Las Vegas Hotel Maps

So you plan to visit Las Vegas, but … do you know where to start looking? Do you know where the places you want to see? And most importantly … do you know where to stay? Obviously you can not leave if you do not know these things, do you? It may have happened to you that you are in Las Vegas or anywhere else but you did not have a good experience because there was probably no service you did or you did not find exactly what you are looking for. Probably because he did not have enough information about the hotels and he had to stay in the first. Maybe the right hotel was closer than you knew, but you did not even suspect.

Well, do not let this happen, you will now know all the things that you must know not only the exact location of the finest hotels , But also all the rooms where you are and when it's best to find out how to find great rooms so you can rest easy; And what services you can get in each of these attractions and activities can be found here, providing you with the best time in your life and you can really enjoy your time there, with a few words all you need to know is to choose the one you want and the one who has everything you need You want, not at all. But … not sure the location of a hotel or other place is not enough if you do not know which way to go to get there, do not you think? There are several ways to go to one place, but always have a shorter and simpler way. The Las Vegas hotel maps will show you the most convenient way to go where you can go without having to worry about where to go and how to arrive as long as you use Las Vegas hotel maps.

Of course, one of the most important things to decide which hotel is the best for you is usually what it costs. The Las Vegas hotel maps of each hotel can be found in the prices as well as their payment, whether in cash or by credit card, with any credit card. Las Vegas hotel charts allow you to select a hotel that suits your budget, but do not worry so much, each one will be available to you so this time the money will be a secondary thing and concentrate you where the most fun and relaxation. Now that you've covered all that you need for your next visit to Las Vegas, what do you expect? Come and see incredible places, entertain and relax without having to worry about anything except if we have enough time every day in Las Vegas to see it, make it and enjoy it all.

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Gorilla Tracking in the Wilderness

Debrecen's southwestern Uganda lies in the wooded area of ​​the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. There are several ways to access Kisoro, but the most popular option is an adventure.

The ten-hour trip from Entebbe on a four-wheel drive. The road is long, dry and bumpy, the pilot jokes about free African massage. There is no air conditioning, and the windows cover the orange powder film that sits on my bare arm.

The Ugandan climate is perfect for growing fresh food and the abundant sales of kiosks are on a dusty road. While the dinnerware is full, access to fresh water is still lacking, so women and children are balancing over plastic yellow tanks during the blazing warm walk.

I spend the night in Kisoro, but I'm nervous because I can not wait to go to the jungle for a Silverback Gorilla.

Starts with morning education. The first rule is "what you do, you do not run" – okay, which seems easy.

After leaving the training room, a guide describes the topography of three volcanoes called "the guide", "old people" and "small stones." I umm and ahh in agreement. Our own municipal guidebook deals with forest management and lack of education on soil and regeneration in local villages. Interestingly, because there is one thing in my mind. It is over two hundred and fifty pounds, and about two points are three meters away. Weather conditions are fine and our leader trusts trackers to know the general area of ​​the gorilla's location.

Let's start through the dense forest. Our guide uses a machete to help grow grape vines, nettle and cloudy vegetation. Going up there is a rather exhausting walk, but fortunately we can only hear a minute and a half in the distance. I can hardly breathe the singular voice of an animal. The murmuring resonance of the whistle and leaves crunching echoes.

My heart is under the pressure of excitement and fear. I'm paused to see what's happening. Standing upright, I accidentally split the group and exposed myself to a wild male silverback gorilla. Terrible wrists snapping on the ground. With a naughty and pounding look, he has a document.

Without warning, the giant silverback jumps right in front of me. Defensive weapons, which are still in my career, I remember the first rule: whatever you do is not running.

I'm turning to the tip of my fear. The monkey's two swinging arms are thrown at me. Just a camera bag pants on my back for protection, the gorilla raises her awful hairy hands and I feel the anger of my wrath on my ox!

My rescue grace, gorillas, are easily distracted. My good luck is another horror. A tutor on the hillside turns to Silverback. Luckily he slips off and loses his interest again. We're still alive.

I was shocked, struggling to calm down. I stand by a German who looks strong and tough. I'll show him the trembling hands and he'll answer "I think I loved the pants, seriously" nervously laughing, afraid but wanting to see more.

With breath-taking air, we walk slowly and quietly down the jungle as we observe these incredible creatures in the wild, human faces like emotion. We only see a family of 9, including some young players who eat and play, most of all our presence is not unforgettable.

But that does not take long until we hear the bite and bites the gorilla. Near the confusion we find out that two gorillas are involved in two battles. The confusion is right in front of us. First, they seem to be fighting, but they remind themselves of how cruel these creatures may be. As the silverback detects us, it is at full height. This time, the guide tells us to stop and go back.

