The risk Oral contraceptives and cardiac arrhythmia

There are many oral contraceptives contain chemical compounds that are designed to simulate the effects of natural hormones in the body. By acting on the endocrine system, these compounds dramatically reduce the chances of a woman becoming pregnant. Drospirenone is an example of this type of synthetic hormones. While drospirenone birth control as an effective tool, it has been found to increase the risk of blood clots for women, stroke and related cardiovascular problems.

What is cardiac arrhythmia?

one of the many health risks that women face in the work of drospirenone-containing birth control abnormal heart rhythms. This condition includes any abnormal heart function, such as beating too fast or too slow. It also refers to weak or irregular heartbeat. Any heart disorder can be life-threatening if the problem persists. A woman with severe heart rhythm abnormalities were observed in cardiac arrest or sudden death. If you notice any change in heartbeat that last more than a minute or two, seek emergency medical care immediately.


The symptoms of cardiac arrhythmia can vary from patient to patient and may include:

  • dizziness or lightheadedness
  • palpitations
  • Feeling a throbbing chest
  • Shortness of breath or other breathing difficulties
  • Chest pain
  • Fatigue
  • syncope

Some women may not experience any symptoms, and did not realize that heart disease. If you are considering taking a drospirenone containing oral contraceptives, talk to your doctor about the health risks. Depending on your medical history and your family history of heart, it's best to look to other birth control options that are less harmful to health.

Report Side Effects and related health problems

If you have any negative side effects, while the drospirenone-containing contraceptives, talk to your doctor immediately assessed the medical situation. Some women birth control pills suffered blood clots, stroke, heart attack, pulmonary embolism and other serious complications. If you experience any of these serious health problems, it turns to personal injury lawyer immediately. The drug manufacturer may be responsible for compensation for the injuries and internal injuries and damages you are entitled to.

More Info

For more information about drospirenone and injuries in the risk of health-related responsibilities, visit the website of the experienced Yaz side effect of law Williams Kherkher today.

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cross-country race – the most underrated sports There Is

I love cross-country race. The training, workouts, races in all, a wonderful experience. If you are not familiar with the sport of cross-country, you have to see the race to fully understand what this is all about. Imagine your favorite sport. We invite the best team, and all the stars all play at the same time in the same area. It & # 39; and what do you like cross country championship.

Let & # 39; s start with what the cross country race. The distance of the cross country race will change from high school to college, but they are usually in the 4 km (2.5 miles) and 10 km (6.2 miles). All runners will start at the same time. The first runner to the finish line wins.

In order to find out which team will win is very simple. Most tournaments allow teams of 7-12 runners for each team. The top five finishers in each team count on the team's points. The team with the lowest point total wins. A perfect race, the team is to finish in the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. This would give the team a total of 15 points. Tournaments can be by just two teams compete head-to-head, or the really big invitationals, up 50 teams compete all at the same time.

Another reason is so unique cross-country runners are running against each other at the same time. Imagine that you have the best track runners and letting them run against each other. It & # 39; and see what happens. Many high school and college cross country team raced with great distance and middle distance runners. People started running up the 400-meter individual who runs the 2 miles on the track team makes up for the high school team. In college, it is usually within 1 mile of track runners and up to forming cross-country.

training is sport specific. It often happens that a lot of exercise running tracks or running around ready to hilly terrain. I have been able to run because of so many beautiful state park cross-country ski trails. To improve, you have to build up the amount to be run gradually. This is to prevent the injury, but it will give you incredible stamina levels even after months of training levels.

Finally coming season championship race. At the end of the season, two great races. First comes the qualifying race for the championship. In this race, only a select few teams, and the first few rated qualify for the championship race. The last race of the season, the best individuals and teams come together. It & # 39; and like the Super Bowl and Pro Bowl packaged in an event. As a competitor, you get to run against the best of the best. As a viewer, you can get a great individual competition, and see the teams battle it out in midfield.

In the fall, check to see where the local high school team competition, or if the local colleges hold their own meeting. Seeing the competition in person at a special experience. If you are not sure about joining your high school team, I guarantee you will not regret it. Running cross country brings out the best in people. There's something working with a common goal, that sticks with you through a lifetime.

