Thrill Seekers – Enjoy Adrenaline's Rush at Alton Towers!

After Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Alton Towers is the UK's most popular entertainment park and, taking into account the number of tours, there is no surprise! This popular amusement park offers many attractions for families and children, but with seven roller coaster and five water courses you can do enough to catch the thrillers of excitement!

Incredible Sights in the Alton Towers

Alton Towers offers a wide range of themed terrain, where all the tours and attractions take various topics. Five of them are aimed at families with small children but are still so sufficient to be able to get exciting people as well! As an exciting finder, the themed areas of the Alton Towers that you will want to go to include Forbidden Valley, X Sector, Katanga Canyon and Ug Land.

Ug Land

The name of the earth is not all that will laugh as Ug Land is Alton Towers' fastest roller coaster Rita – Speed ​​Queen. Imagine starting the standstill for only 2.2 seconds at 100 km / h. What a rush! Then turn around the corners where you reach 4.7 G!

Forbidden Valley

Forbidden Valley offers many exciting tours and two favorite shows at Alton Towers – Nemesis and Air. Europe's first reverse roller coaster, Nemesis has always been popular since its opening in 1994. The riders are sitting with their legs and walking at 80 km / h. Another addition, the air to fly to the next best thing! The riders are in a sloping position and take a huge voyage, scour the ground and then fly at a speed of nearly 75 km / h at high speed. Along with the highest tours of the Alton Towers, Blade and Ripsaw are entertaining and popular tours, and you should stand in the Forbidden Valley.

Alton Towers is one of the most talked about Oblivion in the X-sector. Oblivion was the first vertical drop of roller coaster in the world, and it was a huge adrenaline skirmish for the riders, who were tantalizing at the edge of the gap for 3 hours. Katanga Canyon

Some exciting explorers can find the Katanga Bulls a little bit gentle for their pet, but three popular tours are worth a look – the Flume and the Congo Rapids Runaway Trail Train Tickets

Tickets for Thrill Seekers

Why can you arrange a day when you can not have more? Even better, buy an affordable annual flight and visit as many times as you want. Probably the most popular option with exciting search engines, although Fastrack is a viable option. This step significantly reduces the waiting time on the line, and of course, the less waiting times take more time for enjoyable riding! Visit the Alton Towers website for more information about the tickets.

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Making family home events in Stockholm

Planning family events in Stockholm can be difficult especially for those first timers who do not really know the place. Fortunately, visitors can always visit and explore different places over the Internet, and this is one of the reasons why readers find this article: they wanted to relax. In order to enjoy a family vacation in Stockholm, family members can get acquainted with Stockholm's geography, history, beautiful scenery, climate and culture.

Stockholm 19459004 Stockholm 19459004 19459002 Stockholm Stockholm, situated on the southeast east coast of Sweden (where Lake Mälaren meets the Baltic Sea) is a great place for special Stockholm family celebrations. Stockholm's archipelago consists of fourteen islands where you can enjoy family-friendly high quality white beaches. 30% of the urban area consists of waterways, and 30% of green spaces and parks are ideal for family picnics and recreations. Stockholm is the capital and largest city of Sweden, which is the most populated area in Scandinavia.

Great places when you are in Stockholm for family vacations You can not just walk to Stockholm Djurgården- the island? This island is great for school excursions, as museums, galleries, historic monuments and buildings can only be used by family members. This island makes it more popular with more than 10 million visitors annually, not only tourists but also locals.

For those who would love to spend their family vacation with Stockholm, the trendy Södermalm is for you. Interesting, unusual and modern boutiques are happy to welcome trendy travelers with different fashions, interior decorations, vintage goods and design.

Visit to the Iconic City Hall

It consists of 8 million bricks, the iconic town hall is the icon of the city. It is on top of three gold crowns, standing at 106 meters high and showing breathtaking architectural beauty. The Nobel Prize winners and royal guests are the great Nobel prizes in a golden hall of 18 million gold mosaic tiles to provide a special holiday for children.

Hotels in Stockholm family celebrations

visitors can travel from their destination and back to hotels. These hotels receive Stockholm family celebrations and some offer a complimentary family breakfast for the family. The hotel rates from $ 100 to $ 600, but the 5-star hotels can spend more. Compared to hotel prices and services, visitors can always search websites for hotels in Stockholm.

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