Things to See and Do for Cheap Holiday In Italy

If you're looking for fun, low-cost holidays that offer a wide selection of you to see and do it, you may find some better places to visit than Italy .

Whether you are looking for an exciting culture, fantastic food or adrenaline pumping activity, you will find the country – and many more – abundant.

And this may be especially true if you visit Rome, the capital of the nation.

The founder of the Roman Empire is a wealth of fascinating ancient sights, and not least the Colosseum, built 2000 years ago.

Meanwhile, the Roman Forum, the Pantheon, the Piazza del Campidoglio and the catacombs of the city must also be seen.

But if you want to see a little modern, why not visit the National Gallery of Modern Art?

Visit to Rome also gives you the opportunity to go to the Vatican. While the Vatican is in the heart of Rome, it is actually a separate country. The Pope's home offers many interesting sights including St. Peter's Basilica – the largest church in the world.

Starting Sardinian holidays is a great way to see Italy. The westernmost part of the continent is the second largest in the Mediterranean, and is a fantastic place for sports such as sailing and kitesurfing.

Visit many ancient archeological sites, including the ruins of Nora.

And make sure the island's capital – Cagliari – leads to a fantastic meal. Many of the meals served in restaurants and cafes include seafood, so you may be able to eat fish from the sea early that day.

Venice's world-famous canal network can create a perfect environment for a romantic break. Why not rent your car, so the city's breathtaking architecture from the water?

After the trip ended in St. Mark's Square – or Piazza San Marco, as the locals know. Here you can see sights, including the fanciful 15th century tower on the top of Procuratie Vecchie.

The Franciscan church, dei Frari basilica, is just one of the many attractions to visit in Venice, while movie lovers may be interested in being the world's longest running film festival.

When you think about where to go for a cheap holiday in Italy, it's worth traveling to Milan. In the north of the country, the city is the largest Gothic cathedral in the world.

Milan annually draws drawings and models twice a year every year from around the world. travel with style queens. However, if you prefer football in fashion, you can visit the San Siro – where both AC and Internazionale play – can be the street.

Other attractions include the Aquarium in Milan, home to more than 100 marine creatures, and the Leonardo da Vinci National Science and Technology Museum, where you can learn more about the famous Italian artist and scientist.

If you want to return to nature, you can find Lake Como for you. Here you can relax by the water before you are looking for more historic homes.

With lots of sights you can be sure of looking for an Italian holiday that has aroused you.

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Activities at Disneyland For Kids

For many kids just going to Disneyland is like a dream come true, especially after watching all those TV commercials and hearing friends who have been there talk about it. Once you enter the magical world of Disneyland you will not know where to start because there are just so many fun things to do.

Fantasyland is a great place to visit with kids, especially for little girls because everything is a great place to visit. Princess can be found inside Fantasyland. Whether you are looking for Cinderella princess costumes or Belle dress up costumes, you can find what you are looking for inside Fantasyland. One of the best stores to go inside of Fantasyland is the Once Upon a Disney Princess Shoppe because they offer everything princess. Inside the store, you can even find the hard to find Sleeping Beauty princess dress. Not only can you find the Sleeping Beauty princess dress inside the shop, but you can also find all the accessories that go with the Sleeping Beauty Princess Dress.

Another great place to visit inside Fantasyland is Disney Princess Fantasy Faire shop. Inside the shop you are going to find all sorts of princess costumes and dresses, including Cinderella princess costumes and Belle dress up costumes. In addition to the costumes, you are also going to find all the accessories needed to complete the Disney princess costume. Inside this shop you'll be able to find everything Disney Princess, including t-shirts, nightgowns, sunglasses, and other types of apparel and accessories.

While you and your kids are in the Disney Princess Fantasy Faire shop Make sure you stay long enough for your little girls and boys to get a makeover at the salon. With the makeover of your little girls' Cinderella princess costumes and beautiful dress up costumes are going to take on a life of their own because they will be able to have their hair done in the same style as their favorite princess and even get their makeup done.

Once the makeover is complete, the next logical step is to take their pictures taken. The main thing to remember with the pictures is it will be the dresses that show up the most ion pictures, so if you do not buy the accessories it is no big deal. If possible, try to find the Disney princess that your daughter dressed up to make the picture and trip even more memorable.