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What to look for a mortgage lender

requirements for loan ORIGINATOR

face to face accountability first mixed with Internet capabilities – you do not want a loan originator who hides behind the phone Iowa. These skilled sales people and you need to be able to keep sales people accountable and I will tell you what you need to ensure that you are on the hook. With that said, not the Stone Age. You need to have an electronic signature, electronic filling and digital progress tracker; but they supplement face-to-face access to, but not replace it.

2. While you're shopping rates– acknowledges how quickly you respond if you take the time to call versus just e-mail, and if you really enjoy talking to people. This will be a 30-day contract process, so close is better than a man. Again, these sales people. If they do not fake it pretty hard to like them during the sales process, imagine how it will work once it's commitment. They better get lightning-fast responses while sales because of the time, however, these responses were likely to slow the subscription process.

3. DO NOT pricing your only deciding factor. Getting a competitive rate is important, but it does not mean selling your soul $ 9 / mo. The most important thing is getting the job within the prescribed time limit should be pain-free. If the work is not done right, you can lose money due diligence, evaluation and inspection costs, and potentially your dream home. Ratio is not compensated, unrelated, trust is the best way to know if the company decides to solve the problem.

I hope as many people accept my advice and save yourself the terrible experience. People may be naive and think that everyone is working out to help them, when in reality, most people are just out to help themselves. The loan originator, lender, loan officer, mortgage originator, mortgage advisor, mortgage consultant, whatever you want to call them, they are all very precisely the same thing, no matter what kind of company you are. The real title sales person. "An average loan transaction bank, the person who sells it for about $ 2000. Imagine the things you tell someone to make money. Defend yourself.

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How mythology Shaped Society?

The dawn of time, people have found in each country for their own deities and myths. These legends are often made from one generation to the next, until the present invention the written word. After the written word is found to be much easier for people to keep a record of the many deities and heroes that went to missions and the mythology involved in something much more interesting and personal to all society. God made their own personalities and agendas, heroes gone epic quests, and the mind of the authors, they are found throughout the world. Myth and legend, was tied to life back in the days of yore and to this day, but he still plays a very important role to play in society.

Days of the week are in fact named after the Norse gods, who were all in a day dedicated to them, though not many people today who is aware of it. The creatures that modern society have come to love as dragons, werewolves, fairies and even the vampires all originated several legends and myths. Mythology played a role in politics and even some of the spoken phrases that we use. A lot of video games and movies owe to their stories or numbers creatures have come straight out of ancient texts.

Religion also sprang from legends. People needed to believe that there was anyone an all-powerful beings that created the world and everything in it. That is why the gods were born. Modern religions are all very close resemblance to the gods invented in ancient cultures. Although much progress in the same way that all thoughts and dreams do what religions each with a slightly modern twists on ancient mythology.

He was also named the vehicles in some cities, planets, plants, animals and mythological creatures in some water bodies or deities. Pets often mythological gods, and this trend also began to affect how we name the children. Even some frequently occurring words like "satire" simply re-entries of words taken out of the mythological texts. Some musicians mythological references in song lyrics or titles, and still teach ancient religion in school. Although most people probably do not realize it, society is actually very strongly influenced by the ancient society and legends were born and passed down for thousands of years.

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Kenyan Traditional African dances

Music is an international language, and with it comes the dance. Dancing is not uncommon in African culture, because in recent years been used to mark a variety of special occasions and holidays. Currently, eight provinces in Kenya but five major regions. Each region is a popular folk dance group of unique styles; Northern Kenya, western Kenya, the Central Coast and in eastern Kenya.

The Maasai dances in Kenya's North

The north represents the famous Maasai tribe. This ethnic community managed to withstand the test of time and has preserved its rich tradition and attires. The Maasai have a special dance that includes a circle and jumped up high. The women wear pearl necklaces or Shanga their necks they use dance as they sing the traditional music. The beautiful colors of shukas and with pearls choose mowhawk kind of hairstyle them with other dancers in Kenya

Unlike Chakacha coastal Kenya

the Maasai dances , coastal dances emphases powerful right movements. Chakacha a very popular dance from the coastal tribes and traditional music in general or Taarabt. The Taarabt music and dance, instrumental take up most of the songs, which all the dancers and the performers time to shake their waists and move their hands freely. The main difference between chakacha Taarabt and the pace of the faster songs chakacha that kind of music.

