lectures only when they are preparing for homework and projects.

Source by Jimmy Hermann

Lifeguards for Modern Travelers

Travel is often a nightmare. As a modern day traveler, you need to know how to travel on a peaceful journey to get a pleasant vacation. This means you need to know how to package the package without disturbing it so mobility is available. Gadgets will help us a lot, and some of us need to be transmitted, but what happens if the Internet connection is limited or does not exist? So here are some highlights for you that will help you travel easily by land, sea or air.

Roll Dresses

Take your clothes and roll in long tubes. Not only does this prevent wrinkles, but you will find that you can put a lot more into your suitcase as the worn clothes occupy less space.

Pro Tip: Socks can be thrown into balls, extra space-saving.


Make digital backups of all the important documents you will need to travel including passports, booking confirmation, Stb. This will cover you in loss or theft .


Pack a multi-voltage adapter instead of all the devices instead of several different chargers. If you are traveling abroad, pack an extension cable to feed more things at a time using a plug-in plug for a foreign country.

Pro Tip: Most modern TVs have USB back, ideal if you forget the charger Plug

Check WI-FI

Spend some time before you start looking for Wi-Fi hotspots and free WI-FI areas. This way, you can access the internet at any time if your hotel or guest house does not have Wi-Fi or charge a fee.


Turn off the Foursquare feature to find wireless passwords for different Wi-Fi locations. People keep listing passwords for such travel places so they can make life easier when they arrive.


If you book online, Hotel or something else, please clear your browser cache or use anonymous browser window. Booking pages often increase their prices if they know they've been there before.

Credit Card

If traveling internationally, Far away from home, call your credit card company and inform them. So you will not think that the card has been stolen and will not delete you.

Followed by these tips, you can easily make your travel problems and enjoy your vacation peacefully.

Source by Hammad H Sheikh

Nuvi 2595LMT Garmin – Who would take the 2595LMT GPS? In

researching the latest Garmin GPS devices on the Internet, I discovered the nüvi 2595LMT GPS Garmin. All GPS devices available on the internet, some people may be overwhelmed and confused all the information that comes up, just a simple Internet search. This article will reveal why technology enthusiasts, business travelers, or those who have a large 5 "display you want to buy Garmin nüvi 2595LMT.

New technology Fans

those who have the Garmin nüvi 2595LMT portable GPS reviews will more than likely the technology enthusiasts who are looking for a reliable portable GPS system. My search for information about Garmin nüvi 2595lmt turned out rather easy to use, making it ideal for individuals who travel frequently or need directions to help or to avoid traffic jams and the traffic update function.

bluetooth function excite technology enthusiasts, simply pair your mobile phone with the 2595LMT and now will be able to initiate and receive calls instead of fumbling with a cell phone GPS speaker.

And the Voice Control function is another exciting've reduced you will not be clicking through screen after screen of the GPS. The nüvi 2595LMT Garmin, easy to talk to, and that the GPS answers and change the route or direction on the screen.

families and business travelers,

The Garmin nüvi 2595LMT is a great unit for a family who is planning to get a GPS if new transit town, and just finding the fastest route to get through the city. Others who have a portable GPS as a guide when vacationing in a new city.

Imagine having your own personal tour guide to show you the holiday, more than 8 million point of interest, the Garmin nüvi 2595LMT you through the steps that will allow you to visit several places during the hassle of such a clumsy travel maps.

The whole city will be in the palm of your hand, if the family wants to enjoy a meal or go to the park, simply follow the step-by-step offered by 2595LMT direction.

Those who are 5 "display

Those who have an easy to see will find a display that the Garmin Nuvi 2595LMT has a large 5" in a large easy viewing of touch display is easily visible when mounted on the dashboard and the windshield.

The large 5 "color touch screen display with a resolution of 480 x 272 size, and you will be able to see even in bright sunlight, unlike some GPS devices.You also increase the magnification on the screen if the default is too small, so the Garmin nüvi 2595LMT is the perfect GPS for those with a large display.

those who want a portable GPS

another bonus we found, and this 2595LMT review is able to use it as a portable hiking GPS system, simply carry 2595LMT sightseeing !

2595LMT GPS to automatically sense when you walk in and get a screen prompt that asks if you want to go the way of pedestrians. the whole city is the palm of your hand, what could be easier than that.

and getting back in the car could not be easier, we remember the Park position, and when you are ready to return to the car, simply press the 'GO' button on the Garmin nüvi 2595LMT back parking spot.

The conclusion

If you are looking for a new GPS device, I realized the confusion that most, because excess amounts of intensive information, most people, when looking for detail info for a specific device. In this article, we discovered why technology fans, for those who have a large display, or people looking for a portable GPS nüvi 2595LMT find a Garmin GPS would be perfect so that they could buy today.

Source by Evan McCloud

characteristics that a good volunteer

Volunteering is hard work and takes a certain level of patience and flexibility. Anyone can volunteer, but not everyone will be great for it. There are various features that add up to a great volunteer.

1 definition

In order to be successful in your endeavors as a volunteer, you have to make the decision to do things. It does not matter if there will be voluntary at home or abroad, bumps in the road. If you have the determination to achieve your goals and work of the project the best of your skills, you will be referred to the challenges along the way. Lack of purpose makes it seem any challenge is insurmountable.

Engagement hand-in-hand determination

2 commitment

. You need to be committed to the project, the reason and the reason is that more and more volunteers. Things do not always go the way you planned, and there will be times when you want to give up. This is normal. But if there is no commitment to the task, you can give in to defeat. The commitment to help the project stay focused and personal goals, which is important.