Instead of fleeing, I'm slowly moving backward until I safely strain against a tree. Breathtakingly, but with excitement, I watched Silverback imitate images from King Kong. The nostrils glistened to reveal their long blades, the rattles ring. With his fist, his long, heavily dressed arm raised his head high. The fists were clenched and beat the chest. I do not know fear, amazement or pure fun, but nobody moves, even when it reaches the camera. Like the previous encounter, the gorilla loses interest, lowers its body, and retraces its articulation with the articulated wrist into the foursome jungle. We're still in the near future, we move from the gorillas and we're on another untouched path until we safely get away from the jungle.

At the end of our guide, he advises us that we have in no way annoyed or aggravated them. Generally, they are satisfied with the tourists to observe and take photographs, and it is not unusual, especially for the infants to be sufficiently playful. At our visit a silverback defended his family for an intruder who was searching for the lawn.

If you spend only an hour or a case and watch for one and a half hours and see these stunning creatures in the wild, one of the most amazing experiences you can do. He also pointed out how important it is for them to remain in a protected environment, their greatest predators, because of the bad way of people.

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Air travel tips for the dog

Traveling in the air with a pet can be a challenge. If there is a dog that is small enough to fit comfortably into an approved carrier of an airline that slips under your seat, it is much easier. If the dog is not a service animal or small enough to travel in the cabin, it is almost better to go to the destination. Including animals in cargo is a kind of risk.

There are current horror stories about trauma animals suffered by air travel cargoes. There was a time when these stories appeared in the news. Since then, most airlines have been trying to improve the cargo service of animals, but there are still many factors that can not control it. Starting with the stress of simply separating from it, it can be devastating for a dog. Add that the air temperature, which is usually extremes at one end of the thermostat or the other, and noise is all, a definite prescription disaster. God do not take the turbulence while you are in the pet cargo! I can not imagine what's going on between their minds, being isolated, cold (or hot), and dealing with the banging voices of the jet drums that are accompanied by rattles and rattles of other cargoes. By the time you come, there is an animal who, in the best case, is a nervous wound. Personally, I would never suggest flying with an animal that needs to get into a cargo.

If there is a small dog, it can still be difficult, especially if the dog has never been before and has grown up. But if he knows he's with you, he'll help. The first thing you need to do is find out about airlines to travel to pets. Each airline is different. Limit the type of pet, the size of pets and the number of pets allowed for carriers, as well as the supplier's requirements. But every airline has a common rule; Do NOT remove the animal from the carrier while flying. Now, when I was traveling with the 3-month-old Chihuahua, I was clinging to my jacket and taking her on the first 3 or 4 trips she took to ease her nervousness during the flight. But all this was reduced; Attention was not what I needed! I went to find that the person next to me was aware of what I was doing, not to mention the police.

If you know the rules of the airlines, study the airports you will be driving. Particular attention will be paid to the airports where it will be in a long position. There are many airports you like for pets, usually you need someone to reach these areas, but if your dog needs a potty break, you can get it. Actually I trained my dog ​​to use puppy cushions so if a pet could not be accessed, I would take it to the restroom and place it next to a puppy. Or sitting at the gate I lay under a puppy under my seat to avoid unwanted accidents. Some airports are divided into pet animals and allow dogs to be thrown at the terminal. Restaurants may be another challenge, but most people will allow pets to remain in the carpet and on the floor. Others are more friendly and are even willing to provide a bowl of water. If you travel regularly with your favorites, you will find out where the best pet lovers are.

If this is your first flight or a first trip to your pet, do not go to a carrier last night, and the next day, put your dog back in and wait for a good trip. Take a carrier well enough to let the dog get used to it. Leave the house with an open door to explore. Place a familiar blanket or shirt with a toy and a chewing stick. Chewing toys can be useful in preventing the dog from getting rid of the anxiety. As they spend several hours in the carrier, the journey is comfortable and safe.

One of the best things we can do is limit what your dog is eating and when; Especially on the first trip, or if your dog is an idle traveler. I have a Chihuahua, my husband, who does not travel as much as the little guy. My husband took his first trip, both of which were a terrible experience. He did not understand how upset he was, my husband allowed him to have breakfast before he left. Well, we can only say that there was a very smelly and messy incident that took place before takeoff. If the event occurred on the machine, it would not have been a good scene. Determine what you give your dog if he does not enjoy the air travel. If the trip takes most of the day and wants to feed something, it will feed him at least 3 hours before leaving the airport. The best solution is to avoid feeding until you reach your destination. If the nerves become a problem, they will not be hungry anyway.

Keeping food is easy enough, but water retention is another story. You want to offer a drink at least once during your trip to your dog. Nerves can cause them thirsty, which if they are not satisfied will lead to more stress. Foldable bowls or measuring chambers that are ideal for traveling. If not in use, it crashes for easy storage. Leave enough water to hydrate. Another good trick is to really let a stop in a park before you get to the airport.