Kamba dances of the Eastern Province

The eastern province synonymous with traditional dances involve Akamba who shook his shoulders while stamping of bare feet. Their music is usually accompanied by drum beats and flutes. Depending on the ceremony or percussion instruments used to accompany singing and dancing occasion.

Mwomboko Central Region

Central Kenya famous for its hilly terrain and high mountain of God, Mount Kenya. The most populous tribe in Agikuyu who dances focused foot and hand movements. The sequential rythimic stamping feet and arm movements that make up most of the dances in this area. Mwomboko is one of the most popular dances in this area, and can be compared to a waltz or a slow-paced salsa dancing. The foot movement both male and female, and a missed step in the systematic ruin the whole performance. This dance is one of the least powerful dances in Kenya.

Isukuti West

This is a lot of strength and passion to the people of western Kenya dancing. Probably the most energetic dances that combine the remaining four dancing styles. Unlike the party who shake their waists, or people whose main focus is central to the legs, or northerners, who like to jump and Orientals, who shakes his shoulders, the people of western Kenya shakes the whole body. Accompanied by drums and famous Isikuti karingaringa a circular metal device that expresses faith, these people love to dance. Dancing in every ritual, be it a wedding or a funeral. However, circumcision is performed during the annual dance of the most colorful celebrations.

Each of the dances performed on special occasions, such as initiations, weddings or even funerals. They are easy to learn observation and a lot of fun.

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Barrier methods of contraception

The barrier methods of contraception work by preventing the sperm from reaching the egg. The idea of ​​inserting something into the vagina to prevent pregnancy is not new. Such devices called pessaries and those used by the ancient Egyptians.

pessary has been mentioned in the Petri Papyrus 1850 BC. The formula then was a mixture of crocodile dung and honey before been vagina intercourse.

"Interestingly, this mixture not only acted as a barrier to sperm, but there was some broad spermicidal effect. If you have a comfortable crocodile was not available, elephant dung could be used," said Dr. Niels Lauersen, a graduate member of the American Obstetrics and gynecology and Steven Whitney "It's your Body. woman's guide to gynecology"

various formulas pessaries used all over the world. Elephant dung and honey was the preferred combina¬tion India and Africa. Persia during the 10th century, pessaries made of a mixture of rock salt and oil.

However, the most popular pessary found Walter Rendell, a London chemist who lived in the 1800s. Seeing how many people suffered from the burden of too many children, quinine containing Rendell developed a diaphragm which is distributed to customers in his pharmacy.

"The results exceeded expecta¬tions new diaphragm. Requests are logged so quickly that the pessary was marketed commercially in 1886 turn of the century, the product is a best seller around the world. Fact is that until the 20th century, quinine was the only recognized spermicide is a complete security "and Lauersen Whitney added.

popular pessary, new formulas were developed using less irritating materials. Today barrier birth control methods include the diaphragm, vaginal sponge, condom and cervical cap. These are often used in conjunction with chemical barriers such as creams, gels, foams, and suppositories. Let's examine them one by one.

diaphragm and cervical CAP

The diaphragm is a molded rubber cap that blocks the sperm as it covers the cervix and the back of the vagina. It must be integrated into every act of intercourse, and the left side after six to eight hours.

A smaller version of the membrane of the cervical cap, which is limited only by your cervix, but it works the same way. However, unlike the diaphragm must be equipped with the medical device. Women can be difficult to do the same, because the cap is placed deep in the vagina.

The first real diaphragm was created by Aetius of Amida in the 6th century, the fruit of the pomegranate tree. After removing the seeds and the pulp of the fruit, he said Aetius women inserted the hollow end of the vagina before intercourse.

In 1883, Dr. Frederick Wilde, a German doctor, explained that it was a rubber cap can block sperm, but Dr Mensinga Wilhelm, another German who popularized the method. (Next:. Disadvantages of membranes)

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Women – How To Protect the Nordic Valkyries Home and Children

Women attract Valkyries. on the use of

This website runes, which are universal creative energies to the health, wealth, love and protection.

This particular article is about protection.

Valkyries Protection to ensure the strength of ALGIZ RUNE.

all the desire for growth. Odin, the All Father wants us to grow. The universe wants you to grow. We all want more food, clothes, better shelter, luxery, beauty, love, knowledge, pleasure, life is more.

