What is Google Dance?

From time to time, Google does not look like a search engine – a lifeless tool for processing users. questions, but rather a Terpsichore, what movements make people breathe and fear. In fact, since 2000, Google has been fascinating / unimaginable / unpleasant (unparalleled) dance, but every time something similar and unpredictable has been made with both the update and the results.

Such interesting issues as the technical background, Matt Cutts & explanations, notorious updates, such as Jagger and PageRank jump, have been studied on the Internet, so ignore the mere words and concentrate on another topic: Everyone knows that dance is Google's nature, but someone has ever wondered is the dance exactly what you are doing?

Through related forums, I reviewed people's views by the style of dance style.

So this time Mr. G., the honorable artist of the World Wide Web scene, can dance

* seductive tango. Many webmasters were surprised by the results of the January update, since after PageRank, after Google Dance, they received a noble, deep green color and their rank was more tempting:

"One of my blogs was PR2 in 3 years now, I feel like ta-da-dam … – a well-organized minuet. Quite weird, but despite all Google delays (eg October 2007 and October 2005, when PageRank was not updated for six months), some website owners still believe Google's regular feature: 19459002

"Google updates regularly – up and down." From the sources I found out, the following changes were made on April 14, 2008. "Oops … you seem to be wrong? ..

* chaotic rave. Meanwhile, many users do not make any orders in Google's on-site order as they behave strangely and intend to mess in the minds of webmasters:

"Hey folks, something really weird with Google Yesterday the PR was from 0 to 2 – I expected it for my relationship – but I checked it a few hours later and I saw the PR0 again … Anyone know what the hell is going on? & # 39, 19459002, 19459004, 19459007, 19459005, 19459005, 19459007, 19459007, 19459007, 19459007, 19459007, "mezzo allegro" a current update is coming soon, but you never know what to expect from Google. "

* Nonsense chicken dancing, while some webmasters are crazy about PR color, others reject the importance of managing a philosophical update: [1 9459003]

"It's really people, PageRank does not matter in SEO, so do not worry. Just focus on SEO. "

* other versions Do you know other dances on which Google is good?

Source by Tina Young

Balatoni Things – Cruises

Discover the breathtaking waters of Bali and the surrounding islands with fantastic day and night cruises. Start the day earlier on the dolphin sailing boat along the shore of Bali or start off on a day on Lembongan or Nusa Penida Island. Or why not enjoy a relaxing evening cruise to admire Bali's beautiful sunset and celebrate a delicious buffet dinner. Bali's cruise ship system will provide the day of entertainment and discovery you will never forget.

The Three Islands – Below is a brief background of the 3 islands on the east coast of Bali. Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Penida offers day trips and private boat excursions to visit Nusa Ceningan. Scuba diving is very popular on the three islands, as the water is crystal clear, coral contains vividly colorful and abundant amounts of tropical fish. Accommodation is available on all three islands and it is highly recommended to spend one or two days on the breathtaking islands.

The nearest islands are Balihoz and the most popular tourists, Nusa Lembongan (Lembongan Island) x 3km With population of 5,000. Pure crystal clear waters offer great coral and plenty of fish for snorkelling and scuba diving.

The three small islands of Nusa Ceningan, between Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida, offer an opportunity to experience untouched nature. With 1,500 inhabitants, this island has not yet been built to accommodate large numbers of tourists. Clean water offers perfect surfing and scuba diving, while the quiet beaches offer their own paradise of peace.

The largest of Nusa Penida's 3 largest islands and Bali's most remote area is over 200 km2, with some 45,000 inhabitants. Although large Nusa Penida was not built as a tourist because of the lack of resources. The beach offers many hidden diving and scuba diving areas, and visiting the village provides insights into the lives of local residents.

If a full day is not what you are looking for, shorter sailing boats are also available. Early morning dolphin cruises will surely delight you, or watch the sunset and enjoy a buffet dinner on a line if evening cruises. For those who like things in their own way private charter charter is also available at very affordable prices.

Source by Trixie Thomas

New Zealand Horse Racing West Coast Circuit

The West Coast Summer Racecourse begins at Boxing Day at the start of Westport's two-day Harness meeting and ends in galloping meetings in mid-January. Some people are more interested in hemorrhoids than in claws and vice versa. When selecting winners in both codes, it is important to keep a cool head and not let emotions enter your calculations, and most importantly, do not get greed. I mean, I'm not attracted to multiple bets like Triffs, First Fours, Quaddies, and so on.