Let your dog run out of energy and take care of the business before he arrives at the airport. This will at least give him the opportunity to empty the bladder! The release of energy is also good, as it can help you get a little relaxed when you arrive at the airport. If you think your pet is nervous, you can check with your vet a mild sedative to help nourish the nerves. Although I personally never had the luck with this option. Your presence, as well as attentive and reassuring that everything is OK, often has enough time to help you in nervousness. If you know the essential oils, you may be able to enjoy a relaxing and soothing aromatherapy during your trip.

Do not be afraid to tell people if the animal is nervous and left alone. In my experience, most leaflets are aware of this fact and are cautious about the petting of unknown animals. Kids are the biggest problem; Not all of them were raised to understand the approach of unknown pets. If the parent does not look at them, they may be very excited about seeing a dog at the airport and trying to feed him. If your pet is nervous, even if you do not believe someone will bite you, ask people to be politely and polite to leave him alone. The last thing you need during your trip is a stranger he has bitten by his other friendly and loving companion! Stress can have a major impact on their normal behavior.

Given these primary concerns, some patience and understanding, you can help reduce the stress you and your pet experience during the first air travel.

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Paris & # 39; Disneyland: What to do for more than 2 days in the park?

Indeed, there is a mountain option at Eurodisney in Paris. You and your family can enjoy holidays every year, so why not try the best deal for you in January? Disneyland offers a wide range of hotels, many hotels and resorts in the park. From the calm, relaxed hotel, apart from the manic nature of the park, you may be interested in being on the edge of Disneyland Park. Alternatively, you can stay at Disney Hotel where Disney characters will meet and welcome breakfast (popular favorite).

Two days ago at Disneyland you have enough time to view the basic things and feel that you have a good Disney experience. The first call point is the Magic Kingdom Park, as it is the largest part of the park. The park is divided into six thematic areas: Main Street USA, Frontierland, Adventureland, Fantasyland and Discoveryland. Pirates of the Caribbean are a road that should not be missed and people tend to love Dumbo with the Flying Elephant. Crazy hat teaspoons and Peter Pan Flight should also be taken into account. All-day parades and presentations are great for strolling around and for the magical end of the evening, and take a fabulous dinner at the Auberge de Cendrillon in Fantasyland. Here you can enjoy the majestic dinner princes and princesses, then enjoy the exclusive dessert shaped like Cinderella Slipper. Then go to your hotel for relaxation and relaxation before the next fun day. Some imaginative accommodations include Davy Crockett Ranch, which offers private cabins in a natural setting at the Sequoia Lodge, where you can enjoy a spacious fireplace in the spacious surroundings or Disney's New York Hotel, an elegant and sophisticated resort with large apples.

Get up next morning and go to the hotel's restaurant where you can enjoy a great breakfast. Make sure you are in stock because you will need all the energy you can get. The Second Day Paris Disneyland is always the best you feel is organized and comfortable in your environment. Traveling to the water park is absolutely essential and helps you relax your stay. You must also buy at Walt Disney Universal Studios Park. Top 5 attractions include: Twilight Zone of Terror, an exciting, free fall road, Toy Story Playland, an oversized world of full-featured tours, Stitch Live! Show, the Cars Race Rally and the Crush Coaster, which is the "Finding Nemo" film-inspired roller coaster. While in the park, explore the studio backlots where you can find special effects shows and a detailed movie and make sure you are attending the meeting and welcoming them. If you still have the energy, visit the village bars, discos and nightclubs where you can rest until Friday morning. Give yourself plenty of time to stroll in the park – this is a beautiful experience that has made it fresh and revitalized. In the summer, the park is quite impressive and the waterfronts are even more attractive.

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Definition of Extreme Programming

Agile methodology has become extremely popular in software development due to its non-traditional and innovative approach. Extreme programming is one of the methods of an agile development model that focuses on the engineering mechanisms of software programming. This article looks at the concept of extreme programming (XP), which focuses on flexibility and return to investment.

Several developers have realized that they can provide greater value to business and stakeholders. However, this is only possible if flexibility and change are incorporated into the software development process. The agile methodology process focuses on a high degree of teamwork, communication and incremental liberation. This process is flexible to meet the changing requirements of the development and the intra-group initiative for innovation and remain self-motivated. In the 1990s Kent Beck developed the development of agile development programming (Extreme Programming, XP) and paid special attention to A Engineering Processes. Kent described extreme programming as a concept that goes from a wide and abstract values ​​to a particular engineering practice through a series of principles. This is different from other agile processes that affect project management, continuous integration, paired programming, test driven development, and refactoring all of which work together to enhance code quality and reduce errors and failures.