3 creativity

To make a voluntary, is that a fantasy. The problems and challenges will be met on a daily basis before they've never faced. It will be a creative problem-solving, communication and teaching methods. If the foreign volunteers, you may have to explain things several times, in several different ways to communicate the idea. To cliché- to think outside the box. The creative you get, the more it will be easier to get around obstacles.

4. Passion

Simply put, you have to love what you do. The passion will help you stay committed to help you get through the rough spots of volunteer service. That's why choosing projects that are genuinely interested to learn more about this area is very important. Do not select projects on the basis of popularity or because their friends did. You need to really care about what he's doing.

5. Resiliency

Not the challenges you face, but how it will bounce back and have a break. If you easily give up the face of adversity, volunteering, especially abroad, it is not for you. As a former Peace Corps volunteer, I am not ashamed to tell the errors in the minority by far my success. However, it was my ability to learn from my mistakes and do not let my mistakes get the better of me, that will lead to success.

6. Organization

You need to be able to organize facts, documents and information not only for the project, but also for your personal use. Remember that the community and staff watching and learning from you. As organized useful ability to create, and if the community sees how well documented meetings, project data, etc, You can learn to do the same. You will want to document all activities and results, so you can look back later and add important skills and experiences in your resume.

7. openness

You will be surrounded by people who have different ideas and beliefs as you. You have to be open enough to accept the differences, even if you disagree with them. You must find a way to not only work with all types of people, but also to learn from them.

Source by Nitin Razz Sharma

Success and human relations

One of the most successful thing that affects every aspect of your life. Your level of success is determined by the way they speak, the house edge, the places you go, as the dress, the things to eat, etc. The relationship also affects others or to determine your level of success. Birds of a feather flock together. People are supposed to identify with the same level of success friendly relationship with them. This is why the friendship is always among the top people at the same level.

I may not be from either a strong or a cordial friendship inequality, no matter the standard with which to judge the inequality. interactions between blood relations is still adversely affected by differences in the results of the levels. Besides, the young men and women at the individual level potential is an important success factor in choosing a spouse. The successful person that other factors, of course, people are yearning for a successful (or at least potentially successful) person as a spouse. This is why the educated people tend to get married guy educated people.

The claim that can not be contested by some participants of the seminars was neither strong nor cordial friendship unequal questioned. It also criticized in some informal discussions. However, they still cling to the view, because some observations and practical experience. For example, no matter the level of relationship between the multimillionaire and the poor man, the former does not indicate the amount to be in business in the past for several reasons, as he is at risk of contact.

in the example, as this provokes jealous poor man. Besides, such information induce poor people to irrational financial needs well-off friend or relative. The relationship may break down if the request is not granted for any reason. This is one reason why rich people keep information away from poor people to financial success, regardless of how close they are to them. I truly believe that this observation demonstrates the truth that can not be intimacy between inequality.

In addition, communication between people is generally more efficient at the same level of life and success as a similar experience (highly unlikely that). For example, talk of marriage between a man and a bachelor family life, a married woman and a spinster, or a married man, and will be divorced from different angles. This also applies to the discussion of the rich and the poor, the landlord and the tenant, a man and a woman, one adult and one child, the employer and the employee, the employee and retirees, etc.

is the place success is not difficult to understand human relationships, because people's lives are under irresistible effect relationships; such as the popular phrase, "Tell me your friend and I will tell you what type of person you are." Related to above is the tendency of people to help grow more in life if you are willing to do so. Similarly, people linked beneath the tendency to pull off if you are not careful. This is what keeps relationships in mind. During

The effect of the life of the relationships you keep. The relationships between the factors that determine whether you succeed or fail in life. This is why there is usually a correlation between people's level of success and people. In fact, the associates to determine what is, and we accompany you. We can not expect to focus in life when your closest friends are people who have no focus. Your selection determines the effects of friendship, or you, your fate in life.

Source by Eugene C. Onyibo

to be the best travel tips and hacks to know

Want to travel on a budget, or just want to grab a good deal? Try these tips to save big travel for your next vacation.

Where can you get

Instead of hitting up all the major attractions at your destination, check out these local resources for educational, exciting and relaxing time in a smaller space.

  • Local park districts – to get into the local scene in the vacation destination of events, such as local concerts, ice skating rink and zoos.
  • Cultural Events – San Francisco Chinese New Year Parade in Pow Wows New Mexico, cultural events is a simple way to keep your traditions, you've never experienced, wherever you go.
  • Minor historical sites – See history reveals itself in small plantations, historic monuments and battlefields. They offer a similar experience at a fraction of the cost of larger areas.
  • Museum – There are museums all over the world interested in, so be sure to look for them the next weekend for free or a small donation.
  • National Wildlife Refuges – beautiful views and world-class entertainment at a fraction less than the national parks and monuments.

How to Catch Good Hotel Deals

travel during the off-season so you get a good deal, it will fall easily into the budget. You can also join various rewards programs they offer great hotel deals. Keep following the hotel's various social media platforms to follow their bids.

Transport in

  • Save The Date – Please note that when booking a flight less popular times or days of the week usually save you money. Avoid traveling on Fridays and Sundays, as they are the most expensive days.
  • Flying? Pack Light – the majority of airlines expect to check in baggage. A lot of fees does not seem like a big deal, but it can build up and eat on a tight budget. The fewer bags package, the less it will cost.
  • To the public – Public transport is cheap, efficient way to travel. Shopping can save you a week or 24-hour pass a lot of money if you stay for a few days or more.
  • By bus – Bus companies offer steep discounts getting from town to town, some even as low as a few dollars. Go to the website 30 days prior to departure at the best price.
  • Renting a car? – The price after the rental car reservation and booking a non-airport location of the backup. Many car rental companies offer pick-up service from the airport.

Source by Hammad H Sheikh