The Westport Cup is the main event of the race on the first day of the race, starting on the Boxing Day. This is usually won by a very good horse, but it is not always like a strange year with a surprising result. It is worth following the form of competition. So I mean that the first three homes in the Westport Cup are usually placed on the day of Westport and Reefton Cup on December 30th. Harness racing offers a lot of fun and profit if you can find some winners. Keep in mind that the most beloved competitors will win the most races.

The full phase of the circuit begins on January 7 at the Greymouth Jockey Club's Omoto meeting. The Greymouth Cup is a daily game. Kevin Myers Stable has a good result at Omoto.

The next is the Hokitika meeting of the Westland Racing Club on January 10, where the day is Miss Scenicland Stakes, a weight-loss race for fillies and mares

Iconic Kumara Racing Club January 13 . This meeting attracted a great gathering from the southern islands and some of the northern islands. For many, this is the only competition that will be held annually. The Kumara Gold Nuggets Handicap is a daily game. In recent years, very good horses have won, including Titch, who later won the Auckland Cup.

The last meeting at the Reefton Jockey Club on January 16th at the Main Event at the Reefton Cup. The Reefton meeting is usually the first in the galopp area, but the dates have changed to 2018.

It is important to note that the dates shown here are for 2018 and vary annually.

Source by Robert Alan Stewart

Daytona 500 racing party party

Tournament fans can enjoy Daytona 500 as a race at the sports bar, paying enough attention to party design. The sporting party has two main elements: food and high-screen television. The small TV should be done in a pinch if traffic flow is taken into consideration in the viewing room.

If this is necessary, try to make the food separate from the TV. This encourages non-competition conversations with serious sports fans. This allows less power for those who concentrate on the smaller screen. TV
Trays welcome the viewing area that allows fans to catch snacks and quickly return to their competition without the disc and drink otherwise making the disagreeable balancing act.

Coverage of Daytona 500 Storage Class 2007 will be new. The race starts at 4:00. and last after dark. He is prepared to spend hours on his guests as they are willing to stay after the end of the race. Pre-race coverage is starting early, so do not plan any other activity on the day of the competition!

It is likely that both late lunch and supper will be awaiting Daytona 500 parties. Cold cut bowls, potato chips and thematic paper-based products are the best way to feed this crowd during a long race. Another idea would be to use slow cookers for fried beans or cocktail hunters. Buffet-style service is mandatory and cold beverages on the ice are required to refresh their own drinks. When all the preparations have been made, the only thing to be listened to is the statement: "Gentlemen, start your engines!"

Source by Gail Leino

Kihei – Wailea Coast for a fun family vacation!

If you are looking for fantastic Hawaii hotels, look no further! Kihei and Wailea Coast are the perfect place on the west coast of Maui to find Hawaiian resorts that perfectly match your needs and budgets. Kihei offers a lot of visitors to all ages, the golden sunset of the warm, inviting waters of the Pacific to be fun activities for the whole family. Here is the Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary in Hawaii, which organizes informative lectures twice a week and has several interesting exhibitions. The Bálnavigeti Center has activities for children and free admission. The adventurous explorers can take a helicopter tour to look at the island from the birds' point of view.

Hawaii Space Center is located in Kihei and has a visitor center per day. Or you can walk in a self-managed nature on the Kealia Pond National Wildlife Preserve. There is a promenade that begins on North Kihei Road and ends on Ma & # 39; alaea harbor, and there are signs along the way that describe wildlife and plants.
For more physical activities, there is always snorkeling, rafting, hiking and sailing. Whaling hikes are a great activity for families as well as Atlantis submarines where passengers are picked up in a submarine to see the sea life. The tours are not too long for the kids, and most divers in the rides make the show-and-tell show on the submarine windows. Most resorts and hotels offer sponsored activities for children such as hunting, sand-race or movie nightmares.

If you are looking for Kihei suites that are perfectly suited to your needs, trust us – Hawaiian holidaymakers. Here are thousands of recommendations from one of the happy customers: "The apartment was conveniently located to the beach, shops, restaurants, tennis courts, etc. Kihei was an excellent starting point for discovering Maui and the apartments were nice to have a rest after a day exploring.Condo was furnished The Grand Wailea Resort Hotel & Spa offers many Hawaiian activities on the west coast of Maui. Spend a day at the pool at Spa Grande or plan a game of golf, tennis, snorkeling or visit The Wailea Golf Resort is one of the best golf courses in the world, including Golf Magazine and Golf Digest, the best golf courses, the quality of the courses, accommodation, amenities and the legendary spirit of the Waikiki Beach, Wailea Suite. for your travel needs.

Source by Alice Lane

Do not visit Galicia without visiting Corunna

It was once said that they visited Galicia and visited Santiago de Compostela who did not even think they would leave without Corunna.