Parallel programming focuses on collaboration through improving code quality. It also helps the knowledge sharing of new team members and the implementation of the team's accountability. The test-driven development (TDD) is designed to cover the codes in the entity of test automation and its scope is wider than the developer test. The TDD is a continuous design mechanism as it only adds the characteristic required for the variable requirement during incremental transport. This results in the loss of time and effort due to the development of unnecessary functionality. Test driven development encourages good planning. Refactoring aims to improve the code structure without affecting the nature of the code. XP uses continuous integration and tests all code centrally on test automation. This is used throughout the system to provide the highest level system in which the most recent changes have been incorporated. (19459002)

Programmer's questions are examined and listened to They take the necessary steps to check things out. Then, there are meetings between different stakeholders (developers, clients, and trainers).

Customers should be part of the development team or need to be available for permanent communication. The client expresses business requirements, manages accounts, manages functional tests, and highlights the output functions. The client provides the acceptance tests that ensure that stories are integrated into the system.

Extreme Programmers Estimate of User Stories for Time Needed to Complete Your Job. They define engineering practices and perform tasks and unit tests.

The testers test the functionality and functionality of the test and prepare the test result for feedback.

Coaches are organizing and holding meetings for the iteration plan, schedules, records, discussion protocols for future references and feedback. Coach works with the tracker and acts as a team mentor.

Including a high-quality project.

  • Continuous customer feedback tailored to customer requirements for high customer satisfaction.
  • Software development is a focus of continuous development.
  • Conserving simplicity while meeting project requirements.
  • Is able to stay flexible, change the project, and provide high quality services.
  • Maintain sustainable pace and not work over time to prevent team exhaustion. (Emphasis should be placed on moderation rather than an hectic crowded schedule).
  • Collective ownership of code allows any team member to change the code. This must be communicated effectively with other members of the team.

    Costly installation of programming staff who may otherwise be individually working on specific areas apply. Due to the flexible and iterative nature of development, thorough documentation and changes made by developers, it makes it vulnerable. The code can be compromised and if the code changes, without the proper communication with the team, problems may arise.

    XP emphasizes that the various aspects of engineering practice mean a highly disciplined approach. XP focuses on securing maximum business value according to customer requirements. In addition, it focuses on maintaining a robust code quality that justifies the cost of engineering practices. Over the years, extreme programming is about to be adopted and popularized. For greater acceptance, successful cases should be highlighted with appropriate programming and mentoring, together with business professionals who define the development teams.

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  • Trois Freres's Shaman

    Trois Freres's caves in France contain stunning images. This is a short discussion about the paintings. What was their significance?

    Cave paintings have great power. They are one of the most direct ways to touch our ancestors. Men and women who used primitive means would be more aware of the world around them than we do. The nature of their lives would have caused them to be more in touch with seasons and life forms. Life and death depend on knowledge of food and seasonal changes. Was this the cause of cave paintings?

    Deep in the Trois Freres (Three Brothers) Caves In France, visitors can see epidemic ancient images and animals. One such issue is particularly attractive international attention. Many people think this is the first depiction of a shaman.

    When I first saw these caves in France, I was shocked by their graphic character. The images of cattle and other animals that raise the middle shape up the cave face are now dim, but they are neatly drawn.

    The central shape is about 2 feet tall or 70 cm tall. Its appearance is a strange, partly human being. On his head deer horn, probably reindeer, his mask is owl eyes, he seems to have a long beard. His hands are hidden between the lion or bear pins. Her back is like an animal, is she an animal? The tail is like a fox that covers his erect penis.

    My pet veteran copy is as follows:


    There are many comments and speculations about the true nature of this number. It is commonly accepted that he is in mask and animal disguise. There are some spiritual / magical significance that are understandable to the animals around them. He is also widely thought to be a shaman.

    Under the shaman, a lot of animals are on the top. It's almost like a sketch. I know sometimes I draw in this way. Trying shapes and shapes sometimes flow the pencil at other times it looks much harder to achieve the desired effect. As I cut it, the page will be full of overlapping images that are too busy to cope with it. Ideas and Markings. The place to be returned in the future, where a captured image has to be processed.

    But this is for me and sometimes many other modern artists. What is the artist in the darkness of the caves? These pictures were 14,000 years ago or more. Who knows?

    Can we assume that the Paleolithic artist did not have the same idea as now? Art is for us the inclusion, the expression, our inner nature, and sometimes the divine reflection. What were these artists who expressed or communicated?

    Accepts one thing before I resume this vein. It seems that certain artist talents are used by the artist at this time to use quality painting and the use of serial presentations. Often the numbers are enhanced by the sprayed paint in the tube, the paint spilled out of the mouth. Did these artists form part of the magical process, or were they paid in some way? Did they come inside the trunk or elsewhere? Did shaman create art for his own rituals?

    Most of these questions are impossible to answer. It is possible to use the knowledge of tribal peoples and their traditions.

    The shaman or healer or priest / holy man / woman is a figure that still exists in some cultures. In fact, shamanic knowledge is transferred to some of the Western cultures. Anthropologists have documented shamanic practices over the past 150 years.