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Do you need a vacation? New Zealand is the destination of choice

Action, adventure or relaxation, why not plan a vacation in New Zealand or honeymoon in New Zealand, one of the most sought after destinations in the world. In New Zealand, you have a great holiday with outdoor and adventure activities, tourist attractions, wildlife viewing and nature, food and wine, Maori culture, museums and art galleries, shopping and much more. Enjoy a fun holiday in New Zealand, one of the most beautiful country in the world.


Holidays are time for relaxation and New Zealand relaxation. Working with a suitable holiday home company maximizes the opportunity to enjoy the most enjoyable holidays. They often offer the opportunity to see New Zealand in ways that most holiday homes do not know. It offers many outdoor activities and attractions in various types of holiday homes in New Zealand. Visitors seeking New Zealand vacation destinations have two main islands. The North Island or the South Island. Both islands offer many activities and scenery to satisfy everyone's holiday.


New Zealand offers a wide range of quality accommodation to suit all budgets. Hotels, resorts, luxury accommodations, self-catering motels and apartments, guest houses, guest houses, backpackers, resort parks and camping. Accommodation offers one night's breakfast, individual multi-day all inclusive packages. Many hotels offer the flexibility to prolong your stay in a place where you love a day or 2 peak hours, with little or no fuss. Motel accommodations are one of the most flexible accommodation in New Zealand.


Fresh air, breathtaking scenery and outdoor activities in New Zealand's most important sights, extremely friendly, honest and helpful population, unusual but friendly birdless "The Kiwi". New Zealand offers many activities, especially for the adventurous variety. New Zealand's fantastic landscapes, lush forests and wonderful wildlife offer plenty of recreational activities and a great place to relax. New Zealand offers a huge variety of action-packed and relaxed activities: from hustle and bustle to skiing, swimming with dolphins, rocky flights and fjords with boat excursions and unrivaled world-famous walking trails with unique landscapes. The most adventurous activities are available on the South Island, while the North Island offers the charms of big cities, some great shopping, and some certainly New Zealand attractions such as the Maori Rotorua village. These activities make a strong contribution to overall holiday satisfaction and provide a pleasant holiday experience for New Zealand's interactive travelers.

The challenge of planning New Zealand vacation is what to miss. Adding a new culture to a New Zealand holiday simply needs to know where to go. Everything you need for a great New Zealand holiday: Angling on the beach, golf courses, horseback riding, surfing and swimming, vineyards, white sandy picturesque beaches, fishing charter boats, including scuba diving and snorkeling, local craft and pottery shops,. The long sandy beaches, warm seas and miles of scenic beauty will soon recognize that a New Zealand holiday is an experience and a party. For many, a vacation in New Zealand is once a lifetime experience. Whichever way you like, the New Zealand holiday is pure magic.

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Byron Bay – An Alternative Australian Vacation Destination

Byron Bay is about 180 km south of Brisbane and 800 km north of Sydney, the easternmost coastline of Australia. Byron Bay enjoys a mild subtropical climate, with summer heat averaging 25-30 degrees Celsius and average winter temperatures only slightly lower, 20-25 degrees Celsius. The area's economy is mainly related to tourism and agriculture, with 1.7 million tourists a year. Prosperous small businesses focus on alternative, cultural and knowledge-based industries, and the area is home to the ever-growing population of writers, artists and filmmakers.

The city of Byron Bay has been relocated to a wealth of weekend markets, restaurants, shops and fashion stores. The hilly hinterland is called a Mecca for alternative lifestyles who enrich the local culture and economy in small alternative foods, arts, crafts, health and natural therapies. In Byron Bay, spectacular natural beauty and glorious beaches await outdoor activities, bushwalking and mountain hikers, surfing, scuba diving, snorkelling, whaling, gliding, flying, horseback riding and cycling.

The northern coast of New South Wales is the traditional country of the Bunjalung people. Two subgroups of Bunjalung went to Byron Bay, northern Arakwal and the northern Minjunbál. Aboriginal people lived and visited the Byron Bay for more than 20,000 years. They knew the area like Walgun (A Shoulder), where there are numerous sandy beaches, abundant seafood, wildlife and rainforest fruits, as well as permanent clear spring water. Unfortunately, many abandoned coastal areas have been lost due to sand and development, but the remaining sites are evidence of a lively and versatile culture enriched in rich natural environments. In the area were recorded medieval solemn Bora rings, cemeteries and specially marked trees. The surviving landscape and campsite of the Cape Byron palm valley is definitely the oldest type in the region, more than 1000 years old.