The crown, when it does not rain, seems to be one of the super cities in life where everyone seems to enjoy being outdoors and enjoying the excellent surroundings to find themselves.

Corunna is one of those cities that have been blessed with a small amount of everything. There is a really nice harbor, good seaside seafood, good nightlife, some wonderful architecture, great places to get away from it and if you like sports a football team that in the past 10-12 years that brutally dull came out of nowhere, that Europe is a storm. The latter fact gave Corona citizens and neighborhoods and increased the shot in the arm and gave great confidence to every turn. .

The activity of Deportivo La Coruna seems to shake La Liga's established hierarchy and have actually received the Real Madrid and Barcelona twin caps in the last 10-12 years.

However, Corunna is far more than just a nice nightlife, good food and a half-decent football team. It is one of Spain's most desirable cities, but it can also be a working port and trading center for the other regions of Galicia.

Corunna is one of Spain's most important strategic places or it must be one of the most romantic episodes of the Peninsula war between 1880 and 1812 when Napoleon forces forced a much smaller British force than Sir John Moore to retreat along the northern shore , and finally to stand in Corunna.

During a fatal battle in Corunna on January 16, 1809, the British commander, Sir John Moore, was threatened with wounds and died of recent acts by the British Army before he fled to England via the sea (despite the fact that fact that the Battle of Corunna was in fact defeated by the British) was to actually bury their fallen commander on the Corunna mansions.

Sir John Moore's grave lies in the center of Jardines San Carlos, in a very romantic and beautiful garden, Corunna's Old Fort.

Corunna sees many appeals and loads. You should not miss it.

Source by Stephen Morgan

Portable Training Units Detected – 3 Dangers to Look For

Due to the high cost of gym memberships and home gymnasiums, more and more people are turning to a portable gym.

is the average of many advanced bodybuilding benefits. Of course, the more obvious is the fact that it is portable. For me, this kind of exercise equipment saved tons of money when I was traveling.

I find that most hotels do not have a really good gym or training area. Mostly in the past; I have to go to the local gym and pay $ 10- $ 15 for the training.

Another nice feature of portable exercise equipment is to bring it to your office. On days when you simply can not take advantage of home workouts, it takes 15-20 minutes to get a quick workout in your office.

Most portable exercise equipment can be easily stored or stored folded. Usually, there is little need for assembly and can be very cheap.

You can get the quality piece of portable training equipment very cheaply. Ranging from $ 20 to $ 500. Of course most people's budgets. Compared to an annual health club membership, which usually costs between $ 800 and $ 1,500, depending on where you live.

Here are three things to look for when you are ready to buy portable exercise equipment:

1. Ability to perform great exercises – Many exercise trainees offer a limited range of exercises. Some of them only target the legs that target the abdominal area. Better are able to provide full training and offer at least 50 or more different exercises. Why is this important? Variety is the spice of life – if you have only a few exercises you can do, you will quickly get bored and quit your fitness program

. Guarantee – as most of these machines are very cheap, most of them offer a very limited guarantee. Try the longest warranty possible.

3. Training Support – Most portable exercise machines are designed to target only one or two muscle groups. Make sure one of your goals is to reduce body fat to include sample menus and nutrition information on the best eating options to achieve your fitness goals. You also want to make sure that the training program they provide uses the latest practical physiology. Make sure you have training concepts such as muscular dysfunction, circuit training, and isometrics, such as training protocols.

Choosing portable exercise equipment is not too difficult. Make sure the workout you want to buy will grow when it becomes stronger and narrower.

Source by Frank Sherrill

Did your bumper really knock out the blows?

The Highway Safety Insurance Institute (IIHS) is one of the most reliable sources of information on car and driving safety. This group says that after some tests they were able to find out how the car's bumper works (or does not work) to keep the vehicle safe between fender bands.

The group tested mid-sized vehicles and worked with 17 units. Only three units of this number were good. These three vehicles are Mitsubishi Galan, Mazda6 and Toyota Camry. They were able to cause $ 1,500 damage or even less when all the collapse tests in the IIHS were completed. Vehicles tested by the IIHS were equipped with bumpers that did not work well enough. After the tests, it is estimated that the other vehicles have returned the damage, which is about $ 4,500 and $ 9,000.

Adrian Lund of the President "The tests show how bumpers protect cars from damage caused by everyday injuries and parts that are expensive to repair , but this goal was only performed during the two 68 tests performed.

After a deeper understanding of the situation, this is true when insurance companies say they could send over $ 6 billion a year to the front crash and back When a bumper does not work well, the back and front collisions can seriously damage Chevy's body parts, even if it gets even worse.