Runes of them too.

this difficult politically correct, multi-cultural society policy tool, which is the most important protection.

Valkyries you need to protect your home, car, children and possessions.

Freya, the Queen of the Valkyries.

He is the Norse goddess of love, fertility, beauty, magic and battles.

Freya, Valkyrie of blond, blue-eyed, beautiful. He travels in a chariot driven cats. Resides fólkvangr and gather in one half of the bravest Vikings killed in battle. The other half goes to Valhalla, Odin.

Valkyries wear scarlet corslets and supply of shields and spears.

Each Valkyries can convert a change. Many in the form of blue herons and swans. Valkyries also called Swan Maidens. If you could capture and hold the Valkyrie while she was in the shape of a swan, it can extract desired of him.

Valkyries in the sagas and Eddas.

Valkryie Brynhild — – Byrnie Battle

Valkyrie Sigrun —– Victory

Valkyrie Skog —– Rager

ValkyrieThruor – —- Force

—– Geirahod Valkyrie Spear of Battle

Battle Valkyrie Gunnr —–

Valkyrie Goll —– Battle Cry

Valkyrie Rota – — turmoil

—– Valkyrie Gondo were-She-Wolf

called only nine Valkyries. If you want more, if you will.

usually Valkyries ride to battle nine at a time.

Valkyries are Odin's messengers and flashes when you ride your armor, and causes the Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights).

How-To Attract Valkyries defense.

laws of Quantum Physics now say that there is an intelligent, infinite ocean energy of the Quantum Ocean.

Everything I ever was, is or will exist in the Quantum Ocean. Is not there. There is no past, present or future. Only NOW!

The runes of the gods / goddesses of the north, the Valkyries, Asgard, Valhalla any exist there NOW!

All you need is a method on how to attract these Valkyries out of the Quantum Ocean and into your life NOW!

method of Rune symbols.

Each runic symbols on the physical plane is the key to a runic power of the Quantum Ocean.

By looking at meditation, breathing-a Runic Symbol connected to the Laws of Mental Radionics with Runic Power or gods / goddesses of the Quantum Ocean.

Example: if you meditate Rune FA attract the Runic Energy or out of the Quantum Ocean and your aura.

etc., etc., etc. All the rune.

Rune ALGIZ Rune associated with the Valkyries.

This is one of the Runes of Protection.

If you look at meditation and breath Rune ALGIZ attract the protection of the Valkyries in your life.

Rune ALGIZ Inhalation Ritual.

sit in your favorite chair. This ordinance was designed to Asatrurer who wants to work from home alone.


Breath deeply and softly.

Now look at ALGIZ Rune in your lap. (Cut this Rune the bottom of the page.)

If you look at this when contacting the Valkyrie Rune ALGIZ energies in the Quantum Ocean.

Take a deep breath and begins to sing

"I am now inhaling Runic energies Valkyries out of the Quantum Ocean and my aura."

Imagine the Valkyries pouring out of the Quantum Ocean and into the aura.

this three times.



Breath out.

Runic energies will now have the aura of the Valkyries. It does not actually have the aura of the Valkyries. Only the protective energies Valkyries.

All power until convey the physical plane.

What ever carry the aura of power able to project out to the world.

What are you going to do with Valkyrie Energy?


Protect your vehicle?

Protect youe loved it (even if the distance of thousands of miles).

Example: the home.

While he sat quietly in the aura full of energy Valkyrie imagine

Valkyrie in front of the home, shining bright in his armor, spear butt on the ground, shield arm out in a defensive position.

out of time and mental energy to pour into the Valkyrie display. What are you doing in this shapeless, smart energy and aura reflecting the Valkyrie on the lawn.

He will not be visible to the naked eye. But he will be there in full battle dress etheric energy level of the lawn.

sensitives will be able to see.

All evil will feel his presence.

now, not on the sides and back of the house the same thing.

Take a deep breath in and as you breathe out visualize the Viking aura of energy manifesting as a Valkyrie on the lawn, sides and back of the house.

three times.

four directions for a total of twelve Valkyrie image.

Relax and ensure that the Valkyries are protecting your home.

To make the Valkyrie Protection Ritual stronger pick four names (listed above), and assign a name to each of the four Valkyries.

personalize relations with the Valkyries.