Cape Byron is one of the major natural attractions and is just 3 miles from Byron Bay Post Office. Cape Byron has a well-deserved international reputation for being one of the most beautiful locations in the world, with lush rainforest, rocky cliffs, magnificent views of the Byron Bay and the ocean, and great points for seeing whales and dolphins in the Cape Byron Mountains. At least two hours should be allowed around the Cape Byron 5km hike. The trail passes through the shore forest, shoreline rainforests, banky forests and many beautiful views. The Cape Byron indigenous heritage is still alive today, members of the Arakwal clan, the traditional depositors of the Byron Bay area, who play an active role in preserving traditional sites.

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World Heritage

There are many historical places and places in the world that provide insights and evidence to the civilizations of the past. These sites help us to know our ancestors, their lives and their culture. These places can be called the universal and universal heritage of mankind, our world heritage.

World Heritage Sites:

All the sites, buildings, monuments, cities, physical, natural or cultural significance of all landlords of common heritage. Since these sites belong to all people, the past, present and future generations are equally preserved and protected.

The importance of these places: people, from the past civilizations. We have to live in it today and pass on to future generations. These places teach us about our past. They represent the great achievements of our ancestors and we are proud of it.

The world's legacy is a universal heritage, religious, cultural and economic significance. They attribute exceptional value and importance to humanity in terms of history, science and art and have to be cared for.

There are many places in UNESCO and natural. The UNESCO list has thirty locations that are at risk. Some locations are facing people and their natural origins that are deteriorating, corroding, or deteriorating.

Many external factors are responsible for damaging the world's legacy. Some external factors include climate change, nuclear weapons, armed conflicts, natural disasters, excessive development / urbanization and uncontrolled tourism.

With the increasing strength of these external factors, it becomes increasingly important to take the right measures to save and preserve this timeless result of mankind.

Protecting World Heritage Sites:

The importance of this can not be denied. It is not only the government or the local population that has to take care of these places, but it is the responsibility of all people. We have to play a number of tools to protect these areas.

1. Join a community:

There are many communities and organizations in the world that strive to preserve and protect these sites. Working with these organizations, travel agencies, government groups and local communities

Important communities to protect the world heritage: UNESCO and the World Heritage Association for Sustainable Tourism. We need to join these communities to support their case. We can donate to various community funds that will help them protect the World Heritage sites.

2. Sustainable Tourism:

Another way to participate, travel responsibility. Tourism can create funds for the restoration of UNESCO sites, but unsupervised tourism can seriously damage them. In these places, we must not go down and visit the World Heritage Sites in a responsible and sustainable way

. Increasing awareness:

We need to be aware of the importance of conserving and protecting heritage sites. We need to pass on the information we have and our hands to minimize the impact of various external forces on world heritage sites

. Personal Efforts:

Local people are the first and best stewards for these places. They must respond appropriately and effectively to the preservation of world heritage sites on their territory.

Listing vulnerable areas increases people's awareness. If a site is facing a risk of destruction or deterioration, the local population should contribute to raising awareness of individuals, groups, and communities. we need to help protect these sites by means of a number of tools, such as financial contributions, awareness raising, support for the importance of UNESCO sites or calling for the attention of government institutions. All our steps count and help protect the world heritage sites.

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What to See in Costa De La Lauz

Costa de la Luz is the coast of Andalusia, Cadiz. This region of Spain is very popular for families who are on seaside resorts and resorts. The coastline offers a fantastic selection of holiday villas and self-catering apartments that can be rented as holiday villas in Costa de la Luz.

The region lies along the coasts of Huelva and Cadiz up to the Guadiana River. It is a famous resort in Spain, and in recent years this place has become increasingly popular with foreign tourists, especially for holidaymakers in Europe.

What makes this region a favorite holiday resort, including exciting water sports, discovering national parks, discovering various attractions, beaches and golf. Activities such as horseback riding, diving, sailing, bird watching and walking in the picturesque area are worth the trip to Costa de la Luz.

Water sports are one of the best treatments for holidaymakers in Costa de la Luz. Water sports in this region can enjoy warm and crystal clear water.