    Cross-country shamanic exercises have many common features. The shaman relates to the world of the soul. The shaman entering the trance enters the other world and communicates with the spirit of animals or ancestors. These ghost leaders help shaman solve the problems of individuals or groups. The spirit world is divided into three parts:

    The middle ground we live in

    The underworld earth of spirits and dead

    The Flesh is the place of Gods and Guardians

    To get the status of trance, the shaman has many methods, dance, meditation and drugs are the most important. When you enter the other world, the shaman is seeking his spirit to help him solve his mission.

    In these early times, as in the last recorded events, the shaman would be in contact with the spirits of the animals that he would kill or kill. Maintaining balance is necessary for the order of nature. In times of inadequacy he communicates with the spirits to help him bring the food to his people. In the meantime, he began to sing for rain.

    It still does not answer the question of why these images are hidden deep in a dark cave, away from prying eyes. As the shaman enters the trance, it begins the way to the underworld that the cave represents well. Pictures on the walls are pictures that are visible during the journey. This is simply a way of recording a spiritual journey. Holding the pictures. Even new entrants can be used as teaching tools. Sometimes there are so many overlapping animals.

    You can imagine the impact these paintings for a primitive visit to the cave. In the dim light the images would be lighter and lighter than today. The shaman was well dressed as the picture. The drum will rotate. The incense burns. Of course, a great environment that creates hallucinatory experiences or, if you like, starts the journey to the spirit world.

    There are several other portraits of what they named Animal Masters in European and Asian caves. They relate to Scandinavian mythology and to crunchy and deer figurines belonging to Greek mythology. Whatever the real explanation, you can let your imagination run through opportunities and undoubtedly increase my speculation.

    Author: Van James Ghost and Art: Paleo-Shaman Iconography []

    Author: George Frazer The Golden Rainbow


    Michael Harner The Shaman Travel

    © Ian Bracegirdle 2005

    ] This article may be freely used on condition that it contains This copyright and URL, and people who rarely use this article, follow the same terms. Thank you for accepting these terms.

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    Beijing Travel – Confucius Temple

    Confucius is one of the greatest philosophers and teachers of history in the same league as the famous Western philosophers, Plato, Aristotle, Pythagoras and Socrates.

    The 551BC, born in Confucius, is China's most important philosopher and instructor. The morals and principles of his philosophy are an integral part of the values ​​and ideologies of modern Chinese society. For thousands of years, ordinary people, emperors, and leaders have built many temples in China on his behalf.

    The Episcopal Confucian Church is the second largest Confucian temple in the world and only surpassed a larger temple of Qufu, with its headquarters in Confucius. Located near the center of Beijing, the Confucius Temple gives you a wonderful insight into the world of Confucius and influencing modern China. The construction began in the temple in 1302, the sixth year of Emperor Dade's reign was completed in the Yuan Dynasty and ended in 1306. , Renovated and rebuilt during the Ming Dynasty and again during the Ming Dynasty.

    The Confucius Temple has a base of 22,000 square meters and consists of several courtyards and buildings on a central axis. The main buildings of the central axes are the Xian Shi Gate, the Da Cheng Gate, the Da Cheng Hall and the Chong Sheng Memorial Museum. There are two rows of smaller buildings on the left and right of the bases.

    Xian Shi Gate (Master Gate) – This gate is the ticket office and security checkpoint where tourism passes through the temple.

    Da Cheng Gate (Great Success Scrap) This gate is also known as Halberd Gate, Halberd's weapons inside.

    Da Cheng Hall (19459006) – The main building of the temple, and in this building Confucius was protected and worshiped by Chinese emperors.

    Chong Sheng Memorial Museum – This hall was not built until 1531 when the Ming Dynasty was under Emperor Jiajing's reign. In the hall, sacrifices were offered to five generations of Confucius ancestors. The Confucius Temple performs on the steps of the temple.

    The Confucius Display Room History – It's a long, narrow building on the right side of the second yard. In the room there is a wealth of information about Confucius's life and history, family, achievements and the back. I found family tree presentation very interesting because it only shows male offspring. This simple omission tells a lot about Confucian philosophy and values. – On the left side of the second court, a room provides information on the development and status of Confucianism in China and all over the world in the past and present. There is much information in the modern world about the importance of the values ​​and ideas taught by Confucius.

    Congratulations and praise of the Nobel laureates included a number of congratulations on the subject of Confucianism. It is very ironic, given the current status of the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize winner in China.

    I saw at least three primary school groups in Confucius Temple when I was there and heard that a teacher lectured on the values ​​of Confucius in their studies. The Chinese education system places great emphasis on 2500 years of philosophy and teaching. Classical Chinese Music House – It's a small building on the left side of Da Cheng Hall, which was converted into a restaurant, jade furniture and decoration store. I found a beautiful jade table and chair in the store, which would be great to be home. Jin Shi stone pills – Jin Shi is a scientist who has successfully passed the exam system in the Imperial China. Examinations were a prerequisite for putting the government's huge bureaucracy into work, and the passing on of these trials could be seen as a great honor and result.