Also, imagine a giant red painted ALGIZ Rune center of each of the Valkyries shields.

Brynhild on the lawn.

Sigrun in the backyard.

Thruor on the left side of the house.

Gunnr the right side of the house.

These four use it.

Talk to them. Ask for their protection. I thank them. They are just as real as you and me, even if you can not see them.

The energies of these Valkyries project will be felt everyone who approaches your home.

This refers to the physical plane, the astral plane, the plane etheriec and even the mental and emotional plane. Beasties all kinds (humans included) Valkyrie will feel the energy and repel it.

The same as Vampire repel sight and scent of garlic.

You can protect your children by sending them to school.

Sit – breathe – to visualize and project the Valkyries around them.

in the car.

Sit – Visualize breathe- – project of the Valkyries around the car.

There is a soldier in the war? Do the same. The distance does not matter in the Rune Magic.

How long this protection will last?

How strong are you? How well did you do on the show? How hard did the relationship with Quantum Ocean?

How often?

do it every night before going to bed. Just writing these things on the internet attracted a lot of evil forces who want to stop. What Northern Europeans do not own physical, mental or emotional realms again. Others, and they do not want to be strong again. Runes combined Quantum Physics confirms for us.

The most important — how strongly you believe in runes, and what I'm saying?

Valkyries Runes and protect you and your children. Call them.

Source by Lory Martin

Low-dose hormonal contraceptive pills and occasional antibiotics

Uniform Will reduce the effectiveness of antibiotics My birth control?

In a previous article ( Common Pain Killer and vitamin C can reduce the effectiveness of oral contraceptives ) gave a list of common drugs that, when taken regularly, can reduce the effectiveness of , birth control pills. You may be wondering after reading the article, if you are taking antibiotics may occasionally or intermittently, you can also have an adverse effect on the effectiveness of the pill, after all, there are few people out there who does not need the odd antibiotics now and then. Now, the short answer is that it depends on how long a course of antibiotics, whether or not one of the causes of antibiotic that enzymes to destroy the bacteria in the gut, and prevents the pill from being completely absorbed .

most studies that look at what happens in a woman's body when she takes antibiotics and hormonal contraceptives are of short duration and only investigate effects in the initial weeks of antibiotic use. The answer depends on if you are taking an antibiotic will be more than three weeks so read. This is a simplified summary but a link below to the official pdf.

What happens if you swallow the pill and taking antibiotics

The active ingredients oral contraceptive pills ethinyl estradiol (EE) and progesterone. If swallowed, these synthetic hormones are absorbed by the body of the small intestine. EE and progestin in the contraceptive patch but it is absorbed through the skin. Any other medication (including an antibiotic), which interferes with the absorption of these hormones, the ability to reduce the effectiveness, and thus increases the risk of getting pregnant. Intervention means that "natural" bacteria in the gut prevents carrying out their role, so temporarily stop or slow down the flow so that the distribution / IT efficiency. Three weeks after he takes the antibiotics, bacteria returns, and to continue the good work.

pregnancy was documented following the use of antibiotics, but the real reason they can not be confirmed, so antibiotics are not singled out the culprits.

What to do if a specific user combined oral contraceptives (COCs) and antibiotics

If you are just taking a short course (What to do if you are a new user, a combined oral contraceptive (COC) and antibiotics

Suppose we start with a COC and is currently undergoing a short course (What to do if you are using progestogen-only contraceptive (mini-pill, Depo, Mirena) and antibiotics

relax . – the effectiveness of progestin-only methods (including emergency contraception) does not reduce the non-hepatic enzyme inducing antibiotics

all other users of non-hormonal birth control method (condoms, diaphragms, copper IUD)

do not have to worry about as antibiotics do not affect the performance of the contraceptive method of choice, so I think the point here is, if It will be the use of antibiotics on and off for any length of time may be the time to consider a progestin-only contraceptive methods or -hormonal?

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The Various Uses Ski masks

The ski mask, which also goes by the name mask or helmet masks, hats made of cloth, which is designed to cover most of your face. The name comes from the use of these balaclava ski mask at the Battle of Balaclava. It is located near the city of Sevastopol in the Crimea. The battle was the Crimean War.

There are different styles and depending on how you wear it, you put your eyes only, or even the nose and mouth. You can wear so that the entire face is exposed. If you go to a design that exposes the whole face, then roll to a hat that covers your head, or you can fold down to make it look like a collar.