Diving and snorkeling are extremely popular, while windsurfing should not be missed by serious sports enthusiasts. In addition, the Atlantic Ocean blows surfing for a breathtaking sport for both beginners and experienced surfers. You can also take a sailing excursion.

After the water sports, the next best thing to explore is the national parks. Nature plays a very important role in the undisturbed part of Costa de la Luz. The Donana National Park is one of Europe's largest wildlife sanctuary.

This national park features a rich fauna and flora with a unique bird family. You can easily spend more days here, but you are still not looking for everything. This national park in Costa de la Luz is a remarkable place to walk around and to enjoy the sun and the sights.

Visit the magnificent countryside attracts many holidaymakers in a self-catering holiday resort. Some of the popular sights include the historic Roman ruins, such as the Tarifa City Baelo Claudia. It is from the second century and you can see the refurbished theater and the main street. You can also observe the Roman bath.

The beaches of the Costa de la Luz attract many beach-lovers who like to spend recreational villas. These are one of the most disadvantaged beaches in Spain. Isla Canela boasts approximately seven kilometers of sandy beaches and many beautiful Spanish beach resorts.

If you love tranquility and peace, then this place is for you. Many other stunning beaches include Cadiz Beach, Punta Umbria Beach, Chiclana Beach, Tarifa Beach and Ayamonte Beach.

If you love golf, you will be spoiled for golf, will certainly be delighted with you. Islantilla has more than twenty courses. Bunkers and holes formed on the dunes. The outlook is exceptionally spectacular when you decide.

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Orlando's Famous Neighbors – Tampa and the "Space Coast"

If Orlando is so bored because you do not have enough work and you just have to leave the city, fortunately. Orlando has very popular neighbors that are not too far away and offer great differences: Tampa to the west, Cape Canaveral and the East-East "Space Coast".

Tampa is located 84 miles west of Orlando on I-4. Florida's West Coast commercial center, located in a major seaport, high-tech manufacturing and one of the largest secession cities in America.

The most important tourist attractions include "Adventure Island" a 25 acre water park, Busch Gardens, with great excitement and one of the country's finest zoos; the Florida Aquarium is one of the best anywhere where there are over 5,000 aquatic animals and plants; and Ybor City. Ybor City should not be missed in the heart of the Latin district, which is the root of many Florida's, where all the great food, music and shopping have a fine-handed cow. On the east coast, 46 miles southwest of Orlando, the "Space Coast" is Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center. I asked a concierge for another trip if he had anything he wanted for a day. In a second, Kennedy Space Center said. said Nuf. That was absolutely awesome!

The road is easy, but there is a car. NASA has set up some of the beautiful wilderness wilderness areas around the Kennedy Space Center (KSC), which will be seen on the inbound and outbound, but the main attraction is the Space Center. An extensive renovation project is in progress, so make sure every special action you want to see is open. It is very easy to spend the whole day, but the culmination can be done within 2-3 hours by bus.

The bus stops along the way, gets out, gets extended, you see what you want, jump back to the next stop. The tour can imagine everything from real missiles to astronaut lunchtime. Check out the International Space Station where engineers work with the largest missile to complement the space station and the Apollo / Saturn V control panel.

The Visitor Center offers food, souvenirs, IMAX theater, many activities for children, and of course theme – more than most people can handle.

So do not worry if you're bored in the fabulous Orlando city where you have plenty in the neighborhood.

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South African self-catering vacation with South Africa

In South Africa, you can enjoy the natural beauty in a beautiful car by car. South Africa has an excellent road network and almost all destinations are easily accessible by car.

We recommend you keep your trips 400 km / day to avoid fatigue.

It is important to note that in South Africa all vehicles are driven to the left of the road. So here are some of the leading tips:

Four Way Stop:

If you are the only vehicle that is approaching the stop, stop and make sure it.

If you already have another vehicle at the stop, you have the right.

If you stop the machine at the same time as another vehicle, then the court of first instance will use it and the vehicle can first move forward.

Always make sure your vehicle stops completely before proceeding.

Procedure on the traffic light:

If the lamp is green, you can resume it. It is always advisable to slow down a green light and check the oncoming traffic.

Turns to the right and the light is green, approaching traffic is correct. Wait for the upcoming traffic before continuing.

Turning to the left and green green, you can resume it.

If the traffic light turns yellow, it slows down and stops.