    198 stone tablets were identified at the front and back of the church's entrance yard, listing the results of Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties 51 614 Jin Shi exam. Interestingly, this test and selection process continued until 1905.

    Stone Stele Pavilions – 14 pavilions were built in the temple's first and second yard to house stone steles (tablets) recording Historical information in ancient China. Some examples of these notes are the successful abolition of the 1725 Qinghai riot and the renovation of the 1769 Confucius Temple.


    Performances are often held in the lobby of the Chong Cheng Memorial Museum, which lasts about 20 minutes. I'm not sure what the lectures are about with the teaching or life of Confucius, but they look comfortably and the costumes of the season are very cute.

    Unlike most places in Beijing, presentations do not appear regularly for all tourists at regular intervals. The performances will only be held for large tour groups who buy VIP tickets to the Confucius Temple. If you would like to watch a show, I suggest you sign up for a long hiking team for a long time when you enter the Chong Cheng Memorial Hall. So I accidentally collided with a performance.

    [4] Metro station Yonghegong station, which is 5th subway line and line 2 At its intersection. Walking hundreds of meters. You will know if you have gone far if you reach the entrance to the Lama Temple.

    After hundreds of meters you will see a new one on the right, Guozijian Street. Go down the road and the church will be on the right. If you have trouble finding the temple, ask locals where "kong miao" is. You will not have to find people who point in the right direction.

    Tickets and Times

    Each ticket is 30rmb, the opening hours are between 8:30 and 6:00 and after 5:30 no ticket.

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    Amber Fort

    Fort Location: 11 km from Jaipur (Rajasthan) on the Delhi-Jaipur highway


    Entries: Visit: Elephant Horseback Riding, 07:00 AM October to March

    For Indians, Rs.150 until Foreigners and Rs. 150 for the camera and video.

    Amber Fort, designed in white marble and red sandstone, is one of Jaipur's forests. It is about 11 km from Jaipur. The construction of the fort began in 1592 in Man Singh I and later by Jai Singh's descendants. Maotha Lake borders the fort and visitors can see the crystal clear reflection of the royal building. An unforgettable overview of this mighty fortress in Nahargarh Fort is 8 km away from Jaipur, on top of a hill.

    Like Amer Fort, the building presents a brilliant fusion of Rajput and Islmaic architecture.

    Both the exterior and the interior are built in an elegant style. Walls are decorated with paintings, depicting the presence of royal life, hunting, etc. Some details feature elaborate carvings, mosaics, frescoes and murals. The red sandstone forts are made up of four parts, each with central stairs.

    Tourist attraction in the Amber Fortress:

    A joyful elephant rides to Amber Fort A must-do-do activity. The huge animal was decorated with glittering dresses and wreaths, and this is the Rs cost. 400 / – per thread. The royal cum adventure safari presents visitors through the main entrance and offers the attraction of Surajpol, Jaleb Chowk, which is the main Fort of Fort and the stairs of the Kali Temple and Shila Devi Mandir. Later lights are holding the huge silver image of the Lions. The great idol of Lord Ganesha also adds to the sights.

    Outside the open ground, churches and lake, the Amber Fort halls are compulsory visitor centers. Diwan-i-am or the lobby of the public highlights the royal court, where issues related to the issues are heard and solved. On the higher terrace of the fort there is a Jai ​​Mandir (the Hall of Victory), which now contains collections of sculptures and works of art of mosaic tiles. In contrast, the majestic Sukh Niwas (the Hall of Joy). The door of the elaborate sandalwood made of ivory gives great attention to the visitors.

    Last but not least, the Zenana Apartment, the Mirror Room .

    Source by Mithi Dey

    Heavy Vehicle Safety with GPS Tracking Solutions

    If you're thinking of dangerous work, what do you think? Defense forces, firefighters and the police are perhaps at the top of the list, but about 80 workers were killed every year while working on or near a heavy-duty motorway (Safe Work Australia Chair)

    Speeding and Tired Significant

    So the existence of proper fleet management systems is essential to managing vehicle and driver safety.

    When heavy vehicles are involved in the accident, its severity is often much more serious because the mass of the vehicle increases the impact.