Balaclavas are worn outdoors, especially in people who winter sports, including snowmobiling, snowboarding and skiing. These protect the face from cold winds whip, and helps maintain warmth. Recently, they also became part of what motorcyclists to wear because too have to deal with a whip in the wind.

Interestingly, the firefighters can wear them, though theirs is fire-resistant and made of a material known as Nomex. In the face of these holes are then covered by ski masks modified SCBA (self-contained breathing apparatus). Refractory wore balaclavas competitors do, who under the helmets. The competition events, different rally stages, climbing and the like, it is now mandatory to wear them, as well as other protective clothing such as gloves, socks, long underwear and special shoes. Electric Contractors is a modified mask. His arc flash rated, and usually wearing a shield on the face and other PPE to protect them as they work on the machines.

Balaclavas can be purchased at a retail shop that sells sports equipment and winter sports equipment. Those who would buy a ski mask wholesale wholesaler of such a deal. They actually can select the style masks to sell, including casual, active, classical and formal. Because they come in different colors and patterns, such as a retailer, you can get the most attractive in the store. There are also brightly colored, plaid, print design, stripes and solid colors too.

Of course, it's cheaper to get a bulk order when the retailer than purchasing in small quantities. You might get on the Internet and find wholesalers that give you a good price before the purchase. Saving money is always welcome. However, it is important to find the balance between quality and price. Low cost can end up being very costly, but you can also find well-priced products of good quality. Payment method depends on the company you are buying. However, if necessary, make online payments, you will find that most have a valid PayPal payment method.

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Use of Rapid Product Development

Quick product development can be explained as inventing new products and services on a global scale cost effectively and quickly than its main competitors, which is a strategic and competitive advantage. The most important aspect of the rapid product development process, the application of advanced production technology and rapid application of a manufacturing process takes place at ease. Parametric rapid growth in product development methods to web based applications has become a multitasking approach SEO environment.

Fast Product Development (RPD) and multitasking central approaches were fused and integrated marginally to the extent that the two processes and applications concerning an extra dimension itself and extrinsically RPD SEO dynamic environment. For example, Amazon and Accenture management consultants, the world's largest management consulting firm, RPD accepted techniques to share the same growth path in both marketing and SEO target regarding the development of the concept.

Amazon Kindle and Wal-Mart customer relationship management (CRM) software has been developed in the same row as the dynamics of customer value related to Microsoft's super brand of art. Since Wal-Mart launched a new SEO platform RPD applications, the volume of sales has been rising faster. In fact, Wal-Mart RPD applications have become a threat to Amazon. In this case, rapid application development, product design and development processes required SEO highly fragmented in terms of CRM and CMS (Content Management Systems). In this situation, SEO architecture can be both cost effective and less dynamic depending on the non-availability of flexible and variable design and development techniques.

development and rapid application development product is synonymous with speed. However, the latter term has been used by industry experts to applications relating to citations SEO modal environment characterized by highly segregated applications and systems. For example, the Amazon Kindle is world famous for the RAD process platform to all the advanced features of modern architecture SEO. Applications have been criticized ease in line with both the non-compliance and the integrity is not a function based environment. The process of making products in the global market and are designed to meet international standards cost-effectively is the biggest problem in the world today.

Many special tools have been developed in the global market with the latest technology. Thus, applications can be dynamic or static. For example, dynamic applications can be seen in satellite communications and related applications. By adopting rapid product development strategies, companies can gain strategic advantage and better position in the global market faster than their competitors. For example, an effective implementation of the process allows the company to develop their products to market within a few days ahead of your competitors. The most important aspect of effective and rapid product development to the effective application prototyping and advanced manufacturing technologies.

So multitasking environment allows SEO customers' attraction to the unique products launched in the global market. One of the best web applications used in product development BugTracker.Net which is used by thousands of an effective tracking development and support teams in the world all around. This allows the user to have to maintain and manage facilitate solid customer relationships to develop and increase the profitability of the products of the company. in particular, this determines the product design and development process where needs for innovative products complied with the multitudinal concepts and reliable theories of market differentiation and leadership. a special design team will add tremendous industry experience in CRM strategies in order to find the perfect solution to complex problems.

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