Recognition of Arrow Keys on Traffic Light:

The blinking green arrow indicates that you can turn in the specified direction.

A blinking red arrow on the left indicates that you can turn off when no other traffic is approaching.

A persistent red or green arrow indicates that you can be careful.

If the traffic lights are off, please handle the intersection as a four-way stop.

Approaching the traffic circle:

Always turn right in a traffic circle.

Vehicles already in circulation and on-road vehicles on the right are entitled to the voyage.

Use caution only after each right-hand drive has passed.

Keep in mind that vehicles already covered are entitled.


It is forbidden to park a vehicle on a road approaching traffic. Fuel prices:

Fuel prices rise on the first Wednesday of each month, often down. Fuel prices rose by 25% over one month – to get an idea of ​​possible inflation. Gasoline was essentially $ 0.40 per liter; lately USD 0.82 / l. However, in ZAR, the fuel price currently (7 March 2007) is in R5.99 / L. In June 1999 the price was R2.23.

This is equivalent to an average annual increase of 13.9% a year! This is the minimum real inflation, not 5.6% of the government. If inflation is actually 5-6%, then why did government forecast the government revenue forecast by 12% in 2005/6 / 7Budget in February?

Zimbabwe is now cheaper than SA if you can get it as they get from us and do not pay atrophic charges – it's a battle that both diesel and gas bar. Zambia is about 10% more than SA.

Driver Permissions:

You do not need an international license if you are staying for less than 1 year. All you need is a document that can be identified as a license. You always have to give your license at all times as long as you drive, no matter how much you make a fine.

Please note the following because we can not over-emphasize: 1. Long distance driving at night. There is an incredibly large number of drunk people who are astonished in the cities and cause an accident.

2. Depending on the region, goats and cows are famous for roads where there are no street lights.

3. Observe the broken glasses that are waiting for the red flag on hold. This means that a window has been deleted to steal the purse / handbag from the front or the dashboard. When you park your car in your accommodation, make sure you are in the parking lot, before the hostel's parking is not good enough.


It is recommended that you determine your visa requirements before traveling. South African neighbors, including Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Mozambique and Zimbabwe all have unique visa controls. It is best to consult the Consulate of each country on your visa requirements before you travel.

Have fun in South Africa.

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Diving in Krabi

With divers and leopard sharks, turtles, dolphins and countless colorful tropical fish, sailors who are lucky enough to explore the spectacular Krabi waters. When to Plan a Diving Vacation in Krabi

Krabi is the best time to dive between November and April when conditions are in absolute best shape. Theoretically, you can dive all year long, though from May to October monks can do bad status and visibility. If you plan a dive this season, consider the Bay of Thailand where the weather is better.

Learn To Dive In Krabi

There are more than 40 diving schools in Krabi, both suitable for divers and beginners. Low cost and shallow waters make Krabi a great place to learn – some Krabi hotels and resorts also offer test dives in the pool! If you try and get a diving bug, you can follow a full four-day PADI Open Water Diver course. This allows you to dive with open water from an experienced diving master.

Where To Dive

If you are near Ao Nang, then the rich and beautiful waters of the seven main islands around Koh Poda. These islands are located in the breathtaking Hat Nopparat Thara – Mu Koh Phi Phi Marine National Park. The waters around the Koh Ha have more than 60 kinds of corals that contain many shrimp and crab. Often, barracudic schools, squid and leopard sharks can be quietly admired.

Koh's offers superb forest snorkeling with a shallow coral filled with water. The water here provides excellent views so you can enjoy the perfect view of the snapper, foal, sea fishermen, scorpion fish and sometimes the notoriously shy black-tip reef shark.

Koh Yeadon is famous for a long "float" but is only for experienced divers due to limited visibility and strong flow. Since there are fewer divers in this area, schools of large fish will be discovered, including bait. In addition, you can observe the exotic appearance of other colorful marine creatures, such as lobster and stinging rays.

Koh Dor is the perfect place to dive or dive, especially in the afternoon when the black-tipped reindeer shark is often a crossing look. The waters are full of wonderful corals and sponges.

Koh Talu is ideal for beginners and experienced divers. Here you can dive in large barracuda and mantis shrimp and discover the spectacular coral. The waters around the island of G.K contain a huge coral reef surrounded by many sea hips. You may encounter fusiliers and even a random sea snake dive here.