    GPS tracking therefore provides the transport industry with effective solutions for managing drivers and chain of responsibility to ensure road safety. Thus:

    1. Safety before switching:

    Risk mitigation with early detection, most GPS tracking solutions are suitable for customs declarations and pre-departure checks that drive drivers through customizable security criteria before the change begins

    If you experience any problems Warning An alert can be sent immediately to a supervisor via email or SMS and the driver will not be able to start the shift before addressing the problem (19459002). Reduce speeding:

    Speed ​​is one of the most important factors in heavy vehicle accidents. Heavy duty trailers are 20 to 40% more distant than cars, even when the roads are wet and slippery (19459003)

    The mitigation of the speed of speeding involves only the monitoring and prevention of drivers

    GPS Tracking provides automated speed sensing solutions for all speed ranges, operators can be warned:

    – When the driver makes speeding;

    – where the driver is engaged in speeding; and

    With bi-directional communication managers, drivers can provide live feedback on their driving performance so they can adjust real-time and increase road safety

    GPS Tracking and Fleet Telematics Provides solutions and reliable tools to detect speeding and identify causes, drivers have the ability to safely guide driving and train drivers to avoid speeding. Treatment of tiredness:

    The driver's fatigue is unstoppable. It affects anyone at any time. Regrettably, no matter how experienced the driver, no ability can cope with the biological needs of sleep.

    The truck industry denys a natural sleep pattern, with many long-term drives going well to the night and the morning. Therefore, effective treatment of fatigue is key to the safety of heavy drivers.

    GPS tracking provides liability systems that take control measures to deal with fatigue, including electronic journals, automated injury warnings, and driving time records.

    Overall, GPS tracking and fleet telematics solutions provide seamless and effective communication between drivers and drivers; Current information comes via mobile devices and the vehicle display unit, so drivers have an unprecedented level of knowledge about their operation.

    Helping your business grow and expand to maintain a safe work environment, increase efficiency, and most It's important to secure the driver's home safely.

    Source by Georgia Campbell

    Why is not My House Selling?

    And what can I do to help sell.

    I got some calls from customers slowly asking why they did not sell their home. We recently held a seminar, and one part was about how to improve your chances of selling your home. So here's a look at the market and sometimes gives some explanation as well as some tips on how to improve your chances of selling the house.

    Market Review.

    The market is dead? Of course not!

    With the latest activity, the market is very alive and kicking. We sold our property in August and we have had as much as 150 inquiries, most of which are real buyers and most of them buy in the next 3 months. So the market will not die in any way.

    The United Kingdom market is very slow and UK customers are thin on the ground, but since they account for only 5% of the actual market, it can not have too much impact on the market. Those who are looking are keen to hunt. They usually look for 150,000. Why is this number – I can only suppose, but I think many British buyers are people who have long since moved to Spain.

    However, with the British dive they could not sell their home, so they waited. Then they decided they did not want to wait too long to resubmit their house (I think they saw most mortgages in June this year). This means that between £ 300 and £ 400,000, instead of £ 60 and £ 100,000, would now look like a second home rather than a primary residence.

    In the case of the other Northern Europeans, the Dutch and Belgians usually arrive in some northern countries. Those arriving from the Benelux countries are looking for a lifestyle change, and younger families or those who are not ready to retire, looking for a small life. Usually they are looking for large-sized forests, with large yards, but rather close to the beach. Others are looking for bigger discounts than hotels.

    The rest of the market is Spanish. The Spaniards are still buying at least 60% of our questions and about 80% of our sales to Spanish people. But they usually look at a home or holiday house on the beach. They do not buy more than 250,000 anything.

    So when we look at why people are looking for it is roughly the following:

    Cities and Homes From The Beach Within 15 Minutes – 150,000
    Beachfront Apartments 1 .-third Row up to 200,000
    Villas on the beach 200-400,000
    Villas on land, large plots of about 300,000
    There is a good market to run real estate should be About 100 000, but most of this type of real estate search is a real You want to make a deal – that is, do some work and double your money.

    And this is what we see

    Then why did not you sell your property? It is estimated that in this market (La Safor region and Marina Alta) they represent a price that is 30% higher, and it is estimated that the market is always worth buying. As we can see, in most cases I agree, how do you know the real estate price is good? Well, a simple rule of thumb is the following:

    If you have a villa / chalet, etc. a piece of land, use the next value for the land.
    1. If the plot is a city, land worth 25 and 80 euros per m2 M. It is worth the beach depending on the location of up to 250 / M (this is the best price in the primary areas like the Moraira Sea view) 100-1 30 per meter, so multiply the counter number and the ground value.
    2. If there is suelo rustico you will reach 7-10 euros per M per week regardless of the house.
    3. To calculate the value of a house, if it is new, then it is worth € 1100 per M, if the old 900, if required, it is 500-750, depending on what needs to be done.
    4. If you have a dwelling or town hall, you can multiply the sqm by 1300 if you are new or 1100 if you have old, 500 if you need a lot of reform or somewhere, there is clearly a premium closer to the beach (such as Not people are still wanting to buy and want to buy them next to the beach), so give about 20% to 30% for similar properties to the beach (within 10 km). If the property is an apartment and does not have a lift then take down 20% of the value

    This of course does not take into account things like the pools, the location, which reduces by 10-25% House depending on the floor level, if you do not have a lift, etc.), but it gives you a rough and ready guide to your home. If it goes more than 10%, it will struggle to sell on today's market because it is similar to the formula used by banks to calculate mortgage values.

    What can we do to make sure your house sells.

    You have to work closely with your agent. Most of the agents are working hard to reach sales in today's climate, but sellers miss out on those who say they want to sell, but make so many obstacles that make it difficult. So below is a checklist of what you can do to help sell your house.

    Before Your First Visit

    1. Clean IT! When the agent is about to shoot – you really want people to see the bedroom in the bedroom, the tools on the living room floor and the dog's basket in the kitchen in the photos – of course not – so clean the house Before the agent comes to take photos and Before each visit. It sounds like common sense, but you were surprised at how many people did not and there is a "take away or leave" attitude. Do not be surprised if the buyer has the same attitude and leaves it.

    2. Be available. There is nothing more annoying than to hear, "I can not do it tomorrow," or some other excuse. We look at people from the United Kingdom and usually have a few days here. When your agent invites you to watch – Get the time (or not moan that the house does not sell). If you can not make someone else do it. Better give the agent the key. She works for you to help sell her home – help her. If you put it down for two days, the customer has the opportunity to see 10 or more homes – so yours can not even visit.

    3. Take a look at the price. It is unfortunate that customers in Spain generally set prices – and agents do not bother telling them that it's right or wrong. Ask your clerk to make an appropriate assessment. Or better to pay for bank valuation. Then set the price. Keep in mind that the agent's commission must be added to the price – 3-6% normal, though you may be able to negotiate with the agent. But you really think your house is worth what he asks. If it goes 5%, it may be the difference between getting customers and not. Almost all cases where a house does not sell is in the price – they are usually at a very favorable price, but the owner thinks their house is the best – not all of us are taken to the reality check

    4. Time for change. Paint the house. If woolen paint inside and outside. This is a small cost that is a big difference. It gives the house a clear feel and paint the bright, non-aggressive colors like the cream or I dare say Magnolia / egg shell. No matter whether you like it or not, it will not take long.

    5. Get rid of the mess. Even the large rooms may seem tiny, and there are a lot of clutter. Only the basic things you need for life – the resting place in a garage or renting a storage room. The Clutter is the second largest killer after household sales after cleaning.

    6. Consider a transformation – this is very cheap. Some soft furniture, well-located pictures and the right mirror and table, as if for a dinner, for plants placed in strategic locations – it does not cost much, but the effect is incredible.

    Before Visits

    1. Make sure you have cleansed and left everything.

    2. Remove pets If your cat's dogs or other animals get rid of them when people come. A dog can be a pearl, but many of them are frightened of dogs and do not want to be there when dogs are present.

    3. Make sure you get rid of the favorite smell before the visitors arrive. If your cats are still not released into the kitchen (or even the house) when a visitor is there – suppose these are the cleanest pets on earth – but the visitor's habit. Also keep in mind many people are suffering from allergic reactions to cats – do not lose sales. Take the dogs with you to walk (do not just loosen them because they are still barking and scaring people.) 4. In summer Before you set it up half an hour Turn on the AC, put the heating in winter. The comfortable temperature is 21 degrees. It gives a mood, and people usually feel comfortable at this temperature.

    5. Open all the doors and windows – of course, the cats and the dogs fall outside. Make the place bright and airy – this is a great selling tool – even for Spanish buyers. And make sure all blinds are open – do not sit in a dark house when visitors come.

    6. A stunning entrance. The entrance is the first thing people see and the first impression is the most important. Clean the garden, repair it, plant plants before the door, greet. If you live in a flat, make sure the community entrance is clean and orderly, find bikes and strollers from the entrance – a friendly word with your neighbors will suffice.

    7. Odor. Get rid of all odors. Do not make flavors such as garlic or fish. It may be off-putting. Once I went to show you the house, and the owner cooked some terrible food – like the old bays and your eyes water – we were so fast. Shame because it was a beautiful house.

    8. Be fun. If it looks sad, the buyer senses this and probably does not want to be there. Ideally, leave the house when the visitor comes and let the agent do his job. You may install a customer who owns the owner. This means they can not open the agent.

    9. Have a silence. Never try to sell your house. This for the agent. What can be considered as a unique and a point of sale can be one of the worst nightmares. You do not know the client has told the agent beforehand, and the gem of wisdom can be the thing you did not want to hear – so be quiet unless you ask him. Of course you should answer honestly. One of the most annoying things about real estate agents in Spain is that they rarely call it to let you know what's going on. "

    If they do not call, call them. Find out what the feedback was. Ask the administrator before the visit to let you know about customer feedback and LISTEN about what they are saying.

    If this is something, you can change it without change. But always call the agent afterwards – give them a day. Hopefully, this gives you some ideas to help sell your house.

    If you want to sell it desperately and have a

    Source by Vince Barnes