Koh Yawasam is the perfect place to view rare anemone fish. Koh Yawasam boasts vast expanses of coral sandy sandy beaches and deep water making it an ideal place to learn.

Ao Nang is also close to Koh Dam, actually two incredible islands joined by an interesting coral reef to provide a wonderful dive experience.

Another great place to dive in Krabi is Hin Daeng and Hin Muang – more experienced divers can discover dramatic rock formations and spot whales and manta rays.

The Koh Rok Nok are two completely impressive islands that are located in a protected marine park – the waters are rich and abundant in the sea life and exhibit outstanding visibility

The picture is perfect for Phi Phi islands , made famous by "The Beach", offers a variety of premium diving and snorkeling locations that can be taken over for a whole vacation.

A convenient and exciting way to explore islands and dive sites is to book a package trip that includes fast-food, and usually lunch and refreshments.

Where to Stay

A great choice of hostels in Budapest, ideal for backpackers and a wide range of hotels in Krabi. If you want luxury accommodation, the fabulous Krabi resorts will not disappoint you.

Renting a Thai holiday home is an excellent choice for those planning a dive vacation with a large group. Krabi holiday homes are usually more space and economical than a hotel or resort. If you want a real recreation after the physical challenges of scuba diving, choose a dwelling. They provide all the hotel's regular services, such as room cleaning, hospitality, massage and beauty treatments as well as excursion trips and diving trips.

Finally, before you go to enjoy the world-famous scuba diving in Krabi, do not forget to check whether travel insurance covers Thai holidays for diving and snorkeling!

Source by Pierre-Yves Loriers

Property Guide for the Turkish Coast

Created package offers, Turkey has recently emerged as one of the hottest new real estate markets in the Mediterranean. Good beaches, great scenery and lower prices than real estate markets in the region, such as Spain and France, inspired enormous spending on holidaymakers. After a difficult year of 2005, when the country's ownership was re-made, frozen for more than six months, leaving thousands of real estate deals, the future seems exciting. New golf courses and ports, better roads and expanded airports will contribute to the country's appeal, while the prospect of EU membership will fit well into Turkish people in the not too distant future. In the rental market, the short term and holiday destinations in the main resorts such as Bodrum, Altinkum, Fethiye, Kalkan, Side and Alanya are beginning to develop travel agencies, agents or many new rental sites. However, as a cautious word, bear in mind that in an increasingly crowded market, you must carefully choose your assets so that a reliable rental returns.
So where are the most popular places on the Turkish Riviera? "We decided to buy a villa in Fethiye because it's a good city and it does not end in the winter," says Tim Goodman, who moved to Newcastle in 2004 with Jenny's wife. "We love our new life, though it's time to get used to something like crazy Turkish leadership and hot summer!" and Jenny found annoying that they could not talk to their Turkish neighbors, so they learned twice weekly language.

"Turkish people are so friendly and friendly, but we want to talk," explains Jenny. "It may also be helpful to some simple sentences when someone is working in the house."

Belek is Turkey's most important golf center with no less than 6 international standard courses. A 20-minute drive from Antalya and the airport, this resort has a long golden sandy beach. Not surprisingly, Belek is a great venue with over 35 new developments in the area. Do your research carefully, as not all of them offer money. Check the details of each enhancement and compare the tools, the size of the units, and the construction specifications. Prices start at GBP 119,000 for a three-bedroom, semi-detached house or GBP 145,000 for a separate family home.

"Belek is a very exciting area for golf and easy access to the airport," says Taylan Gundeslioglu, Letsgototurkey Building and Real Estate Agency. "But only the recent high quality properties are available."
Once upon a Roman slave market, the resort of Side with white sandy beaches and some stunning ancient remains, including an amphitheater and the cozy waterfront pole of the Apollo Temple. Thanks to its archaeological significance, development has been strictly controlled around the resort town, but there are many villas and apartments complex nearby. The two-bedroom apartment is typically between £ 55,000 and £ 80,000.

Alanya is one of the hottest real estate markets in Blue Flag beaches, superb leisure facilities and entertainment. The seaside castle – the Selcuk built by Turkish – is another popular sight. The local real estate market is dominated by apartments that are approx. From £ 65,000, they depart for a two-bedroom unit near the city center. But a 15-minute bus service to Mahmutlar and prices falls under £ 50,000 to a similar size location in a new complex with good facilities.

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